Message 446 – 3 September 1994



I have Blessed you with the Sword of Justice and Truth; St Michael is chosen to execute justice to the world – God allows chastisements to fall through war, natural disasters and change of weather patterns – Your earthly time is speeding up as you get closer to the Great Sign – We give you many Sacramentals, Blessings and Graces, far more than have been given in the 6,000 years of creation – Fight against the enemy with the Virtues and the Gift of the Holy Ghost – Your strength is the Holy Eucharist, your Purity, the Sacrament of Confession.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Barachiel has already come, as he usually does, to give me the ‘Sign’ and there’s much light coming into the Chapel in many different colours, like raindrops – and very thin slivers of light, also in many different colours, are filling the Chapel – coming from high above. For some time now, I have been watching a scene of the famous vision of Saint John Bosco, where he sees the flagship anchored to two pillars – one large and one smaller. Saint Michael was standing next to the two pillars, taller than the ship and the pillars. Jesus is standing on the large pillar and Our Lady is standing on the smaller one. The ship is tossing very severely in heavy waters. There are a lot of little ships around the big vessel and all are fighting. There are many which are trying to latch onto to the large ship which is anchored to the pillars. Saint Michael has his sword, which he places between the two pillars, and this forms a cross.

The White Cross in the sky is very bright and shoots a Light towards the sword. It seems to calm the waters. The two pillars have grown even taller and now hold the ship firmly. I can see the Vicar of Christ standing at the helm and the Twelve New Apostles are on the ship, as are many of the Disciples. There are many whom I do not know yet – with many other souls whom I do not recognize.

A beautiful rainbow appears behind the White Cross and it too, is very large. At each end of the rainbow – at the bottom – there is an Angel who is very tall. Each holds a banner, with ‘Alpha’ on one, and on the other ‘Omega’. They are beautiful Angels and each have a star on the forehead. There is another Angel at the top of the rainbow. He holds the banner which says: ‘ALLELUIA’. I can now see a Church, like Saint Peter’s, coming down from Heaven. It looks very similar to what Saint Peter’s looks like now. It is made of gold and is very much aglow – very bright – and descends over the ship. I do not know how, but it does. It seems to fit on the ship and also within it. It is like a Church in a ship.

Now both Jesus and Mary leave the two marble – they look like marble – pillars coming out of the sea and they float towards the Chapel. Many of the souls who were on the ship are now following them. On the two pillars I can see on the one with Our Lord on it – Saint Charbel and on the other Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, wearing the respective habits of the two ‘Orders’. They now move away from the pillars and follow in the Procession, with those who came from the ship. The ship is still behind Jesus and Mary. The vision hasn’t changed. They are coming forward, into the Chapel. The Apostles and all the people who were on the ship, are now standing behind Our Lord and Our Lady. Jesus is dressed as a King and He has on His burgundy-coloured-velvet cape. Our Blessed Mother is dressed as Queen and She has on a beautiful white dress and a cape, which looks like velvet. It is a very long one, and so is Our Lord’s.

Our Blessed Mother has Tears slowly rolling down Her Cheeks, as does Our Lord. He holds a scepter is His Hand and so does Our Lady. Both have a ball on top and a cross upon them. I can see inscribed in the scepter that Our Lord is holding, the “Saint Charbel Order”. Our Lady is holding the “Order of the Immaculate Heart” and the “Saint Maria Louis de Montfort Order”, of Father Blais. Jesus and Mary are smiling slightly, just looking at all of the people here; looking very deeply into their souls. There are many Angels here with the Holy Souls, whom I can see. Many, many, Angels have accompanied them. The ship is still at the back of the vision. It hasn’t changed, nor has the White Cross.

Saint Michael is no longer standing over everything; he has now entered the Chapel and is about ten foot tall this time. It is not often that I see him so small. He is a very beautiful, but manly, Angel and he has on the armour plate in which I often see him. The Face of Our Lord on the chest plate, which is very brilliant. He has left the sword in the sea, but he carries with him another one and he now hands this to Jesus, Who kisses the handle of the sword which looks like a cross. He now comes forward, standing about two metres from the Tabernacle – at Tabernacle height – just before us. Our Lady stands behind Our Lord to the right side, near the Tabernacle. Jesus now makes the Sign of the Cross with His Sword:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved ‘Rock’ – ‘Rock’ of the Immaculate Heart of My Most Holy Mother and ‘Rock’ of My Sacred Heart, My ‘Little Peter’: I greet you and you, My dear son, ‘Little Bartholomew’, all my sweet children gathered here this evening and those far away. I greet you from My Most Sacred Heart and the Pure Heart of My Most Holy Mother.”

