Message 553 – 13 November 1997

If you forget your loved ones once they pass over the veil, this is what will occur to you – The crucible of suffering on the Cross is about to be handed out to you, as the time of times and the heart of the tribulation is upon you – The war in the Middle East will accelerate into the Third World War – Pope John Paul II, will be crucified and put to death, like My Divine Son, Jesus – The Evil One will have great power to control all electronics and power throughout the world – False miracles of the Antichrist will now prevail – You will hear of many atrocities, sacrilegious experiments against the living and the dead.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael stands to the right of the Cross, as always. Saint Barachiel is to the left of the Cross near the Altar and there are two Angels either side of the big White Cross in the sky; they stand upon the cross-beam, each holding a Papal flag: one is that of John Paul II – to the right – and the other is that of Peter II. Saint Michael holds what is to be the new Australian flag. I can see a staircase descending from the White Cross; it comes right down to the Chapel and continues beneath the building, deep into the Earth, which has opened up to allow the staircase to enter the regions of Purgatory. There are many Angels to be seen there, Guardian Angels of some of the different and varied souls below.

A bright light emerges where the beams of the Cross intersect and it floods the staircase. The doors which are in the Cross open up, and Angels, who are dressed in white garments and have beautiful white wings, begin to descend. A small ball of white Light is suspended above the head of each of them. They float down along the staircase, in a long line – coming to the Chapel, greeting us as they pass, then continuing under the Chapel through to the souls in Purgatory, where there is a sea of fire. Many naked souls are floating through the flaming sea! The Holy Angels go to them, joining the many other Angels and consoling these souls.

Through the White Cross I can see Our Holy Mother, dressed as Our Lady of Mount Carmel, with the Baby Jesus enclosed in Her left Arm. She also wears a Scapular and carries another Brown Scapular and a Rosary in Her right Hand. The Baby Jesus also wears a Brown Scapular over His Shoulders and a cream-coloured tunic; in His left Hand He carries a small Rosary which is made from red pearls. There are many Angels behind Our Holy Mother, coming down with Her as She comes, swiftly, into the Chapel.

The Baby Jesus leaves His Mother’s Arm and stands upon the Altar. He is about eighteen months of age and He looks about Him. He has beautiful hair with large curls; He is smiling. Our Holy Mother stands upon the Tabernacle and Jesus floats up a little higher, towards Our Lady and stops, suspended in mid-air. Saint Barachiel the Archangel, comes to the right of Our Holy Mother and takes the Scapular and the Rosary held by Her. The Infant Jesus now hovers right up to the Face of Our Holy Mother. Our Lady turns to Jesus, kisses Our Lord on the Head and Jesus places His Head upon Our Lady’s Chest. Our Lady now puts Her left Arm, once again, around Jesus. With Her right Hand Our Lady makes the sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus also made the sign of the Cross with Our Lady.

OUR LADY: I greet you, My beloved son – My pure white Rockof Truth for Holy Mother Church; I greet My precious Priest-son and all My sweet children gathered here before Me – My privileged sons and daughters, gifted by God’s Grace. I greet all My children … and a special greeting to My beloved Sisters of the Order of Saint Charbel, here and throughout the world.

Today, My sweet children, I have come with My Divine Son, Jesus, and the many Angels, to encourage Our children to offer up many prayers and sacrifices for those who are detained in Purgatory. The reason for this, My sweet children, is that the sweet children [there] are also suffering more at this time – as the Church Militant on Earth is – because many of Our children have forgotten the Holy Souls detained in Purgatory, thus their suffering increases.

It is true to say that My children of the world think very little [seldom] of those souls who have passed over the veil. Mostly, Our children will only remember the dead on the day of anniversary and sometimes in this month dedicated to the souls in Purgatory. Needless to say, My sweet children, that if you forget your loved ones once they pass over the veil, this is what will occur to you! Remember, each member is a member of the Mystical Body of My Divine Son, Jesus, therefore, all members are responsible for each part of the body, in various ways.

Do not forget Our beloved children [who are] detained, for if you pray for them, they will pray for you. Even if you do not pray for them they are praying for you, because they now know the Truth – the full Truth – about their God, their Creator and Saviour.

As mentioned to you, My sweet children, over many years now: you are all now being crucified in soul and in body, in mind and in your lives, with My Divine Son – all those who are to be marked with the Sign of Redemption. Therefore be attentive to My Words, for the crucible of suffering on the Cross is about to be handed out to all of you, as the time of times and the heart of the tribulation is upon you. Seek refuge in My Immaculate Heart and follow the instructions of My Divine Son [which have been] given to you throughout the ages, and through the Magisterium of Holy Mother Church – even in these times of desolation.

