Are You Ready – 13 July 2012


13th July 2012

JESUS: “The Church has lost its way and is plunging into darkness. This, My child has been foretold and it is a sign of the End Times. This is when the last Pope will emerge and the world will be lost under the misguided direction of the False Prophet “. (Message Maria Divine Mercy – 14.11.2010)

LITTLE PEBBLE: Is this Pope me or the false Prophet? Also, twice this year You told Maria Divine Mercy the Keys of Saint Peter have been returned to Your Eternal Father until the New Era. What then of me? You gave me the Keys of Saint Peter in 1984 and several times since, even on Ash Wednesday. Has this another meaning because people will read this and believe the Keys have been taken from me and a new Pope chosen?

JESUS: “William you must be at peace! Nothing has been taken from you, My sweet son! You know you are not the final ‘Pope’ not as she refers; I talk of “The Deceiver‟ and his accomplice, the Anti-prophet, Anti-Christ: Satan incarnate.”

“Gently I say to you, My William, I approach Maria Divine Mercy as part of the greater Church. William, I bring forward gently with persistence. She knows who you are, I have spoken of the ‘rock’; I have spoken of re-invention. At this point she is not permitted to speak more of this. We do not forget that part of your election and the recognition of the elect under you is their recognition of you and your sense, your prophecy and your reveal in the Church, because you present the Church as she needs to be presented: holding tightly to her orthodoxy and her firmness; holding fast to her aversion to sin and clinging to the Cross of Christ.”

“William, indeed know: part of the diabolical scheme to come to the Church under this false and evil leadership, is a ‘re-invention’ of the Cross, to indeed involve a re-design of My Aspect, to lessen its message and its effect on the longing spirit. This ‘they’ must do as they re-invent the rules, scramble the Sacraments and indeed remove the Eucharist altogether. How far shall be the descent, the well of souls to be lost because they do not investigate, reinvigorate their faith with prayer and with exploration of a history at risk of being re- written to suit the attack; this attempt at murder!”

“Remember as we gently present what is to come upon the Church through the diabolical plot – attack – and understanding, as well God knows the souls that Maria Divine Mercy reaches for us, we can well say that the Keys given to the Church will be given back to the Eternal Father, it is true, for they cannot remain in the ‘Vatican system’. I speak symbolically, that God will start afresh, creating with a tested faith and testing souls all over the world with your election to the establishing throne, designed to cross the era from old to new, using and respecting the old as the means most pleasing to God because this has stayed closest to Him.”

“Let us not forget the Omnipresence of God as not being removed from a single moment and as the Keys are taken back to God, He can at the same moment, present these back to His chosen. William, remember the establishment of the Keys to man is as important to Him as any other ingredient He employs to deepen His relationship with humanity, and the great sign of His agreement to establish for His Church the Perfect means of worship and governance that He has brought down for men. Nothing can occur for God through man without man’s acceptance; God does not need man to love, but God does need to love man and the Most Perfect means He does this is through His Church; the Church I shall greet when I again place My feet onto our Paradise!”

“William, does not our Revelation of the written word say within her prophecy about the Keys? Does God lie? No. Is it written there? Yes. Shall not all our prophecy be fulfilled word for word – part and key to the miracle and proof of the elect we shall own and help and save?” (Yellow Lily 20th June 2012)

JESUS: “Do we contradict hundreds of years – literally centuries of prophecy concerning him whom We have set down? No; and this shall be in the time to come our greatest means of defeating Satan and his pathetic army, trying to rely on the ‘might’ of men to defeat the Church. Who can beat the resources of God? Those weapons within His arsenal are to set to rights this Earth He has made for His future of Eden on Earth. Jesus will not add one letter here to the words that have been spoken, I leave to faith to listen with its individual and collective heart, what has been and what will be brought to it. The truth does not need defending or to be broken into miniscule parts, so that those who doubt may look to perceived holes and further shred what has been said by approved prophecy within the Church. Those who doubt will doubt, placing themselves in the shade or in the darkness. There is no bigger example of this than what has recently come to pass between poor souls, who now, have contradicted themselves. Nothing more needs to be said about it: what is not of God will fall away. How does centuries of prophecy survive, supported and promoted through the Church except as they are sent and live and do their work in the light?”

