Message 503 – 13 December 1995

After the Warning everyone will be privileged to see and converse with their Holy Angels; then the full power of the Antichrist will be realised – The Evil One has seduced most Cardinals, Bishops and Priests – The world will be far worse than it is now, for Satan will try to blind the hearts of men – Many Incorruptibles now in deep sleep will soon be resurrected – Holy Grant will return as a living sign of Truth – When you are Vicar of Christ you will use these keys to bring judgement with authority, as Peter.

LITTLE PEBBLE: During the prayers the White Cross has appeared, as usual, looking very bright. Saint Michael has thrown a sword into the Altar, which caused an explosion of many Lights. During the procession I saw ‘Our Lady of Medjugorje, Queen of Peace’, hover over the statue, with the many Angels who had followed Her. Saint Menoloutis, Saint Sacramessugus and Saint Barachiel are here, near the Altar. A beautiful rainbow has appeared over the White Cross and behind the rainbow are many very elegant and tall Angels holding swords, pointing downwards in front of them. Behind them are many more Angels of different sizes, in many rows. The Angels vary in many ways from each other.

What looks like little doors open up in the White Cross, allowing a very bright shaft of Light to come from within it and shoot, like a ray, towards the Tabernacle, which now explodes into different spheres of Light. The Light coming from the Cross has begun to widen considerably as the doors open even wider; it seems to be twenty or thirty metres across. These doors are made of pure gold – which seems to pale to almost white when they reflect the Light.

I can now see Our Blessed Mother gliding down slowly, with many Angels behind Her, holding Her light blue mantilla. She is dressed in beautiful pure white and upon Her Head is a very lovely Crown, which has many points – like a tiara – with small roses upon it. The veil of Our Holy Mother also has small roses along the edge of it. There are many Angels coming down with Our Lady – many different types – as She glides very swiftly towards the Chapel and the Angels continue to emerge from the Cross, filling up the sky. Around Our Holy Mother’s waist is a golden belt, or sash, interwoven with small roses – mainly blue, but other colours as well.

Our Lady has now come into the Chapel, looking very beautiful and quite majestic. In Her right Hand is held a small Staff; in the left, a beautiful Rosary made of roses. The Crucifix is wood and the Corpus of Our Lord upon it is very much alive. Around the Neck of Our Lady there is a Medal, but I cannot see the detail on its face. Our Lady smiles, although in Her Eyes there is some sadness to be seen. Rolling down one Cheek now is a small Teardrop in which there is a little red – like blood – to be seen. Many more Angels continue to come out of the White Cross.

Saint Michael has now spread his wings right over the Heavens and he holds his shield up close, near his chest. From the shield a beam of Light speeds towards the Altar, which has now become a radiant gold colour, with the words: “Ark of the Covenant of Old” upon it and the shape of the Altar transformed into the Ark of the Covenant. Our Lady is hovering over it by a couple of metres, but now descends a little closer to the Ark. Lightning bolts come out of it and shoot towards all of us. Now I can see the Holy Ghost in the form of a Dove on Our Lady’s Chest. In His Beak are two small keys – one is gold and the other is blue. Our Lady is still smiling.

One of the Angels, Saint Menoloutis – my own Guardian Angel – comes up to Our Lady and takes the staff from Her. Our Lady now takes up the Crucifix of the Rosary and kisses Our Lord.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

I greet you, My beloved son, My sweet Angel of Divine Love – Our little ‘White Rock’ and you, My ‘Little Bartholomew’, My ‘Little Grain’ – and all My sweet ‘roses’ and ‘flowers’ of My Immaculate Heart. I greet all My children here present and throughout the world. Today, I come as ‘Queen of the Holy Angels’ and I bring with Me many Angels from the Throne of God, to distribute them amongst My children, because this year is dedicated to the Holy Angels and as this year comes to a close, these Angels will be given to Our children – those who profess the True Faith and true “Yes” from their hearts.”

