Message 452 – 5 November 1994



The two Staffs before me are a sign to the Church and the world of the Kingdom that is coming upon mankind – The world is now flooded with many Graces and many Revelations to awaken mankind – Chastisements are falling very rapidly; must I send Exterminatus upon you before you wake up? – The devil is cunning, very clever and wise; even though he is a Fallen Angel he lost few of his powers.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is a valley in which there are quite a few small hills covered with various flowers and on one of the hills is the White Cross which is very large and reaches right into the Heavens. From the Chapel, going towards this valley, are thousands of acres of flowers; between the Chapel and the hill there is a path of beautiful roses – bushes of roses of many different colours. The hillsides are covered with areas of different types of flowers – of various sizes and colours. I can see that in the middle of each of these large areas is a tree which grows, suddenly – right now!! They are really beautiful trees, but are nothing like the ones that we see on Earth.

They remind me of the ‘Tree of Life; of Knowledge’ – the one that Adam and Eve were permitted to look at, but were not allowed to touch, nor eat the fruit from it. In each paddock one of these trees stands – but each tree is different in colour and size, and has different fruits upon it. There are many roses leading up to the White Cross and around it are pure lilies; some of them are growing up the White Cross, which is huge and brilliant.

Saint Michael stands to the left of the Cross and he is extremely large. He threw a large sword towards the Chapel which landed inside the Altar, handle upwards and brought forth great Light. A rainbow has appeared above the White Cross and there are many Angels both standing on it and forming a semi-circle around it. Higher up in the sky I can see stars which are making movements and symbols in the sky, symbols of the Passion of Our Lord – like the nail and the hammer. The White Cross is now opening up, where the beams cross and there is pure, brilliant, white Light shooting out from the Cross, towards the Chapel. Where the roses form the path the white Light seems to have sunk into the Earth – forming a beautiful path of Light and even the flowers are becoming very brilliant in their different colours. I am looking at one of the roses which has caught my attention with its unusual colour. The Angel says that it is ‘etmanite’. It must be known only in Heaven, for it is not a colour that I have seen on Earth.

At the centre beam of the Cross I can now see Jesus and Mary, coming on the Light – gliding down from the White Cross. Following Them through it are many, many, Angels and Saints. Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother are holding, in between Them, a small child, who is sitting in their left and right Arm. I do not know anything about this child, other than it is a little girl. Both Jesus and Mary come very close and are now in the Chapel with the Angels and Saints forming a semi-circle around Them. The little girl has a golden crown upon her head; in the centre of it is a pure-white stone. On the garb that she wears – a yellow tunic – is an inscription of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart. Jesus and Mary Kiss the child and she disappears! Our Lady says: “You will understand later”.

Jesus and Mary Each have on a Crown made of flowers – different types of flowers; some are roses, some lilies and others are daisies; many other different flowers are entwined, forming beautiful Crowns. The Angels and the Saints also have these beautiful Crowns. I recognize many of the Saints behind Jesus and Mary, Who are smiling and They each hold a Rosary: Jesus, a red one, and Our Lady a blue one. Jesus is dressed in His burgundy outfit; Our Lady is dressed in pure white, with a royal blue mantilla, with a blue sash around Her waist. Our Lord also wears a sash, but it is gold.

Our Lady says to bring the Staffs. (The staffs are brought to the ‘Little Pebble’ by James). James: give me my Staff please and come and kneel to my right. (James Duffy kneels to the right of the ‘Little Pebble’).

Jesus now comes forward with Our Blessed Mother. They are very close, and are smiling as They hold a beautiful Staff of Light. It is held in Our Lord’s right Hand and in Our Lady’s left. Jesus smiles again and leaves the Staff in the Hand of Our Lady so as to make the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved ‘Rock’, ‘Little Peter’ – My sweet ‘Pebble of Divine Love’, My sweet children here present and throughout the world: Today, I have come with the Court of Heaven and My Beloved Mother, Who is the Queen of All Hearts. I bring to the world many Graces, especially for perseverance in these times of the tribulation for Our children. Today, the world will receive a ‘spiritual sign’ and, after the Great Sign that I will give to mankind, this ‘spiritual sign’ will become visible to Our children.”

