Q & A The Little Pebble and Yellow Lily (2009) – 10 April 2009

Q & A The Little Pebble and Yellow Lily (2009) – 10 April 2009

10 April 2009 – Good Friday

YELLOW LILY: I am looking on the Internet at the incorrupt bodies of Saints, and I feel a Presence sitting on the chair on my left. Our Jesus sits beside me in the chair. He sits tall and beautiful. Our Jesus is in silks, a pale yellow, with a stole of white with pale yellow lilies, that twined together in an intricate design, that I have seen Jesus wear before. This design glitters – He smiles so sweetly to me. He says:

JESUS: “Will you write?”

“Seek Ye the Ways of the Lord, and be not afraid those who try, for Jesus sees all and loves this trying – this trying that is fraught in love. I ask My soldiers in too many battles, and My soldiers remain by My side, despite the effects of the world, For I see past these effects – I know the roots and look at the roots – only those. The rest is as lacquer that with tears, laughter and the ‘Will to do well’ is removed. Jesus sees the soul – Jesus knows His souls and will succeed for them. I have promised victory and I will have it.”

“Be not afraid. A promise is a promise and as the world seems to swallow and be swallowed, I remain and rain down My Love to souls – all souls. All those who need it have been marked with My Sign, this has been done – long since; the sides have been chosen – long since, and nothing remains but the playing out of a pre-determined history on the world stage – this must come to pass. Remain in your Easter vigils.”

“This is the Day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad.’ A very beautiful psalm – let it be a song in your hearts.”

“I Am watching over all of you carefully, I am in vigil. I will not be mitigated and you shall not be corrupted. Be at peace!”

“I love you.”


4 October 2009:

YELLOW LILY: Jesus stands waiting for me to finish typing, I watch as He throws His right Hand in the air and releases around Him what looks like colourful confetti, but it is not confetti, this seems like tiny bits of glass as it is very bright. Jesus waits now.

JESUS: “Peace to you My Elaine! As Jesus greets you, He sends you Grace and to those who read this, Grace is theirs too. Grace is never limiting, in fact, Grace expands the Universe as a universe that cannot be measured except by the soul that accepts it, and descends into it to succeed higher. Grace defeats fear and evil, it is sufficient in everything and for every need. But for those who refuse it as lost moments, what is Jesus to do? Am I to take over a will? No, Jesus will not do that. Jesus gives everything for a mission to be accepted, more than everything, as Jesus for each human mission, allows Himself, as Infinite, to infiltrate a desired heart. I leave it to a soul to accept what I am offering, but more than Me, My Father in Heaven, Who with great love chooses singular souls. Missions are not random, there is no roll of the dice –  circumstance and personality are  as well chosen as a flower to its soil – this the Father sees to!

“Each mission is as a great treasure, unique to a life, a life of service to God and man – the answer to happiness – so when one accepts their holy mission of God, they may be assured of happiness, a happiness that does not dismiss the use of sorrow or hardship, but with it, grows a soul to their individual calling of Sainthood, a happiness that assists other souls to God! I ask a lot of beloved friends, but as ‘The Infinite’ I can promise a happiness and joy that is limitless for those who accept Grace.”

“As Grace speaks to you, I know the human struggle, I know what it is like to be tired, to wonder, and to fear!  I know the call of the world!  I can fill the cup and the thimble, I can cause the torrent or the drop, I know what is necessary, but the soul must accept Me and reject the world, that love must be greater, or a soul will lose!”

“And Time marches on, not for the good of God but for ‘the Good of God’ – do you understand? A mission that is accepted, assures for God the acceptance of other missions! Within circumstance and personality and the infinite patience of God, (a God who loves every soul, watched as an infant underneath Him), I must allow for a period of indecision and do; God will never reject you, it is always you who reject your mission, it is your actions that reveal your heart and so Mary must raise up another.”

“I will pour down on your beloved head every Grace during a period of indecision, fear or doubt, so to lead to joy!  Do not be ashamed about indecision but come to Me, a pleading Jesus, dressed royally for you, My Beloved! Do not reject love!”

YELLOW LILY: (I see Jesus holding a gong in one hand and a small knocker in the other). Jesus is now kneeling in His golden tunic, His Arms are out:

JESUS: “I see what is to come out of all the love that is accepted by God and it is a wonderful thing. What saddens Jesus is a lost potential and inevitable confusion, as the soul then must face the question of what comes next.”

YELLOW LILY: I see Jesus standing now with His Holy Head bowed, I watch as the vision is taken from me, pulled into the light of Jesus’ Chest.

I promise this is what I saw and heard, offering everything to our God.

19 October 2009 – Question Little Pebble

YELLOW LILY: Reply from William’s letter — re: another Maria Valtorta – around October 13 …

I am crying as I approach Heaven – I am alone in the house I am moving from. I approach Jesus and start to cry. Jesus is tall beside me, almost immediately beside my chair. He comes close, crouches beside me, and I cry harder.

