MESSAGE 432 – 5 MARCH 1994



The world is preparing for War, but I am preparing for War with the Evil Spirits – I want you to contemplate what transpired in the Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah – Soon blood will flow in the streets of the Cities of Europe; much sorrow will come to the Earth shortly – Pray for My Vicar who is being crucified with Me; pray for Our future Vicar who is mystically crucified with My Most Holy Mother.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross is in the sky, and from five points on It there is Blood coming out. During the Rosary there were many Angels forming a`V’-shape, coming from the Altar and going towards Heaven – but they were Angels of Death, each carrying a sickle and wearing black tunics. Behind them were other Angels with staffs; they were much taller than the Angels of Death. And right up at the top – towards Heaven – were the seven great Angels, the Archangels, who formed a`V’-shape, or a completed triangle, which was upside down – point down. Then, suddenly, a small circle of Light, like a sun came before the Tabernacle and started to spin very, very, quickly, shooting-off different-coloured, strong Lights towards the people here.

Saint Michael appeared behind all the Angels, as a Warrior, looking very strong. I can see now the Cross is right in the middle of the triangle, still with Blood coming from the five points: in the centre, on top and on two sides. The Blood is falling towards the Altar – building up on the Altar cloth and oozing onto the Altar itself, then on to the floor and it slowly trickles towards the carpet in the Chapel. Within the Blood I can see little red crosses, each with a Host which in turn, has a little, red, cross in the centre – in Blood. The Cross, itself, is a much darker red. I can see it very clearly. There are millions of them.

SAINT BARACHIEL: “These are special Graces given for the Passion – for all the children of God to understand the Passion of Our Lord”.

The Angels with the sickles are now shouting very loudly, saying: “We want vengeance, now”. They yell loudly because they are seeking the attention of the Eternal Father. They say: “We want vengeance now, for the sins of the world”. I can see a flash of Light coming from the Cross. Our Lord is within this Light, standing in the centre of the triangle. He is bound, as though being tortured and scourged, His Hands tied in front of Him, with a Crown of Thorns on His Head and a Sceptre in His Hand.

Our Lord looks towards me, smiling a little. I can see that He has been suffering a great deal. Now I see two great Angels moving up next to Our Lord – one on each side – and they lift Him up and bring Him towards the White Cross. Jesus is infused into It, then emerges from It. He is dressed in white and stands on a silvery-green Light. He comes down towards the centre part of the triangle, with the Angels and writes in mid-air with His Finger. It reads: “My servants: you are to wait awhile for My Command”!

Saint Michael brings over a beam-scale, which he gives to Our Lord. The scale is very, very, uneven – nowhere near balanced. I can see on the low side the words: “The sins of the world” – and those sins are piled up very high on the plate. The pile representing the goodness of the world on the other side is very low. Our Lord now takes His Most Sacred Heart and places it on the side containing good. The bad side is raised quite dramatically, but not so much as to make the sides equal. He is smiling now. Our Lady comes to the right side of Our Lord – arriving from nowhere, it seems! She stands to the right side of Our Lord – next to Saint Michael – and offers Her Immaculate Heart to be placed on the scale as well. Our Lord is still smiling. Saint Michael gives Our Lord his sword and it holds the balance of the scales! All the Angels with the sickles have gone and only the Angels in white, with the staffs, remain. With the seven Archangels they form a semi-circle around Jesus and Mary. They come much closer. Jesus and Mary also come very close and are now inside the Chapel. Jesus is standing on His Tabernacle and His Head is just above the head on the Crucifix – a bit higher, perhaps. He is approximately two metres tall.