“The two staffs before Me are a sign to the Church and to the world of the Kingdom that is coming upon mankind: The Reign of Peace for Our undivided, Immaculate, Hearts – the Heart of your God and of your Holy Mother. One is the Staff of the Shepherd who will rule the new world and the old. Through this Staff mankind will be governed by power from on high because, like the staff of Aaron of old, so will this Staff be a light to Our children, for many signs and wonders will come from it to show the world the power of their God and His Divine Mercies. I Bless this Staff with Divine Power that comes from My Father and Our Spirit. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

The other Staff is also a Special Staff for the end-times: the Staff of Saint John – John the Baptizer. Through the power of this Staff the enemy will flee – all those of the under-world and even those of this world. I have placed My Sign upon this Staff, so all may know that I am God. I will strengthen you My son, James, to carry forth the Mission of protecting those whom I have desired to be protected. I Bless this Staff and I Bless you, My son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother now comes and places the Staff of Light (It is like a cylinder) in between the two Staffs and It engulfs them; there is tremendous Light that is like electricity. Our Lady now returns with Our Lord next to the Tabernacle. Jesus comes forward a little.

OUR LORD: ”My sweet children: It is difficult for you to understand the ways of God and the means that He uses to bring children back into His Bosom. It is not for Our children to understand the Ways of God, but rather, for Our children to be humble and accept the Will of God as it is given to mankind. So many times over these many, many, years I have told you all of the necessity to open your hearts; to place doubt aside and to trust. There are many changes coming upon the Earth and in your lives. My Mother and I are preparing you, My sweet children, for even greater changes that will come, where your lives will not be as they are today, but very similar to the time when I Walked the Earth – when My Apostles and Disciples and sweet children were taught about life to come in the ‘New Era’ of Christendom, remembering well that these children were taught the old law written down by Moses. The same applies now, My sweet children. As it was in My First Coming, so shall it be in My Second.”

“Faith is required by all, My sweet children; true faith; true obedience to My Word. It is for this reason that I once said [that you are] to be like little children, for the Kingdom of God is full of little children – little in heart, but great in heart, My sweet children. The world does not know Me, but I know My Own and My Own know Me. Come, follow Me! My Calling goes throughout the world in these last moments for mankind, as My Father in Heaven prepares to chastise His children; but these chastisements, My sweet children, will not be light, for many will perish and many, sadly, will lose eternal life; will have life eternal in the ‘fires’ prepared for the fallen Angels – for you are born for eternity, My sweet children, not merely for the short life on Earth, for life continues after death; and, as you have lived, so will you live in the time to come! If you seek the world, the flesh, and the devil – that is what you will receive at the end of your lives!! If you seek My Father in Heaven – then you will receive the reward.”

“Time is very precious, dear children. Count each day as a Blessing from My Father in Heaven, Who gives you the opportunity and time to give Glory to Him and to sanctify your souls. Life is not a game, My sweet children – life is very serious! Each moment of your lives is a moment of decision; a moment of merit or de-merit. You were not born to sin; you were born to become holy, for your bodies are ‘living temples’ of My Spirit – therefore, keep them clean! Wash yourselves, often, in My Precious Blood with the Sacrament of Penance. Strengthen your souls and your wills with My Body. Receive Me, often, in the Holy Eucharist offered to mankind. Pray the Rosary given to you by the Queen of Heaven – a most Precious Gift for mankind. Discard not those things of holiness, and read My Word, given to you by the Prophets; by My Church and by those whom I have chosen.”

“O, children of My Heart: How I Love you! I come to you often, to call you to salvation; to call you to follow in My Footsteps; to carry the cross that My Father has prepared for each and every one of you. Pray for My Vicar who is truly, the ‘sacrificial lamb’ for My Church upon Earth. Pray for your future Vicar, Our ‘Little Pebble of Love’, for he carries the same burden for the ‘Mystic’ Church on Earth. Listen well to My Words, dear children, for very soon the Words will cease and then, My sweet children, you will need to live, totally, on faith and hope! The world is now flooded with many Graces – with many Revelations – to awaken mankind and dead souls! The chastisements are falling, sweet children, very rapidly around the world and yet My children still claim these are natural. I tell you most solemnly, as your God; as your Creator and as your Judge: These signs will multiply rapidly, until My children will say: “Hosanna to the Highest – Jesus, the Son of the Living God”.

