Q & A – Little Pebble and Yellow Lily (2007) – 17 April 2007

JESUS: “My Stone, Sweet Flower-Son, whose petals shrink from the heat and who needs a drink to revive him! I shall pour My water deep down through your stem to your roots, for my dear, your roots are still protected in good soil, damp and well secured in the ground. For they are deep roots that have found the well-spring, it is just the moisture must travel very far upward, against gravity to reach the tips that are suffering under the scorch of the sun! Those terrible things my dear, are just that: ‘things’.

“These circumstances are easily moved – and will be as one dusts the house, moving things about and lifting up and setting down again to find the dust in every square corner, as a wife that works for the return of her spouse, his long day over and commutes home, in heavy relentless traffic. She wants things perfected so that when he comes home he may find things in perfect order: his slippers waiting by the door!  You may laugh at Jesus analogies, but it is just so!  Then when he is rested enough, the spouse may settle down to the harder work of keeping the roof above them and the cupboards full. Do not misunderstand me – the bills will always come but the work will pay them.”

“Some days are harder than other ones, the paperwork and the disappointments worse – but everything is in, within, God and He never abandons a hard-working man, who works not so much for himself, but for the family that has been given to him by God, do you see? The office may be small, and no one may see the work being done, in fact the man may feel he accomplishes nothing – that simply is not so – it is enough that he presents himself to God in the morning and approaches the work with good intention: the intention being the Will of God.”

“God places him there. Deal after deal may fall through but as long as the man believes in the goodness of the work he does, he never fails and is never abandoned – no matter what comes his way.”

There was a man forced to dig himself out of a cave, because the rocks had fallen over and covered the entrance, the earth was shaken and had dislodged them, causing a great avalanche blocking out the light. The man, driven because the spark of life within him, wanted to live, so each day longing to show himself again in the light, the man tackled the pile of rocks, disturbing the rubble from where he could reach, and having no implements, except that of his bare hands, he would lift one by one, each rock out of the way, piling the unnecessary rock away from his work, so he was unencumbered in his progress. The work was very hard, exhausting in fact, and sometimes as he lifted a rock a piece would break away and fall; the work was dirty, dusty and dark and often the dust would make it difficult for him to breath – even to see, as flecks of stone and dirt fell into his eyes! Heart-breaking too. As the man scrambled to move and sort the rock, he would see a glimmer,. a spark of light, but as he dug, the rocks around would shift and the hole would disappear again!  Each time this hole of light showing him the way – that he was moving correctly, in the right direction, infusing this space with much needed air and some sound – rejuvenating him, and then in a moment, it seemed he was at the very beginning!  And the man was hungry!  So hungry as to be nearly skin and bone – how long could his strength continue?”

“But the man loved God, the ‘spark’ within him!  He had come to that cave willingly to help God as part of his work, now after so many days – dirty, dusty and trapped, there was no help for him!  Who knew he was in this cave but God in the first place? The God he volunteered for, and now this God was not making a sound, except to move rocks in his way again as he tried to move them out!  This was not fair!  So the man became angry!  He began to throw the rocks against the walls of the cave!  He began to imagine himself running right through the pile of rock at the door! He missed the outside! He had done everything he was supposed to do and the only thing he was rewarded with, was a dark cave and a pile of rocks!”

“But lo!  There is a sound from the other side – and he cannot be sure of it, only as the rocks within where he is, tremble not even to fall!  God had sent someone – unrecognizable and unknown as of yet, who, working higher up on the pile, and throwing the rocks – the useless rocks, to the gorge below; attacking the ‘pyramid’ from the top. A strong man, who could see the rocks needed to be moved, as unnatural where they were!  God had’ inclined it’ to him to be brave and do this, no matter the time: this man also being good, receptive to the call of God.”

“Diligently moving the rocks, so the man inside the cave could finally hear the distant, tap, tap, of work from the other side: the inside.”

“The man rejuvenated for rescue pouring his efforts, and working together, the two men soon saw the pile of rocks thinned and manageable, the man inside the cave no longer afraid.”

“And God there too, working Himself, using the synergy of the cooperative efforts to dislodge and move rocks, so that on their own they move out of the way, seemingly even, lifting themselves up and over – but all in the Hand of Almighty God!  The rocks moved too because no longer locked in or stubborn, they are free to move. Only certain rocks, the bigger ones at the bottom of the pyramid: the pile more fused and rigid in their thinking, resisting these efforts and finally succumbed, pushed over the edge to the gorge below.”

