MESSAGE 431 – 13 FEBRUARY 1994



The world will soon be judged in a miniature Judgement by the Eternal Father – The world will soon be plunged into great darkness and sorrow – This war in Bosnia will bring many Nations into conflict; many innocent ones will be martyred for the faith – The Secret Societies are the cause of the destruction of truth in the Church and throughout the world – A great victory will soon come upon all the places of holiness that I have chosen throughout the world.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross in the sky is brilliant; it reaches down to the Holy Grounds and is very large – a mile or so high. Saint Michael was there for some time, to the right of the Cross, taking up most of the sky. Once again he threw his sword towards the Altar, which was then split, but the two sections came together as one again, with the sword in the centre – it then became pure gold. The front part of the Altar had the Plaque of the Ark of the Covenant in it. Between the White Cross and us here, there are many Angels who are dressed in white, holding a wall of diaphanous cloth – like a quite transparent curtain – through which I can see to the other side. This takes up the whole sky. There are Angels all along the top, holding the curtain. Now I see a beam of Light coming from the centre of the crossed beams of the Cross then going over the curtain to the Altar. It is about two metres wide and very slender.

I can see the Blessed Mother now as She comes through the Cross, just gliding down on a cloud of brilliant and beautiful white Light – and now She is here, standing above the Tabernacle, dressed in pure white; it is a very brilliant white this time and I can also see Her Immaculate Heart. She has a pure white head cover which reaches down to Her Toes; it too, is made from very fine material. Around Her Waist She has a golden sash. Out of Her Immaculate Heart I can see the Holy Ghost emerging. The right Hand of Our Blessed Mother holds a candle, which seems to be made of wax and on it is written: “Giver of life”. I do not know the significance of this. The candle is burning very quickly. A small ray of Light beams out of the Tabernacle and shoots towards the candle.

Now the curtain is formed into a semi-circle around Our Blessed Mother. I am permitted to see behind the curtain where there is a lot of activity. I can see the outline of Angels and many Saints. Our Lady now places the candle in Her left Hand and takes a pearl Rosary with a gold Crucifix from Her sash and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son, My sweet Angel of Divine Love – My ‘Little Pebble’; My sweet daughter, My ‘Rose’, and all My `Roses’ of My Immaculate Heart; My beloved ‘Little Bartholomew’, sweet Apostle of My Immaculate Heart; My dear Disciples of the ‘end times’ and all My sweet children, here present and throughout the world: I greet you with My Immaculate Heart, the Flame of Pure Love.”

“Today I come as ‘Our Lady of the Light’ because I am the Light to the ‘new era’ that is swiftly coming upon mankind – even though they are not aware of this because My children are in a deep sleep. I come to bring the Light from My Divine Son, Jesus’, Most Sacred Heart, to the world; to [bring] a fuller understanding of the Divine Will of God; of His Plans for the future generations to come and for Our children of this time who are wallowing in the mire of sinfulness. I bring to you the Light that it may shine in your hearts, My sweet children, in these days of the ‘end times’ before My Divine Son, Jesus, returns. Take this Light that comes from My Spouse, God the Holy Ghost, and enlighten your hearts and your minds to the Will of the Most High God, the Eternal One.”

“My sweet children: It is through your prayers that you will be enlightened, for what was logical will no more be logical and will be no more logical for Our children of the Earth, for God’s ways are not man’s ways. It is for this reason that I bring to you the Word: The Light of the Most High. Drink of this Word, My sweet children and understand the Wisdom of God. Mankind is so full of himself that he has no time for His God, for Truth, for life itself in Eternity. Mankind believes that he is God! – very much the same as Lucifer did before he fell from the Heavens for he too, was called the ‘Light-Bearer’ – or, the bearer of the Light of God, which is Truth! But, through pride and arrogance, he lost all the Graces that God had given him and many foolish Angels followed him, believing that they could be gods as well.”

“This now, is the fate of man! Mankind have raised themselves well above their God – forgetting that Eternal Life exists; that Eternal Reward and Eternal Punishment exists for man. Therefore, I bring you the Light, so you may enter unto truthfulness; so you may love My Divine Son in the Triune God Who sits at the right hand of the Father, in Glory over all that He Created.”

“The world will soon be judged! Each one of you will be Judged in a ‘miniature’ Judgement – given to you by the Eternal Father – where you will know what you have done against My Divine Son, Jesus; what you have done against His Most Holy Mother and against Truth and against your neighbour and yourselves. There will be a rude awakening for many to realize that, if it were not for the Mercy of God, they would be lost at that time!”

“The world now, has great need for prayers; prayers for the Vicar of Christ; prayers for My Priest-sons, for My Voice-boxes, for My Prophets; prayers for the whole Church and the whole of mankind – because the world will soon be plunged into great darkness and sorrow, for the Chastisements that will come upon the world are far greater than those experienced in past generations – even with the second World War, My sweet children!”

“Already now, in the Eastern Bloc nations, the war rages on – but little do My children realize that this war in Bosnia will bring many nations into conflict and many innocent ones will be martyred for the Faith. It is not a war between nation and nation or state and state, My sweet children – it is a war between good and evil; between Christ and the Antichrist! Even the skirmishes in Ireland and many other nations throughout the world: These are the battles between good and evil; between those who follow My Divine Son Jesus, in Truth and those who follow the Antichrist and Lucifer!! But the world does not see it this way.”

