Message 449 – 13 September 1994



The symbol of the Cross-bearers relates to the Order that will be formed to defend the Vicar of Christ – Much has been revealed to prepare you for the Second Coming – The Road to Heaven is very narrow and very steep – You must stand for the Truth of God’s Word – Pray for the unity of the Seers for they all carry heavy crosses – The Grace that Our Lady has promised to all is the Grace of Perseverance – There will be Four New Evangelists who will go throughout the Church.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Barachiel, with many of the Angels, is in the Chapel and Saint Michael is standing over the Chapel, with his Sword thrust down through the Altar. Brilliant Lights are coming from it and looks very much like a cross. Saint Barachiel holds a White Cross, as he always does. A beautiful brilliantly White Cross is coming out of the sky; the base of it touches the Holy Grounds, casting very much Light over the whole property. Many Angels surround the Cross, the Chapel and the Holy Grounds. A very bright Light comes out of the Tabernacle.

Through an opening in the Cross, high in the sky, a brilliant Light shoots down towards us, like a path. Many Angels form what looks like a guard-of-honour along this path, on both sides. The Light enters the Tabernacle in the Chapel. I can see Our Blessed Mother as She comes along the Light through the Cross in the sky descending – floating, towards us. I can see that Father Jerzy Popieluszko and Saint John Bosco are with Our Blessed Mother, to the left of Her. I can also see Padre Pió and Father Gino – they are all to the left side of Our Holy Mother. She enters the Chapel with these Holy Men. Also coming through the Light are very many Angels and Saint Joseph has come to the right of Our Holy Mother. It is not often that he comes. Also here are Saint Benedict, Saint Anthony of Padua and Saint John Vianney. I do not know the reason why they are here. All of them are wearing (including Saint Joseph) a habit, with a White Cross upon the Scapular that they are wearing. It is not the Saint Charbel Habit. Our Lady mentioned to me that they are to do with the Cross-bearers – the ‘Order of the Cross-bearers of La-Salette’.

Our Lady is dressed in very pure, pure, white and She has on a very light-blue cloak over Her tunic, or dress. She has on a Crown of roses and, in between them, are white lilies – the ‘Lilies of Saint Joseph’. They are much smaller than the other ones. There are twelve lilies on Her Head in this Crown and among them are roses – twelve roses – and there is a little cap of other flowers, which are very small. I do not know what type of flowers, but there is a mixture. The Angel has said that there are seventy-two. The Crown is very beautiful. In the right Hand of Our Blessed Mother is held a fifteen-decade Rosary, with blue stones. They are very beautiful. The Crucifix is gold and the Figure of Our Lord looks to be alive. Every time I see the Crucifix of Our Lord being held by Our Lady It always looks alive. She holds the Rosary in front of Her. The eight Holy Men take part of the Rosary. It is stretched right across them and forms a cylinder of Light. I do not understand, but it is a Light in the form of a huge cylinder that goes up towards Heaven. I can see water in it, and yet I can see through it. It comes into the Chapel and Our Lady steps into it. The eight Holy Men make a circle around the cylinder.

I can now see the Holy Ghost, as the Dove. He, also, is in the cylinder. It is quite transparent so I can see this clearly – just above Our Lady’s Head. Out of it there comes a tremendous amount of Light, which are Graces, I believe. I do not know for sure what it is. The Rosary has also formed around the cylinder, and is still held by the Holy Men (the Saints).

Now the cylinder has gone. Our Lady moves back to where the Crucifix is on the wall, just above the Tabernacle. The Holy Men have also moved back. Our Lady takes-up the Crucifix and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved ‘Rock’ – ‘Rock’ of My Immaculate Heart, My dear Apostles and Disciples of Holy Mother Church, My sweet children of the Prophetic Church throughout the world and all My dear children here present and throughout the world: I greet you today with My Immaculate Heart. I greet you also, through the Pure Heart of My Spouse, Saint Joseph.”

“What you have seen, My dear child, has a Prophetic meaning in reference to the ‘Mystic Church’ upon Earth, through the unity that Heaven seeks between Our Seers – just as there is unity in Heaven between the Saints and the Angels, because they work as one under the Divine Head of the Triune God.”

”The symbol of the ‘Cross-bearers’ is to do with the Order that will be formed to defend the Vicar of Christ and to defend the Truth of the Words that My Divine Son and I have given throughout the world, through many centuries now. We will explain these things to you, My dear child, in time to come. Many Angels have now been sent to the world to protect Our children of the light, for the time of tribulation is now upon you. The world, as you see it and know it, goes further into darkness and away from Divine Truths.”

