MESSAGE 430 – 5 February 1994



When My Public Messages have ceased the Great Chastisement of the Warning will come – Mankind prepares for war, but speaks of peace – Soon mankind will thirst for the Presence of My Divine Son, but will not find Him; He will be hidden in the catacombs of your hearts – Prepare your spirit and soul for the Second Coming of My Divine Son – Pray for Korea, China and all of Asia, as war is very near; many innocent ones will be slaughtered for the truth; atomic weapons will be let loose if mankind does not pray.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Holy Angels are present and Saint Michael has already thrown his sword towards the Altar. It went straight through the centre of it, and the Emblem of the Ark in front of it began to shine, very brightly. Saint Barachiel is to the left of the Altar. The White Cross is laying on its side, in Heaven facing towards the Earth, rather than coming from the Earth up to Heaven, as it normally does. There is a lot of Light coming from the Tabernacle and also from the Cross. I have been watching it for some time. There are very fine thin Lights – thousands of them – shooting out of the Tabernacle everywhere, towards all of us and into the air, covering the whole property with Light. I can see a blue dome which has been placed over the property by our Holy Mother.

Coming from the White Cross – through It – is a golden Light which is about six metres wide. This is like a road made out of very thin gold-plate and it comes towards the Altar. Our Holy Mother emerges through the Cross in a very unusual vehicle, that is described in the Apocalypse, of a very unusual shape. There are many Angels with Our Holy Mother as She comes down towards the Altar, wearing a pure-white velvety dress, which is very long. She also has a beautiful royal-blue cape with a high collar – something similar to what an eighteenth century Queen would wear. On it are golden stars, making Our Lady look very regal this evening. She has on an unusual Crown: It is like a Tiara, but with many layers of differing gemstones, intermingled with diamonds. On top of the Crown there is a triangle, pointing upwards, with a circle around it – a circle of Light – which constantly changes colour. I know it is the symbol of the ‘new era’. Our Lady holds in Her right Hand a Sceptre made of gold; on top of this is a globe which, in turn, is topped by a small Cross. Our Lady has stepped onto a beautiful Light which seems to hold Her. I do not know how to describe it – but is like a thin cloud. She stands on it, above the Tabernacle. Underneath and around Her feet are also flowers. In between Her toes I can see small roses, made out of gold.

Many Angels surround Our Holy Mother – some with golden wings, some silver, some blue – a light-blue – but most of them are white. Saint Michael is standing very tall into the sky, with one foot on the land behind the Church and the other upon the Holy Grounds. His sword was thrust so far into the Altar only its handle is visible. From the hand-guard much Light is being projected towards all of us – a yellow Light of so much power that it gives strength when it enters you. Our Lady gives the Sceptre to one of the Angels and takes-up Her Rosary Beads, which are also golden. She kisses Jesus and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My Blessed Son, Our little ‘Rock’ of Love; My beloved Apostle, `Little Bartholomew’; My Disciples and all of the Apostles throughout the world and all My children, here present and throughout all My Communities – and all children throughout the world: I greet you from My Immaculate Heart. I have come this evening, My sweet children, to prepare you for the ‘new era’ which is coming swiftly upon the world and into your lives – much faster than mankind believes. The pages of the Apocalypse are turning swiftly, My children. My public Appearances throughout the world are now increasing for a short time and then they will stop. Know, My sweet children, that when My public Messages have ceased throughout the world, the great Chastisement of the warning, will come upon mankind!!”

“Through My Seers I will give a warning to all of My children, so they will know the exact moment of the Chastising Arm of the Eternal Father falling upon the world. However, before this comes, all My children must be prepared and are not to take My Words lightly, for I am well aware, My sweet children, that My Divine Son and I have asked you to prepare yourselves for many, many, years now. Many of Our children have fallen asleep and wandered away, because Our Words have not yet been fulfilled. But, My sweet children, understand well that the Eternal Father is Merciful. He seeks none of His children to be lost but, rather, found and returned to His Most Sacred Heart.”