“The man working on the outside of the cave was silent, because it was useless for the one inside to hear him – and he did not want to dissipate himself in useless yelling, his strength much more needed to move the offending rocks. So waiting, until the cover of the cave was very thin, he was finally able to assure the desperate man on the inside that he was indeed near and working for him. The rock being very dense and dead material often thick, so the two men were nearly touching when at last, able to speak.”

“The two men, separated only by one bigger boulder stood and embraced, each happy to see the other’s face, for without knowing they had developed a desperate relationship in God:  The man on the outside eager to help God, the man on the inside freed and ready, hungry to greet the light again, sharing with his brother the light of God: the light in him.”

“Naturally, the man on the outside wanted to know how the man, now his friend, had come to be in that place to begin with. ‘Yes’, said the man,’ I go to these places the hardest ones, the darkest caves to bring out the best diamonds. I search for gems and bring them out in my work; the earth had moved and there I was left until you came along to assist me. Thank you my friend, your diligence has shown itself and even though I am thin and tired, by God’s grace I am powerful and have been given much – come home with me and work with me for God. The man who had been on the outside felt the generosity and genuine love of the one beside him, and accepting the invitation was taken home to greet the family of the rescued man, where in the face of such a happy day, their tiredness was forgotten and trouble lifted…”

“There is a message here, there is much here. My Pebble listen, you are in the tunnel because much has passed, you are in the tunnel not for yourself but because of other souls! You know you are the stick – the thrasher that I use to separate the good kernels, the edible ones, the ones that can be used for seed! The other darnel had to be found out – you know this! Will I not reward innocence more fully than anything else? Does not Jesus’ heart break as yours – more than yours – because of what has taken place, in the face of what could have been, in the face of what could be salvaged? And yet I must leave all to watch and see how much a soul wants My help. Does this not become even worse because I know the added suffering this causes you and all who love?”

“My Pebble you do your work despite the pain, because of it – a true holocaust!  In the midst of the fire you shall not become burned, impenetrable, I do not wish one hair of your head to be singed.  And with this work let us look at how souls have been brought forward risen up and shining out in their love and dependability! You are My Pebble, My Pope fulfilling a well-known and spoken prophecy, even recognised by the Church – those in the Church, making your emergence undeniable and terrible! Awful, as not something disgusting or fear-seeking, but so hope-filled as to weaken knees and bow heads!  God’s power, My power forthwith!”

“Awful as in Awesome! Inspiring! Moving! Earth-changing! A complete alteration of the landscape and you know the landscape I mean: is it not the sheep’s pasture?”

My peace to all, My messengers, My story-tellers! You are not abandoned, you are dearly, truly, forever loved!


4 May 2007 – Questions, through Yellow Lily:

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus, my God: I believe Iran will, or has, the nuclear bomb weapon now, and if America attacks Iran, Iran will use it upon Israel – or at least threaten.  I also believe an aircraft carrier of the USA, will be attacked if the USA threatens Iran!  Should not the USA and the United Nations withdraw, and stop the trade embargoes?  I believe the weapons of “Mass Destruction” are still in Iraq, in Iran and in Syria – is that true?

JESUS: “You may tell My son, yes, this is all true with an important component. Do not forget My son, the technologies held by Russia, because yes, they do!  Russia is secretly aiding the enemies of the United States Republic, they are hidden under smouldering details, but any minute these shall ignite with a simple spark – something will be made of nothing and accuse Israel and the USA. It shall come about this way, another international ‘incident’.”

“Those who want war do not need an excuse only the wisp of a spark to inflame themselves. The embargoes should be lifted, as they only serve to hurt the poor, more – those with power will always find what they need. The region does not need any more money or resources poured into it, as this will only be reversed against the United States.  A carrier shall be hit – there will be a great loss of life!  The weapons of “Mass Destruction” do exist – the American public is being lulled into a false sense of ‘security’.”

“Israel knows these exist, but remains quiet for the time being as she is ‘taxed’ to the limit. Israel knows how things will go and in the meantime plans for it.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus my Saviour: I have been studying Maria Valtorta carefully. In the writings of the teachings of the Sabbath after the sermon at the foot of the mountain, You preached about the Will of God, that we must live for God’s Will! This I have believed and lived most of my life! However, there is a part I wish to comprehend more, please! You speak about Your coming as Judge; You said:

JESUS: “I will come to separate the sheep fed with truth, from those who mixed truth and error. I will do that the first time and once again – and woe betide those who, between the first and second Appearance before the Judge will not have purged themselves!”