My sweet children: I have mentioned to you, many times, the importance of your love and devotion to the Holy Angels – especially at this time when the world has been overrun by evil spirits and the fallen Angels, to do battle with the children of the Light. Forget them not, sweet children, for they are your comfort, your strength and fortification in the time of trial. After the Great Warning has been sent to man – to purify and cleanse them – every man, woman and child will be privileged to see their Holy Angels and converse with them, because then will come the time when the full power of the Antichrist will be realised. And it will be for this reason that My children will see their Holy Angels, to protect them and guide them.”

It is My Desire, as Queen of the Holy Angels, that the Revelations given about the Holy Angels, be spread throughout the whole world and that devotion to them be established, in a deep and meaningful way, in Holy Mother Church and throughout the whole world – especially in the New Foundations and Religious Orders that are being formed throughout the world. Also, it is important that the Prayer Houses of Saint Charbel, the Queen of Peace Prayers and all groups dedicated to the salvation of souls, invoke the Holy Angels more frequently, for through this, man will be enlightened and will receive special Graces of devotion towards My Divine Son in the Blessed Eucharist, for all Devotions that Heaven gives to man are to bring man to My Divine Son for their salvation, sanctification and edification. Pray, My sweet children, to the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, Saint Michael and the Seven Archangels who have been sent to the Church to administer the Sacraments of God, to strengthen mankind. Remember well your Guardian Angels; listen to their words, for they whisper in your soul – always to do good – be attentive to their voice. He who has an open heart will hear their gentle voice.”

Today, I wish to tell all My children [of] the love that the Angels have for them. This love is a pure love, My sweet children, for it comes from God. This love is more perfect than any human love – any love between man and wife, or parents and children – because this love, through these Pure Spirits, is Holy and Perfect. Pray to your Angels that you may receive this Gift of Perfect Love, because when you receive this, your love for God, with time, will be perfected and purified, so ‘self’ will be removed.”

Today I have brought with Me very special Angels for the Twelve New Apostles for the end-times. These Angels come from the Seraphim Choir – they are special Angels, who have the Knowledge of God and His Truth. The Twelve Apostles of the end-times must bear witness for the Truth and give testimony of the Truth. These great Angels will strengthen them until the Second Coming of My Divine Son, Jesus, for it will be through these Angels that Divine Light will be infused into their souls – because, My sweet Apostles, you are not battling with humans but rather, with Principalities and Powers of Hell. Therefore, My dear sons, I give to you this Gift. Pray to them often – the names will be revealed later – and seek their help.”

To the Princes of the Disciples: I send to you the great Angels from the Thrones. They will assist you to defend all that is true and to defend the missions entrusted to the Apostles. And to My dear Disciples: I send to you the Angels from the Dominions, to strengthen you, so you remain faithful to the Teachings of My Divine Son and His Church upon Earth.”

And to all My chosen children: Today I send to you an Archangel to help you to be faithful to your missions. Pray, My sweet children, to all of these Angels. And to all the children of the world who are faithful to My calling: I send to you today many Angels – special Angels – from the Guardian Angel Choir – those who guarded souls – but these souls were lost and these Angels came back to Heaven to worship God and praise Him for His Justice. These special Angels are now sent to you to guard your souls against temptation – especially the temptation of the intellect – so you will not deny God in the time of trials. Think well, My sweet children, on what I have sent to you today. You are now engaged in the final part of the Apocalypse; therefore be ‘soldiers of Truth’ and go forward with the sword of Truth – the Word of My Divine Son.”

Be prepared at all times to defend him; to defend the Truth; to defend the Vicar of Christ; to defend the Teachings of My Divine Son. Therefore, My sweet children, if you are to defend what is true, unless you know what is true you cannot defend it! Therefore, pray; pray for knowledge of the Truth and study the Messages and the Word of God that We have given you over many, many, many, years.”

