Message 525A – 4 September 1996


Dear children of God:

I greet you once again! I wish to share with you an experience I have been allowed to have, by God’s Goodness. I am sure you will profit by it as I have. Life can be a greater teacher if you open your heart and accept the Divine Will of God, despite not understanding it.

On the 4th September, 1996, I asked Our Holy Mother a question through the Mystic – ‘Thornbush’, of L’Avenir, Quebec, Canada – who lives in the Order of the Immaculate Heart. I had asked the same question myself of Our Heavenly Mother the day before and Our Blessed Mother simply said I was not to be troubled in heart and I was to continue to give myself to God, even if I did not understand all. Our Holy Mother consoled me and said that the God who Created me in soul, body and spirit and all that exists, knows very well what He must do for His children. But God did not want me to understand – that is why I was so frustrated – as God has reasons for everything and I was not to be down in spirit.

Then Our Lady explained that what She had promised me for nearly twenty years remains, concerning the hospital – but explained when She told me I was not going to hospital, that it meant for any serious matters – not minor. So therefore, Her promise remains and I was to take courage as Jesus Loved me very much. Our Lady Blessed me and left.

Set out below is the question I asked and the answer I received through ‘Thornbush’. I wish God’s Blessings upon you and ask that you pray for me.

God’s obedient servant.

The Little Pebble


LITTLE PEBBLE: My sweet, Darling, Mother and Mystical Spouse: I plead with you as your little son and nobody that I am. I am very frustrated, confused and perplexed because I am receiving no really clear Words from Heaven which satisfy me because – even though these Words are kind and loving, they still do not console me fully, as there are too many unexplained issues which make me feel as though God does not know what He is doing. I say this not wishing to offend You or God, for You know deeply my thoughts. In all my life I have lived, served and been obedient to You and God. I have given all – sacrificed all – and lived purely on faith, trusting always in God’s Goodness and having the highest expectation of God in all things. I have always looked to God as the means and the end – all to all, everything – but I am totally disillusioned, confused and perplexed.

Forgive me for opening my heart, but You know it, as it belongs to you, but I am deeply wounded because I love God so very much, yet He, to Whom I offer and give all, I find difficult to comprehend.

For me, when a person says black is black, not white and white is white, not black – I expect the same from God Who is all Perfect, otherwise, what are we to think, say and do?

God said to ‘Thornbush’ and myself that:

*K. will not go to gaol, and he did – it is a fact;

*that miracles will occur in the gaol – they have not happened yet – and now he comes out a broken man, with nothing fulfilled.

Where is black and white? How can these Words really be from God?

God says:

*“William you will never have to fear because you will not go to hospital!” Then You say to `Thornbush’: “God is protecting you!”

Now I must go to hospital even more than once?

I am not speaking of unfulfilled Prophecies, Mother – I am speaking of the trust of a child, like me, to his Heavenly Parents. If these Words are true, they would constitute a lie in spite of God’s overall plan.

If I, as a parent, said to my child: “Your teeth are good, you will never have to go to the dentist!” Then years later the child did go, how am I to say to the child I did not mean it this way? The child would lose trust and confidence in me as its father – and if this repeated itself over and over again, the child would lose total confidence in its father.

I am feeling the same, even though I know my Heavenly Parents are perfect and I am nothing. I do not pretend to know and understand everything of Heaven, but if You say: “Son, this is this” – then I expect it to be so – but not the total opposite.

I am crying so much in my heart because I want to believe; I want to always have that child-like trust and hope in My God, as I have always had until at this moment, because nothing makes sense any more – nothing! I am promised so much from Heaven, but am constantly disappointed by Heaven because They do not keep Their Word and I am a person who believes in keeping my word as best as I can.

Mother! – My Lovely Mother: help me, Your son, who is truly, deeply, depressed and disillusioned, because I cannot comprehend anything anymore. The Prophecies; the promises; the Messages – are all so confusing, yet deep in my heart I know that in the end all will work out, but that is not my qualm, as You know well.

Forgive me for my blabbering! I love You above everything on Earth and in Heaven. I am Your son, your `little nothingness’.

The Little Pebble


THORNBUSH: In the Chapel, Our Holy Mother appeared just after I received Holy Communion. She was dressed as ‘Our Mother of Confidence’. Blessed Dina Belander was with Her. I saw you (the ‘Little Pebble’) under Our Holy Mother’s mantilla and you were crying. I saw the ‘Sign’. She looked very compassionately at you and smiled, then took a red rose out of Her Immaculate Heart and twelve Tears from Her Eyes fell into the rose. Then Our Holy Mother kissed the rose and gave it to you and answered all of your questions.

OUR LADY: “I greet you, once again, My beloved little child of My Immaculate Heart. I have come to you as your ‘Holy Mother of Confidence’ and of ‘Divine Compassion’.”

“You are not fully aware of the full Plan of God upon your soul, My beloved little ‘White Rock’, so this is the reason why you have become so perplexed regarding all that has occurred. This is a very difficult trial that you have been asked to pass through, My tender little one.”

“Continue to pray; abandon yourself and trust just like a little child, even when you believe all is lost. Your true obedience and fidelity shall always be rewarded – maybe not always the way you are thinking, or when you would like it to be. Now you understand, partially, why you have been Blessed with so many singular Graces; they are all given unto you, so that you will be able to pass through the trials that you are now living.”

“All of the holy leaders in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, have always experienced trials. You are not any different – and you are chosen. These are only very small trials compared to the great trials that shall come and once again, you shall live through them in spite of the numerous times when you will become frustrated, confused and perplexed and also depressed.”

“God Loves you so very much, My ‘Little Abraham’. He is not playing a game with you. He is using the different circumstances, so that you will be purified and sanctified. It is not necessary that you always understand everything, sweet child. Not even I, as Mother of God, knew and understood everything and I lived each day for God, as His Handmaiden at the foot of the Cross. My joy – and what sustained Me – was that I could strive to please the Most High as His humble Servant and I offered all of My Sorrow – just as you have done. Do not allow Satan to shatter your hope or your trust, for you will learn from your errors.”

“Continue to clasp onto My Immaculate Heart and go forward in perseverance and truth, for you will not ever receive the Grace to comprehend God, My beloved little child, William – and future ‘Rock’ of Holy Mother the Church.”

“You need to be aware that My sweet Disciple, K., was protected in a special way from those who wished to take his life. You need to also know that, yes, miracles did occur, because he brought My devotion within the prison – and many hearts have been converted and consoled with hope because of the true example of his true faith as a Missionary Disciple.”

“Much more has been fulfilled than you are aware of, My sweet little child and many lives have been saved from total discouragement and from suicide, for – through him – I touched many hearts of My tender little children.”

“I am pleased that you have opened your heart, because at times this is necessary. I shall intercede before God in your name, My beloved ‘White Rock’, in a special way and I have placed all of your intentions and all that you have offered, deep within My Immaculate Heart.”

“I Love you; I am with you, My tender cherished child and My little ‘White Rock’ – I need you. I have Blessed you in a very special way + and I shall help you to carry the Cross of Purification that you are now carrying, as your Loving, Holy, ‘Mother of Perpetual Help’.”