“Those in great power work secretly, behind closed doors, My sweet children, so they will not be known and seen by the world, for the ‘Secret Societies’ are the cause of the destruction of Truth in the Church and throughout the world. The Zionists, the Masons, the Luciferians, the Illuminati, the Club of Rome – and many such societies – are crushing the world and bringing it to war, division and hatred, jealousy and envy – taking away the innocence of Our children. It is through these societies and many more – like the Mafia – that destruction is brought upon the youth; that use of drugs and attachment to pornography are placed in the hearts of Our children throughout the world – in the schools; in the homes and throughout society – and all is made legal by the powers that now exist upon Earth! You must fight these injustices, My sweet children, with your sacrifices and prayers for, if you do not pray, all will be lost and the evil one will triumph throughout the world – as he does already now – as most of the children of the Earth are under his care – not mine, your, Holy Mother!”

“How I Weep, My sweet children, to see the holy innocence taken away from so many of Our children. The [civic] leaders, the parents, the leaders of the Church and the elders are responsible for My little children. Do you not see, My sweet children, that Lucifer has taken away many of those who should be in the Light. The Church of My Divine Son, Jesus, is in darkness because they have allowed Lucifer and his cohorts to enter into the House and Sanctuary of God. They have cast out Saint Michael, who is the Prince and Defender of My Divine Son’s House upon Earth. Bring him back, My sweet children! Lucifer is very powerful now – he reigns in most hearts of the world. So therefore, understand My Words clearly. It is only through sacrifice and prayer that you will cast him out from your lives.”

“The Battle of the Spirits increases, My sweet children, so be watchful and careful. Keep your Rosaries around you – close to you – as your protection. Become as children of the Light and stand up for the Truth of My Divine Son, Jesus. Be not afraid of the world – of what they will say about you – but be strong; be Christ-like in all of your actions and your words and your deeds. Do all things with your heart – with love and compassion and forgiveness. For you must be the ‘light’ of the world and the Church. You are called to be great Saints and heroes of the ‘latter days’, My sweet children. To become great Saints for God you must carry your cross – even if you have to drag it – My sweet children! But go forward in the Light of My Divine Son; fear no man, for you are not accountable to man – but to God!”

“Pray for My beloved Vicar in Rome, who is now nailed with My Divine Son, for the Church. He has but a short time before he gives his life for his God and then the world will see what a great and holy man My John Paul II was. Do all you can, My sweet children, to help your brothers and sisters to attain the Light of God – for time is very short in the calculations of your Earthly time.”

“My Immaculate Heart Bleeds for the Church because My sweet children do not listen to Me. Even many of the children of the Light who receive My Words do not wish to understand what I say, yet they have the Grace to understand all if they open their hearts and pray. All My children of the Light are now being prepared for the arrival of My Divine Son, Jesus, upon Earth. In these few years that are still to come every member of the Mystical body will be nailed to the cross, with My Divine Son and with My Immaculate Heart. Remember that well, My sweet children, as the sufferings will increase and increase until you can offer no more to My Divine Son, because all of you are victims of love for the salvation of the human race for the Light of the Church and the world!”

“A great victory will soon come upon all the places of holiness that I have chosen throughout the world. First, the victory will come here – for this Apparition place is the prime Apparition place of the world – because it is the centre of unity for Holy Mother Church and for My future Vicar, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love. Therefore, pray earnestly, My sweet children. I give you this challenge!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now raises Her Immaculate Heart with Her left Hand and places It in front of Her.

OUR LADY: “This Heart of Mine, My sweet children, has been given for you and for the whole world, to appease the anger of the Eternal Father. Therefore, offend Him no more!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Barachiel comes to Our Lady, takes the Heart, brings It to me and places It within me.

OUR LADY: “You, My sweet son, are united with My Immaculate Heart in sorrow, in joy and in glory, in time to come. Offer all – through this Heart that Loves you – to My Divine Son, Jesus, as reparation for the sins of the world.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now the Angel takes the Heart back to Our Lady and I can see My own heart within Our Lady’s Heart – but it is very small.

OUR LADY: “I give you the Kiss of Life – of Eternal Life: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“The way to My Divine Son and the Triune God is through My Immaculate Heart, My sweet children. This is the meaning of the ‘Curtain of Life’ that you see, My dear child, behind me. The Curtain is Heaven and he who wishes to reach Heaven must pass through My Immaculate Heart. Pray often, My sweet children, My Most Holy Rosary and unite your tears, your sorrows and your joys and all that you have, with Me and together We can save the world from its own destruction, which is near!!”

“I Bless you all now, My sweet children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I Bless My sweet Apostles of the ‘latter days’: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. And I send My kiss to My ‘Little John’, to My ‘Thornbush’ and My ‘Burning Bush’ – to return to them the kiss of love that they have offered to Me this day. And I give this kiss also to My ‘Little Bartholomew’ and all My sweet children who have offered their love and their kisses to My Immaculate Heart.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now shifts over towards the picture of ‘Our Lady of the Ark’, comes forward to ‘Rose’ of Croatia and will speak to her.

(Message is given to the ‘Rose’ of Croatia, in Croatian.)

Our Blessed Mother has moved over to the Tabernacle. With Our Holy Mother during the Apparition to the ‘Rose’ of Croatia was ‘Little John’, the Apostle and both ‘Thornbush’ and ‘Burning Bush’ – also the Holy Father. They appeared next to Our Lady. The Holy Father was holding-out a Scroll, but I could not see what was on it. Also, a friend of mine appeared next to Our Lady – it was Franz Krinner. Our Lady said that he was one of the Disciples in Germany. Our Lady also Blessed Vito, from our Community, as one of the Disciples to come. Our Lady wanted me to mention it. Our Lady is smiling and desires that we continue our prayers. She wishes to Bless the articles now.