“You have been Graced, My sweet children, to have many delays placed upon the Prophetic Word, given by Our Voice-boxes throughout the world. All of Our sweet children of the Light have been persecuted through this, because the events have not yet come. But I tell you solemnly that every Word that has been uttered through Our Prophets and Seers by the Triune God, will be fulfilled to the letter! So let your hearts be full of praise and thanksgiving to My Divine Son, Jesus, for having given you time to prepare yourselves.”

“So once again, My sweet children, I ask that you be prepared, for you do not know the ‘hour’ when the Power of God will be seen and felt by all of Our children – both good and evil! The world is in a deep sleep, My sweet children. Satan has done his work well, for most are now in his web of deceit. Therefore, the time has come for Our children to be shaken and to be woken-up, because the Second Coming of My Divine Son is near. The miniature Judgement for the world is near and all that is wrong will be corrected, for the mind of man will be cleansed, purified and enlightened by the Triune God – so mankind will know the Truth.”

“The world is far away from God. Mankind prepares for war and speaks of peace. My children must learn to pray more, because it is through prayer that My children who are in darkness will come into the light and understand the great Plan of the Triune God. The end is near for the world, as you see it!! So live each day, My sweet children, as if it were your last. Take up My ‘beads of Love’ – My Most Holy Rosary – and pray them often, especially before My Divine Son in the Tabernacles throughout the world, while He is still there, for there is an evil plan now within My Divine Son’s House upon Earth to remove My Divine Son, Jesus, from those Tabernacles.”

“Soon, mankind will thirst for the Presence of My Divine Son, but they will not find Him, for My Divine Son will be hidden in the catacombs of your hearts. Pray, My sweet children, for My Most Holy Vicar in Rome, for he truly is a martyr of the Church. Every hour that he lives is a renewed sacrifice for the Church – for you. My children do not realize how much is expected of Our Holy Vicar for, when much has been given by the Triune God to a soul, much is expected of him and this goes for all of you, My sweet children. The more you are given, the more is expected of you. Remember this well – especially My children who live in the serenity of My Communities throughout the world. How many of My children in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth would long to live in such Communities that now exist in the world, but who are hindered because of the Church; because of themselves; because of worldly pressures placed upon them?”

“Be thankful to God, My sweet children, for all the gifts that He gives you – especially the gift of faith, the gift of hope and the gift of perseverance. The time of trials are with you, My sweet children and these will increase and intensify until you have all been purified, so you will all be able to carry the sword in battle to fight against the Antichrist, the Devil and his hordes. We are preparing you, My sweet children, to be soldiers of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, for the end times – for you are being called to be heroes – ‘Saints of the Latter Days’ – to bring Glory to the Triune God and My Immaculate Heart and Triumph for Holy Mother Church – to bring the Church into the ‘new era’, where there will be peace and happiness for all of Our children for all time.”

“This is the reason, My sweet children, [that] I, My Divine Son, the Saints and the Angels are coming so often to the world now, to help you to move into the life of the ‘new era’. I know it is difficult for you to understand now. However, My sweet children, the logical way is not the way of the ‘new era’ – especially at this time – because mankind will not understand the Plan of God; because God’s ways are not man’s. Therefore, true obedience is necessary, with faith, for Our children at this time. You must walk now with the Rosary in your hand, with Jesus on your lips and in your hearts, with your eyes fixed upon Heaven – with trust in the Will of the Eternal Father for mankind. And, in this way, My sweet children, you will be prepared, even for the most extraordinary things that will be revealed to mankind, in the coming years.”

“Picture the ‘new era’, My sweet children, as a ‘Heaven on Earth’ – then you will understand why it is so difficult for Our Seers and Voice-boxes to explain to mankind what the Eternal Father is preparing for His children, who love Him; then you will understand that God’s Ways are not man’s ways. So take-up My ‘Beads of Love’ and pray and prepare your spirit and soul for the Second Coming of My Divine Son, soon, upon Earth.”

