Message 502 – 2 December 1995

Those children who carry a heavy cross for the Church will become a visible sign for the Church and the world – The Mystic Church upon Earth will go through its ‘Calvary’ – Great signs and wonders are accompanied by chastisements – Not everything that comes from Rome comes from John Paul II – Soon you will hear of many Images of My Divine Son and I, the Saints and the Angels, which will weep Tears of Sorrow, Blood of Sacrifice and Oil of Hope.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross is very deep in the sky, but is much larger than normal. Saint Michael has thrown his Sword into the Altar and Saint Barachiel, who stands next to the picture of Saint Charbel, has Blessed all of us with the White Cross, which he holds. Just above the cross-beams of the White Cross – pointing towards it – are two Swords. I do not know the reason for this. It is very bright and there are many Lights coming from the Cross towards the Chapel. Many Angels surround the White Cross; there are also many others in the Chapel and they begin to form a very large tunnel – which stretches back towards the White Cross in the sky – by placing the tips of their wings together.

Now I can see Jesus coming through the White Cross and He is nailed upon a wooden Cross, but is still alive. Angels hold the Cross which bears Our Lord upon it and they bring Him slowly through the tunnel of Holy Angels. I can also see Our Holy Mother and She too, is on a Cross! I have never seen Our Lady like this before!! She is fully clothed and is placed upon the Cross in a manner similar to the way Our Lord is – the only difference is that She stands upon a small shelf which is fixed to it. Now, to the left of Our Lord, I can see – coming through the White Cross – the Holy Father, who is also on a wooden cross. I can see the ‘Sign’.

Many other crosses begin to come through the White Cross. On the first one I see myself – it moves to the right of Our Holy Mother. On another is ‘Thornbush’ and this goes to the left of the Holy Father. Underneath them there are many, many, other souls who are on wooden crosses. Strangely enough, all these crosses are starting to form a multi-coloured rainbow – blending each cross with another. I can see now Saint Peter’s, which hovers underneath all these people upon the crosses and Blood flows from Jesus to Our Lady and from Jesus to the Holy Father. From Our Lady – it is most unusual – Blood flows right through all the members of the Mystic Church, along with those souls on the crosses.

Penetrating the Dome of Saint Peter’s I see, coming from nowhere, two large marble pillars, which push upwards. One goes towards Our Lord, the other towards Our Lady. The first is larger than the other. On the marble is the inscription of the Orders. I can see small bricks placed upon each other – something like pillars – mounted underneath all the small crosses. The Holy Ghost has suddenly emerged from the Heart of Jesus, in the form of a Dove. In His Beak He holds a golden thread, with which he now flutters through Jesus, then through Our Lady and passes on to the rest of the members – making what looks like a woven pattern, with all these golden threads going through the souls. It is very hard to adequately explain what is occurring. The thread has been placed around the two pillars, which have become very bright.

This Vision has now totally gone and Saint Sentimintarious is standing next to the painting of him. He says not to be disturbed.

The White Cross has reappeared – very brightly – again. Saint Michael stands behind the White Cross – his sword is within the Altar. Saint Sentimintarious and Saint Barachiel have also placed swords in the Altar. Through the White Cross I can see Our Holy Mother coming very swiftly, upon a pure golden Light. Around the edges it is all very, very, bright white and it is like a ‘street’, which now shoots towards the Tabernacle – a gold and white ‘street’ of Light.

Our Lady glides down – with many, many, Angels – holding the Sacred Heart of Our Lord in Her right Hand. Wrapped around the Sacred Heart are the Crown of Thorns and part of a Rosary which is held, dangling, from Her right Hand. Our Lady now has come into the Chapel, looking very Majestic – but it  looks as though She has been Weeping, because Her Eyes seem to be quite red – like those of someone who has been crying recently. Now I see that little Teardrops are indeed running down Her Cheeks.

Our Lady has on a beautiful – but unusual – Crown. It is made of gold and there are hearts on all of its points. Above the Crown is a beautiful star, which is very, very, bright. Our Lady is dressed in a beautiful gold tunic, with a beautiful light blue veil which is beautifully embroidered along the edge and reaches right down to Her Feet. Our Lady is smiling now and the many, many, Angels who have been following Her, form a semi-circle around Our Blessed Mother.

Our Lady now kisses the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I can also see Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart on Her Chest. She makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY:In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My Precious Son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love – Our ‘Little Peter’ – future Vicar of My Divine Son’s House upon Earth. I greet you too, My ‘Little Bartholomew’, also My ‘Little John’. I greet My little daughter, Nora and ‘Little Grain’. I greet all My beautiful ‘flowers’ gathered here before Me. I give Greetings to all of you, My sweet children and to all My children throughout the world. I Greet you through the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“This evening I have shown My ‘Little Pebble’ a Vision of profound meaning, for the Church is being placed upon the cross. What My little son described this evening is to give you, My sweet children, an indication of the times that you are now about to incur. The Mystic Church upon Earth will go through its ‘Calvary’. All those children who carry a heavy cross with My Divine Son for the Church, will become a visible sign for the Church and the world. For the times are approaching when many signs will be given to mankind – first, as a warning; second, as a consolation and third, for the conversion of sinners – to bring back to the fold the many who have gone astray over these many years of tribulation upon the Faith.”

