Message 618 – 13 December 2002

The Eternal Father is very Angry with mankind because they have closed their hearts to Grace – The terrorists desire to dismantle the security of this nation by a major attack upon the people of Australia – The security of Australia and the world is at great risk – Holy Mother Church will be in desolation as Jesus will be removed from within – Once the shepherd has been struck, all will be scattered – The ‘hour-glass’ is empty, sweet children; the time of reckoning is near – The great War is awaiting its fulfilment – the “war of wars” bringing great destruction upon many lands.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross has been suspended in mid-air for quite some time – since the beginning of the Rosary. Saint Barachiel is to the left of the White Cross, and has given me my ‘sign’. The moon is above the Cross – and I feel as though it is “in mourning”, for it is blood-red. To the left, further away from the Cross, is a flag-pole with the Australian flag flying at half-mast. The sky is a dark shade of royal blue – and Saint Michael is to the right of the Cross, taking-up about a quarter of the sky, holding his sword with both hands, the tip pointing upwards. He wears a Greek – or Roman – style helmet of two thousand years ago; his armour is golden, as are his sandals with laces. Saint Michael is poised to strike.

Going from the Cross to the Tabernacle, forming a pathway – due to being close together and pointing outwards in two rows – are countless thousands of sabres, or Arabian-style curved blades. The Cross now opens up like a doorway, as is most often seen, and a lighted mist flows out of the opening and moves over the sabres – a velvety streak of light.

Our Holy Mother emerges from the Cross now, dressed as ‘Our Lady, Help of Christians’. Behind Her are many soldier Angels or Warriors who are dressed very similar to Saint Michael – each of them carrying a sword with a cross on it – they, also, hold their weapons with tips pointing aloft. Our Mother glides swiftly towards the Tabernacle, followed by many of the Angels, and now enters the Chapel. She does not have the baby Jesus with her this time. Around Her Shoulders there is a long cape, which I can see resembles the Australian flag.

The Angels collect into a semi-circle around Our Holy Mother, in groups – like a choir. Our Lady does not carry a sceptre, but She holds a Holy Rosary in Her right Hand. She looks to be a little sad, as her gaze carefully roves over us, as if to greet each soul individually and speak to it personally. Now She takes-up the Crucifix of the Rosary – which has purple-coloured stones that look to be amethysts – and Kisses the form of Our Lord.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My beloved son – My ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love; I greet My Priest-son, whom we shall call ‘Little John’. I greet all My children privileged here under God’s Domain, the Remnant Church and all God’s children throughout the world!”

“Since my last Visitation to you, much has transpired throughout the world. The Tribulations spoken of in Scripture and in many Apparition places throughout the world are now engulfing the very hearts of Our children. Yet, My sweet children, this is only the beginning of the great Tribulation upon Earth. Much is to come in the coming weeks and months and in the coming year to follow.”

“Every man, woman and child will recognise that the Eternal Father is very angry with mankind, because they have closed their hearts to Grace and have chosen the path to destruction, first, upon their souls and, second, upon humanity itself. What you were told, My dear son, is true – the terrorists desire to dismantle the security of this nation by a major attack upon the people of Australia – in the city of Sydney – on the Feast of My Divine Son, Jesus. This is an insult to the Triune God and to those who believe in the Saviour of the world.”

“The Australian Government and people must be warned not to take lightly the threats that hover over them at this time. The security of Australia and the world is at great risk, for this coming year and the year after will be catastrophic for the human race, unless mankind turns to prayer; turns to reparation for the many sins that offend the Triune God. Many of these sins come also from the ‘elect’ who should have cast away the temptations given to them by Satan – the flesh and the world – for they have the Grace to understand the consequences of sin. And yet, they go forward, blindly, being enticed by the influence and the power of the evil one, who wishes only to destroy their souls and the souls of those whom they love.”

“Holy Mother Church will be in desolation as My Divine Son – Jesus – will be removed from within, through many of the Tabernacles that still house My Divine Son being removed. Our Vicar – John Paul II – will be removed, and all of Our children will go into mourning, for they know that the time of great Graces will come to an end, and the Wrath of God will be felt throughout the nations. Therefore, pray, My sweet children – for once the shepherd has been struck, all will be scattered and division will be at its highest point since the foundation was laid by My Divine Son, through Saint Peter and the Apostles.”

“My children of the remnant must remain united and work together under the current Vicar – John Paul II – and with your future Vicar, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love, who will govern the Church in the midst of the great Tribulation. The ‘hour-glass’ is empty, sweet children; the time of reckoning is near. Turn your lives around to lives of virtue and of truth – and live your lives as if it were your last moment on Earth. In this way you will never fall into temptation, but instead yield a great harvest for the Kingdom of God.”

