Who are the Chosen Souls — the Prophets (8 November 2012)

Who are the Chosen Souls — the Prophets!

By the Little Pebble
8 November 2012

The words given to Maria Divine Mercy on the 16 October 2012 (No. 627) say it clearly:

“My dearly beloved daughter, when I say that I have sent My Prophets into the world, this means that each one has been given a specific mission. No two missions cross over … It is a difficult and lonely time for numerous seers and Prophets, each one works alone.”

The Prophets of God are the chosen souls. However, some persons have questioned this statement. Our Lord is very clear as to who is called a “chosen soul”. Let us begin by looking at some of the messages to the End Times Prophet — Maria Divine Mercy (MDM)

22 March 2012 – You My daughter and many of My other chosen souls are all now experiencing both physical and interior suffering at the same time.

18 June 2012 – All My true messengers are preparing God’s children for the Second Coming. 14 

February 2012 – Just as chosen souls are given the gift of apparitions…

Jesus makes it clear, because MDM is God’s Prophet — other chosen souls are also His Prophets. Why then, has the world condemned the Prophet of the Three-fold Covenant, the Little Pebble? I am currently in Prison (like so many other Prophets of the modern era, past and present) charged with sins — crimes of immorality. It is remarkable by comparison that Saint Padre Pio was charged with immorality and placed in prison; Fr. Gino, a stigmatist of Italy (who took over from Padre Pio) was placed in prison and charged with the same; Andre of the Sacred Heart was placed in prison for the same and died in prison; Bishop Maria Juliano was placed in prison for the same; Joseph of the Old Testament was also charged and placed in prison. Many more could be cited. In the Holy Gospels, Jesus Christ says — how to know if the Prophet is from God — by their works and their fruits. How many of you who read this — know it very well, yet you continue to condemn. Again I ask you: who is a chosen soul of God! Please read the messages of MDM and you will know the answer. What has God asked of previous Prophets? Keep in mind that each Prophet is a sign to the whole People of God.

Noah – was God’s Prophet, who was asked to build an Ark in the middle of “nowhere”. (Genesis 6:13+)

Abraham – as God’s Prophet, he was asked to leave his homeland. He was promised by God that he would be given somewhere else — and would become the Father of Nations; yet he was asked to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. (Genesis 12:1-3; 22:2-10)

Jacob – God’s Prophet wrestled with an Angel — God and man struggled, and he won. (Genesis 32:24-28)

Elisha – God’s Prophet laid his body on a young boy who was dead in order to resurrect him. He placed his mouth, eyes and hands on the boy’s mouth, eyes and hands (2 Kings 4:34)

Isaiah – God’s Prophet was asked by God to walk naked for three (3) years. (20:2)

Jeremiah – God’s Prophet was beaten and placed in prison (37:15-17). He complained to God — saying that God deceived him (20:7). He asked God to take revenge upon those who did those evil things to him. He was asked to wear a yoke (27:1-12) and was put in prison two more times. God said to him: “I chose you before I gave you life, I selected you to be a prophet.” (1:5) God took revenge on behalf of Jeremiah, defending him and God punished all those who persecuted him and placed him in prison — including those who, lied against him. He was also betrayed by family who had him charged and placed in prison.

Daniel – God’s Prophet was placed in prison. (6:16-22)

Hosea – God’s Prophet was told by God to marry a woman who would betray him and commit adultery and her three (3) children would do the same (1:2-3). God then told him to marry a prostitute and ordered to love her (3:1-3).

Jonah – God’s Prophet who did not want to be God’s Prophet (1:1-3). The reason: he said that God does not keep His Word when He prophecies a Chastisement — Jonah did not want to be a fool. (4:1-3)

Micah – God’s Prophet was asked to walk around naked and howl like a jackal and wail like an ostrich. (1:8)

Ezechiel – God’s Prophet was told by God to go home and shut himself up (3:24) — to be tied with ropes and that God would paralyse his tongue (3:26) . God said that he was to lie down on his left side for 390 days (4:9), in order to suffer for the sins of God’s People — one day for each year. God told him that He would take the life of his wife, the one he loved the most (24:18) but that he was not to cry or shed any tears — no signs of mourning.

Habakkuk – God’s Prophet complained to God because of the injustice of evil people, who get the better of the righteous and justice is perverted — but he asks: why is God silent (1:1-4). God answered him: “it may seem slow in coming, but it will come (2:3). Those who are evil will not survive.”

Saint Joan of Arc – God’s Prophet as a 12 year old girl, she was asked to crown the King and lead an army. She was condemned by the foreign leaders and by the Church — accused of being a witch, she was burned to death.