Maria Divine Mercy will also have more to say to the world which closes the ‘gaps’ (as seen by men) between her mission and every other one around the world. Mother is about to raise the land in Nowra – the Garden of Gethsemane! The Garden of Doubt will sprout new life as the old has given way. Amen.” (Yellow Lily – 2nd July 2012)

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved son, Little Pebble of Divine Love and End Time Prophet and Trumpet of the Living God. I have come once again to you while you still remain in chains until you have been released, because then I will send you around the world to prepare Our children for the Second Coming of My Divine Son, Jesus, and to strengthen the Remnant Church during the final stages of the persecution from the Antichrist and the False Prophet, who will be seated on the Throne of Peter. But know this, My precious children, this Pope will not have the legitimate Power of the Keys of Peter as this Power to bind and loosen which comes from Heaven, will no longer exist as it was, because the Eternal Father has removed this Power until the given time when God‟s Chosen Peter will take his place in God‟s Divine Plan and Calling. The reason this Power was removed, My children, is so that the abomination of abomination could not use this Power to unloose the Powers of God‟s Blessings upon Holy Mother Church, thus bringing much ruination upon God‟s children – so that when Our Holy Pope Benedict dies, the Laws that bind the Church remain intact, even though the False Prophet (Pope) will change, seemingly, every current Law and Practices and Doctrine to override all that is truth.” (Little Pebble – 29th June 2012 No. 665)

To: My beloved friends – brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, Our Saviour.

The time for decision-making has truly arrived! Jesus told the Seer, Maria Divine Mercy, that the Earth has had two more Pentecost events since the Holy Spirit descended upon the people in Jerusalem, 2000 years ago – the last being on the 6th of May this year.

At the time of the first Pentecost, God was preparing mankind for two things: a great evangelisation of the Word of God, accompanied by countless Miracles – especially conversions – and the most prominent of these were of Gamaliel, the great leader of the Sanhedrin, and that of Saint Paul. The second part was the great persecution of the infant Church whose leader was Saint Peter, the Apostle, and the Blessed Mother of Jesus. This persecution lasted for 300 years, until Emperor Constantine came to power; but prior to this you had Emperor Nero and Caligula, who killed the Christians.

The Popes who led the Church during those times were martyred, like Saint Peter. The bloodshed by the infant Church strengthened the Church over the centuries until the day would dawn for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. The dawn of the Second Coming of Jesus is here, but prior to this wonderful event the Words of the Teachings of God must be fulfilled – namely, that the Gospel must be preached to all mankind, from the East to the West. This will happen, as shown in Revelations 6: 12-14:

“The sixth seal was opened; there was a great Earthquake and the Sun turned as dark as sackcloth and; the Moon became as red as blood. The stars in the sky fell to Earth as figs fall from a tree shaken by a great wind. Then the sky was rolled up like a scroll; all mountains and islands were moved from their places. That, my dear friends, is the Great Warning which will come, shortly.

When you read the Maria Divine Mercy Message about The Warning you can see that it is a time of great Illumination, but it is also when great disturbance will occur throughout the world. So what will precede these events? There will be major Earthquakes all over the world; signs will be seen in the Sun and the sky. But first, Israel will launch an attack upon Iran and in turn there will be at attack upon Israel. Revolutions will be seen in France, Italy and other Nations. Pope Benedict will flee Rome, and die in a foreign land. A new Pope will be installed possibly before The Warning but, more likely, after; he will be the Anti-Pope who will proclaim the false Messiah – the Antichrist. The Great Tribulation will begin at the end of 2012, and it could combine with all of the above!

The spiritual manifestations of the Illumination of The Great Warning will be preceded by the arrival of two comets, which will collide – where the Great White Cross of Jesus will be seen by all; Christ’s Mini-Judgement will come to us all and His Voice will be heard.

The two comets will cause the Sun to be darkened and a red dust will obscure the Moon; the Earth will tremble and shake in all parts of the world and will be covered in darkness so deep – as in the time of Moses – and no man will be able to see in front of him. This darkness will remain over the Earth for 3 days – 72 hours. Only Blessed candles will light-up your homes, while wood stoves or gas appliances will heat them as no Sun will enter the Earth. You will need Holy Water in the home to protect you from the demons who will invade the Earth, causing also the darkness. It is for this reason that Jesus has asked us to store water and food for at least two weeks, before the Earth will recover from this shock. There will be no electricity during this time. All mankind will know of Christ and during this Warning over 60 million people will die.

