Woe! Woe! Woe! – The Little Pebble – 1 October 2008


God and the Blessed Virgin Mary have warned us of all that is taking place in this world today since the nineteenth century, an echo of the Prophets of Old, some six thousand years ago; Christ the Son of God and two thousand years of Christian Prophets – and lastly, the Prophets of the twenty-first century. Yet, has man listened and changed?

The Book of the Apocalypse – Revelation – tells it all. The One World Government; the One World Church; the United Nations; the Age of Control; the Age of Technology; the time when Justice is reversed, where truth is evilly portrayed and innocence portrayed as guilt. Where the world is revolting against man’s abuse; where animals are worshipped and loved more than humanity; where charity has grown cold.

Evil has triumphed and the Godly values that dignify man have been reduced to unruly humanity governed by self, greed, materialism, and a spiritual void – where his god is money, power and entertainment for the elite and a few of the world’s population; where the poor become poorer and the rich become richer.

Now the Great Depression is upon us, controlled by the One World Order and the World Bank to bring forth the Third World War and the full control of man by the Barcode, so that every movement of man is under the control of the powerful. Those who oppose this are labelled as “Sect” or “Cult” leaders – fanatics – and many will be imprisoned to silence them, so that the One World Government can continue to build their “Utopia”, thus crushing the spirit of a free humanity under their belief in a Loving, Forgiving God, which is expressed in all Races, whether it be the Jewish God Yahweh, the Christian God Jesus Christ, the Muslim God, Allah or Buddha – Krishna or Hindu; so where is the world heading and is there a solution?

The world’s global crisis of money, oil and over use of the world’s products are all facades portrayed by the world leaders as a means to control the masses. Do not believe it – this is only to prepare the way for the Antichrist, Maitreya, to come to the “rescue” of the world and thus enslave humanity under the control of the World Watch Dog through our modern technology.

How is it that yesterday the United States of America’s Wall Street Stock Market was so strong, yet in only one night billions of dollars is wiped away? Let us look at it like this: You have one barrel of oil today standing on a platform – this barrel was not moved today, so where did it go the next day? All is a façade, similar to what the famous magician David Copperfield does: one minute it is there, the next it is not. The people of the world are being duped.

The world is proceeding headlong into dark deep calamities of the Earth; the Tsunami of recent years in Indonesia, the hurricanes in the United States, the mud slides in South America, the earthquakes in China, the floods of India and Asia, the continued carnage in the Middle East, the poverty in Africa, and much more. These will seem as little in comparison with what will come to the Earth in the next few years. The Stock Market will crash; war will come to Iran and Syria. The Nuclear Station of Iran will be bombed; the United States will have a far worse attack than 9/11, and a very heavy shift of the plates in the Pacific Ocean will cause untold deaths, damage and a cosmic disaster.

The Great Depression will bring starvation to the West; homelessness, revolution and the Third World War; the invasion of Europe by Russia; the invasion of Asia by China; Australia will be invaded by Indonesia, and the United States will be attacked.

People of God: read the messages of the Prophets, Seers and Visionaries of the 20th and 21st Century, then you will understand.

See OTHER PROPHECY on this Site for a list of major Apparitions and Seers

Think clearly: Sodom and Gomorrah were two big cities in the time of Abraham. God said to Abraham that if he could find ten just men He would save the two cities from being destroyed. There would have been about one million inhabitants. In Noah’s time the world population would have been millions, yet God only found one just family. In the great City of Nineveh there were one-hundred-and-twenty thousand people – not one survived,

In the Revelations given since 1865 to now, Jesus and Mary revealed the world is far worse than those cities just mentioned. So what do you think is in store for mankind? There is only one remedy: turn away from your evil ways; turn to God and repent of your sins. Start turning back the clock and return to a more simplified life. Go to live in the country; become self-sufficient and live the life God meant us to live.

The Great Mystics of all Faiths have warned that the world the age we now live in will change to a New Golden Era, but the world must be cleansed first. All Prophecies from all Faiths believe that 2012-2013 will be the end of this Era. Pray and reflect! Please read the Message for you, from God Who Loves us.

The Mayan Calendar, like many other Calendars, refer to 2012, being the ‘end of time’ – but it is the beginning of a new time for man, preparing him for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the arrival of the Prophet of the Antichrist and the Antichrist himself.

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