“Today, I have Blessed you with the Sword of Justice and Truth, for Saint Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, is the one chosen by My Father to execute justice to the world. He leads the Armies of Heaven and of Earth to fight against the injustices of the world. It is for this reason that I have Blessed you with this sword to strengthen you, My children, against all injustice that has been placed upon you. My Father in Heaven has already Decreed that justice will be meted out to the perpetrators and to the world, because mankind still does not wish to listen to what We, of Heaven, have to say to them! I have offered you My Precious Blood, My Holy Sacrifice of My Life and My Death and Resurrection. I have offered you the Sufferings of My Most Holy Mother; the Sufferings of the Martyrs and the Great Saints in Heaven and on Earth. I have offered you the suffering of My Church – My ‘Mystical Body’ – and still My children refuse to listen!!”

“Already now – throughout the world, My children – you see the Hand of God at work, as He allows the chastisements to fall – through war; through natural disasters; through change of weather patterns throughout the world – but these are only the beginning, My dear children. These sufferings will increase until My children who are far away from Me – through their pride – bend their knee to their God and REPENT of their sinful ways. Needless to say, My sweet children, that time is very, very, short! Your Earthly time now is speeding up, My sweet children! I am sure that many of you have noticed this and, as you get closer to the time of the Great Sign that I will give to mankind, time will also move more swiftly to shorten the time of the tribulation for Our children. I realize, My sweet children of the Light, that you are being frustrated through the many difficulties that My Father is allowing is your lives and situations. But remain at peace, for all is permitted for your purification, to give you strength and to prepare you for the time when you must face the power of the Antichrist, who will come after the Great Sign has been given to the world.”

“Many changes are coming, My sweet children – changes in your lives. Some will be necessary changes forced upon you by My Father, because many of you do not wish to change – but now you must change, My dear children!! Your lifestyles must change to prepare you for the end-times. Much will be asked by Our children of the Light, especially in Our communities that are being formed through My Pure and Holy Mother throughout the world. Sacrifice and penance and atonement is asked of all because, My sweet children, you will have the gift and the Grace from My Father in Heaven to live in the New Era. Therefore, persevere and do as We ask! Be patient, My sweet children, with the Plan of the Eternal Father. Be assured that My Father in Heaven is well aware of all of your needs – not only those of the spirit, but even those of the flesh and materialism.”

“Remember, dear children, the war that you are in now is a spiritual war – not only between spirit and spirit but, rather, between flesh and spirit. It will be through your ‘littleness’, that you and I and My Most Holy Mother will triumph over Lucifer, and this will be a great triumph, My sweet children. Because, in your ‘littleness’ and weakness of the flesh, you will overcome the powerful being in the spiritual world of the dark side! It is for this reason We speak to you often now, to strengthen you. We give you many Sacramentals, many Blessings and many Graces – far more than have been given in the six thousand years of Creation, for We have chosen the best soldiers for last – the battle of “Armageddon” – the final battle between good and evil.”

“Everything at this time seems to look as if it was lost, but it is not, My sweet children. Evil now is being triumphant throughout the world. They believe that they have won! Lucifer and his cohorts are raging throughout the world – plunging many of Our children into darkness and confusion – even Our children of the Light, because he is dividing Our good children with rumours – with false accusations; misunderstandings; misinterpretation; jealousy; envy! These are all tools of the evil one, but he is using this to weaken Our elect.”

“Read the Words of Saint Paul, My sweet children and the Acts of the Apostles, too and you will see how you must fight against the enemy with the Virtues and Gifts of the Holy Ghost, Our Spirit. The Sacramentals are given to you as an armour and strength, so wear them, My sweet children. Pray upon them! Use Holy Water more frequently in your daily lives, in your food, in your drink, in your sleep – to ward off the power of the evil one!”

