Message 608 – 27 July 2001

The victory of My Immaculate Heart is near and the victory of My humble faithful children – Your time is coming: the victory and recognition of God’s Work – your Priesthood and finally the Papacy – The work you started so many years ago will flourish like the palm tree of Saint Francis – You are My Mystical Spouse of the Apocalypse – the ‘White Stone’ – who has been given another name.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Mother, will a victory soon come, because Your children are labouring under a heavy yoke and there seems no end to it?

I have just received Holy Communion. Our Lady came with the Baby Jesus and stood before me. Our Lady comes as ‘Our Lady of the Sacred Heart’. Both Jesus and Mary make the Sign of the Cross ++. Jesus leaves His Holy Mother’s Arms and glides towards me; He kisses my forehead and then goes towards one of the members and does the same, and as Father Broussard is cleaning the Chalice, Jesus goes over to him and takes his head in His Hands and kisses his forehead, then returns to His Mother.

In the meantime Our Lady speaks to me, interiorly, about many private things, but says these difficult times will soon change, for God is sifting His children to prepare them for the very dark days ahead of us, as very dark clouds are looming around Calvary, which will descend upon us. Those who respond will remain, while those who become weaker will fall away. Our Lady now makes the Sign of the Cross with the Infant Jesus ++.

OUR LADY: “My Blessed and Holy son of predilection, My ‘Little Moses’ – ‘Abraham’, ‘Little Peter’ – Prophet of God: I greet you and all our children – the elect!”

“I understand well your concerns as to what has developed around you and the world and Holy Mother Church. Do not be disheartened or become discouraged, but continue to offer all and pick up the heavy cross that My Divine Son, Jesus, has given you, for this cross likened to that of My Divine Son, and that given to Our Holy Vicar, is fashioned for you, so that the children of God will be purified and strengthened in the days ahead.”

“Fear not, son, for what has been promised you from My Divine Son and I, will be done, as the Divine Word of God was done in Me, and with Me you can say in all faith: “Be it done, Lord, according to Thy Word. For My Soul Magnifies the Lord My Saviour, for He has done great things for Me; Blessed be His Name, for I shall be called Blessed”.

“Yes, son, the victory of My Immaculate Heart is near. If My Victory is near – so is the victory of My humble children who have remained faithful to God and His Immaculate Spouse, Mary. Your time is coming, sweet son – the victory, the recognition of God’s Work, your Priesthood and finally the Papacy.”

“Much is yet to unfold, My Holy child, precious to My Heart. All those problems that assail you now, will be gone, and the work you started so many years ago will flourish like the palm tree of Saint Francis, your brother. Help will come and many of My children will respond, strongly.”

“You are always in My Heart and Soul as you are My Mystical Spouse of the Apocalypse – the ‘White Stone’, who has been given another name. Let him who has ears understand this meaning of the Divine Word.”

“I Bless you, My son, and I Bless all those whom you love and are faithful to God and to you, His Anointed Prophet and King +. I Bless the Order of Saint Charbel, which shall be recognised, officially, shortly +. I Bless My Holy Vicar, John Paul II, who has not long to go, but will complete his tasks +. I Bless the world which is in need of the Mercy of God, but first needs a rude awakening – which is near – from the Celestial Bodies.”

“I kiss your heart!”

“Your Mother of My Divine Son Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart +. “

“My Divine Son Jesus and I send Our Blessing to the newly Consecrated Bishop of Wollongong +. May he be witness to God’s Truth +”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Some points Our Lady revealed, privately, to me: God is sending a Warning and Sign to all souls who are Apostles and Disciples; the Royal House of David; the Seers and Privileged Souls – that time is very short for them to return in unity with the ‘Little Pebble’. If there is no response soon, they will be removed by God and replaced with others.