As you can see, My sweet children, very few of the children of Holy Mother Church – and even less [fewer] of the children of the world – have responded to the Pleas of their Heavenly Mother. Therefore, I can only withdraw and allow the Hand of the Eternal Father to strike an unrepentant world, thus purifying the souls of the electand those who will fall away and be lost.

Pray, My sweet children, My Holy Rosary – and wear My Brown Scapular as a guarantee for those who believe of [in] their salvation and protection, in a world which now is governed by Lucifer and his fallen angels.

I ask you once again: spend more time in the evening, My dear children, to read the Word of God and the many Messages given throughout the world by My Voice-boxes, so you will become fully aware of all that is to transpire in the coming months and years of your Earth years.

The war in the Middle East will accelerate, dear children, because this is a ‘signfrom the Book of Revelation that the end is near. From this war the Third World War will commence and many nations will be drawn into it – from Europe, Africa and the Western world.

Know that time is very short for man; therefore, choose the path that leads to salvation; do not walk on the path that leads to the wide road and the world, with the flesh and the devil as the reward, for all that leads us away from God goes unto death – and death will reach the hearts of all humanity in the coming days, months and years of tribulation.

It must be the death of self, if you desire to enter into the Kingdom of God. If you desire to see the return of My Divine Son, Jesus, you must give death to yourselves – rid yourselves of all that attaches you to the world, to pleasure and self. Keep holy your thoughts, your integrity, your oneness with God; be pure in your hearts and in your intentions. Live the Word of My Divine Son, Jesus, truly – within your hearts – for now is the time when the sheep and the goats are separated. Therefore, be attentive and be vigilant in your good works, prayers and fasting. In this way you will overcome the weaknesses of your body, the temptations of your heart and the temptations laid out for you by the snares of the Evil One in the world.

The crucible [crucial] times are approaching within Holy Mother Church where your Vicar, John Paul II, will be crucified and put to death, like My Divine Son, Jesus. Let he who has understanding understand the Wisdom and Word of God, and reflect well on all that has been revealed. The true unity of the Voice-boxes will soon be accomplished, because many of them will be chastised and purified, so they will truly unite – as brothers and sisters in My Divine Son – with Our pure Rock, who is the Prince of the Apostles and the future Vicar for Holy Mother Church.

Pray for this unity, for Our Privileged children will be the Light of the world and the Church in the time of great darkness, when communication between Our children throughout the world will be removed, because the Evil One will have great power to control all electronics and power that is used throughout the world. Thus God will use His Power through the little souls to deliver His Word, that all may understand all that God expects from His children. Therefore, you need not fear, for God will not abandon His Own, but rather, will send His Spirit to console each and every one of you.

The time of the great signsis near. Watch in the Heavens and see the movement of the stars, for many signs will be given in the Heavens to awaken a weak and slumberous world who, overall, has lost God. God will give signs in the world through nature; through the Supernatural – even to the various powers on Earth, so mankind will know that the end draws near, for God is preparing His own, so that the meek will truly inherit the Earth, as given by My Divine Son, Jesus, when He walked the Earth many years ago.

In these coming months, My dear children, when the world will go into crisis, God will raise up many more souls to show the world that God cares for all children – all races, colours and creeds – for God is a God of Love, Mercy and Compassion. However, He is also a God of Justice and Truth and justice will prevail, so that the good will survive and those who are to be chastised, be purified and come into the Light of My Divine Son, for there is only one God in three Divine Persons: the Eternal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Eternal Spirit.

Therefore pray, My sweet children, for also, the false miracles of the Antichrist and the Anti-apostles and prophets, will now prevail throughout the world to deceive the elect– and all people – if possible. There will be many reports of U.F.O’s; many Supernatural reports from the dark side. You will hear – from one place to another – of many extraordinary phenomena. Be wary, be watchful and pray and discern well, the Spirit that lies there within – for remember, Satan was a liar from the beginning and he remains so – and is a deceiver of man, coming as an Angel of Light, even to deceive the elect. Pray to Saint Michael – the Warrior Archangel and Prince of the Heavenly Hosts – who will break-away all that is evil, to show mankind the path of Light and Truth. But you must seek him out, for if you do not you will be permitted to be deceived. Therefore, even the children of the Light must be watchful, prayerful and diligent in their belief, discerning all in the Spirit of Truth.

Pray, My sweet children; pray for a world that has gone insane, for you will hear of many atrocities, sacrilegious experiments against the living and the dead, [which are] hideous, and the corruption of souls, for Satan wishes to devour the very existence of man and cast out the very knowledge of God from within man. This is a time when darkness rules the world and the hearts of men. It is for this reason that you must take up My Beads of Love and pray often, My Rosary – and more so, receive the Sacrament of Penance and My Beloved Son, Jesus, in the Blessed Eucharist, to strengthen you.

