Message 455 – 11 November 1994

Message 455 – 11 November 1994

You all have a Special Mission from My Father for the salvation of the human race; darkness of the spirit has spread throughout the world – Many souls thirst for the truth; it will be through you that they will find the Truth and the Light – I come today to gather any prayers and sacrifices that have been offered for the Holy Souls; these souls suffer more than you can understand.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is a tremendous Light upon the Altar. I saw it first hover over the statue of the Sacred Heart and also the statue of Our Lady of the Ark. A very large Host was on the Altar for some time and then disappeared. The Crucifix on the wall became very bright. There is a lot of Light shooting forth from the Tabernacle and from the Host, which is also very bright. I can see a brilliant Light coming out of the Sacred Heart statue and Jesus now comes out of it, moves towards the Tabernacle and stands on the Altar. The same thing is happening with the statue of Our Lady of the Ark, as Our Blessed Mother comes out of the Light from the statue, moves towards the Altar and stands next to Our Lord. Both Jesus and Mary are dressed in very, very, bright colours, but there is more white, because it is so bright at the moment – it is really beautiful.

Both Jesus and Mary are smiling, despite the fact that they are crying Tears of Blood. Jesus and Mary raise Their right Hand to make the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY & OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus looks at His Holy Mother and Kisses Her on the Forehead. Our Lady turns to Kiss Jesus on His Most Sacred Heart and the two Hearts emerge from Their Chests and combine as One, though distinctly separate! I can see the Holy Ghost, as a Dove, above the two Hearts. The Holy Ghost flutters in the Light and comes towards us. Jesus is smiling and the Holy Ghost, as the Dove, comes towards ‘Thornbush’ and places over her rings of Light – pure Light – which seems to be moving over her and coming off her. I do not know what that means, but there is a tremendous amount of Light.

There is a very bright and sharp Light coming from the Chest of the Holy Ghost, striking Father Blais and Father Broussard. Now the Holy Ghost moves to stand above my head. Some sort of Light pierces my soul and a White Cross forms in it. I do not know what that means. The Holy Ghost moves away from me and a lot of Light comes from Him – over all the people here – in different colours. I now notice that hovering over Our Lady’s Head are twelve different-coloured stones. Jesus comes a bit closer and I can see more clearly the colours of His garments, which are very regal. He makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

My beloved ‘Rock’ of My Heart and of the Heart of My Beloved Mother, My sweet ‘Thornbush’ – My Spouse, My dear Priest-sons, Apostles of the End Times and all My sweet sons and daughters gathered here before Me: I greet you, with My Most Holy Mother and thank you once again for coming here to share the time with Me and My Most Holy Mother.”

“Today, once again, We bring to you from the Throne of My Father, many Graces, to help you to understand the Divine Will for mankind – to prepare you, well in advance for My Coming to the Earth, for My Coming will be swift and long in waiting – for Our sweet children! But all of you are called to be soldiers of Truth, because you must bear witness to My Word and be examples of true ‘light’ for mankind, so all My children will desire to follow in My Footsteps. You are all chosen by My Hand; you all have a Special Mission from My Father for the salvation of the human race, especially in these times, where the darkness of the spirit has spread throughout the world.”

“Many souls are like the dead and many souls thirst for the Truth. It will be through you, My sweet children, that they will find the Truth and the Light. Through the Intercession of My Most Holy Mother you will obtain many Graces to sanctify your soul and to save many on this path. I Bless you now, with Our undivided Hearts: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother comes next to Our Lord and She now looks at ‘Thornbush’ and so does Our Lord. Our Holy Mother wishes to talk to ‘Thornbush’ at the moment. (Our Lady talks interiorly to ‘Thornbush’ – the Priests give the Blessings.)

THORNBUSH: Before the Rosary began there were many very beautiful Angels hovering over us. The Crucifix became very brilliant on the wall. Saint Michael, Saint Sentilius and Saint Sentimintarious, were all present. The Tabernacle also, was very bright and many rays were projecting from it, in all directions. I asked for the Sign and it came.

Mother is still Crying Tears of Blood. She came forward and I saw direct Rays coming from the Holy Eucharist and Her Heart going towards the Little Pebble. (All of his wounds were very visible and open.)

The Holy Ghost, in the form of a beautiful White Dove, hovered over Our Holy Mother. During this time I heard beautiful music coming from the Angels and saw the Light in the Little Pebble and Our Holy Mother spoke with me after and answered some questions, in all of Her goodness.