“You, My sweet children – who follow My Most Holy Mother throughout the world – are predestined and chosen by My Father in Heaven to be ‘light’ bearers; to be soldiers of the Son of God; to be soldiers of My Most Holy Mother. She is the Commander-in-Chief, and Saint Michael is the General. So – go forward, My army of Truth, and fight the good fight to the very end. Your sword is the Sword of Truth, which is the Most Holy Rosary. Your strength is the Holy Eucharist – My Body, My Blood and Divinity; your purity is the Sacrament of Confession. If you hold these gifts dear to your heart, you cannot stray, My sweet children. You may become confused, or be misunderstood – or you, yourselves, may misunderstand. However, that is the path of Truth. Hold on to the Vicar of Christ, My Vicar – John Paul II for now, and Peter II for later and you will not go wrong, My sweet children.”

“Keep your eyes open, for I have told you many changes will come – not only in your personal lives, but also changes in the world; in the economy of the many countries of the Earth. Even in this nation, Australia, many, many, changes will come and most of them will not be good! Many changes will also come in My House upon Earth and these changes will divide My House – therefore, follow the Vicar of Christ, your Shepherd! Do not give ear to rumours that will spread about My Holy Vicar – that he is ill; that he cannot remain as the Vicar of Christ upon the Throne of Peter. It is true – he is ill; he suffers much. However, he is strengthened by My Most Holy Mother, and he will remain there until his ‘martyrdom’. Many will say that he is to retire! But believe this not, My sweet children, for many in Rome and throughout the world seek to remove Our Vicar and place [someone else] upon the Throne of Peter, but when this comes, the one to reign will be the Anti-pope!!”

“There is much that you must learn, My sweet children, for these are difficult times – especially for the children of the Light – for much confusion reigns in the Church and in the ‘Mystic’ Church and throughout the world. Turn to Me, for I am Meek and Humble of Heart and be not afraid, for I will not mislead you, My sweet children, nor will My Most Holy Mother, for We Love you and desire your salvation and peace, even while on this Earth.”

“The chastisement upon this nation, Australia, will continue!! Many fires will come and then, much water. The crops will fail! The food will cost much, My sweet children! It was for this reason that My Most Holy Mother told you to store your food. Even in this rich nation hunger will come and in many other parts of the world – for the Wrath of My Father in Heaven is descending upon the Earth; My ‘Second Coming’ is near. Watch, pray and wait, My ‘little’ souls!”

“I offer you My Most Sacred Heart this evening – [and] even the Tears, for these Tears are for My children, the Elect, who are suffering much with division. Be humble and there will not be division! Be obedient to truth and listen to My Word! Be faithful to My Word, dear children of the Light! I Bless you all now from My Most Sacred Heart, through the Pure and Immaculate Heart of My Most Holy Mother.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Heart of Our Holy Mother now is coming from Her Chest and is moving over to Our Lord’s Most Pure Heart. From the two Hearts I can see the Holy Spirit, in the form of a Dove, coming out. Our Lord lifts up the two Hearts with the Holy Ghost.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now glides back towards the Tabernacle and stands above it. Saint Michael, who is to the right of Our Lord (near the Statue of Our Lady of the Ark) kneels down. The Blessed Mother comes forward. She is on a beautiful white and golden cloud. I have just noticed this now. I was looking so intensely at Our Lord that I didn’t bother looking where they were standing. Our Lady comes forward and is standing just where the seat is – standing on top of it – not very far from the cushion. She has Tears in Her Eyes, but only very slightly. She is smiling, while looking very deeply into all of our hearts. Our Lord still stands by the Tabernacle; He hasn’t moved. The Heart of Our Lady has returned to Her and the Holy Ghost is hovering between Our Lord and Our Lady – but very high, near the ceiling. Many rays of Light are coming all over us.

Our Lady takes-up her Rosary and kisses Jesus, on the Crucifix:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My sweet ‘Rock’ of salvation; My sweet Apostles of the end times, all My sweet children gathered here before Me and My Divine Son, and My precious children throughout the world: I greet you today, with My Divine Son. Jesus has asked me to speak to you because My Divine Son Loves you.”

