Message 664 – 18 May 2012

Celestial Warning and final display of Antichrist; Anti-Pope and the 12 Anti-Apostles to ravish Church and world – False miracles; one of dark secrets puts himself on Throne of Peter; 12 False Prophets spew venom on Chosen Instruments – Remnant Church to face martyrdom – Jesus will be mercilessly attacked in His Eucharistic Heart – No longer Transubstantiation of Species – Attack upon Poland; War in Middle East against Israel; assassination of leader; near fall of Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain – 5 more Prophets raised – When Benedict removed, many will be hunted; need to choose sides: Jesus or Lucifer.

LITTLE PEBBLE: It is 12.30pm. I pray my Holy Rosary and I see the White Cross in the sky with a Eucharistic Sun in the middle of the cross-beam. There is a sea of water between the Cross and my cell, and there are seven Archangels behind the Cross, with Saint Michael in the middle. I can see a huge wooden ship on the sea, with Our Holy Mother Mary standing on it, holding the Baby Jesus on Her left Arm. Jesus is holding the Holy Rosary while Mary is holding the Brown Scapular. I see my Sign. It is so nice seeing Our Lady as I have not seen Her for some time.

On either side of this ark/ship I can see Saint Enoch and Saint Elijah holding books and scrolls, and behind Our Holy Mother on the big ship is a sail on a mast; the sail carries the Coat of Arms of the Last Pope. I noticed how the sea was so choppy, but as the ship sailed through it the waters became calm.

The ship stops at my cell – I even see the water coming into my cell. Jesus moves from Our Holy Mother’s Arm and floats towards me, Kisses my forehead and makes the Sign of the Cross: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Our Holy Mother glides into my cell.

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My beloved and holy son of My Immaculate Heart: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. It has been some time since I came to you on this Glorious Feast Day so important to mankind and the Church. The Ark of Salvation is with you, My son. I bring this Ark to gather all My children who have been signed with the Mark of Redemption of My Divine Son, Jesus, to prepare all of you for the great confrontation which approaches the Mystical Body of Christ against the Antichrist and his False Prophet, and all those who remain the enemy of the Triune God.”

“The end of this Era is near, and the final stages before My Divine Son, Jesus, Returns in the Flesh will be manifested by the coming of the Celestial Warning and the final display of the Antichrist and his Prophet, the Anti-Pope, and the Twelve Anti-Apostles who will ravish the Church and the whole world: the moment of the Great Tribulations. My sweet children must now turn their hearts to God, take up My Beads of Love, and wear the many Sacramentals offered to them – notably My Brown Scapular – to protect all those they love.”

“The Seals of the Book of Revelation are being opened; the Scrolls being revealed and the Trumpets will sound so that all men have the opportunity to give their Fiats to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, so that their prayer to My Father and yours will say in unison: ‘Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!’ The Kingdom of the Divine Will is upon you, My children. The Holy Angels go among you to mark your souls with the Book of Life – the Sign of My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“God will – within a very short time – bring His Light into your hearts so that you can make that final choice before Jesus Returns, in all Power, Majesty and Glory, to hand over to the Triumphant Church the New Paradise of Perfect Love and Will. You will now see events that you have never seen, My children, since the foundation of the world. These signs will be seen in the atmosphere, the outer space, the inner Earth and sea; false miracles will be witnessed as the emergence of the One of Dark Secrets places himself upon the Throne of Peter and the Twelve False Prophets spew their venom upon My Chosen Instruments, bringing strong persecution upon God’s children. Enoch and Elijah of Old will come to proclaim the truth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, supporting all true Prophets of God on Earth and the many Voice-boxes sent by God at this time to help the Remnant Church to go through these times safely, with faith and trust in God’s ever protection and love.”

“But listen well, My children, when the Great Tribulation in its final stages is ushered before mankind with the opening of the Sixth Seal; know that, as of Old, many of My children of the Remnant Church, while going into hiding, will face Martyrdom to complete the count of those who need to be washed clean by the Blood of the Lamb. But you need not fear as I, Your Heavenly Mother, will always be there placing My Mantle over you.”

“God will also work great Miracles associated with the True Prophets of My Divine Son Jesus, to defuse any power of the false miracles that will be given by the Anti-Apostles and False Prophets of the Antichrist. Be alert, My children, for My Divine Son Jesus will be mercilessly attacked in His Eucharistic Heart by the power of the Dark Side of the Church, which will mock My Son by replacing the True Eucharistic Presence with a sham celebration which no longer will have the Transubstantiation of the Species of the Divine Saviour but, rather, a curse which comes directly out of the mouth of the Deceiver. It is to show My faithful children of the abomination that will take place in God’s House upon Earth. Take time, My children – not only to pray as a family and community of the faithful – but spend time to read Holy Works of God, the Holy Writ and Writings of the Saints and many Messages given to mankind; spend time in silent reflection away from the world.”

“The Warning is now upon you children. The events in the world will escalate rapidly; the attack upon Poland is near; the war in the Middle East against Israel is imminent – the assassination of a Leader will precipitate this. The Revolution is now to come with the near fall of Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and others – and the world will become alarmed. Prepare your household; store your food and water – the hour has arrived.”