“Much has been revealed to you, My sweet children, over these years to prepare you for the ‘Second Coming’ of My Divine Son. For, as Jesus came into the world through My Immaculate Heart, so will Jesus return to the world through My Immaculate Heart, for the triumph of Holy Mother Church is in My Hands. It is for this reason that now I am building the army of Truth throughout the world, because many of My sons and daughters in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth are in darkness, for they have allowed the evil one to be entrenched in the House of God through their weakness; through their lethargy and through their sins.”

“My children must take up My beads of Love to combat the evil one, so he will be cast-out from within the Church – the Bosom of God’s House upon Earth. It is only through prayers, My sweet children – through sacrifices and reparations – that error will leave the Church and that Truth will prevail, for those who are now in darkness may receive the Light to understand the Divine Plan of God and His Wisdom. Remember well, My sweet children, how many times I have come to Earth to beg Our children to pray My Most Holy Rosary. My requests have fallen, in general, on deafened ears and closed hearts, for many do not believe that I come to the Earth as a Mother caring for Her children. For this reason, the Eternal Father – My Father and yours – is angry! The Wrath of God will be felt by all of Our children, but the children of the Light will be protected, through their faith. However, much will be seen and witnessed – not only by those children who are in darkness – but even by those children who are of the Light.”

“Time is very short for mankind – this I have told you for many years. I cry many Tears for Our children because they do not listen. What more can your Mother say, My sweet children, but to ask you to consider your life as you lead it now; to consider what eternity is for you – its real meaning; to consider how God, even now, suffers for His children – because My Divine Son continues to be Crucified by His very own! This has not changed from the time of Calvary to this very day! However, do not be discouraged, My sweet children, for victory is with God and the Triune God will Triumph over all that is evil and sinful and, one day, mankind will realize what they have done to the Crucified One!”

“I say to you, My sweet children: take up your cross and follow My Divine Son, Jesus. Be not afraid; have faith and trust in the Love and Mercy of your God. The road to Heaven is very narrow and very steep, but with the Help and Intercession of My Immaculate Heart and those of the Saints and the Angels, no-one needs to be lost, for My Divine Son Died for all, even though all will not be saved! Therefore, walk on the Path of Light, My dear children. Receive the Sacraments often, to strengthen you and pray, unceasingly, so the Divine Light of God will enter your hearts and strengthen you. Live the Beatitudes, My sweet children – the Virtues of God – in your hearts, and practice your faith with love, for the reward is great and plentiful, for those who sacrifice all for their God. Pray for Our Holy Vicar, John Paul II, dear children. Let your daily prayers be offered for him, for he walks the path of Calvary for the Universal Church.”

“I Love you, My sweet little children, for I am your Heavenly Mother who seeks only the welfare and good of Her children. Listen to the Handmaiden of the Lord and say with Me: “Be it done, according to Thy Word”. Today I Will to you a very special Grace from the Triune God for, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you. I Love you, sweet children, and give you the Perfume of Divine Love from the Triune God: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother now moves over a little bit to the left of Saint Charbel’s picture, which is showing a lot of Light that comes from Her Immaculate Heart. I am not sure, but She may desire to speak to the ‘Little Grain’.

(Message now given to the ‘Little Grain’.)

OUR LADY: “My dear daughter, My dear child; My beloved ‘Rock’ and My ‘Little Bartholomew’ – and all My children here present and throughout the world: Remember, My children, what I have said to My Beloved ‘Rock of Love’. Be strong in your faith, My children, for you will all be tested, and are being tested, daily! You must stand, My children, for the Truth – the Truth of God’s Word! You must all become this army – the ‘Army of Truth’ that I have spoken of. You must realize what is happening in My Divine Son’s Church here on this Earth. Can you not see, My beloved children, what is happening?: Dancing in front of My Beloved Son, when they should be kneeling in prayer; kissing and hugging each other before Communion!! Is this right? My Beloved Son is here present in the Tabernacle and He should be honoured, for you must go the Churches to receive Him! “

“Through My Immaculate Heart, many Graces have been given to all of you here today, but, My children, you must pray and pray from your heart, for lip-service is not very good. It means nothing, and it would have been better that you had not prayed at all. I have spoken of this so many times to Our beloved ‘Rock’ and through many Seers throughout the world, but they are rejected, as the Hierarchy rejects My Beloved Son. You must pray for the unity of the Seers throughout the world for they need your prayers and strength, My children. They cannot do it alone for they all carry a heavy cross. You all carry crosses, My children, yes! – but theirs are a greater responsibility and they need your help. They are human too, my children. If you seek fault, you always find fault – but always seek for the good, and pray. Overcome all with kindness and love, for My Son is a Merciful Son, as the Father in Heaven is, too. You all know this, My children!”