YELLOW LILY:  What does it mean – separate the sheep between the first and second?  Has that to do with the first coming and second ?  But if that is the case, man does not live 100 years to change, as the second coming is still many years to come?  Then if the false prophets prophesy in your name and the prophecies are not fulfilled – but they are clothed in your prophetic mantle – so how can they prophesy falsely?  Because they also cure in your name?

(E: I see my friend St. Pendulius beside me holding his big quill in his right hand, he looks at me with his head bowed, he smiles gently, then resumes looking down to the floor, his head bowed)

JESUS: “My son I understand well your question and I shall answer this way, between the first and second coming there is much time yes, but not really as you can see man has still not had enough, as he remains much as he was since The Fall, being consumed completely with evil appetites.”

“God sent Me, God formed His Church – His True Church for the True Salvation of man. Satan mixed this message (as he was ALLOWED) to enter into contravening hearts.  Times are such that even my One True Church has been infiltrated and the course taken, that all I have set down is watered away – considered unimportant and non-contemporary!”

The meaning is clear look to Revelation:  The book of the end times, and you know the verse I mean: ** “and the people clothed in white, having washed their garments in the blood of the Lamb,… and he sat on a throne beside the Son of Man…they waved their palms and were full of joy, all their tears dried.” ** You know what this means!  You know what you are!  How many times have I called you’ the lamb of the Lamb of God?’

“Yes, you know this is true My son. Woe betide those who do not see the work you do in the face of a Holy Communion that has suffered and continues to suffer and will suffer, at the hands of a dismantled Church! More than one Caiaphas!  Woe to those who do not measure the fruit and move!  Woe to those who do not purge themselves of the buildings and the edifice – all theories mean nothing, if in their heart they mean to dismantle in ‘modernism’; that lose the gentleness, the respect, the sheer royal ceremony that must be as Heaven bends to touch Earth, and sends God’s rays simultaneously throughout the hearts gathered there, preparing them for the ‘Oneness’ so wanted by God for them, to them, with, – in them!

“You are My King, I have given you an era – a timeless era, because of this work you do. You may liken it – yourself – as a great sponge that has sat in a lake, the sponge has been given some time, the water allowed to soak into – absorb itself – into the ‘shelter’ and ‘use’ of the sponge. God comes along and with His hands He holds it.  Satan, jealous of anything God has, grabs the sponge and with God watching begins to wring, and twist, squeeze and tear at it. As happens, some water is wrought out, those drops that cannot cling to the ‘truth’ – the ‘absorbency’ of the sponge, and they let go back into the lake or even falling on to the ‘person – being’ of Satan, then become as acid, some drops touch Satan, then fall back into the lake and some drops even while underneath Satan’s grip touching him, by – through, imposition – remain within the folds of the sponge.  Look at the shape of a sponge:  pliable – yet able to retain its shape, porous, where liquid, water, can move freely within its pockets, natural, humble – unaware of how much it holds; the use of a sponge to help man make clean.  Do you see?  God is using Satan’s jealousy to measure how well the water droplets in the sponge have soaked into its material: its constitution: its truth.

“After a time, God sees nothing more can be brought out, the sponge still very wet – this ‘wet’: His Hope – and God imposes on Satan; releasing the sponge he runs away howling to a corner of darkness.  Then God very gently dips the sponge back into the pool of water and wipes his brow, hot with work, those souls: redeemed through contrition, and the sponge is taken by God all over the world. Tucking it underneath His Arm, He carries it as His most useful tool.”

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, that is very beautiful! Is in there contained what our Pebble is asking about false prophets and curing in your name?

JESUS: “In part Elaine, as any true Prophet is measured by his truth: the state of his life as matching the life of Jesus in work and charity – learning love for God and neighbour; in living within the humble, sublime shadow of God, which is in fact the life of sunshine!

Let us make it clear: there has always been prophecy because man knows his nature – it is easy to predict a calamity; a true Prophet is one who is able to predict peace, nay I say more, lives in peace despite what surrounds him. What is not true, always reveals its colours in time because God holds all and allows for it.

“One can say, ‘there will not be peace’, and by virtue of his words with the scowl on his face can predict the future.  One may look to cure when in fact they do not stand for Me and so the cure does not last because it is not true.

“Truth is identified in its unity, its suffering – peaceful resignation and love, despite what circumstances bring. Truth rises to the top, just as good cream: it is smooth, fulfilling with a long-lasting memory of something that is wonderful.

My Jesus, what about those who think they are being helped through a true prophet but they are not?