“Jesus will raise more Prophets now, so that no man will be unaware of the coming events. Many of these new Prophets will seek you out, My holy son, because it has been given to you to guide the Mystic Church upon Earth. You will all speak as one voice, though many of the same Spirit. Pray, My children, for your Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict, as he has much yet to do before he is ousted from Rome.”

“I come today under the Title I came to you, My sweet shepherd and spouse – “Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians” – as this relates to Saint John Bosco’s Dream. I am the Ark of salvation, help of all Christians and Mankind – especially during these turbulent times of Christendom. Continue to offer and pray, My chosen son; all your offerings and sufferings will help to bring back all those souls who left the road of truth to follow an easier path, but found it was not so. Your time has arrived, and in the coming months all will come to pass as was stated so many years ago. Be at peace, for joy will come your way now. Son, there are five more Prophets – main ones – who will be raised during these precarious times. Each Prophet raised represents a figure of the Apocalypse”

“All My children must strengthen their lives with the Holy Eucharist while they can, because the Churches will close and it will be difficult for My children to receive the Sacraments, as the servants of Christ will be scattered once Pope Benedict is removed, and many will be hunted and removed from sight. So be attentive and pray My Holy Rosary, and the many prayers We of Heaven have given to you. Be not troubled or afraid, My children, as Heaven Loves you and watches over you.”

“In a few more months, My children, God’s Illumination will come and the world will know the truth. Nothing will be hidden from you that pertains to God’s Truth, and then you will need to choose sides: Christ Jesus, My Divine Son – or Lucifer, the Angel of Darkness.”

“I and My Divine Son, Jesus, Love you and desire all the many billions of children now on Earth to come with Us into the New Paradise prepared for all of you. I send My Maternal Blessings to all of the world’s children. + Come into the Ark of My Immaculate Heart that awaits you, with a Motherly invitation – do not leave it to the last minute of your existence as you know not the hour when Jesus Calls: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My pure and holy shepherd of God’s children: remain at peace, for We know how heavy your cross has been. Soon all will be lifted from you so that you can reunite with your family and those whom you love. I send My Blessings to you all: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I send My Infant Jesus to all these hearts.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus kisses me again, places the Rosary over my head, and returns to Our Holy Mother: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

OUR LADY: “The Brown Scapular Jesus will bring to the next chosen soul God has raised, who will contact you soon. Place those excerpts of the Messages your Angel gave you, this morning, at the end of the Message.”

“Son, I and My Jesus have placed one of the Angels of the Apocalypse at your side; it will be shown to you who He is shortly, and he will remain with you until My Divine Son Jesus Returns: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Now I will speak to you about private matters +.


RAINBOW ROSE: I pray and see Jesus present; I feel a great call to write, the words flow out easily, and I hear Jesus powerfully within.

JESUS: “My hope is in the Name of the Lord, who hath made Heaven and Earth! Behold come unto Me and see My salvation; see those things that I have planned and from those things the redeemed shall rejoice. From those things, all will know that I, the Lord, Am like a tall mountain full of good things for men, and on this mountain shall a rock be – a rock that no one can move except I, the Lord.”  

“See him, yes, see him, who is the answer to My enemies; whom God will cause to flounder and will loose the chains of His Church; Saints shall fly through her doors! See him who is the answer, like a river to drown evil doers! See him who has pleased the Lord through infirmity and calamity! See him, this brave stalk, from which all things in the coming days shall flourish! See him who I have set on and around, a great garden of souls, resplendent, in these days of men full of dirt and derision! See him who cannot be killed! See him whose voice shall raise as a trumpet, a horn that all shall hear and more, cannot refute as this story is told. See him who has been set around a garden of roses without thorns. A strong flower, a flower bright and knowing; a flower that shall remain to the last days; a flower that all else rejected, amen, except this mountain where it grows. Jesus does not speak in mystery, Jesus speaks clear that all know My Words do not change. I shall raise him; I shall raise him despite the effects of men and their plans of iniquity. He knows his name; the mountain always knows his name, fear not! As the skies rain down all foreign things; as the skies fill with fire, smoke and fog; as the sun is obscured from the eyes of men, the plans of God are not obscured and all true men shall know their rescue is at hand, because I Am come to prepare and shall make ready the ground that will again support My Feet.”

“Men shall know birth and re-birth; men shall know love; men will know discipline in orthodoxy; men, lions, shall know their truth, the truth that made them and I shall raise in these quick, coming days such an answer, such a rebuttal, to all those who denied My means of work and promise. I shall raise such a storm – a great wind to sweep across the nations carried by Me who made him and all those Angels around him. Do not deny what is of God, for you will be sorely disappointed, chastised and laid down.”

“We do not fear, we are simply waiting and we have been waiting. We will not be crushed, but raise the firmament! I Am proud, so proud of these times. I Am so proud of him who I send and I have made. I Am full of pride, a holy pride that includes the great number of little children who follow him. You need not worry little children, for none can hurt you; I Am who I say I Am. Be delighted!”