Our Lady is to the right of Our Lord, standing on a cloud of beautiful Light, with many rose petals in and on top of the cloud itself. They have a beautiful sparkle about them. Both Jesus and Mary are dressed totally in beautiful white. Each holds-up a Rosary of pure white – they look like white pearls. The only thing that is different is, the Crucifix on both Rosaries, are gold. Our Lady turns around and kisses Jesus on His Most Sacred Heart. Jesus smiles, turns around and kisses Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. They both make the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD & OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord now takes Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and places It next to His – but somehow They seem to merge into each other and have become just one Heart. I can see the Holy Ghost now – as a Dove – coming out of the two Hearts; a circle of Light has formed around them. Jesus now steps forward on nothing, just the air; He comes a little closer, moving away from the Tabernacle. A tremendous Light is coming out of the Tabernacle and Light is also emerging from the Wounds of Our Lord. They are not Bleeding. I can see them clearly and it is a tremendously sharp and beautiful warm Light. Jesus holds the two Hearts in front of Him.

OUR LORD: “See these Immaculate Hearts, My sweet child, Our little `Rock’ and My sweet children throughout the world: These Pure Hearts were offered-up for all of you – for everyone who has been born, from the time of Adam, to the last one who will be born in the New Era. Our Immaculate Hearts, united as One, have always been offered up for mankind – for the redemption of the world. Mankind rejected My Most Sacred Heart and when I sent My Most Holy Mother to you, mankind rejected Her too – the Two Hearts Who Love Our children so very much.”

“What more can We offer you, My sweet children, than Our very Blood; Our Lives; Our Sufferings; Our Merit? Mankind has fallen into great darkness; has become blind to the Truth – to the Pureness and Loving Heart of God and His Holy Mother! Every day, the Sacrifice – though un-Bloody – is offered over and over again for My children, until the end of time, united with My Most Pure Mother. Yet, sadly – even with all this sacrifice – many of Our children will be lost forever!!”

“The Angel of Death waits for My Word, to bring destruction upon the Earth and to remove many from My Sight. Yet, I desire not the death of the sinner but rather, repentance and forgiveness. Look at the world, My sweet children. Look around you! And what do you see? – hatred, envy, jealousy; the seven capital sins, committed everywhere – the deadly sins that take My children away from Me. And if it were not for My Most Holy Mother how many would be lost now, My sweet children? How much tribulation would you have upon your earth? The world would have already been at an end, My sweet children, if it were not for My Most Holy Mother. For We have given all to Her because, My sweet children, She is the Mediatrix – Co-Redemptrix – of All Graces for mankind!”

“This is Her ‘hour’ – the ‘hour’ of the Woman and I say unto you, My sweet children: Behold the Woman, the Immaculate One, Woman of the Apocalypse, Mother of the Church and Mother of the Saviour – your Mother. It is Her ‘hour’ and, as this ‘hour’ strikes upon a sinful world, the hour of darkness is upon you too. Darkness now rules the world, even in My House upon Earth! Only a flicker of light can be seen and this light is through My children, who have the Sign of My Most Holy Mother in their hearts. The army of Truth – the army of Mary, the Immaculate – the Latter Day Saints for the Church and the world.”

“I call all of you, My sweet children, to come forth and stand strong, as My Apostles did after Pentecost. You have the power given to you by My Spirit, to bring forth a conversion of the whole world, because you have the help of My Most Holy Mother. It is through the Holy Rosary, My sweet children, that you have this power – because the Rosary is My Mother! You invoke Her, My sweet children! It is in Her Hands – with Her children – to crush the serpent and cast him into Hell!”

“These are the glorious days for My sweet children – to be glorious and heroic Saints. Do not be concerned for what you will eat, for what you will wear – whether you are ill or healthy, strong or weak – but place your cares in the Immaculate Heart of My Most Holy Mother and you will be strengthened to carry the cross with Me and My Most Holy Mother, to Calvary, for it is through the Cross that the Victory will come!”

“The world is preparing for war, but I am preparing for war with the evil spirits – with Satan and all those who speak against My Most Holy Mother and the Eternal Father in Me and Our Spirit. For I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light of the world and I give to you My Most Holy Mother, to find the way, for it is through Her that you will reach Me – and only through Her, My sweet children! This Teaching is not only for My Catholic children, but also for all those who profess the Faith of Christianity and even those who do not profess these Faiths, because there is only one way to the Father and that is through Me. And there is only one way to Me and that is through My Most Holy Mother!”