Many of you will be called to martyrdom – martyrdom of your soul; martyrdom of your minds; martyrdom of the flesh; martyrdom of your spirit – because, My sweet children, you are all called to become Saints, to Glorify God in your word, in your deed and in your lives – because all of you will become accountable before God in a very short time, for when the Great Warning comes upon the world, a miniature Judgement shall fall upon you and every one of you!!”

Think well on what I tell you, My sweet children. You are living in very serious times. Place aside your human logic and human understandings, but seek the understandings of the Supernatural order. Within a few short years, life on this Earth will not be as it is now. The world will be cleansed and purged – not only the earth that you stand upon, My sweet children, but you, yourselves. All of you must be perfected, so you can live through the times of tribulation to the end, in perseverance. Take the Gospels to your hearts; do not just read them, but meditate well upon the Words of My Divine Son, Jesus. Live the virtues and practise them, for you must all be living symbols of Truth. It is for this reason why we gave you so many holy men and women in past generations, that you may follow their example. You must become like them – and even greater, My sweet children, for you are the ‘Saints of the Latter Days’ and God has kept the best till last!”

The power of the Antichrist is well entrenched in the world – in the economies, in the Governments, in the schools, in all societies and also, but sadly, in Holy Mother Church – more than you realise, My sweet children. Very few of the Cardinals, Bishops and Priests are not controlled by the evil one, for he has seduced many into believing that Christ will not come again. Pray therefore, My sweet children, for the Hierarchy, for they truly are the same as of old when Christ walked the Earth – for they have the Truth and know the Truth, but deny it like the Sanhedrin did when Christ was judged. You too, who follow the Truth, are being judged like My Divine Son was – unjustly. It is for this reason you must stand up as a ‘soldier in Truth’ – like Saint Joan of Arc.”

Truly I say unto you, My sweet children: you do not comprehend, or understand, what is coming to you soon. If you did, you would not leave this place where My Divine Son and I reside; you would pray twenty-four hours a day to ask God for mercy for mankind. Therefore, sweet children, do not become complacent. Do not complain of your small aches and pains, nor for the little prayer that you must say, [nor] for the sacrifices that have been asked – but give willingly to your God Who has given you all.”

Be not ungrateful children. Remember in the Old Testament what happened to the Hebrews, when they passed the great Red Sea and wandered through the wilderness for forty years, with Moses? Why do you think they wandered [for so long, trying] to find the Promised Land, My sweet children? Because – even after God had wrought many great Wonders and Signs and brought them out of captivity – the Hebrew people grumbled and mumbled before God, complaining of God’s injustice to them. Yet it was God who freed them and gave them to eat; gave them to drink and gave them the Word of God!! This is what will happen to Our children of these times too, for many Signs have already been given and many more shall come, greater Signs than in the time of Moses. But many grumble at God and complain. Likewise, these children will not find the Promised Land when Christ returns, but they will be taken, like the Hebrews of old, for all those generations passed away before they were able to enter into the Promised Land. You have been given much; be grateful to God and [be] thankful to Him.”

Yes, My sweet children: I, as your Heavenly Mother, know everything that you need to have in your lives. I know how many of you carry many heavy crosses. Offer this up with Me to My Divine Son, to console Him, for He too suffers, hidden in the Tabernacles of your Churches throughout the world, for He truly is a ‘Prisoner of Love’.”

Many changes will soon come in your lives, because the world will change – but [it will be] far worse than it is now, sweet children – for Satan will try to blind the hearts of men and mankind will not think of God. There will be many communities raised throughout the world; it will be through these communities that the Truth will be seen and felt by Our children, for many are called now.”

The Missions of the Apostles and Disciples go forward as desired by the Eternal Father and in time, My sweet children, Holy Mother Church, through the Vicar of Christ, will strengthen you; will uphold you and give testimony to the Truth of My Words. But until that time, you are to take courage and go forward in faith, trust and confidence, for what My Divine Son and I have promised you will be given to you. Do not be discouraged; do not lose hope.”