This is the beginning of the great Tribulation – the second half starts at the end of 2012. After this will come the Great Miracle predicted at Garabandal, in Spain, and other places.

If the new Pope has not been installed before The Warning, then it will happen after – with the Antichrist – but first there will be billions of conversions. Note, however, that islands will sink and many mountains collapse during the Great Warning, as mentioned in the Book of Revelations. Then will come the three and a half years reign of the Antichrist and his prophet, the Antipope. It will also be a period of some peace, in the beginning – but that will not last very long and will escalate into the Great Persecution that has been mentioned. All those who are to be saved will have the Mark of Christ, as shown in Chapter 7 of the Book of Revelations. Chapter 8: The 7th Seal is opened and trumpets are blown. After all that is described in the Book of Revelation and the three and a half years of Persecution is over, the second three days of darkness will come. All of God’s children will be raptured to meet Jesus Face-to-face.


Heaven and Earth will fuse together – and the first Resurrection will come, and a new Heaven and Earth will be formed with the Heavenly Jerusalem descending upon Earth and a new Paradise will be given to men. There will be no more sickness; no more sin; no more hunger, nor death. Jesus will rule the Earth for a thousand years! (Symbolic only as there will exist no time. Jesus will rule hearts through the Eucharistic Presence). Then Satan will be released one more time; it will be in the form of a test like that of the Angels before their fall. Jesus will then come to Judge the living and the dead; the final Judgement; the end of the World; Eternity!

Now I wish to show you some of these things using two Prophetic books: The Three Days of Darkness and Catholic Prophecy. I have covered this whole subject for many years and each year God reveals more and more, thus some points in sequences change.

  • The Short Reign of Peace given to us via Fatima;
  • The Consecration of Russia;
  • The Reign of the Pope, Pastor Angelicus;
  • The French King;
  • The Great Battles yet to come in Europe;
  • The Empty Chair of Peter;
  • The Reign of the Antichrist after the Warning;
  • Return of Enoch and Elijah

Messages of the Duke Puntalangit of the Philippines)

18th March 2010

The Visionary, Duke Puntalangit has said that Rome has failed to obey the Virgin Mary’s request at Fatima. He further stated that the chastisement – the troubles and the fights – will eventually reach the highest point of the Church which is the Papacy, and will result in a personal struggle of a Pope versus the devil himself. Puntalangit calls this Pope the Last Pope – Peter II. He said the Last Pope will suffer much as a result of his predecessors’ failure to obey what Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother demanded concerning the Third Secret of Fatima and the Consecration of Russia.

24th March 2010

“The Church will mourn. She shall be freed, but so will she be made to wander for a period of time until the Wrath of Heaven is over [She will be without a true Pope for some time].

Then shall arrive the Last Pope [Peter II] who shall lead Her to the right path, until the coming of the True Antichrist who shall dismantle everything until he himself is conquered.”

26th March, 2010

“The Holy Father has changed his heart and plans to obey. The Pope has paid dearly every time he moves towards Our Lady‟s favour, this time, knowing that their time is up, they will ignite the war before he gets there [to pronounce the Dogma]. The Pope should not dare travel anymore, but instead stay in Rome and do the Consecration [of Russia] as instructed at Fatima. And when the violence has erupted, neither should he go to Russia to resolve the crisis in a purely human way, but rather, the Pope should stay in Rome and turn his back to the world and prostrate before the Eucharist;

The Chastisement (war), which shall at first erupt in the Middle East, will take 13 days to reach America, 13 weeks to reach Italy (revolution). After these, it shall cover the whole world in just 13 seconds.”

29th March, 2010

“The Third Secret of Fatima is composed of two parts: one part concerns a Dogma of Faith and the other concerns the chastisement in the form of a personal struggle between the Last Pope [Peter II] and the true Antichrist. Pope Benedict XVI will reveal the part which is the Dogma of Faith and will leave to his Successor the other half which concerns the struggle between the Last Pope and the True Antichrist. Both parts of the Secret will cause a Great Schism in the Church, but are in reality the Final Truths that will bring the Catholic Church to Perfection.”

