Message 443 – August 6 1994



I desire My House upon Earth to honour the Angels –When My children begin to pray once again to their Holy Angels and bring St Michael back, the light will once again enter their hearts – There is great corruption in the world; not enough prayer is said even by the elect, to save what is left to be saved – There are many Mysteries which you do not understand – Only a small remnant have the Light of My Spirit; the Church is like a desert.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael is standing over to my left and he is very tall, as always. He has placed his sword in the Altar, which he does quite frequently and a ball of fire shoots out, towards all the people, with different colours – an explosion which sends out slivers of light – and they go through us, with Grace. There is also brilliant Light coming out of the Tabernacle, in which there is one very clear Host, suspended and out of It comes some Blood. Saint Barachiel is also to my right – near Saint Charbel’s picture on the wall. He too, is very tall and quite elegant.

Now I can see the brilliant White Cross as it comes down from the sky, reaching to the Holy Grounds and the Light reaches the Chapel. It’s extremely brilliant and I know that this Cross will one day, light-up the whole world during the Great Warning. Around the Cross there are many Angels floating – using their wings, somewhat like the way birds do. There are great numbers of them, forming a Guard of Honour which reaches us here in the Chapel, the roof of which has disappeared. The Angels have surrounded the Chapel and they now form into a spiral which goes up, above the Chapel, reaching way past the Cross right into Heaven! They’re different sizes; come from different Choirs – each Choir with a distinctive appearance from the others. I can hear soft and gentle music coming from Heaven – a choir and a large symphony orchestra – with the Angels singing ‘Hail, Queen of Heaven’. But there’s also another choir singing, at the same time, ‘Hosanna in the Highest’! – yet both are singing without interfering with the sound of the other; they’re in harmony with each other – don’t ask me how!! The Angels are very jubilant for some reason.

The centre portion of the Cross is now opening-up, and streak of light comes out of it to form a road, right into the Chapel, which is now full of Light. Our Blessed Mother glides down the path of Light, very slowly, towards us, accompanied by tens of thousands of Angels – many more than I usually see. Over the big white Cross I see a rainbow forming – formed by the Angels themselves, dressed in various colours; rows and rows of Angels over the Cross. Our Holy Mother comes towards the Chapel and is very close now – looking quite brilliant, dressed in a light-weight, pure white, silk which has gold edging. There is also a long white veil which allows just a glimpse of Her golden-brown Hair. It’s not often that Our Lady’s Hair is visible; I can see brilliant little stars in Her Hair. A Crown is on Her Head, but not the usual style of Crown – it’s one made of pure Light. On the top of it is a single star and there’s also a star on Our Lady’s Chest – a star which I have seen many times previously; it contains my own face. She has carried it with Her many times before, in other Apparitions.

Our Lady is now standing over the Tabernacle, which is full of Light and is surrounded by Angels – who are also around the Altar and in the pews and the aisles – kneeling and adoring Our Lord in the Tabernacle, and honouring Our Lady, Who now moves to the right of the Tabernacle. Out of the Tabernacle – which is filled with a brilliant, pure, light – comes Jesus, Who now stands over the Tabernacle and He too, is dressed in overpoweringly white clothing and wears a Crown of Light, above it a globe of Light with a cross in the centre of it. I do not know what this signifies.

Both Jesus and Mary are smiling. I can see the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord and His Wounds, which are not bleeding. Jesus greets His Holy Mother by placing His Arm around Her, then kissing Her on the Forehead. Our Lady responds by kissing Our Lord on His Heart. Both are quiet and gentle and the surrounding Angels are fluttering all over the place. It looks as though each of the nine Choirs is assembled over the Chapel, there are so many of them! Jesus now traces the Sign of the Cross on Our Lady’s Head; I’ve never seen Our Lord do that before! He comes very close to me and traces the Sign of the Cross on my forehead – and I can feel the Wound in His right Hand penetrating my head. Jesus now moves over to Father Broussard, to do the same.

Our Lord moves back to Our Holy Mother, looking very majestic.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son, My little ‘Rock’ – Peter; My sweet son, ‘Bartholomew’; all my sweet children gathered here before Me and all My children throughout the world: I greet you through My Most Sacred Heart and the Heart of My Precious Mother Mary, the Immaculate. Today I come with My Holy Mother as King and Queen of the Holy Angels of the Spiritual World, Created for the pleasure and benefit of our children. Many of Our children do not realize how many Angels there are, nor how many God has given to each child – for they must walk the Earth to gain their salvation.”