“Repent! – all those who are far away from Me. I am a Merciful God – patient and waiting. There is still time. How I long to have all of you come and sup with Me! How many invitations must I send out through My Messengers? The world is like a cesspool of sin – corrupt; Babylon! Must I send Exterminatus upon you, My sweet children, before you wake up? How much longer must I send My Most Holy Mother to you – Who weeps bitter tears – even of Blood? I can no longer bear to see Her Heart anguished, for She is the Mother of all children – both good and evil. I will wait a little longer and then will come the sword! Many more Seers I will raise, until the world is saturated with My Word. But, woe unto you, My sweet children, if you do not hearken to what is given to you! Prepare your way and be attentive to My Calling.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus takes His Most Sacred Heart and places It in front of Him – about a foot or so. Our Lady also takes Her Immaculate Heart and places It next to Our Lord’s. They seem to combine – yet They are two separate Hearts. The Holy Ghost emerges out of the Hearts, in the form of a ‘Dove’ and a blue Light forms around the two Hearts and the Holy Ghost. It is really beautiful. From the two Hearts and also from the Holy Ghost, there are steams of Light projecting towards us; tremendous Light. The Holy Spirit now comes over me and somehow comes into me! My soul is lifted up out of my body; has moved out of my body into both the Sacred and the Immaculate Hearts. I can see myself – my spirit – in front of Our Lord and Our Lady. Both Jesus and Mary place their Hands on my shoulder. I am dressed in white. The Staff of Light which Our Lord and Our Lady had before seems to be passing through me – but I do not understand this. I am also holding the Staff which I had before. I can see the Vicar of Christ, John Paul II, standing between Jesus and Mary. He places his two hands upon my head and says some words.

Now this has disappeared – the Holy Father has gone and so have I. Jesus is smiling and upon His Heart I can see a very large cut, or wound, which is dripping Blood, very slowly. There are Tears falling from His Eyes, also very slowly – Tears of Blood. Our Lady too, is Crying – but not Tears of Blood. Two Angels have gone to each side of Jesus and Mary and they place the Drops of Blood and Tears into the Chalices.

Our Blessed Mother comes forward very slowly, standing on a pinkish cloud, in which I can see little flowers sprouting, as if accelerated in their growing and blooming. She takes Her Rosary and the Crucifix, after first turning to Jesus to kiss His Most Sacred Heart. Our Lady then kisses the Crucifix and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My sweet Angel of Divine Love – My ‘Little Pebble’; My dear ‘Little Bartholomew’ and My sweet children here present and throughout the world: I greet you this evening, with My Divine Son and the many Angels and Saints, whom We have brought with Us today. These Angels and these Saints will be the Patrons and the Helpers to assist Our children on Earth to attain Holiness; to attain entry into the ‘New Era’ prepared for Our faithful children and to help many of you to enter Heaven in these few years to come. For many children will enter Heaven before the great chastisements come upon the world – even before the great sign – the Warning – which My Divine Son will send to the Earth!!”

“Prepare yourselves, dear children, for changes. I say this to you so these changes will not shock you, because they will be very drastic. For the world, as you see it today, will not be the same in the coming years, because the power of the Antichrist, the ‘Maitreya’, will have influenced many souls upon Earth and, through this, much suffering will be asked of Our children because they will be burdened and over-laden – just as the slaves of the Hebrews [were] in the time of Moses. My children do not truly understand when We say that the trials will be very heavy! I well understand, why, My sweet children!”

“It is for this reason that I come to the world so often, for you are all like very ‘little’ children who wander to and fro – not realizing what is coming upon you. I, as your Heavenly Mother, am trying to spare you, but My children do not listen to Me, so what else can I do as your Mother? So many are blind; so many do not realize until it is too late! History repeats itself so very often. How many times has the Mercy of God reached mankind to prepare them for great changes – for chastisements – enslavement and yet mankind continues as if nothing was said. It means sacrifice, dear children – giving up those things that you like most; it means removing ‘self’ out of your lives and saying with Me: “Thy Will be done, My Father; Thy Will be done”.

“It is for this reason that We gave you the many Saints as examples, for they forgot their own will and followed the Will of their God – they sacrificed all. And this is what you must do too, My sweet children. It is not merely just to take up your cross, but you must take up your cross and do it with love – unending love. I know, My sweet children, it is not easy. If it were easy, do you not think that I would tell you? If it were easy, My sweet children, no one would enter Heaven! It is for this reason that you are persecuted, despised and hated for the Namesake of My Divine Son, Jesus – for you are not of this world; you are born of God; you are born for God and to be with God for all time for all eternity. Think well on this Word. Many times I have told you this. You must meditate, My sweet children, meditate! Place the cares of the world aside and give yourselves time to meditate upon the Word of God.”