“Persevere; pray vigilantly – and stand firm on those teachings given to you through the Magisterium of Holy Mother Church, and be not afraid to stand up for your Faith. Already, My sweet children, you see the chastising Hand of God throughout the world – even here in your country, Australia, through the many fires and droughts that stricken the land. However, sweet children, the fires are not over; far worse ones are yet to come – and then will come the deluge of great flooding throughout the land; pestilence shall invade your homes!”

“All these are just warnings to Our children that they have abandoned the Path of Light and sought the darkness. Come out of the darkness now, sweet children, before all is lost. The Great War is awaiting its fulfilment. This war will be the ‘war of wars’, My sweet children, for it shall bring great destruction upon many lands. Therefore, turn to My Divine Son and seek His Mercy and Forgiveness – especially those in high authority who have squandered many Gifts given to them, especially in Holy Mother Church.”

“I come as a sorrowing Mother today, because My Eyes only see bloodshed and sorrow, all because mankind does not listen and learn from their mistakes. Time is short for the world – therefore offer and pray, but do not lose sight of your path. This path is your faith and hope, for the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart is near. Therefore, the triumph of Our remnant children is also near in Holy Mother Church.”

“Bring “Christ” back into Christmas, sweet children. Let My Divine Son reign in your hearts on this great Feast Day given for the salvation of the human race. I send my Maternal Blessing to all of you, here present and throughout the world: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“To you, My beloved son – My little Vicar to come for Holy Mother Church – lift up your heart to Me and My Divine Son, for your triumph is near, for the many who have turned against you over many years, they will witness your victory in My Immaculate Heart – and they will come and ask for forgiveness. Much is to come in your life, My dear son, in the coming years and joy will flood your soul, as My Divine Son and I have promised you. Lead Our sheep and bring them to the ‘green pasture’ of Our Immaculate Hearts. I Bless you, son: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My sweet Apostle, ‘Little Bartholomew’, My Priest-son – from now on you shall be known as ‘Little John’, for you have earned this reward from Our Immaculate Hearts. The ‘Two Pillars’ – My ‘Little Peter’ and ‘Little John’ – I Bless you. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I will remain silent because Our Lady is looking at others.

ROSELILY: I have seen the White Cross suspended in the Universe since morning Mass. Beneath the White Cross, I have seen showers of white roses fall upon the Earth and upon the Community. I have also seen some red roses and a black rose. I now see the black rose in front of the Tabernacle at the foot of the Altar.

I see the ‘Little Pebble’ kneeling before the White Cross and a ray of Light come from the White Cross, towards the ‘Little Pebble’ and into his forehead. I also see a beam of Light enter two souls here present. I see a brown cross with the Holy Ghost upon the centrepiece – this cross is above another soul, and now there are two black crosses above two more souls.

[When the ray of Light came from the White Cross, the Holy Ghost in the form of a Dove was present and entered the ‘Little Pebble’ with the Light. That same Light, with the presence of the Dove, also entered the forehead of three souls individually. This Light grew, until all three rays of Light merged to become one].

I have been told that it is the time of the Apocalypse.

The White Cross opens, and I see chariots come out and surround the ‘Little Pebble’, and with these chariots, gold rays of Light. Now the ‘Little Pebble’ is totally engulfed in this gold Light.

I see a miracle. I see the ‘Little Pebble’ holding a staff that is white. I see fires all around – I don’t see anything living, I just see fires. From this staff comes a Light that covers the ‘Little Pebble’ and it grows rapidly, and the fires are dying.

From here I can see my country, New Zealand, and I see a massive explosion at the centre of the North Island.

Now the White Cross has totally opened up and I see Heaven. I see armies behind the White Cross, and I see Our Lady. She is wearing a cream dress, and at the bottom of this dress are jewels. Each jewel represents a daughter of Our Lady.

Our Lady is going to speak to me. I have asked for my sign.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” (three times)

“I greet you, ‘Roselily’! I greet all My children here present! My child, it is a privilege for you to receive Me beside My ‘Little Pebble’, and a Grace to you and all My children. In future times, this will be a rare Grace, for My son is to be placed upon a road of greater trials, of greater responsibility for mankind.”

“A shadow falls upon you. You live in the times of the Apocalypse, children. You must prepare yourselves physically and spiritually. There will come many changes for My children. You know, children, [you must stand] under the banner of faithful and true – under Our chosen son, ‘Little Pebble’.”

“I thank you, ‘Roselily’, for responding to My Call. I Bless you child, and all My children: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”