JESUS: “Why are you crying – because I have not been praying, as I should?”

YELLOW LILY: I watch Jesus raise a playful Finger and wag it a little.

JESUS: “That is a good reason!”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus smiles so sweetly and kisses me on the forehead. Jesus moves a little to one side and I see a great stack of letters in different piles.

JESUS: (smiling) “I am going to need a secretary!” (for William’s letters) “And there will be more! I know what I have invented; I know what I have made! Yes another will be raised close to you for now, but each I have given will, as they wish, fulfil to the letter the mission pressed before them; sweet olives that shall, in their turn, in unprecedented ways, pour their oil on your work, your cup, your head.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus looks at me intently, then back to William’s letter that He has been holding.

JESUS: “You know William that Elaine is not far or long from you, I want it so, and two wills desire it – that is all Jesus needs to ensure the success of mission work. You wish another ‘Valtorta’ I firmly tell you, your work for the Church will, and must, be greater than Valtorta because this requires special Mystics, indeed, blessed by her. You shall have a great culmination of ‘Valtortas’ once souls are refreshed. Like new runners, Heaven will pour onto them great treasures, explanations, scenes, mysteries, indeed prove their affiliation with you and your affiliation with Heaven for Holy Mother Church. You shall see a descent of information as the Church of the modern-day struggles in her scepticism, indeed atheism.”

“What you head, the Infinite Church, the Church will use what I send through My ‘Valtortas’ as a dagger cutting through the evil rhetoric of him, Anti-pope. She is the one I bring; she is for now.”

YELLOW LILY:  I see a long flower with a deep purple blossom like a huge lady’s slipper.

20 October, 2009 – Question, Little Pebble:

YELLOW LILY: I am in my kitchen, thinking about getting a second reply from Jesus and I feel His presence, I look up, Jesus is smiling looking down at me.

JESUS: “There is another seer to be raised for the time being, she is young.”

YELLOW LILY: I see someone (features not clear) rise from a golden treasure chest to stand beside Jesus, I look down to write and when I look up, I only see our Blessed Lord.

JESUS: “Please tell My Pebble ‘Valtortas’ have been given to you – the greatest prodigy of Seers combining all the centuries because of the holy outpouring to come to the Church. Jesus opens His Arms wide and I see great power (as light) rise from them, I see ‘mercy’ in this light. I will open the doors of My Heart so wide, as to collapse Its structure – again, there will be nothing left of Jesus for men; my Heart already a soup within Me, for the atrocities of men and for those few – so few – who remain with Me, not the least of which, you, My Pebble-Pope, whose own heart has been mortified beyond human measure: you are sustained by God.

“Jesus knows what you are asking, yes another comes, little and powerful, a sparrow in winter who uses her wings against the wind. But I promise you My son – for those that have not rejected us through this period of seeming bleakness, are the ones spoken of in the bible of seeing dreams.  All shall come around you again, a great renewal – this is My Promise – I shall fulfil it. And from you, the world shall see what I have in store for My Church, to combat, as necessary, the unprecedented, unmeasured heresies that shall drip from a poor, leper Church.  They shall make her as tatters, but for those who know, for those with even the smallest deposit of Grace – with prayer – shall be made strong and able to see the emphatic difference from each corner, draw sides and succeed.

“There is a great thing about heresy that the ancient one, in pride, always underestimates. To combat it, God allows a powerful outcrop of personalities, performers, and strong men disguised as weak, who are used as amazing vessels of His undying truth!  And so when you speak about ‘Valtortas’ know that for her time and her weakness, God shall be greater than even then and even her, for you – the little Pope, My Prince of Justice.”

YELLOW LILY: As I look up, I see Jesus holding a great book, looking down at its open pages, Jesus looks at me again.

JESUS: “A great cumulative work that never denies what has been laid down before, a rich heritage of doctrine and formulae because I want it and before Me, My Father.  Seers that do not lose their orthodoxy but with the treasures provided by Heaven fill in every blank and answer every question and mystery of faith! As prayer rings at the door of God, what God allows are the very doors of Heaven perpetually open! The Mass will be recognised for what It Is and for what It Does, indeed , by the naked eye.  Believe!”

“Then they cannot say: ‘I did not understand, I was not shown…’   No, it shall be impossible for them to say that and ‘Why does it only happen under him? And why does it grow and grow and grow in the midst of death?’”

“More than Valtortas, she was only a precursor for the Church of what I shall bring and have made – for a time even greater and more terrible than the one she lived through.”

“Amen, My sweet son, hear My whisper as it grows even greater within you on the eve of your triumph (and it is yours as My Successor)! I Am well pleased as All-Hope, made eternally, forever and ever – we shall not see death!”


YELLOW LILY: I look to Jesus, He is smiling and has finished, I am called away while Jesus stays. I blow Him a kiss and give a smile. I promise this is what I saw and heard offering everything to Almighty God.