“Soon, I will come and smite the Earth! Many will fall under the sword – because Lucifer is desiring to destroy the world and capture every soul for himself – even those who are dedicated to Me and My Most Holy Mother! The battle of the spirit rages on with full intensity, My sweet children. Be aware of this and take note of what I tell you! Unless you are grounded strongly in the Faith – with much prayer, sacrifice, and penance – you will be washed away, for the attack of the evil one is now strong – far stronger than it has ever been before – My sweet children, because he seeks to blind all those who are in the Light and bring confusion and division amongst the children of the Light! This he has already done! He has divided My House upon Earth – many times! And soon, he will divide it again – with far greater success than in the time of the Reformation, My sweet children – for many of you will be scattered throughout the world. A divided house cannot stand. Only united, under My Most Holy Mother and the Vicar of Christ, can you stand!!”

“You are fighting Principalities and Powers, My sweet children – not Earthly powers! Even in My Communities throughout the world there is division amongst My children, who should be the Light! The devil is strong now, My sweet children. We have allowed this, to purify you and to strengthen you. How will you be able to fight the anti-Christ if you cannot live united as one? Now, My sweet children, you have all the Graces.”

“How many Messages must My Mother give to the world to bring unity amongst My children of the Light? Do not have recourse to your weaknesses, My sweet children, for I know you are weak! The flesh is indeed weak, but the spirit is strong; for this reason, you must nourish yourselves with My Body and Blood; with the Sacrament of Penance; with time of prayer – meditating upon My Words. This is how you will become the Saint John’s, the Saint Mary’s, the Saint Augustine’s. They were no different from you, My sweet children, but they fought the good fight and so must you, for you have been given much, My sweet children. Therefore, go forward in My Light. There is no need for anger, for hatred, for envy or jealousy. There is need for tolerance, patience, love, true obedience to My Word. Did I not say: “Love one another, as I have loved you?” Is it so hard to love your brothers and sisters, My sweet children? Remember, you are Created in Our Image! Therefore, love that Image and look past the weakness and sin of the person. Open your hearts to forgiveness. If I can forgive you – one hundred times one hundred; even one thousand times one thousand – cannot you forgive your brothers?”

“Yes, My sweet children, My Word is the ‘Living Word’ in your heart. That is why the Saints are the Saints; that is why you are called to be Saints, especially in My Communities throughout the world – as a symbol of Truth – so all of My children who are in darkness will follow the Truth and the Light of My Word! Preaching My Word is insufficient, My sweet children. You must live My Word! I offer you the example of My Most Holy Mother, Beloved Saint Joseph and the many Saints whom I have given to you throughout the ages. Let them inspire you to be the Saints of the latter days – because, soon, the Church and the world will be Chastised by the Eternal Father – far greater than what My children understand and believe!”

“I want you to contemplate what transpired in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, My sweet children. Look around you and you will see your Sodom and Gomorrah! Most of the cities are like this and not only the cities, but the smaller towns and villages, which have cast away Me and My Most Holy Mother and replaced Us with worldliness. Sports and amusements have become the ‘god’ of Our children throughout the world! Even those who are in My House upon Earth have become worldly – except for the few who are marked by My Cross.”

“Think well on My Words this evening, My sweet children, for I can no longer wait, seeing My Most Holy Mother insulted and placed aside. She is the Queen of Heaven and Earth – Queen over all. You can insult Me, My sweet children, but not My Most Holy Mother. I will wait a little longer – but know this: That the Patience of My Father in Me is coming to an end for this world that seeks no salvation, but its own destruction – as did the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

“Soon, My sweet children, blood will flow in the streets of many of the cities of Europe, for much sorrow will come to the Earth in a short while. Even though I have repeated these Words to you many times, for many years, I am still waiting as a Loving God – a Patient and Merciful God – hidden in His Prison upon Earth – in the Tabernacles throughout the world – waiting for the repentance of each sinner.”