“The Angels are perfect, My sweet children, in all virtues – in the perfection of God. The Eternal Father Created them for Himself and to assist His children, who must walk this Earth to work out their salvation. I ask all of you to think and meditate more often, upon these Holy Spirits, because they are like a mother to you and a father. Their love is perfect and pure. You must pray to them often, sweet children. I desire the Church – My House upon Earth – to honour the Angels more often in the liturgy, in private devotions and all houses of prayer – in every part of the world – because My Father in Heaven sends all Blessings to the Earth through the Angels. All the Graces you receive on Earth, My sweet children, are through the Holy Angels, with the Intercession of My Most Holy Mother – for She is the Mediatrix of All Graces; co-Redeemer with Me and She dispenses all the Graces, which the Holy Angels then dispense to you, My sweet children. It is for this reason that We come today – to remind you of the importance of honouring your Holy Angels; of seeking their help and protection. There are many more good Angels, My sweet children, than [there are] fallen angels. Remember this. However, it is dependent upon you – how you respond to the Graces and the calling of God – [as to] how many Angels come to the Earth to assist you to combat – with Heaven – the evil one.”

“There are many, many, legions of evil spirits upon Earth now, for the evil one is very powerful. The Eternal Father has permitted this, to cleanse the world; to chastise His children – and to purify them. Therefore, I ask of you, My sweet children: pray often to your Holy Angels, to defeat Lucifer and the fallen angels who now swarm [over] the earth to swallow-up many of Our children – even those of the Elect – to take them away from the Truth. The evil one, My sweet children, is causing division amongst all those children who are dedicated to the Truth. Why is this so? – because many of Our children do not pray enough to the Angels! Mankind is allowing his human weaknesses to let him fall; is allowing the evil one to interfere, even with God’s Plan, though the Eternal Father permits all for the sake of the salvation of many souls upon Earth. Many souls are in great darkness because they do not believe in God, nor do they seek to know the truth about God. These souls are easy targets for the evil one.

My sweet children: your lives must be one of witnesses to the Truth. Always go forward with My cross; ask My Most Holy Mother and the Angels to help you. Do not be afraid of the world, of what they will say about you because you believe, for life is very short, especially now, because the time is very short, My children, before I come again in great Power and Glory before your eyes. The Church is in great darkness because they have cast out Saint Michael, the Prince of the Heavenly Host; they’ve cast out devotion to the Angels, therefore darkness has entered the Church.”

“When My children begin to pray, once again, to their Holy Angels and bring Saint Michael back into the Church, then you will see the Light, once again, enter into the hearts of Our children. This is Satan’s ‘hour’ – the ‘hour of darkness’ for the world and for the Church. All of you must be purified and cleansed, so you will be able to enter into the new world which has been prepared for you since the foundation of the Earth. The Angels of Justice stand waiting for My Command. My Father in Heaven has been Merciful and long in waiting. He is already very Angry at the world and, more so, at the Church which I founded upon Earth, for there is great corruption in the world and in My House upon Earth; in the hearts of many of Our children. Not enough prayer is said – even by the Elect – to save what is left to be saved. Therefore, I implore you as your Saviour and your God: Turn away from your sinful paths, dear children. Hear My Words; repent of your sins and come to Me. I will still wait for a little while longer, but remember My Words well. Remember, dear children, that We Created you – each and every one of you. I know your strengths; I know your weaknesses; I know all your needs; I know what will become of you – even after this moment when I have spoken to you. I know your hearts, dear children, who you are, what you will be. I also know those children who do not believe, who doubt My Words and fall away from truth. If it were not so I would not be God, My sweet children.”

“All of you are carrying the cross with My Most Holy Mother – each in different ways and degrees. Help one another to carry the crosses, for the Glory of My Father in Heaven and the salvation of each and every one of you. All of you are accountable for yourselves, however remember well, dear children, that everything that you do, everything that you think in your hearts and in your minds; everything that you say – all of these things – are written in the book of life, and you are accountable for all that you do. Therefore, be more careful in what you do and say and think, because I desire that all of you come with Me to My Father. None of you should be lost; none of you should doubt; none of you should lose hope – for has not My Father given you abundance and so many Graces, My sweet children? Not only Spiritual Graces.”