30th March 2010

“The error will not be obvious. The war (WW III) will end and Rome will prosper. Everyone will come to her because she will embrace their spirits. Indeed, she will be a true prostitute serving the gods of men, the fallen angels. Christ will be put aside. There will be peace, harmony and prosperity, so pleasing, that many would not mind the sacrilege and blasphemies. The false Church will be de jure and the true Church will be de facto. After the death of the Pope, the faithful will be scattered among the nations and his true Successor will barely tread in Rome.”

“As the Celestial Purging comes nearer, so will the faithful decrease in number. Then, after the Celestial purging only the saints, the innocent, and those who will soon be converted, will be left on Earth. “The Church will be purified in this manner.”

31st March 2010

“The destruction of the Church will be so perfectly executed that unless Heaven intervenes, even the saintly will fail to recognize the error.

9th April 2010

“After the death of the Pope the Church will be divided between those who will favour a humanized church, a church which will cater to the urges of men. It will be a church that will appeal to most because they will do away with traditions and beliefs that are the cause of division between the nations – while the other half will keep the tradition and most especially the dogmas of the Catholic Faith. Those who favour the humanized Church will be abundant and will be able to dominate Rome. They will, in fact, elect their own Pope [the one the old Saints called the Anti-Pope]. Those who opt to remain faithful to the traditions and Dogmas of the Catholic Faith will elect their own Pope [the Last Pope, Peter II], but they will have to move the Holy See somewhere else [in Bavaria in Germany] because their enemies will be favoured by the Governments of powerful Nations.”

Excerpts of Messages of Pedro from Brazil

2nd January 2010

OUR LADY: “Pray much before the Cross. You will yet see horrors on Earth. A sorrowful event will shake Italy. People will weep and lament. Don‟t back out; go forward with courage.”

16th June 2010

OUR LADY: “Humanity lies in a time worse than the time of the flood, and My poor children are going, as blind leading the blind. I suffer because of what awaits you. Pray much in front of the Cross. Don‟t be stuck in sin, rather, return to Him Who is your One and true Saviour. Humanity will find peace when the devil is defeated.

14th November 2011

OUR LADY: “The Earth will shake, and in many regions at the same time, there will be the death of many innocent people. I grieve for what is coming to you. Bend your knees in prayer. Now is the time for the pain of humanity. Trust in Jesus and He will save.”

The Messages of Maria Divine Mercy give us new insights into this period of time; but one thing in clear, what must take place is this:

1. Major earthquakes, similar to what happened in New Zealand and Japan last year.

2. Volcanos

3. Several more Tsunamis like the ones that hit Indonesia, India, and the great rains of Australia last year.

4. Revolution in France, Italy, Greece and other Nations in Europe.

5. Israel attacking Iran – Atom Bomb.

6. All Nations of the Arab League surrounding Israel.

7. Assassination of an important figure in the Middle East.

8. Russia invading Poland.

9. Pope Benedict declaring Final Dogma of Our Lady.

10. Pope Benedict fleeing Rome as the revolution of the Red Army takes over the


11. The appearance of the White Cross in the sky.

12. The collision of two comets.

13. The Voice of God during the appearance of the White Cross.

14. The Three Days of Darkness.

15. The face of the Antichrist and the false Prophet as Pope, will appear.

16. A short time of peace as the Miracles begin – starting at Garabandal – then at all Apparition Sites.

17. Enoch and Elijah appear in the Middle East (I believe)

18. The Holy Monarch of France arrives (I believe)

19. The 12 then Apostles appear (I believe)

20. After a very short time of peace, the false Pope and the Antichrist will assert their power of allegiance – the Mark of the Beast – the Persecution begins.


Julka of Yugoslavia – 1983: 

“Signs to look for when the events of the three days of darkness comes: Russia will invade Poland; Russia would also stand at the border of Italy; when Russia tries to invade Italy the darkness will come.”

“After the darkness the Earth remained a waste. All My creatures who survive the Great Tribulation will see Me. All will hear My Voice; they will see Me present then and for a second time at the Final Judgement.”