JESUS: “Those Elaine of a trusting heart, are like children protected and cautioned by a parent, if the soul tries for God it is never abandoned and is made to know.

“You see an apple, it is beautiful and glossy, perfect in its points and skin – as you approach and grab it, your common sense tells you there is something wrong, it does not feel right, the weight is wrong, the texture of the skin, instinctively you do not bite – there is no sweet perfume.  You look more closely and you discover it is plastic, manufactured – you walk away.”

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, one more thing for your Elaine!  In your sponge story, the lake I understand is meant to represent souls, as the sponge is lifted out of the water, and wrung out and all that – what about the rest of ‘the lake’?

JESUS: “My Elaine, the rest of the lake are souls God knows about.  Some water is evaporated up to maintain the weather, some water feeds the plants and animals and some water in that lake chooses to stay where it is, alone. God knows all and only those who want to be left will be.  Amen.”

** I have found what Jesus means in Revelation:

Chapter 4:21

“To him that will overcome I will give to sit with me in my throne: as I also have overcome and I am set down with my Father in his throne.”

Chapter 7: 9-17

“After this I saw a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and in sight of the Lamb, clothed in white robes and palms in their hands.”

“And they cried with a loud voice saying:  Salvation to our God, who sitteth upon the throne, and to the Lamb.”

“And all the angels stood round about the throne and the ancients and the four living creatures.  And they fell down before the throne, upon their faces, and adored God, Saying: Amen. Benediction and glory, and wisdom and thanksgiving, honour and power and strength, to our God forever and ever.  Amen”

“And one of the ancients answered and said to me: these that are clothed in white robes who are they? And whence came they?”

“And I said to him:  My Lord, thou know.  And he said to me:  these are they that are come out of the great tribulation and have washed their robes and have made them white in the blood of the Lamb.”

“Therefore they are before the throne of God: and they serve him day and night in his temple.  And he that sits on the throne shall dwell over them.”

“They shall no more hunger nor thirst: neither shall the sun fall on them, nor any heat. For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne, shall rule them and shall lead them to the fountains of the waters of life: and God shall wipe all tears from their eyes.”

7 August 2007 – Question, Little Pebble: 

YELLOW LILY: Dearest Jesus, I come to you with a letter from Your little son ‘Abraham, Peter II’,  where he talks about a T.V. Programme that tries to say Your beautiful Bones and those of Your precious Mother, Spouse of the Holy Ghost and the ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love, are actually in a tomb, how ridiculous!

Your son asks my Jesus:

LITTLE PEBBLE: ‘…they portrayed the tomb being not that of the Resurrection, but the real tomb where Your Bones have been found; also Mary and Saint Joseph with Archaeologists finding stone coffins with the names of everyone on them. It is truly amazing, I am sure convincing to the world. Of course I have the answer to this, but I do not wish to reveal it, because it is disgusting that men are still trying to deny You as God. I weep for You! Can You explain the answer to this to Elaine, as the answer is in my thoughts? Thank You Jesus!’

15 August 2007 – Answer, Jesus

YELLOW LILY: I kneel and kiss the Pieta, I have been asking our Blessed Jesus to answer this for William. I am told internally ‘Do not be afraid.’  I get up and as I turn around to face my computer, I see my Jesus looking at me, tall and wonderful in a white tunic. As I type, Our Jesus stands on my left, looking. Over His Heart I see shining out a golden ‘P’ with a line through as people see as a sign of Jesus in the Church, something to do with Peace and it is Latin I think too. As I write this my Jesus smiles gently and nods at me.

JESUS: “Elaine this ‘sign’ is the germ of every heart belonging to Jesus.”

“What my William has seen and knows, is the names of Jesus and Mary were the sign of Christians and throughout Christendom, these names were used to show the ‘Great Fraternity’. This was to show the importance of invisibility in the world. What is still the Sign of Brotherhood? Is it not Jesus and Mary?  Let ‘the world’ think as they will, what matters, is that true believers – those in ‘the sift’ can recognise this falseness because of tenets of faith laid down since its foundation.”

“We saw these days coming didn’t we, what matters, we recognise them for what they are.  Let this be again, and AGAIN, a warning of the dangers of television. I tell you truly, for it shall be the means used to quickly propagate the image of one who will terrify the world.”

“Be at peace under the sign of Jesus and Mary”

Jesus, son of Mary, Helper of Christians”

YELLOW LILY: I look up at Jesus and watch Him give a little, gentle smile: ‘Shalom’