“Can any of you say that you are in need of anything, My sweet children!? The Eternal Father has given all of His Love to you, through His Beloved Daughter – My Mother – and this is only the beginning of the many Graces which are in store for you. So take courage and be faithful to My Word; be obedient in truth; be not afraid. The days ahead of you will be like the days when I was in Gethsemane, My sweet children. They were very dark and gloomy – very difficult. It was not only the Cross that caused Me much Suffering. Most of the Suffering was in the Garden. Remember that – especially here in My community of the Garden of Gethsemane – for all of you will be part of this trial. No-one will be left out for I desire to share My Secrets with you, because through this great trial which the Eternal Father wishes to give to you, Signal Graces and Gifts will be given to each and every one of you and not only for you, but for the benefit of the whole Church and the Order of Saint Charbel and its sister Order of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

“There are many Mysteries, My sweet children, which you do not yet understand, as to why I have called you to this place. Within a short time you will understand. It is for this reason that I am raising-up more souls to be enlightened about the Mysteries of God and My communities – the communities of My Most Holy Mother – throughout the world are to be ‘signs’, ‘signs’ for the Church, for the Church is like a desert, and My communities are like an oasis, for the Spring of Eternal Life and Knowledge will be poured-out to the Church through the crucifixion of My ‘little’ ones scattered throughout the Earth. All of you will be offered to Our Father in Heaven as a holocaust – as an offering.”

“Therefore, rely upon your faith, dear children – pure faith. Do not try to understand the Will of My Father, for you will not comprehend it until the given time. You must walk upon the waters of faith, My sweet children, as Saint Peter did when he walked upon water towards Me. Do not let your eyes fall upon the water, in doubt – but keep them upon Me, your God and Saviour. My Most Holy Mother is your anchor; hold on to Her Hand. Be not afraid for I will not let you go – nor will My Immaculate Mother. All of you who are united in Our Immaculate Hearts, will receive abundance in Graces, poured out to you from the Eternal Father and your souls will overflow with joy during these times of trial and tribulation. This is the time for sifting, My sweet children – to clean the house – for I come now with the ‘whip’ to clean out My Church upon Earth and the hearts of Our children. All that is lukewarm will fall; all hearts which are cold will be damned. Only those hearts which have the fire of the Spirit of God within them, will triumph. Many will fall along the way, however, if you fall in sin through weakness of your body, lift yourself up and come to Me, so that I may refresh you with the Sacrament of penance. Come to Me and receive Me in the Blessed Eucharist, for it is I Whom you receive. I am the Groom of your soul – the Creator of your soul – with My Father and Our Spirit. If you are tempted, call on the Angels to help you. It is for this reason that We have sent many of them to you. Forget them not!”

“The communities of My Heart are protected and will be protected, at all times – not only from the power of the evil one, but also from worldly powers. However, these places on Earth are not a ‘refuge’ in the true sense of the word, whence My children will flee – but, rather, a place wherein souls will grow to love their God and serve Him, in perfection. It is for this reason that I seek the communities to be formed throughout the world; that they work together in unity, so many of Our sweet children will come there to live a life of holiness and perfection.”

“The world is being Chastised now and greater Chastisements will soon be seen in all nations. Already you see how the dark clouds gather over many nations. This is only the beginning of the days of sorrow. Therefore, the communities must be formed throughout the world – must become self-sufficient. Why? – you ask, dear children. It is because the world will come more corrupt and there shall be starvation, – even in the West. But in My homes dedicated to My Most Holy Mother, there shall be plenitude of all – not only of Graces, but even of bodily needs. Therefore, work swiftly to bring forth these communities – for it will be through them that the Church will be saved – even in the last hour.”

“Today, on this Feast-Day, I send all My children of the Light another Angel from the Choir of the Archangels, to strengthen you on the path upon which you must walk. This Holy Angel will help you to carry your cross and the burdens, which will be given to you in the coming years. I Bless you all, My sweet children and kiss your hearts, from the Sacred Hearts of Myself and My Most Holy Mother, to strengthen you. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Soon, dear son, the great ecstasies will occur to strengthen this Holy Place so it may bear witness to the Truth. Continue to carry your cross with Me, for I have given you a greater portion – such as I have given to Our Holy Vicar, John Paul. Both of you carry the Church in your hearts. Therefore, remain in peace, and know that I and My Most Holy Mother are always with you. Pray, dear children, for My Vicar in Rome, for he is burdened much – the weight of the Church is upon his shoulders, as the Cross was upon Mine. Many have been corrupted in My House upon Earth – more than ninety percent, My sweet children, are far away from Me in My House upon Earth! Only a small remnant have the Light of My Spirit and even in this small gathering of the remnant of My Heart, they are plagued with doubt; confusion; jealousy. The Church is like a desert. There are ‘Springs’ in this Church of Mine; the ‘Springs’ of Pure Water Which comes from My Side – the Holy Places where My Most Holy Mother comes to Earth.”

