Message 480 – 30 June 1995

The time is now coming where great divisions and disorder will occur – The power of the Antichrist is now increasing – Soon the Sign of the Beast will be visible in the air, in the home and in the world – The barque of Peter is assailed and tossed by the stormy sea as My Priest-sons and children have abandoned her Captain – Great trials soon to over-whelm My Divine Son’s House upon Earth; flock scattered and devastated.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady is standing before me and has asked me to write.

OUR LADY: “My beloved and precious son – My ‘Angel of Divine Love and Light – Our future Peter for Holy Mother Church: I greet you and all My sweet Apostles, Disciples and all the Mystic Church upon Earth.”

“Today, I come to you as ‘Queen of the Holy Era’ [which is] to come soon upon Earth. Take courage, My sons and daughters, during these special days of great trial, for the Divine Tribulations are now upon you and the world. I desire that you unite with Me and the Divine Trinity that Dwells within Me. You who are especially selected by Me must become as one, just as God and I are One in Spirit in Our undivided Hearts. Unless this true unity exists between Our chosen souls, the Evil One will have power over many of you – to deceive you and cause more afflictions in Our undivided and Sorrowful and Immaculate Hearts.”

“The time is now coming upon the world and the Church, where great divisions and disorder will occur, for the power of the Antichrist is now increasing deeper and deeper, to bring forth this great sorrow to the Divine Trinity that Dwells in Me. I seek a league of hearts that are bound by love and a common seal of Truth – to bring forth the victory of My Immaculate Heart as Mediatrix – Co-Redemptrix of All Grace for mankind.”

“This united league of souls, will have My Seal and that of the Most Blessed Trinity placed upon their hearts, souls and wills, so they will form the army of Truth, led by its Captain, Saint Michael, the Archangel. Unite, My precious children – unite in Truth. Let not the human weaknesses divide you, for Satan and the Maitreya – the Antichrist – is using your weakness to divide you.”

“Love in the Presence of God, always – then you will combat Satan, the Antichrist and the power of the world. Soon, sweet children, the Sign of the Beast will be visible in the air, in the home and in the world. Be watchful and alert, like true soldiers of Truth. Do not fight each other in misunderstandings and human logic, but work together in a common good and pray for unity!”

“The barque of Peter is assailed and tossed by the stormy sea, because My Priest-sons and children have abandoned her Captain. Unite, pray and persevere, sweet children; fight the evil within. Great trials will soon overwhelm My Divine Son’s House upon Earth and the flock will be scattered and devastated. Let My Rosary bind each soul destined for the Holy New Kingdom, as a weapon of Truth against the forces of Hell.”

“I Love you all, My sweet children, but cannot watch, as Our children who claim to serve Me, tear each other apart in un-Christlike manner, for you bring only harm to yourselves. Unite, pray, do penance and work together. Do not criticise or attack another soul of goodwill, for you do not know all the Plan of God. Place logic aside, sweet children, for the world and the Church cannot be governed by human logic. Let the lives of the Saints be a light to your souls.”

“I, as Queen of the New Holy Era to come – call all Our children to unity. I Love you all, My precious children. I cry bitter Tears for Our children who allow their own ego to govern them rather than their gentle God and His Holy Mother.”

“Pray now – earnestly – for the Holy Father, John Paul II, who must carry the cross all the way to the bitter end. Pray for your future Vicar – Our humble ‘White Rock of Truth’ – the ‘Little Pebble’ and pray for all the Apostles and chosen souls of God that they heed My Motherly Plea, for if unity is not restored soon amongst them it will be done with the hard hand of God, the Eternal Wisdom.”

“Let all My Messages reach mankind before the Divine deluge of God’s Wrath plunges mankind into a deep darkness, where only a small flicker of Light will be seen in a few places on Earth. Be prepared, sweet children, for the Sign of the Dragon is near. Take courage, sweet children – those who listen to My Voice – for I am always with you and have placed My protective mantle over you. Persevere in prayer.”

“I Bless you, child of Divine Light – and all My precious warriors of Truth of the End Days +. I Bless all My chosen souls +. I Bless all the Communities of the New Holy Era + and the Mystic Church upon Earth +. Child, you are to describe what you see and ask Our precious daughter, ‘Thornbush’, to explain to you this Vision – but it is not to be printed at this time, for it has to do with a great Mystery of the Holy New Era.”

“I Bless you, once again – and [also] My precious flower ‘Thornbush’, who carries a special Crown of the Passion, which is your Crown of Thorns for a time, to help you and My three ‘Roses’ and My Apostles – to fulfil God’s Holy Plan. This Crown of Thorns will be returned to you soon – but mystically you still wear this Crown of Christ’s Passion. More will be explained to you later: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Your Loving Mother, Mary, ‘Queen of the New Holy Era’.”

OUR LADY: “This is all for now, My son, for ‘Thornbush’ will explain these Symbols and Visions to you, soon. I Bless you, as does the Holy and Undivided Trinity in Me: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Your Loving Mother Mary, Queen of the Holy New Era .”

LITTLE PEBBLE: End of Vision and All entered the Tabernacle, except My Holy Angels.