“I know that some of you are even weary of listening to Our Words, for some of you ask: How much longer will it take before all is accomplished in the Will and Plan of the Eternal Father? My sweet children, listen very carefully. Do you not believe that the Eternal Father, Who Created Heaven and Earth, Who Created you and me and all that you see, hear and feel, would not know what is best for His children? He can see deep in your hearts and knows well, all that will come in these few years that you still have left on this Earth. God – Who Created all. Do you not think He would know how much time you have – of all that you need in body and soul? You know the answer, My sweet children.”

“I well understand your inquiring hearts – that you are anxious and tired; that you are overburdened with many sorrows and difficulties and pains and sufferings. You are the chosen ones, My sweet children. It is for this reason that you have those trials; those crosses and those sufferings of body and soul – and in your lives. When you carry the cross, My sweet children, this is a sign to you and to Heaven that you are one with Jesus and I, your Heavenly Mother. You make your own crosses, My sweet children, through disobedience to the Will of God, through impatience, lack of tolerance and through the weakness of your wills, the weakness of the flesh and the temptations given to you by the evil one. But, rather, come before My Divine Son, while He still remains in the Tabernacles of your Churches throughout the world. Remain docile and be at peace, for know that, when you carry the cross with My Divine Son and I, We are one in heart and soul and in mind.”

“These crosses that the Eternal Father has fashioned-out for you are for your salvation, redemption, purification and reparation for sin committed against God. And, when you carry your cross well, not only do you gain merit before God, My sweet children, you gain many, many, many, Graces – not only for yourselves, but for your families, for your loved ones – even for your enemy.”

“You have been placed upon Earth, My sweet children, to be ‘lights’ for God! You are living in precious times. Many of the Saints before you longed to live in these days, My sweet children. Be grateful to God that He Created you for this time; that He chose you out of billions, and billions, and billions of souls, over six thousand years! Think of it, My sweet children: What a great privilege you have to live in these times when soon, My Divine Son will come in Great Glory, Power and Majesty to lead you all into the Promised Land. What a triumph and victory that will be, My sweet children! Only a few more years and then all suffering will go away and [there will be] no more tears. Only joy and peace will flood your souls, forever! Think well on this, My sweet children. Think of eternity – what that means! Peace forever. I send to you now the peace that comes in the Spirit of Life, God the Eternal One.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Holy Ghost passes through Jesus, then through Mary. Now the Holy Ghost, as the Dove, is formed into a Flame on the Altar before Jesus – a very large Flame. It is swirling like a great fiery storm – yet it is very gentle. Now this Flame is passing through all of us with fire and with peace.

OUR LADY: “This, My sweet son and dear children, is the Peace of God. This Peace I give to you to remain with you during the times of your trials, for the trials are coming soon upon many of Our children – the Elect. The Peace of God the Holy Ghost will remain in your hearts if you seek this Peace, My sweet children.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The whole Chapel is now on fire – tremendous fire. It is very warm and beautiful. Our Blessed Mother moves over towards Our Lord and kisses the Heart of Jesus. Both Jesus and Mary make the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD AND OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LADY: “I Love you, My sweet children and once again offer you My Immaculate Heart. Remain firm in all that you believe of the Truth. Do not be swayed and tempted with doubt, for be assured that I am with you. I kiss you all from My Immaculate Heart and ask that you now continue with your prayers, for My Divine Son and I will take these prayers, in the Power of the Holy Ghost, to the Eternal Father this evening, so many more Graces will be showered upon Our children throughout the world. I Bless you all: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus goes towards the White Cross. The ships and the pillars have all gone. The Angels remain and so does Our Lady, because She will speak to me privately and Bless all the articles here. Our Lady comes closer again. This time she is near the railing and has come a lot closer. Our Lady opens up Her mantle and inside I can see little hearts. I have seen this a few times – it is very pretty. They are the little hearts of different souls. Our Lady says to continue with the prayers.”

(The prayers continued. During the prayers Father was asked to bless the people with the Monstrance. He also blessed the people with the Staff.)

I will now explain to you what transpired when I placed the Monstrance before Our Lady. Our Lady took it and placed it in her Body and Soul. Then the Power of the Holy Ghost went into the Monstrance, and there is now a flame of God’s Power inside. That is when I asked Father Broussard to bless you with the presence of the Holy Ghost. Then, when the Staff was lifted up, there were many lightning bolts going into it. It is the Staff of the Wrath of God. Our Lord and Our Lady asked it to be made for James. It will be the weapon of the Wrath of God, as you will experience in time to come. Saint Michael placed his Sword in the centre of it and much Light formed around the Staff and penetrated it. When Father Broussard blessed us, great lightning bolts came out of the Staff – shooting in all directions and also, Fire of Love. Great Power came out of the Staff which you, yourselves, cannot see yet, but will in the not too distant future.

