MESSAGE 428 – 1 January 1994



What a privilege you have to bear witness to My Divine Son and prepare for His Second Coming – Lucifer and his demons are well entrenched in the Governments and in My Divine Son’s House – You will be tested with faith; with truth; be prepared with your Rosary in your hands and Jesus in your hearts – Many are claiming Jesus is not the Son of God; Our Holy Vicar is preparing documents concerning the defence of Holy Mother Church – Trials will intensify; Pray for the new Dogma.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is a beautiful flame, which formed a Cross, just in front of the Altar; It is still there, burning. Saint Michael stepped forward during the Rosary and placed his sword to the left of the Altar. The two Angels with the golden wings are here again, also beside the Altar. The White Cross is deep in the sky and, from it, there comes a beam of Light which touches the fiery Cross here in the Chapel, bringing forth many rays of Light that go both towards Heaven and to us.

From the crossed-beams of the White Cross Our Blessed Mother moved through the Light, very swiftly, accompanied by many Angels and is now in the Chapel, standing on a beautiful cloud; roses are coming out from various parts of it. There are hundreds of Angels dressed in white, each with a crown of roses upon their head; in their hands are held a little, golden, basket which contains many different types of flowers. On the baskets I can see the names of the Communities throughout the world and even of those which are yet to be formed.

Our Lady has on a silky white gown, which is finished-off with frills of gold. Around Her Head I can see the twelve stars, which are very bright – like diamonds. Her Immaculate Heart is outside Her Chest and, next to it, there is a another star – a much larger one than those over Her Head and this has a face in it. Our Lady smiles, looking very majestic, coming as ‘Our Lady, Mother of God’. Under Her feet – just beneath the cloud – I can see a half-moon.
Our Blessed Mother now transfers Her left foot from the cloud, onto the moon. It has the mark of the ‘Woman of the Apocalypse’: a triangle with a Cross within it. It is similar to the one that I have on my own foot; ‘Thornbush’ now has the same. Our Lady takes a Rosary from Her side, from beneath Her mantle – one with golden beads and Crucifix. Our Blessed Mother kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My beloved son, My future Vicar – Our ‘Little Rock’; I greet you My Apostle, ‘Bartholomew; My [names withheld] here present and throughout the world. I greet all My Apostles and Disciples and all My sweet children in My Communities and in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth.”

“I come this evening on the first day of the New Year, as your Heavenly Mother and Queen; Mother of God. This Title, which is sublime, has much meaning for this age – in this time – because I gave Birth to the Son of God and now I give Birth again to the Second Coming of My Divine Son, Jesus, to the Earth – to prepare the way for Him to Reign in the hearts of all of Our sweet children.”

“My sweet children: You are living in a glorious time, desired by the Prophets of old – desired by the Saints of old and new. What a privilege you have, My sweet children, to bear witness to My Divine Son, and to be prepared for His Second Coming in splendid power and awe. Therefore, My sweet children, be not afraid for I have come with many legions of Angels to protect you and defend you against the power of the evil one, who is very strong now in the world and in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth.”

“Lucifer and his demons are well entrenched in the governments, in all places of authority and in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth, because it is his time now – it is the age of darkness. But yet, while there is darkness, the light of hope still shines through My Divine Son, Jesus – through My Immaculate Heart. Although all may be lost, My sweet children – at least that is what it would seem to many in the world – it is not for, in this great darkness that now covers the Earth, Our Immaculate Hearts will soon triumph; darkness will be removed from the hearts of Our children – and Light will flood their souls, to receive the Grace of understanding the Goodness of the Triune God.”
“You have, My sweet children, but a few short years before Jesus, My Divine Son and Saviour, returns in triumph to gather His Own and march victoriously towards the Reign of Peace – in the ‘new era’ prepared for Our children, who have kept strong in their faith.”

“These coming days are days of trial for all of Our children, because you will be tested with faith; tested with truth. Be prepared, with your Rosary in your hands, with My Divine Son, Jesus, in your hearts, because all of you will be asked to give testimony to the Truth – to the Truth of Faith.”

“Many in the world are claiming now that Jesus is not the Son of God!! You will have to defend this, My sweet children. Our Holy Vicar in Rome knows well of all that is to come; he is preparing now the documents concerning the defence of Holy Mother Church. As you well know, there once was a great battle in Heaven between the good Angels and the weak Angels. It was a spiritual battle of pure intellect. This, now, will be given to Our children. It will only be through pure faith and obedience to Truth – with much prayer – that Our children will understand what they must defend. Remain firmly with the ‘Rock’ – with John Paul II – for he alone is infallible!”

“The division in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth will intensify, for Lucifer desires to destroy even the physical evidence of the Faith! The Eternal Father has given him time; therefore, I need your prayers, my dear child and children, to strengthen Our ‘little ones’ throughout the world. The battle is the battle of the spirits. You are doing battle with Principalities, with Powers far beyond your understanding, My sweet children. Therefore, forget not your Sacramentals – they will protect you.”

“Pray for My Vicar in Rome. Pray for My Apostles and Disciples who have been raised for the ‘end times’. Pray for the new Monarchy that My Divine Son, Jesus, is now establishing upon Earth. Pray for the King of France – the one who will lead the Armies of Truth. The battle with the Antichrist will soon be seen by Our children – so be alert, and pray!”

“The trials that you have experienced in these past twelve months, My sweet children, will intensify these next twelve months – therefore, be vigilant in prayer. Pray for the new Dogma – for this is important for Holy Mother Church: The Dogma of the ‘Mediatrix – co-Redemptrix – of All Graces’.”

“I Love you, My sweet children and bring with Me many Graces for each and every one of you – so you will be able to carry your cross and follow My Divine Son, Jesus, to Calvary. You are My precious children – predilected children of My Divine Son, Jesus. The ‘mark’ of salvation has been placed upon your souls; the ‘mark’ of the key of the ‘new era’ has been placed upon all of the Communities, because these are the pathways to the ‘new era’. I Bless you all now: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“To all My children who believe and who are united throughout the world in prayer – even those who are not in the Houses of Prayer: I give to you, today, very special Graces upon your Rosaries: Graces for the cure of the body; Graces for conversions of sinners; Graces for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Each time you pray My Most Holy Rosary, place these intentions before Me and I will give to you the Grace you seek – if it is in the Plan of the Eternal Father. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can see the Holy Angels taking the baskets of flowers through the Chapel – and to different Communities – to distribute these flowers of Grace. We will continue with the prayers until Our Lady leaves, because I will ask Her to Bless everything first. (The prayers are continued.)
Saint Michael now makes the Sign of the Cross:

SAINT MICHAEL: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Barachiel makes the Sign of the Cross:

SAINT BARACHIEL: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Guardian Angel for the Community, Saint Sentimintarious, makes the Sign of the Cross also:

SAINT SENTIMITARIOUS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady wants Father to make the Sign of the Cross.+
Our Lady swiftly goes back towards the White Cross. The flame Cross has gone – it melted into the Altar. Saint Michael has gone; Saint Barachiel is still visible. We will offer three Glory Be’s for Our Holy Vicar and in thanksgiving to all the Holy Angels who have been sent here for our protection.
(The prayers are now said.)