“But the Church remains blind. Therefore, pray, My children of the Light – My special children of Love – similar to those who remained faithful to Me when I Walked the Earth – during the time when I was Crucified – the few holy men and women who remained with Me to the end. You are those few through whom I will rebuild the Church – through the ‘little’ souls scattered throughout the desert. See this Heart of Mine which was Pierced.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord now shows me His Most Sacred Heart and I can see the Wound in It. From It Water is flowing in abundance – through the Chapel – like a river. It’s filled with It – bathing us in beautiful Water.

OUR LORD: “Drink of this Pure Spring of Living Water, which comes from the Triune God into the souls of His ‘little’ ones.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now brings Her Immaculate Heart to Our Lord and Their Hearts combine into One Heart. I can see the Mother’s Heart within Our Lord’s.

OUR LORD: “My Mother is ‘The Way’, My sweet children. Place Her aside and you will have no Church!! Even I will not come to the Earth unless [I come] through My Most Holy Mother. My Mother and I you cannot separate. We are as One – One within the Other – yet separate and distinct. All Graces are given to man through My Most Holy Mother. Remember this.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady and Our Lord Each raise Their right Hand now and the Heart remains suspended.

OUR LORD AND OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LORD: “My sweet son: I must leave you now, for I am needed in other parts of the world at this time. Continue to go forward in My Light, for you are the shepherd for My children of the Light and be not afraid. Even though you will travel the same path that I did, I will never abandon you. I kiss your little heart and place it within My Own and the Heart of My Most Holy Mother.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus has taken the heart out of my body and kisses it and also Our Lady – placing it within His Own and that of Our Mother, Which is suspended before Him.

OUR LORD: “My Most Holy Mother will speak to you now for but a short time. I Love you, My sweet children, and thank you for your many prayers [offered] here in the Chapel; for the adoration; prayers in My honour and in honour of My Most Holy Mother. I thank you. These prayers and your visits console Our Immaculate Hearts and each time you come to visit Us you will receive many Graces – Graces which are flowing out from Our Most Sacred Hearts. So continue with the special devotion of love – for, each time these prayers are said, the Holy Souls in Purgatory are sent to the Altar to pray with you. Many are released during the day, while you pray. In return they will pray for you, to strengthen you in your daily lives. I now Bless all of you. And to all of the Angels throughout the universe – in Heaven and on Earth, in Purgatory – and wherever they are placed by My Father – I give an accidental joy to them all today. In the Name of the Father, and of the son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now goes back into the Tabernacle, in a flash of Light. Our Holy Mother moves so that She is over the Tabernacle. I see Our Lady take a long Rosary from Her Side – a fifteen-decade Rosary – which I hadn’t noticed before. It’s made from beautiful roses, each decade being of a different colour. Our Lady Holds it aloft and the Angels now take it from Her, holding it a little above Her. I can see the Crown which Our Lord was wearing has moved over to also be above Our Mother’s Head – so She is wearing two Crowns, one within the other. The Immaculate Hearts are suspended in front of Our Holy Mother’s Chest. The crucifix of the large Rosary hangs down towards Our Lady’s Face, and She kisses the Corpus, then makes the Sign of the Cross.

OUR LADY: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My sweet ‘little Peter’ and My dear children, here present and throughout the world: I greet you this evening with My Immaculate Heart. I will not speak for long this evening, for there is not much more that I can add to what My Divine Son has already told you. As My Jesus told you, dear children, think often of the Holy Angels. I cannot ask this more than what I ask now, for it is urgent that many prayers are offered to the Holy Angels in these times of tribulation upon the world. It is the Holy Angels who bring Light unto the Earth and the more you pray to them, the more Light comes into the souls of Our children. But, if you do not pray to them, darkness will envelop the Earth, in its fullness and the evil spirits will then gain more power over the children of the Light. More disasters and more disease and sadness will be brought upon the world, because the Angels are the Light for the world. Their Spirits are Pure. Learn about your Angels, dear children; study them; read about them and speak often to your children about the power and goodness of the Holy Angels.”