I Love you, My sweet children. Today, I will not speak to My other Privileged children openly, but speak to them in their hearts, for all that I have said is sufficient for all of Our children to follow the path of Truth. Do not become discouraged – even Our Privileged children; you must be attentive and obedient to truth; you must be the examples above all, because you were privileged above all. This also applies to the Apostles, the Disciples, the Queens, Princesses and Baronesses who were selected by God.

Live the life that God has called you to; be obedient to His Holy Will because you were chosen by God; therefore, your crosses will also be measured accordingly, for [to] whom much is given, much is expected. The more that you are given by God, the more responsible you are for your actions. Therefore, be careful that you do not lose that which God has freely given to you.

You must be a shining lightto all those who surround you – but remain humble and little of heart, for whatever you have been chosen to complete in your lives, much of it is for the future – in time to come. The crown for each and every one of you has been moulded and made for you – but this crown will only be given in the life of virtues; then, when you have successfully achieved all that God has asked of you, in humility, then the crown of gloryfrom the Eternal Father, in your missions, will be given to you at the end of your road. And this applies to all the children – each and every one [whom] God has called for the New Holy Era to come.

To all of Our sweet children: I offer you My Immaculate Heart to strengthen you. Be not afraid, for God controls life and death; God controls all that is in this world and in the next; God controls all things, good and evil, My sweet children, for nothing can transpire in your lives unless God permits. Much is permitted to sanctify your lives, so you will remain on the path of Truth and Light. When temptation comes your way, fight it – call on Saint Michael and your Angels, for all of you have many of them. Call on the Saints and My Immaculate Heart and you will triumph over the flesh, the world and the devil – and all temptations. Thus, you become children of the Light, and the `elect’, giving witness to the Truth of My Divine Son, Jesus, in your lives – therefore many souls will desire to follow Jesus, as you have done.

All of you, My sweet children, have been Created out of Love from the Eternal Father. You were Created in Christ Jesus and in Their Spirit. You were Created for God – therefore live as children of God. Do not despise and cast aside the gifts that God hands out to you freely, in abundance. Trust in the Providence and Goodness of your God. God did not Create you to cast you into Hell, but rather, to bring you to Eternal Life with Him. Pray and offer many sacrifices – not only for your own salvation, but for all your brothers and sisters. Judge no man, but pray for them.

The end is near, My sweet children. All of you are with me now at the foot of the Cross, waiting for the completion of God’s Plan for you, mankind and the world – and the Resurrection of Holy Mother Church will then come and joy will flood your souls, never to be taken away from you – to remain with you forever and ever.

I Bless you now, My sweet children – and you, My sweet ‘Rockof Truth: go forward in the Light of My Divine Son, Jesus and be the Light to all that you will meet in your lives. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

My dear children: today all the children marked with the Sign of the Son of Man will be given an exceptional Gift from the Triune God. Ten souls will be given to each soul – from Purgatory – [so] that you will pray for them and these souls will pray for you. It will be dependent upon your offerings and sacrifices [as to] when these souls will be released out of purging. God Himself has selected these souls, and they will accompany you until all have been released, and then they will pray for you, until you have reached your goal in life. And, in time, My Divine Son, Jesus, will reveal who they are. So therefore, pray, pray and pray!

I thank you, My sweet children, for your love and attention to My Words. Give My Words to all whom you love – even those whom you do not know, for all are My children, whether they be sinners or saints. I embrace you all with My Immaculate Heart and place My Mantle and Scapular over all of you to strengthen you in these times of trial and tribulation. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue now to pray, dear children, for I will speak to My little son.(Prayers continue.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has just mentioned – in reference to the Middle East – that there is going to be a lot of problems there; that Iraq is going to send missiles to Jerusalem – and that we have to pray for the Middle East. Also, Our Lady sends Her Blessings to Sister Maria of the Dominican Nuns in Venezuela, Sr. Levina de Silva from Brazil, Franz Keiler from the United States, and Doctor Mary Jane, also from the United States. Our Lady wanted me to mention that. Our Lady now wants Father to Bless us.

FATHER BROUSSARD: Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus, Sanctus. Amen.

OUR LADY: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Baby Jesus also made the Sign of the Cross each time, along with Our Holy Mother.

Our Lady now turns – then moves swiftly, with the Angels, back towards the White Cross. Other Angels are left behind: they are Angels of the Kingdom of Purgatory.

We will sing Salve Regina! (Hymn is sung.)