Our Lady is smiling and has Blessed all the articles and kissed all the Statues, with many Blessings and Graces being attached to them. She nods, and asks that ‘Little Bartholomew’ give us his blessing through the Priesthood. (Father Broussard gives the Blessing…)

Our Lady takes Her Rosary once again with the Crucifix on it and Blesses us:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“This evening, My sweet children – within the next few moments – Purgatory will be opened and My ‘Little Pebble’ will see the many souls that are in Purgatory. They will be brought to the Altar here in the Sanctuary. They will be praying with you, asking for your prayers also, to be released to enter with Me into the Kingdom of Our Father in Heaven. Many of these souls will be released tonight and some of you, My sweet children, will experience their presence this evening. Some will be from the lineage of your lives, families and loved ones. This is a Grace the Eternal Father is giving tonight and this same Grace has been offered to all of the Houses of Prayer of Saint Charbel throughout the world and in My Communities and Holy Places throughout the Earth. I Bless you all, My sweet children and all the children who are in Purgatory and Limbo.”

“I will return before the prayers are ended this evening to take My sweet children to Heaven: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” (The prayers continued…)

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother is here again, as She had promised and all this time the Holy Souls have been in this Chapel and it was only a few moments after Our Lady left, that the whole bottom of the Chapel disappeared and Purgatory was opened. All the time – this last half hour or so, or longer – Purgatory has been visible and I have been explaining to Father how the flames have been leaping, even between us, as we sit here – between our legs – and that the Holy Souls are kneeling next to us, and also next to all the people and many, many, souls were around the Altar. The flames were right throughout the Chapel – in every part – because Purgatory was very close to the Chapel and only the Tabernacle glowed very brightly. But Our Blessed Mother is standing above the Tabernacle now, as ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel’ and She holds the Brown Scapular in Her right Hand. Our Lady also has the Baby Jesus with Her, Who also holds the Scapular and Saint Michael is to the right of Our Holy Mother and there are, literally, thousands of souls waiting at the Tabernacle. They have all been purified, and made white, by the prayers. I watched as the souls – which were glowing like coal – burning coal, red and orange – were purified.

Our Lady now has Her mantle open, because, within Her Scapular – it’s a very large Scapular that She wears – the souls are, sort of, hanging on – as though to tag along. Our Lady is smiling and so is the Baby Jesus. Jesus now leaves Our Lady’s Arms and the Souls in Purgatory, whom I still can see underneath us are all coming up now, because they are permitted to see Jesus and Mary at this point.

I can see the golden ladder of Jacob now entering into the Chapel from the Tabernacle – right up into the sky. There are many Angels moving up and down all the time on this big ladder. Many people believe that Saint Peter greets souls as they enter into Heaven – this is not correct. It is the Guardian Angel, Saint Michael and Our Lady, who deliver the souls out of Purgatory.

Our Lady smiles now. The Infant Jesus – who is about two years old – is floating right through the Chapel. Even behind me I can see him, without turning and He is Blessing all the people, including all of us and the Holy Souls who are now following Him like little sheep. They are following Him now, coming close to Our Holy Mother.

Jesus is now back in the left Arm of Our Holy Mother, and both Jesus and Mary Bless all of us:

OUR LADY AND OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LADY: “I thank you, My sweet children, for your prayers for these dear souls. Today, you have released – only you here in the Community of My Immaculate Heart, the Community of Gethsemane – you have released 875,000 souls, and I will take them now with me, and they will pray for you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is a big White Cross behind Our Blessed Mother, inside the wall of the Chapel. Our Lady now kisses us all again – She blows a kiss – and so does the Baby Jesus. All the Souls are now following Our Lady into the Cross. I can see beyond the Cross – inside the Cross, where it goes into the ladder and now they are all following Our Lady with jubilation. The souls are all in pure white, with many Angels and they are singing as they go towards Heaven. Saint Barachiel is still there. We can now finish off with the last prayers.