“We come with Our Arms outstretched, daily, to all of you, to bring you closer to Our Hearts. Many reject Our Call and so I weep tender Tears of Love for all of you and I plead, daily, around the world. O, what more can We do for you, My children, than We have not done already? Carry your crosses, as I have told you; carry them with love and it will become easier for you to carry them. Give them all to Our Hearts and We will make the burden light. My Divine Son has told you this and My beloved ‘Rock’ has spoken of this so many times. Open your hearts to Us, My children throughout the world. You are so precious to Our Hearts – so precious.”

“I Love you all, My children – I Love you all. As I have told My ‘Little Grain’: All of you have a rose placed in your hearts, so that when the road becomes hard – the rose – remember it; it will help you. Remember it with joy and with love and remember that it comes from My Heart. I Bless you all once again with the Power of the Triune God: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother is now standing over the Tabernacle again. The Holy Saints have given the Rosary back to Her, in full. They are carrying small, wooden, crosses – not Crucifixes, but crosses – which are about eighteen inches long. I do not know the reason for this. Lilies come out of Saint Joseph’s Cross – growing out of the Cross. The other souls who were mentioned have different types of flowers coming out of their crosses.

Now, behind Our Lady, I can see the Twelve Apostles of Old and also, the Twelve New Apostles before them. I can see the Hierarchy of the Church in the future behind the Apostles – slowly growing with the Disciples and the new House of David – being formed very clearly. I can see the New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven. Our Lady is smiling. There are many, many more Saints, who have joined the other Saints here. They are all wearing the same Habit – a black one, and looks very similar to the Saint Charbel Habit with its white cross.

Many of the Angels have now come much closer and hold little baskets woven with golden threads. In the baskets are many kinds of flowers. They are now being distributed to different places, homes and communities.

I do not know the Grace that Our Lady has promised to all. Our Lady has just told me: “The Grace of Perseverance”.

Our Lady now gives us a final Blessing, as She wishes to talk to me privately:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady also mentioned just now that there will be Four New Evangelists, who will go throughout the Church – like Saint Matthew, Saint John, Saint Mark and Saint Luke. They will have a special Mission from Our Lady and Jesus.

Our Lady says to continue with the Rosary. (The Rosary is continued.)

Our Lady explained to me that the Rosaries on the table here received a special Grace from God: for perseverance. The big Statue that I have here before me is ‘Our Lady of Pure Love and Divine Maternity’ – and Our Lady stepped into it. She said many Miracles will occur from this.

Our Lady now nods to ‘Little Bartholomew’ to Bless the people. (Father now Blesses the people.)

Our Lady has given me, from Her Immaculate Heart, a ring which has three stones in it: one is a diamond – but another is green and last is red. This is all that I can tell you now. She takes-up the Crucifix of the Rosary once again and Kisses Jesus. All of the Holy Saints next to Our Lady also have a Rosary. They, too, Kiss Jesus and make the Sign of the Cross: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Upon Our Lady’s Chest I see Her Immaculate Heart; to the right and left are two stars, in which there is a face. She is smiling still, as She places Her two Hands next to them. I can see that out of Her Hands – joining with the stars – beautiful flowers are growing. I do not know the meaning of this, other than they are Graces. Now Our Lady looks at us as She moves backwards, not turning away, just moving backwards, slowly, with the Saints and the Angels, into the beautiful Light. It just opens up and is really extraordinary. One day you will all see it. The Light is much brighter than the sun – very bright.

Our Lady goes towards the Cross in the sky. Saint Michael is about one hundred stories high; very tall as he stands and guards the Queen of Heaven and the Angels. He is really the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts and the Protector of Heaven. There is no doubt about it, he is really remarkable. Our Lady now goes back towards Heaven. Angels are singing the Hymn ‘Salve Regina’ as She goes towards the entrance to the Cross in the sky. We will sing, too, with the Angels as She leaves us. (Hymn – ‘Salve Regina’ is now sung.)

We will now sing the Hymn of ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ for Our Holy Father, to strengthen him, especially in the coming month when he will be travelling to the United States to deliver a message to the United Nations. We will pray for him. (Hymn – ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ was sung…)