“My Divine Son desires that many visible signs be now given through those who profess the Word of God in their body and their souls – especially through the visible stigmatisation of some of Our children in Holy Mother Church. It is important for Our children to know and understand why My Divine Son is reliving His Passion in the souls of His children. It is because mankind have become weak; they will not believe – unless they see – and even some, when they do see, will still not believe! For as it was with My Divine Son when He walked the earth, so shall it be now – for Christ walks the earth in souls dedicated to His Glory and the salvation of sinners.”

“You are entering a time, My sweet children, when not only will there be Signs to bring you back to the Faith, or to strengthen you, but with these Signs also comes the cross – not only for the souls who have offered themselves up for the children of the world – but rather, for those who have become weak; for those who have denied God. God will show other Signs of His Wrath, for when God gives great Signs and Wonders – for consolation for the good – these Signs and Wonders are accompanied by Chastisements for the weak and the bad, to bring them unto conversion. So, My sweet children, think well on what I am telling you this evening.”

“Many of you have waited in perseverance – waited for God to show Himself to man through the various Signs that He had Promised. Your prayers have been heard. But pray, My sweet children, that many hearts – especially those of Holy Mother Church who are in authority – that their hearts will be opened; that they be not like the Pharisees of old and the Sanhedrin – those in authority who condemned Christ, even though He wrought Miracles, Signs and Wonders never seen by man prior to His Coming. Let the Church listen and open their hearts to the Word of God and learn from the past that mankind will not continue to be blinded by the weakness of Faith. This now, is a special time, also for My daughter, ‘Thornbush’, for she now goes into the ‘sleep of the Passion’ and will remain there for some time, to help the Church; to help the Vicar of Christ; to help My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and to help the two Orders. I ask therefore, My sweet children, that you pray for her. Pray also, for My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love who shares in this cross and this passion and, very shortly, you will be witness of this, for your edification and sanctification. There are also many others whom We have called, who have offered up their lives – their whole self – as a sacrifice for sinners; pray for them!”

“My sweet children: soon you shall begin the time when Jesus is to be ‘born’, in the calendar of your Church Feast. Think well on the Season of Advent and think of the Mystery of the Birth of My Divine Son into the world. Spend time to meditate as to the reason why Jesus came to Earth for man. Do not spend your time in idleness, My sweet children, when this great Feast approaches in your lives – the Birth of Jesus. Many celebrate this Feast in festivity of a worldly nature – forgetting the real meaning of the Birth of the Saviour. Likewise, it is [also a celebration] of the Death of My Divine Son and His Resurrection.”

“The world believes that peace now reigns, for all seems quiet – for many Treaties have been signed by the great leaders of the world and of the nations – but little does mankind realise that within a short time this worldly peace will disappear – to hatred, to war, to death and to destruction for many souls!”

“Think well on what I tell you, My sweet children, for as the Signs of God come into your lives, so will [there] be Signs of an angry God! Soon you will hear of many Images of My Divine Son and I and of the Saints and the Angels, which will weep – weep Tears of Sorrow, Blood of Sacrifice and Oil of Hope. Know then, My sweet children, that the tribulation will be upon you and upon the Church! Keep faithful to Peter. Do not wander away from the Vicar of Christ. Remain firmly in the Church – in the House of My Divine Son. Listen carefully to what the leaders speak of in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth – the Bishops and the Cardinals. Be discerning – be prudent and be faithful to the Word of Truth, for not everything that comes from Rome, from the Cardinals and Bishops, comes from John Paul II.”

“Therefore, be watchful and listen well, for the time of times is already here upon you. You must learn your Faith, My sweet children, because you will need to know your Faith, to defend it – because, My sweet children, the Vicar of Christ wishes to speak to the whole Church to clarify many Teachings, which have been watered down and washed away, for Our Holy Vicar will re-affirm the Faith of the Fathers. Therefore, listen well! Learn, truly, My sweet children, what true obedience is, for it is dependent upon obedience as to whether you will follow the Truth, or fall into error.”

“The many Heresies that have plagued the Church were brought forth through false obedience, My sweet children; therefore learn of it. You have the time – even though time is now marching forward very swiftly. As it is said in Holy Writ: “…for Christ will shorten the times for the sake of man; for if it were not, who would be saved”? Re-read the Messages, My sweet children. It is very important now that you spend time [to do this]. Spend less time in pursuing your own desires and needs; your own pleasures. Use this time well in knowing your Faith; in praying for the Grace of fortitude and perseverance in faith. It is for this reason that We have given you many, many, Holy Saints. These Saints lived like you, My sweet children, but became Saints because they truly followed the ‘Word’. The Sacred Heart of My Divine Son will always be your refuge and your strength – as is Mine – for Our Hearts are inseparable.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now I can see the Heart of Our Holy Mother moving from Her Chest towards the Heart of Jesus; They become as One. The Holy Ghost stands upon the two Hearts.