“In those days there will be one Shepherd, one faith.”

“The sign before the Great Tribulation and the Three Days of Darkness, people need candles, Holy water etc. Ten claps of thunder precede.”

St. Methodius – 4th Century: 

“A day will come when the enemies of Christ will boast of having conquered the world – but a Great King will arise and fight the enemies of God. Peace will be given.”

“Victory of Communism at that moment – the very moment a cosmic phenomenon will take place.”

Pius IX – 19th Century: 

“There will be a great Prodigy which will be preceded by the Triumph of a Revolution.”

“There will be a great Prodigy which will fill the world with awe.”

St. Pius X – 20th Century: 

“I saw one of my Successors taking to flight over the bodies of his brethren – he will take refuge in another land.”

Melanie Calvat – 19th Century – Seer of La Salette: 

“After a frightful war, a Great King will arise – his reign will be marked with Peace.”

St. Calaldus – 5th Century: 

“The Great King will wage war until he is 40.”

St. Thomas A’Becket – 12th Century: 

“The Great Christian King chosen by God to destroy Communism; the U.S.A. will help him. He will fight first in France, Germany, and Italy and liberate the Vatican. He will go to Palestine to restore Christianity.”

St. Hildegard – 12th Century: 

“All Coastal Cities will live in fear; many will be destroyed by tidal waves. Peace will come when the White Flower rules in France again.”

St. John of the Cleft Rock – 14th Century: 

“About the year 2000 the Antichrist will reveal himself.”

“The Pope with his Cardinals will flee Rome. The Pope will die – but God will raise a Holy Pope and the Angels will rejoice; this man will rebuild almost the whole world through his holiness.”

Abbot Joachin Merlin – 13th Century: 

“A remarkable Pope will sit upon the Throne of Peter.”

John of Vatiguerro – 13th Century: 

“The Pope will change his residence for 25 months or more – there will be no Pope in Rome – then will come the young captive Prince of France – the Pope will be elected out of those who survive.”

St. Vincent Ferrer – 15th Century: 

“When the False Prophet – the Precursor of the Antichrist comes, all who are not confirmed will apostatize.”

Capuchin Friar – 18th Century: 

“The Pope shall die during these calamities. A scion of the Carolinian race will go to Rome to behold and admire the piety and clemency of this Pontiff.”

Elizabeth Canori-Maria – 19th Century: 

“After the frightful punishment, I saw a great Light appear upon Earth – all shall acknowledge the Pope.”

St. Francis of Paola – 15th Century: 

“The Great Monarch will come – there will be 12 Kings, one Emperor, one Pope and a few Princes.”

Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser – 17th Century: 

“The sixth period of the Church will begin with the Powerful Monarch and the Holy Pontiff.”

Bl. Anna-Maria Taigi – 19th Century: 

“God will send two punishments – one in the form of wars, revolutions and other evils, and the second from Heaven: total darkness on Earth for three days and nights. The Pope will flee from Rome after the three days of darkness. St. Peter and St. Paul will come down from Heaven and preach in the world and designate a new Pope; a great Light will flash from their bodies and will settle upon the Cardinal who is to become Pope. This Pope will have the gift of Miracles.”

Werdin D’Otrante – 13th Century: 

“The Great Monarch and the Great Pope will precede the Antichrist. The Pope will go over the sea carrying the Sign of the Cross on his forehead.”

Marie de la Faudais – 19th Century: 

“There will come three days of darkness. The clash of thunder will shake the Earth – the oceans will over flood the land.”

Nostradamus – 1503: 

“Great Vicar of the Cope will come – he will come from a Religious Order with Cope – descendant of the Capet family. The Wolf and Bear shall defy each other. The Pope and Clergy will be forced to hide. The Beast of the sea shall receive its might from the Dragon. The Pope will die in exile – a new Pope will be elected but the validity of the conclave will be challenged. For seven days the two great Suns will be seen in the sky. The Pope shall flee. Fiery rain of stones: this to take place late March or early April. June – a new Pope is installed.”

Anne Catherine Emmerich – 1822: 

“I saw a new Pope who will be very strict. He is not a Roman, but he is Italian – a devout family of Royal blood.”