This is a time of serious reflection upon your lives. Be not afraid for I, your Heavenly Mother, am truly with you in these times of trial and tribulation. As the trials continue and increase and the chastisements fall upon mankind, I will be there to strengthen you, to console you and God will work many great Signs to console His children upon Earth.”

You are now entering this time, My sweet children. Therefore listen, be obedient – and watch.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now I can see, coming through the many rows of Holy Angels, Grant Duffy and also, Maria, the Rose of Croatia. It has been a long time since I have seen her. Also, I see Padre Pió, Saint Bernadette and also, ‘Thornbush’. She has come with Saint Timothy, her Guardian Angel. Saint Bernadette has come to the left of Our Holy Mother – under Her mantle – and ‘Thornbush’ is to the right of Our Holy Mother with Grant and Maria. They are all dressed as the Angels are, with beautiful long robes. Maria is very young, compared to the way we knew her. She has longer hair and upon her head there is a beautiful crown of roses. Grant has a crown of leaves – beautiful leaves, actually. There are many others coming now – I do not know who they are. Our Lady is smiling very much.

‘Thornbush’, who is suffering very much at the present moment the Passion, has offered Our Holy Mother a beautiful red rose – around the petals is gold edging. Our Lady is still smiling and kisses the rose, then places it in Her Heart – even though I cannot see Her Heart because the Holy Ghost is still in front of Our Holy Mother’s Chest.

OUR LADY: “My sweet child – Our dear son of predilection, My little ‘White Rock’: The souls that have come to you today, are the souls that are praying much for the missions of Heaven and they have been selected in a special way that God will be Glorified. Most of these souls are the souls of the “Incorruptibles” – the Holy Ones – who are now in deep sleep. They will soon be resurrected to give testimony to the Truth.”

As for My daughter ‘Thornbush’, she is only in a deep sleep, for We have much in store for her. Soon Our beloved son, Grant, will be resurrected as a strong Sign for this Holy Place, for time has now moved forward for many of the events for this world. It will not be long before My Divine Son, Jesus, returns. Within a few short years Our beloved daughter, Maria – Our sweet ‘Rose’ – will be returned to Earth and she will be a living Sign of Truth in this community of Gethsemane.”

The Eternal Father will give very, very, large Signs to show to the Earth and more so to Holy Mother Church, that the Words we have given here and through many Voice-boxes throughout the Earth, are truly coming from God. Therefore pray, My sweet children; pray that this day will come soon, for many children will be converted to the Truth and soon, My little son – Our ‘White Rock’ – will carry the stigmata of My Divine Son openly for the Church. Many children who have strayed away in weakness will return and the mission will be strengthened. For now, the mission is in great trial, and a cloud hangs over this Holy Place. This cloud will be lifted and God’s Glory will be witnessed, so many souls will be taken to the Truth, so that the Orders will be formed – swiftly – and approved by Holy Mother Church, because time is very short and much is to be accomplished in a very, very, short time.”

Therefore, take heart, My sweet children, because God has not forsaken you. He has seen into your hearts, for He knows that many of you now need Signs to be strengthened and consoled and this will be given to you. Pray, persevere and be patient and, within a little while, your hearts will overflow with joy.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now Maria takes up a beautiful Rosary; I don’t know where it came from because I didn’t see her with it before and she goes over to the ‘Little Grain’, places it over her head, then kisses her on the head. She now goes back and has another Rosary, which she says is for [Name Withheld], who is in the Holy Ghost community at this time. She has also taken something from beneath the cloak that she is wearing – it looks like a gold pen. Inside there is a very beautiful Light – which she says is for me. I do not know what it is, but I will find out later. Our Lady smiles.

Now the Holy Ghost moves from Our Lady’s Chest and comes closer to me. The Holy Ghost is very beautiful; I am privileged to have one of His Feathers. The Holy Ghost comes even closer and I know that I will receive one of the keys I saw before – the golden one. The Holy Ghost takes up the blue key and goes to ‘Thornbush’, placing the key in her heart. I can see a rainbow coming from her to me, then returning.