“Pray for the nations of Korea and China and all of Asia, as war is very near in this region, in which many innocent ones will be slaughtered for the Truth. The atomic weapons, My sweet children, will be let loose upon the world if mankind does not pray enough! So, therefore, pray and do penance; offer sacrifices for your brothers and sisters throughout the world.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has now stretched out Her right Arm and has asked me to look at a big map of the northern part of Asia – near Mongolia – in the Russian area. I see a very large explosion, which looks like it comes from a nuclear reactor, rather than an atomic bomb. It forms a big mushroom-shaped cloud, although more flattened in shape, which deposits a yellow dust over the eastern part of Europe and a lot of Asia. I see military preparation along the borders of China and North Korea, going towards Laos and also towards Cambodia and Burma – all over that area. There seems to be a lot of similar activity there. Written in red blood over the map it says: “War! – soon – and much death”.

Our Lady now places Her golden Rosary over these areas – and a pinkish-coloured light, which comes from Our Lady’s Rosary, is falling on these countries; a lot of people are praying. Our Lady now shows me the volcano in Japan which is smoking – and a lot of ash, fire and lava is coming out of it. The smoke forms the word “Soon”! Our Lady also places Her Rosary over this area. A lot of people are in the streets, praying.

OUR LADY: “What you see, My sweet child, are some of the Chastisements coming to these regions very soon. It is for this reason I ask Our children throughout the world to pray for Russia; pray for China; pray, my sweet children, for Japan; pray for Korea and Poland. The time is coming when there will be much sadness given to these nations.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now takes-up the Crucifix on Her Rosary and kisses Jesus.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you all, My sweet children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My child and sweet children: Soon Lent will be upon you. I am asking for very many prayers, especially for Holy Mother Church, for the Vicar of Christ and your future Vicar, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love. I ask for these intentions to be placed in your hearts: To pray for the Apostles and Disciples; …… who will all come to the fore in the coming years. You are to pray for Holy Mother Church because, My sweet children, the schism is near! Pray for My Communities, that they will spread; will be united and remain strong. Pray that the investigation of My Holy Grounds here in Nowra begins very soon. These are the intentions, My sweet children, which I place in your hearts.”

“For all My Priest-sons: I seek Adoration of My Divine Son in the Blessed Sacrament during the entire time of Lent – especially in My Communities – twenty-four hours a day, each day. I seek this from the all children of the Light. I seek that they pray My Most Holy Rosary – unceasingly. And those Communities that do not have the Blessed Sacrament: that they offer up My Most Holy Rosary – unceasingly, twenty-four hours a day – until Holy Thursday. I beg you, My sweet children, for these prayers, for they will be needed in the coming year – for much tribulation will fall upon the Church and the world – therefore, much sacrifice is asked of all.”

“Many Graces will be given to Our children – Graces of perseverance, strength and courage – to stand forth and be counted as light-bearers of Divine Truth, defending the House of My Divine Son, Jesus. Many Angels and Saints will be sent to you to pray with you – even the Souls in Purgatory will pray with you and will be placed beside you during this time of Lent – for all these prayers are needed throughout the world, so mankind will finally listen to the demands of the Eternal Father for repentance. I Love you, My sweet children and it is because of My Motherly Love for you, that I seek much from you for I need your help, because without your prayers, My sweet children, I cannot do what I desire to do – for prayer governs the actions of My Motherly Heart.”

“I Bless you, My sweet son, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love; you have carried the cross well, My dear child. I know that it is very difficult for you now. My Divine Son and I are always with you. Take courage and continue to lead the sheep to the green pasture of the ‘new era’. I Bless you, My child, and all My sweet children throughout the world and especially those here in this Community: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue now, My sweet children, with your prayers, for I will offer them to the Triune God, so many Graces and Blessings will be given to you and all My sweet children throughout the world.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady wishes to speak to me now. (Prayers are continued.) Our Lady now Blesses everyone:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: She has Her Arms full of flowers. These represent your prayers and She is very pleased. Our Lady is going back towards Heaven towards the White Cross, with the Angels. Please continue with the prayers.