OUR LADY: “Take courage, My sweet children and be not afraid for, as Heaven has Promised, many wonderful Gifts are in store for all of those who seek to love and serve the Lord. We truly Love you, sweet children. Prepare yourselves well for the coming year, for the coming year is truly to be a year of tribulation. Never cease to pray, for those who can, even increase your prayers. You do not yet realise the power of prayer, My sweet children. Ask, and you shall receive; seek, and you shall find; knock at the Heart of My Divine Son and the door will be opened to you, to fill your hearts with Grace, Knowledge and Love. Pray for Our Holy Vicar, My sweet children, for his road becomes more difficult each moment; his end is very near – but he has to accomplish much before We come to take him to Heaven.”

“And to you, My sweet child, Nora: I am pleased that you have come to My Divine Son’s Home – His ‘Garden of Olives’. It is through My Divine Son that you are being nurtured at this time. I know, sweet child, your heart is heavy, but be not troubled for We have sent you here to learn of God’s Divine Plans – to strengthen you. For truly I Say to you, My daughter, your Mission has not begun yet in its fullness. Make the ‘act of faith’ in your heart and step, with Saint Peter, on the ‘waters of Truth’ and a special Light will be given to your heart to take with you when you return to My ‘Little Nazareth’ [which is] in your home.”

“I place My Maternal mantle over you and all My children of England and all My children throughout the world. And, with My Divine Son, Jesus, I Bless you, My Daughter: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I Bless all of you here present and throughout the world, through and with the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus and through the Power of the Holy Ghost, Who Dwells within Us: In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritu Sancti. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady stands there, smiling, holding out the two Hearts and a tremendous Light comes from these beautiful Hearts towards us all.

Our Holy Mother opened up Her Arms a moment ago and I noticed that in the left sleeve there are many little, red hearts which have tiny crosses on them. My Guardian Angel has just said that they are victim souls. It looks very beautiful. Our Lady is smiling very joyfully now.”

I can see roses – and even smell them, quite strongly – falling from Heaven into the Chapel. There are so many of them. I think the Holy Angels must be throwing them – the whole place is full of roses. It’s a beautiful sight! Underneath Our Holy Mother’s Feet is a glass coffin, similar to that of Saint Bernadette. In this coffin however, is ‘Thornbush’, looking very much like Saint Bernadette: very peaceful in appearance as she sleeps. Inside the coffin are many kinds of flowers, including roses. ‘Thornbush’, although asleep, now smiles; don’t ask me how and Our Lady also continues to smile as She makes the Sign of the Cross over ‘Thornbush’:

OUR LADY:“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

‘Thornbush’ and the casket have now gone. I will wait to see if Our Lady wishes to speak through anyone else. I will remain silent for a moment.

Our Lady’s Light floods the whole Chapel, very powerfully, as She says that She will speak interiorly to the other Seers and will speak to me privately now. We will continue with the prayers and I will ask Our Lady to Bless all the articles here on the table. (Prayer is continued.)

Our Blessed Mother has spoken to me about many issues and I asked Her under which Title She had come tonight. Our Lady said that She had come as ‘Queen of the Roses in the Kingdom of the Roses’ – a Kingdom which I know is in the new Heavenly Jerusalem – one of the many Kingdoms there.

Our Lady took up the Rosary which She was holding and glided over to Nora, placing it around her – then again Blessed all the roses, placing a very ‘signal’ Grace upon them for the new-born babies – that they become the ‘light’ of the world. They are special Blessings. Our Lady and Our Lord Blessed the Rosaries, through the two Hearts and all the articles here have the Blessings of Both Jesus and Mary. Our Lady also asked for Father Broussard’s Crucifix – which already has had many Graces given to it and bestowed the very special Grace of Discernment. Saint Michael also gave it a Blessing. In addition, Saint Sentimintarious, Saint Sacramessugus and Saint Benedict popped-in for a moment – I like the way they simply flash in and out – to also Bless the Crucifix.

Our Lady gave me the two Hearts, by placing Them in my soul. I also have on me the Relic – perhaps that’s not describing it properly – an actual physical, Feather from the Holy Ghost, given to me by Our Lady some two years ago. I was given It physically only when I went to Europe. Our Lady has spoken about it to ‘Thornbush’ several times and also to ‘Hedgerose’. This is the actual Part of the Holy Ghost, as the Dove, which I carry in a little silver locket – one day I will show It to you. I offered It back to Our Lady and the Holy Ghost fluttered over from the two Hearts and stood over the locket.

Our Lady nods towards Father, wishing him to give the final Blessing:

FATHER BROUSSARD:Benedicat vos omnipotens Deus: Pater et Filius et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.”

OUR LADY: “I send My Blessing to all of you, through My Divine Son, Jesus – especially to My Apostles, Disciples, My soldiers of Truth and to the Order of the Sacred Heart, to the Order of Saint Charbel and to the Order of the Immaculate Heart. And to all the new foundations, I send this Blessing to strengthen you all in perseverance: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Continue now, My sweet children with your prayers, for they are truly needed now for mankind.