“Today I have brought with Me millions of Angels to assist the children of the Light, to combat the power of the evil one, for he is becoming stronger by the day. Therefore, more Holy Angels must be sent to the Earth to strengthen Our children and give them power over the evil one! Remember this well as the days progress towards the Chastisements, which will bring many sad events to your lives. But many miracles and wonders will be seen through the intercession and the power of the Holy Angels, dear children, for they love you – as I, your Heavenly Mother, Love you.”

“I give you all a special Blessing this evening. It’s an Angelic Blessing that is given through the power and intercession of the Holy Angels of the nine Choirs. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“This is all I will say to you this evening. I ask that you offer-up many prayers to the Holy Angels in these coming weeks. I desire this from all the communities for protection and for healing – to heal the disunity which now exists between many souls who are dedicated to Me. And you, My dear son: My Divine Son has given you and all My dear children, an Angel from the Choir of the Archangels, but to you, My dear child, I will give several more Angels from each Choir, to strengthen your heart. You will know their names in a short while. Do not be hasty, but be patient. I know your heart, dear child and your curiosity. We Love you, very much, for you are a child of great faith and it is through you that the Church will be resurrected. Many Graces are given to you for this reason. I Bless you all, My sweet children and kiss your little hearts, from the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son and My Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, dear children, with your prayers, for I will take these prayers to the Throne of your God and Mine and many souls will be assisted this evening, especially the souls who are about to give their lives to Lucifer. I will now speak with you, My dear child.”


LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has explained to me a little about the Blessings of the Holy Angels. These Rosaries here on the table have an Angelic Blessing upon them. Each time someone prays on them the Holy Angels are also invoked in a special way; powerful Blessings are given to the souls who invoke the Holy Angels at that time. Also, the fifteen-decade Rosary made of different coloured little roses, which Our Lady had, was the Angelic Rosary, which comes from Her Own Choir of the Roses and it was presented as a Gift to [Name Withheld]. It has very special Graces for her from Our Holy Mother, Who calls her [Name Withheld].

Our Lady is smiling and we have received very many Graces today from the Holy Angels, through their intercession. Our Lady was also holding a little rock in Her Hands for a while, which she explained was myself. She placed the rock on Her Crown and it dissolved into It!

Now Our Lady looks about Her and the Angels – who are still all over the place – are holding flowers. Not only roses, but flowers of many kinds, which Our Lady has commanded them to distribute amongst the people. The Angels now go to all of you to place flowers in your souls; I know that they are Graces. They have also been sent to other parts of the world.

An Angel has brought a Crucifix to Our Lady – a beautiful Crucifix which is about a foot in length – and Our Lord is very much alive on it. Our Lady kisses Jesus, makes the sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our lady now nods to ‘Little Bartholomew’, asking him to make the Sign of the Cross. (Father gives the blessing.)

Our Holy Mother always kneels when a Priest makes the sign of the Cross – a blessing – as a sign of respect to the office – the high dignity – of the Priest. Our Lady now moves, with the Holy Angels, back towards the Cross. Saint Michael is watching Our Holy Mother very carefully, because he is the main protector, as he spreads-out his wings – which take-up the entire sky – and then places them right around the Cross. They also touch the Earth – it’s really amazing. Our Lady moves back, continually making the Sign of the Cross, sending many Blessings to us – saying that the Crucifix which She has, has many secrets in it; that they will be revealed later. Our Lady smiles again as She goes back towards the Cross and has now gone.

The Crucifix which Our Lady had, remained, but it was attached to the front of the White Cross and Jesus and the Crucifix grew to full size and I can see Our Lord on the Crucifix which is now nailed to the Cross. Many, many, Graces are coming towards us and over the whole Earth; coming from His Side I can see Blood and Water – a cascade – forming a little stream which flows all over the Earth. All His Holy Wounds are Bleeding and many Angels surround the Crucified Lord, placing Chalices beneath the Wounds. Jesus said that these are Graces for the world; for the communities and for myself.

Now, that has also gone and only the Angels remain with us, with Saint Barachiel – who becomes very much brighter. He is always bright, but now becomes very much so. He always holds a white cross in front of himself. He says to continue with the prayers.