“Pray for My Vicar who is now being crucified with Me. Pray for My beloved son – Our future Vicar – who is Mystically crucified with My Most Holy Mother. Pray, My sweet children, for all the Priests of My Church upon Earth, that they receive the Light of My Spirit to understand the urgency of My call. Pray for the twelve new Apostles, who are also divided as My first Apostles were – as if scattered in the Garden of Gethsemane. Pray for the Disciples who have been chosen, yet are weak and dispersed [divided] amongst themselves, due to the temptations of the evil one. Pray for the [names withheld] that I, Myself, have chosen for the New World to come, for they, too, are being tested and purified and some will fall away, if they do not listen and pray!”

“Many Graces are offered to mankind now. Listen well, My sweet children! You are all being sifted out – tested and purified – to make you strong and holy – so you may be the `light’ of the Church and the world – so all may come to believe in the Son of God; the Son of Man, your Saviour, Jesus Christ – the King of Kings; the Messiah.”

“O, My children; My children! I Love you; I give you Our Immaculate Hearts. These Hearts will Triumph soon over all that is evil in the world. Take courage! Have Faith! Be not troubled but trust in Our Immaculate Hearts.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now lifts-up His right Hand, which Holds the two Hearts and Blesses us:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. We embrace you, My sweet children, with Our Immaculate Hearts and place each and every one of you therein. Remain there and be at peace.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now brings the two Hearts closer to me and I can actually see Him (I do not know how) taking my own heart – which is very small – and placing it therein.

OUR LORD: “This, My child, is your assurance of Our Love, Our guidance and protection. We know, dear son, that the road is complicated and difficult for you, but trust in Our Immaculate Hearts and be not afraid.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has been standing a little behind Our Lord, to the right side. She comes forward now, takes the two Hearts and places them in front of Herself. The Holy Ghost has been there all the time and great rays of Light are coming from His Chest towards all of us. It is very unusual, coming out all the time. It is hard to explain this. Our Lady now kisses the Two Hearts and also the Holy Ghost, Who flutters up and comes above all of us, in the centre and many rays of Light are coming from Him. I can also see it going over the whole world. It is really beautiful.

Our Lady steps even closer and stands near the Altar railing. She is standing on a beautiful, soft-looking, cloud and is smiling. She makes the Sign of the Cross with the two Hearts: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

OUR LADY: “My sweet Angel of Divine Love – My ‘Little Pebble’, ‘Rock’ of My Immaculate Heart; My sweet Apostle – ‘Little Bartholomew’; My dear Disciples and all My Apostles throughout the world: I greet you with Our Immaculate Hearts. I will not add too much to the Words of My Divine Son, for all that was to be said has been said by your God and Mine. I only wish to say to Our children: remember My Prayer, the one that I have always asked for when I travel the world. It is for good reason that I ask My children to pray My Most Holy Rosary often – because this is the weapon God has given to the world, through My Immaculate Heart, for the triumph of good over evil! Do not take My Words lightly, children – for God has a purpose for all that He does and says and gives to the world, through His Church upon Earth.”

“You are very highly Graced, My sweet children, to be at a place where I speak, because the Triune God Dwells there – because God Dwells in Me – and, wherever I go, God is there also to give you many Graces through My Immaculate Heart, to strengthen you. Time is short for the world, My sweet children – even though you do not believe it or understand it. What is a few years, My sweet children, against eternity – even in your life time? Therefore, take courage and bear all patiently, so the Will of My Divine Son will be fulfilled in your life time. The years go quickly, My sweet children and, before long, all that I and My Divine Son have told you will be fulfilled. But for now, all of My children must trust and have faith – strong faith; faith that needs no understanding. This is that time – now, My sweet children. Hold My Hand and I will guide you to the Truth – and the Truth is My Divine Son, Jesus, the Messiah.

I Kiss you all now, My sweet children, with Our Immaculate Hearts, and Bless you all now: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue now with your prayers for I wish to speak to My little son for a while.”

(The prayers are continued.)

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.