Book of Zechariah 13, – 8-9: “In all the land says the Lord, two thirds of them shall be cut off and perish. I will bring the one-third through fire.”

1-15-17: “That day is a day of wrath; a day of tribulation and distress; a day of calamity and misery; a day of darkness and obscurity.”

Book of Joel 2-28-32: “And I will show wonders in Heaven and in Earth – blood – fire and vapour of smoke; the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and dreadful day of the Lord doth come.”

The Ecstatic of Tours – 1872: “There will be earthquakes and signs in the sun towards the end; darkness will cover the Earth.”

St. Padre Pió – 1968: “This catastrophe shall come upon Earth like a flash of lightning. No one shall leave house or look out of the windows from that moment on. The darkness will remain three days – then the sun will rise and it will be Spring.”

Now you have the many revelations from famous Seers, Mystics and Saints. As you will see they are no different than the modern day Prophets of the 20th and 21st Centuries. The Seers most notable to have received similar Messages since the late 80’s up to this year: Fr. Gobbi, Veronica Lueken, Bayside, New York, USA; Amparo, Spain; Medjugorge, Yugoslavia; Anna from Hungary, Hedgerose from Germany; Domansky, Poland; Kebiho, Rwanda; Thornbush, Canada; Pedro, Brazil; Little Pebble, Australia and most recently Maria Divine Mercy of Ireland, and a new up-coming Seer of Canada, Rainbow Rose of the Ark of Mary. There are many, many more not mentioned here.

But to bring you some very urgent and important revelations from the Prophet – the 7th Messenger of the Apocalypse – I will quote a few:

11.11.10 “The Earth faces the final cleansing.”

14.11.10 “Judgement has been delayed in the past – this time it will not be.”

15.11.10 “Global Power – the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast: He the chosen one, the Antichrist, will be seen as the Messenger of Love.”

26.11.10 “The signs given now are visible through the sun.”

20.12.10 “The time is drawing close for the advent of the Great Tribulation – it will commence from the end of 2012.

2011 “Year of purification; purification comes before My Second Coming.”

28.01.11 “The Warning is coming.”

18.03.11 “World war to come.”

01.05.11 “Russia and China to cause disruption.”

23.05.12 “The skies will open up during the Warning.”

31.05.11 “The Chastisement will wipe out much of the world.”

05.06.11 “Two comets will collide; White Cross will appear in the red sky.”

26.06.11 “The Great Chastisement – which has not been witnessed since the time of Noah.”

11.11.11 “Signs will appear in the sky first; the sun will spin.”

08.02.12 “Very soon a man will come who will profess to be Me (Jesus).”

10.02.12 “Earthquakes will be a small chastisement – once over, the Warning comes.”

14.02.12 “The Red Dragon: Europe will be his first target, then the United States; Communism will be introduced.”

18.02.12 “The two allies, Russia and China, will join forces. The Beast with 10 horns is the European Union – Babylon. Babylon will fall.”

16.05.12 “The Third World War is about to unfold. It will start in Europe. Germany once again will be involved. Economy and catastrophe will affect Greece, France; the Middle East will be involved with Israel. Iran will be at war and Syria will be part of the downfall of Egypt. China and Russia will pose a threat to the Beast with 10 horns and will force them into Communism. The Antichrist is from the East.”

24.05.12 “The two stars will collide; the Cross will appear in the sky; the Earth will shake, then silence.”

26.05.12 “The Masonic Group want the Pope out; once he flees, the Imposter – the False Prophet – will take his place.”

01.06.12 “The Antichrist is preparing – he prepares to draw many to him, so that he becomes like Me (Jesus), the Messiah. All will be asked to accept the One World Mark of Allegiance – the Mark of the Beast 666. It will be embedded – its number hidden into a chip within a vaccination. It will poison your mind, body and soul; it will be a plague to kill you.”

17.06.12 “The countries will be struck with tsunamis and earthquakes.”

My dear brothers, as you can see the revelations covering centuries and centuries remain consistent and the same, as all revelations from God. The Old Testament upholds the New Testament; the New Testament supports the Old – and all revelations given since Christ rose from the dead, are supported by all of God’s Words from the Book of Genesis to the final book of St John the Evangelist – the Book of Revelation.”