Rainbow Rose of the Ark of Mary – 18 January 2012

RAINBOW ROSE: After not getting to bed until very, very late – I think it was after 3 a.m. – I am woken up in the morning by Jesus’ Voice:

JESUS: “Rise Rainbow Rose, I need you to write for Me, please get up. Rise, Rainbow Rose, rise please.”

RAINBOW ROSE: I looked up from out of the blanket and Jesus is there looking kindly at me – standing in front of me wearing a white tunic. I make my way to the table with a piece of paper and pencil. I am so sleepy!

JESUS: “My Dear Servants, My Dear Brothers and Sisters, It is I, your Jesus come to speak. I promised that I would continue to speak; you see again, so I Am here; I do.”

“Little Ones – the Delights of My Heart, the Each, Singular Delights of My Heart, My Lights, My Readiness! I have watched you make preparations and I Am pleased with the vigour, steadiness, and application to which this has been done; this will save your lives and I promise, with the same diligence as God, will your lives be defended: you are assured. Moreover, you shall see after, the speed to which you have committed yourself to God’s instruction and Warning, the speed of which shall you see the world’s recovery, after all, this is ultimately why we work; for when you defend Christ in the world, so do you help repair it and cleanse it. There are so many blind!”

“Jesus comes to tell you, so soon shall you see Our Cross in the sky, so soon shall you see in it Our sign. Magnify yourselves! Within that time, take risks and tell other brothers and sisters what this Cross means; invite them to prepare as you can; invite them within your sanctuaries, moreover, convert them!”

“Jesus comes to say further: Dispel fear! Do not say these things gravely, but speak with brightness, with safety and confidence, Amen.’

“Your Church will be thrown into disarray as this Cross appears, because many will not understand its meaning; be not afraid, we know its meaning. Your Pope is safe for now; your Pope is moved for safety and as he is moved Our Successor is raised. Within Heaven, the process began so long ago as part of the ‘Triumph of Mary’. As the Pope is moved, know the time is yet limited, but enough time exists for what must happen to assist and promote his rightful Successor to the Chair. Amen. You are assured!

“What does that mean?  Look for very busy days after the Warning. After the Warning the race has begun in its final stages of this period, this lag, this lap, poor tired legs!”

“What does Jesus mean? I speak in a language so that all will understand; I speak in a language that will make clear the time, in the time: the Warning is a friend to the people of God. Who is a friend to God? A good soul: repentant, loving and willing to change to become perfect as your Father in Heaven who is perfect; who is not afraid to be illuminated and looks on this chance with Him as a wonderful thing.”

“I have said Pope Benedict is trapped – a prisoner! Mary has said before, that many Popes are made prisoner because of the sect existing within Vatican walls. During the Warning these fools will not believe the Sign in the Heavens is from The Only True God, but from him who is their god. Do you see how our battle lines are made?”

“My Dears, they will try to cling tighter to him during this week, but we still have friends and the Holy Father will be secured and moved. At the Illumination your dear Holy Father will know what to do – he will be told where to go; there, our preparations continue for the Church. It is from there, from where he is, the Papal Seal is affixed. Remain Awake! A dialogue will begin to have him returned – do not be afraid – so as he secedes he has done the necessary things, My stars.”

“Please pray that the memory of these events, the memory of the moment of intimacy worldwide, stays fresh in the fields of men’s minds. Your Jesus stands ready, stay ready with Him.”

The Warning is mitigated by the weather and a relative calm in the world. Be not afraid, thank you for your prayers.”

You see I Am ready and I shall speak again to all believers; I shall speak to all who want Me to.”

Jesus, King of Battle,

Victor of Heaven,

Father to all Little Children,

Son of the Living God.

Amen, take My Blessing Earnest Hearts.”

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