“I Love you, My sweet children and offer you Our Immaculate Hearts, as a refuge in the times of trial and sorrow. This, I cannot spare you, My sweet children, for you must be purified; you must be pure to enter the Kingdom prepared for those who love and serve God. It is painful, but it must be done! Therefore, offer up many sacrifices to lessen the pain. If only you would understand, My sweet children, how short time is for mankind. You think that you have much time – but, My children, think well on what I have told you for many, many, years – that the Second Coming of My Divine Son, the Messiah, is upon you. So use your time well; spend it for the Glory of Divine Son and the salvation of sinners – poor sinners throughout the world. Many of them will go to Hell, unless you pray and do sacrifice for them. Never hate any soul, My sweet children, no matter how evil they may be; pray for them; atone for their sins.”

“The Devil is very strong now. He is persecuting the children of the Light and using the children of darkness for his cause. Remember well, the Devil does not love you, sweet children. He entices you and offers you many gifts. He is cunning and very clever and wise. Remember that! Even though he is a fallen angel, he lost few of his powers, dear children. This is why he has the power to take many of the children to Hell, which he does every day! And both Jesus and Myself can only stand there and Weep. Therefore, We need your help! We cannot save the souls, dear children, unless you help us. The Wisdom of God you can never understand; it is incomprehens-ible, My sweet children. Therefore, think well on all that I have told you this evening.”

“Today, I am going to give to you a special Grace – placed upon your Rosary Beads and this Grace is extended to all My children who believe throughout the world – the Grace to say “Yes” to the Will of God. Even this Blessing upon these beads will be as naught – for the Blessings are only as good as those who pray upon the beads of Love. My Divine Son and I now Bless all your beads: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, My sweet children, with perseverance. Love one another, My sweet children; give all for your God. How I Love you and offer you Our Immaculate Hearts.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Both Jesus and Mary now place their Hearts in their Hands and once again, offer their Immaculate Hearts. A beautiful Light comes from Them.

OUR LADY: “Victory is near, My sweet children. Persevere and have hope – especially you, My dear child – My predilected son of Light. Victory is near for you! In a short while great joy will flood your soul, so remain at peace. All My sweet children – I offer you the ‘cross’. Say “Yes” with Me in your hearts. Take this Cross of My Divine Son fashioned out for you – made especially for you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can see a huge Cross in front of Jesus and Mary – a wooden cross.

OUR LADY: “This is the road to Heaven. I Bless you all, with My Divine Son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Shortly, you will have with you, here in this Community of My Immaculate Heart, My three Missionaries. They will bring many Graces to you, to strengthen all of you to follow My Divine Son. I Bless them on their journey – My ‘Little John’; My ‘Thornbush’; and My ‘Burning Bush’ – and I Bless all My children of the Order of My Immaculate Heart and the Saint Charbel Order, throughout the world: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“To all My children of the Light: Today, you will all receive a Holy Saint from Heaven to be with you until you enter into the ‘New Era’. This Saint will strengthen you and inspire you to become holy – to become saints. I kiss your hearts and send you Blessings from the Triune God, the Holy Angels and the Holy Saints. May God be Praised in all that you do. May you be all a ‘light’ in the world, for the Glory of the Triune God and His Church upon Earth. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue now, My sweet children and pray My Rosary of Love and pray especially for the Vicar of Christ to strengthen him, so he will declare to the Church and the world the Wonders of God and the many Declarations that We Desire of him to pronounce.”

(The prayers continue.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord and Our Lady now come close to Father Broussard, holding two Rosaries. Our Lady now places Her Rosary over ‘Little Bartholomew’ and Jesus places His Rosary around my neck. Jesus wishes Father Broussard to bless the people. (Father Broussard blesses.)

I saw Saint Bartholomew go into Father Broussard when he gave the Blessing. Jesus stood behind him. The Blessing was passed from Jesus through Saint Bartholomew and then through Father Broussard. Our Holy Mother also made the Sign of the Cross, but remained kneeling. Both Jesus and Mary make the Sign of the Cross upon all of us and also, do the Angels and the Saints: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LADY: “Continue now, sweet children, with your prayers.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus and Mary now go into the Tabernacle, which becomes very brilliant. The doors are open and it is like a castle inside -it becomes very large. The Angels and the Saints also go inside the Tabernacle. Saint Michael remains and so does the White Cross. Saint Barachiel remains, as he always does, with me. We will continue with the prayers. (The prayers are continued.)