“You want more from Me and you shall have more. Changes are coming to the Mass, more changes, changes of old that please Holy God. And as one set down gives his life as a herald of the Church of Christ, no one will deny him, frightened, because he is indefatigable, made so by Eternity. Jesus is not done speaking, I still yet speak: let those with eyes see and ears hear what I am saying because they hate the dark! Look and see; look and see this stone, great and true, great and ready to break out, who shall be broken out in surprise and there is nothing, nothing to be done as God has brought his means of rescue.”

“Repent, you who know your wrong doing, you who have complained of time as being too long! You who could not wait a minute more; so see, Jesus controls all time and I have watched and waited, disappointed at the loss of faith. Sad, droopy flowers who reject the goodness of God to search and find your own means; your will is dry and you shall thirst, your place is taken up in this disappointment.”

“Rejoice and be made glad in your patience – in your ready patience; let all those who hope in the Lord come as one under the new Order created, recognised and brought forward in the Church; this is your day of knowledge, do not be tired. Sip from Me, your Well. Little flowers, I know your names, your love, your presence on this mountain soil: rich, deep and good around our oak, our stone, our hope, on the top of this Heavenly Hill.”

“Praise be to Our Father in Heaven!” 


Question from Little Pebble (given to Thornbush) – May 1996: “Mother, can You please explain a passage of Catherine Emmerich, when she saw the ‘little man’ carrying the Church and nearly falling to the ground? Some are now claiming this means that the Little Pebble falls into sin and error, that is why he falls, and that the 12 Apostles come to his rescue. I am certain that this is a false interpretation. Thank You Mother …”

Answer from Our Lady (through Thornbush): “Yes, My Little Pebble: I will explain because there are many false interpretations concerning what was revealed to Our holy daughter. The Church is the Mystical or Prophetic Church, and all of the divisions and disobedience is making it very heavy, to the point where you nearly collapse because of the weight. My Little Pebble, it is true that this man is you, but you are to know that My beloved Pilgrim Pope, My Divine Son’s Vicar, John Paul II, is living the same experience with the Apostolic Church which continues to disobey him. My Little Pebble, you are not perfect, and until you are Pope you are not infallible, but what you need to know is that at this time you are not in error. Heaven is with you …”.

On the 15th May 1996 I asked the Mother of God (through Thornbush) again about the vision of Catherine Emmerich. On 22 May 1996, Our Lady answered me directly:

OUR LADY: “My precious son, Little Peter, Prince of the Apostles and last Vicar for Holy Mother Church: I greet you as Mother of the Apostles for the End Times! Sweet son, what you have perceived is correct, for when Heaven revealed in vision the many events of the future Church to our holy daughter, Catherine, We explained much in a symbolic nature. The vision of the small ‘Rock’ and little man, still laic, referred truly to yourself and the betrayal you would live through, the difficult time in the world and the Church … and will be by the power and intercession of the Angels and Saints in Heaven and those on earth that will support the ‘White Rock’ – which is you – and John Paul II during this trial, and through many miracles at the end, that the Church and Apostles of the ‘End Times’ (meaning the Cardinals, Bishops and Priests and the twelve New Apostles) will come to the aid of our Pure ‘White Rock’ and join with you … Once this has occurred, which will be before the Great Warning, the Glory of God and His Church will be seen – then you, My precious future Priest-son, will officially ascend the Throne of Peter to govern the Church after the death of John Paul II … During this period all Kings and Rulers of mankind will bow before you as Sovereign Pontiff, where there will be one Shepherd, one Church and one Authority on earth, under you, as ‘Peter the Roman’, the Second …” (see Volume 2 of my Life, p. 269-270)

To my same question, Our Lady answered Thornbush on 18 June 1996:

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My beloved little ‘White Rock’ of My Immaculate Heart! I desire you to know that what you have perceived and assumed regarding this particular vision of My holy daughter Catherine Emmerich, is just, and you have been inspired to perceive it in this way. All that I have explained to you regarding this matter, I confirm it now through your mystical spouse, our sweet ‘Rose of the Passion’, ‘Thornbush’. I love you, My beloved ‘Little Peter’ and future Shepherd of Holy Mother the Church …” (see Volume 2 of my Life, p. 270)

Wounded by 8th Spear: On the 3rd May, 1995, I asked Our Lady, through Thornbush, the following: “Mother, in the vision of the Apocalypse that was shown to Thornbush a few days ago, she saw me as Pope and I was severely wounded. In Saint John Bosco’s vision he saw John Paul II wounded. Am I wounded also, and how – physically or spiritually?” On 6th May, Our Lady replied, as follows:

OUR LADY: “My beloved future Vicar of My Divine Son: you are to know that this wound is both physical and spiritual, for it will be caused by all of the persecution, and it will be from the 8th spear which dwells in My Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart in a Mystical way, and at the same time it is within the heart of My daughter, Thornbush. I Bless you, My little White Rock + and I kiss your heart.”