Message 448 – 15 August 1994



Feast of the Assumption

Hell is closed on the Feast Day of My Assumption; great privileges for the souls who pass away – Soon My beloved Russia will be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, bringing forth victory for the Church – Many chastisements will fall upon My children also of the spiritual nature, especially of the intellect – Through the power of the Holy Rosary you will be given light and strength to understand the Plan and Will of God.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother has been present with us since the beginning of the Rosary, and the White Cross has been planted very firmly from the mountain up to the sky – also, Saint Michael has been standing over the mountain and has placed his sword inside the rock. A golden and very beautiful large, Tabernacle is also visible. The Blessed Mother has been standing over the Tabernacle. I know She has been with some of the Seers here present and Our Lady was giving us all a ‘Sign’ to show the importance of the unity of the Seers and how God communicates with them – very much different from how it happened on the 13th.

Then Our Lady came much closer, down towards the rock and has been standing there ever since – looking very, very, bright, with the Tabernacle in front of Her. I know the meaning of the presence of the Tabernacle, but I will not explain it at this time, other than that She is the Mother of the Church and the Tabernacle represents the Church in one way, but there are many other meanings.

Also, we have been watching other things that have been developing in the sky, through the Holy Angels – there are many of them here. I saw some snakes crawling around and Saint Michael has been squashing them with his foot – using his sword on them before he actually placed it in the rock.

Our Lady holds a very beautiful Rosary in Her right Hand, with a Crucifix upon which Our Lord is very much alive It is very large – about one foot in size and is a fifteen-decade Rosary. Our Lady smiles. Many Angels have accompanied Her, because it is the Feast of the Assumption. There is a great Mystery involved with the Crucifix. Our Lady now Kisses Jesus on the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child, Our little ‘Rock’, future Vicar in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth; My dear Apostles and Disciples; the Mystics and Seers of My Immaculate Heart and My sweet children here present and throughout the world: I greet you today on this Great Feast Day of My Assumption into Heaven, to meet My Creator and yours. On this Feast Day Hell is closed. The Souls who pass away receive great privileges to be saved, due to the merits that I gained through My Divine Son, Jesus – through My Assumption into Heaven – Body and Soul.”

“This is also a Great Mystery for Our children and, in time to come, through My Apostles and the Mystics of the Church, these Mysteries will be revealed to the Church. The Tabernacle that I have brought down to these Holy Grounds has a meaning of great proportion for the future. It has something to do with unity between Our children and the Church. The victory of My Immaculate Heart is near – the triumph over evil and over Lucifer and the fallen angels.”

“Soon My beloved Russia will be Consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, as I requested some many decades ago to Holy Mother Church. This Consecration will bring forth My victory for the Church, and for the children of the Light, for then, there will be true unity amongst all My children of the Mystical Realm – a true understanding of God’s Plan for His Church upon Earth. But before this comes, many chastisements will fall upon My children – not chastisements of the world, but of the spiritual nature – especially of the intellect of Our children.”

“Think, My sweet children, of the great battle that Saint Michael had with Lucifer before he fell, and you will understand what I mean. This supernatural battle of the spirits and of the intellect will be yours. You will be tested for the sake of Truth and Faith. Trust in My Immaculate Heart that governs the hearts of Our children of the Light in humility and faith. It will be through the power of My Most Holy Rosary that will give you the light and the strength to understand the Plan and Will of God – each and every one of you – not only now, but also in time to come, for the Plan of the Eternal Father is perfect. And, remember well that Our children are imperfect and require Sanctifying Grace from the Holy Ghost – your God.”

“It is through the intercession of My Immaculate Heart that these Graces are obtained. Therefore, pray as one – with one heart, with one soul and one will. Be not afraid, dear children, for I Love you as your Heavenly Mother only can love you. I will not abandon you if you seek the Truth. I promise you: Ask and the Truth will be given to you and the Light from the Holy Ghost – your God and My God – will be given to you to understand the Will of the Eternal Father, for the salvation of souls and the Glorification of God in His Church upon Earth.”

“Pray for My Vicar in Rome; pray for the Cardinals, the Bishops and Priests, that they too, will be strengthened to fight for the Truth in Holy Mother Church, so the triumph of My Immaculate Heart will come swiftly.”

“My dear Mystics, Voice-boxes and Seers of the Church: Listen well to My Immaculate Heart. Remain united in My Heart. Do not divide, but be a light to the Church and to the world, that all may follow My Divine Son in truth and reap the reward that has been promised to all.”

“I Bless you, My sweet children and bring you many Graces from My Divine Son, Jesus: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady is now looking towards Rosetta and She has been looking at all the Seers, very carefully today, so I will remain silent now.