The Holy Ghost placed two rings of very bright Light around me and many other rays of Light were projected to others – Father Blais, Little Pebble, Father Broussard and everyone. This was very beautiful.

During this time I saw Our Lord come out of the Monstrance in a beautiful Light that seemed to grow. (Our Lord was fully grown.) Our Holy Mother was on Her Knees while this was happening, with Her Head bowed.

After I asked some questions I saw the two Staffs in front of me. As Our Lord and Mother came closer many things began to change, very quickly and transform, in a beautiful white Light that came from the two Hearts. The Little Pebble was holding his Staff; James was holding the other one, which is his own. Father Blais and Father Broussard were each holding a Staff of Light. The Little Pebble was dressed as Pope Peter II, with the tiara. Beside him were all of the other Apostles, and all of the Disciples – all in the same Light. This happened very quickly and remained for a while. There were also many children.

Both Our Lord and Mother Blessed the Staffs and a beautiful bolt of lightning came from their Hearts and circled around the Staffs, then went into them. After this a tremendous Light of many different colours projected out of both Staffs and went in all directions, then straight up. This same bolt of lightning went and circled around the Little Pebble, James, Father Broussard, and Father Blais. Then Our Lord looked at me and said:

OUR LORD: “My beloved victim spouse, Thornbush: will you come follow me and enter more profoundly into My Passion?”

THORNBUSH: I looked at Our Lord and was drawn towards Him, even more closely, and I said: “Yes”. Then Our Lord placed His Crown of Thorns on my head and Our Holy Mother’s was placed on the Little Pebble’s Head. I felt much pain.

Both Our Lord and Our Lady were Crying Tears of Blood that went into Their Hearts. I then saw Our Lord glide through both of us and He Blessed us + and returned into the Monstrance.

In My heart I knew that I was asked to suffer the Passion of Our Lord on the Cross. I saw the Wounds that were visible on the Little Pebble and also on myself.

Then Our Holy Mother Blessed us silently +. Our Holy Mother then disappeared through the Crucifix on the wall. All of the Angels remained.


LITTLE PEBBLE: There are many Angels in the Chapel. Saint Barachiel stands near Our Lord’s statue and he has given me the sign, as he usually does, with the White Cross. Saint Michael is standing behind the Crucifix on the wall. He is very tall. Saint Sentimintarious is between Saint Michael and Saint Barachiel. They too, are very tall Angels. Saint Sentimintarious, who is a beautiful Angel, is the Angel of the Order of Saint Charbel. There are also many other Angels.

I can see the ‘fires’ of Purgatory and they come up as far as the base of the Altar. I can see many souls waiting to be released through prayers. I can see a window opening-up in the sky – just like an ordinary window – but it is full of Light. There is a path of beautiful white Light coming down towards the Tabernacle.

I can see Our Holy Mother coming down through the window on the Light, as ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel’, with the Baby Jesus. She comes down very swiftly and has now entered the Chapel, standing a little above the Tabernacle. Our Lady has on a very beautiful Scapular. I can see the souls in Purgatory looking up towards Our Holy Mother – I do not know if they can see Her, but they are looking up and feel Her Presence. She is opening up Her cape. There seems to be ‘fire’ inside it – tongues of fire. I do not know why they are there. Our Lady is looking at all of us, smiling. Her right Hand holds a beautiful Rosary. She looks over to Her Infant Son and Kisses Him on the Head, and then, Kisses the Crucifix.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son – My sweet Angel of Divine Love – as We call you, My precious flower, ‘Thornbush’, My precious sons – Apostles of the End-Times and all My sweet children here present today: I come today, with many Angels, to gather from you the many prayers and sacrifices that have been offered for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. These little souls suffer very much, My sweet children – much more than you can understand. Therefore, offer all you can for them and, in return, you receive abundant Graces from God and many, many, prayers from Our suffering children.”

“I bring to you many Graces from Our Immaculate Hearts. You are receiving an exceptional Grace today and during these days of Divine Providence – for you are all My predilected children, called to bear witness to God’s Truth. I Love you, My sweet children, and place you all under My mantle, as your Maternal Mother. I Bless you all: in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady comes very close and looks directly at ‘Thornbush’. (Our Lady speaks to her interiorly.)