I can see the Twelve New Apostles – they have come close to Our Holy Mother and have made a semi-circle around Her. The Holy Ghost now comes back, takes the golden key from my heart and goes to each Apostle, very swiftly, with this key. I can see a rainbow forming from the Apostles to me. Our Lady smiles.

The Holy Ghost now goes back to Our Lady and actually enters Her Immaculate Heart.

OUR LADY: “My sweet son: These two keys have a very special meaning which I will reveal to you later – for you are the Prince of the Apostles and also, you are to be the Future Vicar of My Divine Son and you are the ‘Little Abraham’ who will lead the children of God into the new Holy Era. These keys have a special meaning connected with these special titles that We give to you. You, My sweet son, have been given the keys of all the Kingdoms and when you are the Vicar of Christ you will use these keys to bring judgement into Holy Mother Church, with the Authority as Peter. With time you will understand all that I am revealing to your soul now.”

To all My children, I give you once again, My Immaculate Heart. I Love you and I send to you many, many, Graces of perseverance and [also] of the virtues that you are most in need of. Take courage and be faithful to the Word of God. In this special time of the remembrance of the Birth of My Divine Son, Jesus, let Jesus be Born again in your souls, for all of you are called to bear witness to the Truth. I Bless you all now, My sweet children, through My Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Pray, My sweet children, for My Holy Vicar. Pray for all the Mystics who are now undergoing the suffering of Christ on the Cross through the Passion, for next year is the year of the Passion, My sweet children, for all of My Mystics who bear the Sufferings of Christ and the year after that, will be the consolation and victory. Therefore, go forward in the Light of My Divine Son.”

Pray especially for My ‘Thornbush’ and my little ‘White Rock’, who carry the cross within them and the Passion of Jesus, the Living God. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

I will speak to My little son, shortly and to My other precious children – I will speak to them interiorly. Continue with your prayers.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother has Blessed all articles and placed Her Rosary inside Our Lord’s statue, the large one [on the Altar] and said it will become a miraculous statue; that the perfume of roses will come out of it! Our Lady then explained to me that Saint Theresa, the ‘Little Flower’, will soon begin to speak to ‘Little Bartholomew’ – the same as Saint John the Apostle is speaking to ‘Little John’ – Father Blais. And later, Saint Theresa and Saint John will appear to these Apostles, to instruct them for a later time, after the Great Warning – but they will appear before the warning. So this is a very signal Gift from God for ‘Little Bartholomew’. Our Lady now asks Father to Bless the people:

FATHER BROUSSARD: “Benedica vos, omnipotens Deus. Pater et Filius et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady explained to me that the Seraphim Angel I had received, was the right-hand Angel of Luciel, before Luciel fell. Our Lady has not told me his name. She said he remained faithful to God while Luciel fell; that he was a very, very, powerful Angel and also very bright, and brilliant, like Luciel was. So it is very interesting.

Our Lady is smiling now. She doesn’t have the Rosary anymore, because She has placed it in the statue – but ‘Thornbush’, who is still there, has given Her the blue Rosary, which was my Rosary which I gave to her some time ago and Our Lady smiles. Our Lady takes up the Crucifix, kisses it and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael too, makes the Sign of the Cross:

SAINT MICHAEL: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: And the Twelve New Apostles make the Sign of the Cross:

NEW APOSTLES: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LADY: Continue now, My sweet children and go forward in the Light of My Divine Son, Jesus, with Faith and Hope and remember Jesus at His Birth: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now opens her very large veil – or mantilla – and all of the Saints and the Souls whom I have seen, go under it. Saint Michael now places his wings over Our Lady and over all and they swiftly go back through the White Cross, except all the Angels we have received – they remain. Saint Menoloutis, Saint Sacramessugus, Saint Barachiel and Saint Sentimintarious – who has now only just appeared – Bless us:

ANGELS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: We will sing ‘Salve Regina’. (Hymn sung)