Saint Bernadette – God’s Prophet was asked by Our Lady to wash her face in muddy waters and to eat the grass growing in the Grotto.

So how different is the Prophet, the Little Pebble? His Mission is very unique but very different than any other Prophet — yet his diversity of missions combine many other Prophets. He has been called by God to be the “New Abraham” — to build a new dynasty in a world that has forgotten the dynasties of old. This was to show that the current form of governments — like democracy and communism and other state governments were not God’s Plan. Royalty was God’s Plan and will be in the New Era to come.

God has revealed that he is to be the “Last Pope” and that he will be a married Pope, just as Peter I was married. It should be noted that a great mystery is enshrined in this mystery. He is called to lead God’s People into the new Holy Era as a Priest, and as a Bishop as well as an Apostle.

However, he was charged and placed in Prison. He was betrayed and hauled before the Media and the Courts. To this day he continues to be persecuted by his friends – betraying and accusing him of immorality – even claiming now that he is a false prophet.

It is to be noted that the Little Pebble has had a private audience with Pope John Paul II in 1985. He also saw him subsequently six (6) other times. On one occasion he was with Archbishop Kabunga in the Pope’s chambers — here the Pope expressed to the Little Pebble via the Archbishop, that he personally believes in his mission and the Order he formed, called the Order of Saint Charbel; and believed that he would be the Last Pope. Pope John Paul II expressed that he could not at that time make a public statement about us. It was too dangerous for the Little Pebble and himself.

The Little Pebble received support from countless Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and 100’s of Seers, visionaries and many modern prophets in the last thirty (30) years.

Yet, his friends continue to persecute him. Why?

In the writings of Pope Innocent III who reigned from 1198-1216, we have a clear Teaching of the Ordinary Magisterium of the Church about the subject of Marriage with several women. The Pope’s teaching is based upon Divine Precedent in Sacred Scripture. In a Papal letter called ”Gaudemus in Domino” in the year 1201, writing to the Bishop of Tiberias, he commented, expressly, on the subject of marriage with several women. This important text follows:

“And nobody ever was allowed to have at the same time several wives – if it was not granted to him by Divine Revelation which, at times, was considered custom, sometimes law and by which they were excused; just like James (Jacob), from deceit (when he tricked his father, Israel, in pretending he was his brother Esau; the Israelites from theft (when they took Canaan); Sampson from murder, as well as the Patriarchs, and other just men, who, as can be read, had several wives at the same time, (were excused) from adultery.” (Bannwart, Clément, Heinrich Denzinger, and Johann Umberg. Henr. Denzinger et Clem. Bannwart,… Enchiridion symbolorum, definitionum et declarationum de rebus fidei et morum, editio XIVa et XVa, quorum preparavit Joannes Bapt. Umberg,… Friburgi Brisgoviae: Herder, 1922)

This certainly applies to the “Chosen Soul” whom God has nominated as His Prophet of the Three-fold Covenant — the Little Pebble. It is clear that it does not apply to the general populace.

Finally, I now wish to place this letter before all of God’s children. Many of you have worked for many years doing God’s work, yet persecute Prophets and seers — including the Little Pebble and now, Maria Divine Mercy simply because you do not understand some of the messages. Let us see what God says about this.

20 May 2012 (Message to MDM): “Those who proclaim My Holy Word and who prophesy in the Name of My Father will suffer the biggest rejection. Woe to those who tear apart My Prophets for they will have to answer for their offences against My Holy Father, God the Most High.”

24 June 2012 (Message to MDM): “When you spread hatred about the Prophets sent from Heaven you are guilty of a sin which has enormous consequences, because by doing so you not only proclaim a lie — you obstruct the Word of God.”

If you believe the Little Pebble has committed immoral acts — then you should pray for him and wait for God to act. Considering the Great Warning is near, when all men’s consciences’ will be laid bare to each one’s soul. Then all men will know the truth. Judge not!

22 March 2012 (Message to MDM): “You, My daughter and many other chosen souls are all now experiencing both physical and interior suffering at the same time.”

11 July 2012 (Message to MDM): “When any chosen soul imparted My Holy Word to the world in the past they suffered mortification just as you do now. They were ridiculed, abused, made to look foolish and even worse. Accused of being deceitful as if they were telling lies.”

13 July 2012 (Message to MDM): “My dearly beloved daughter you must know that the role of the Prophet differs to that of the visionary. A Prophet will always be an outcast, hated, feared and isolated, rejected, ridiculed, cast aside and deemed as eccentric.”

6 August 2012 (Message to MDM): “For when such strong opposition is shown and when holy people are provoked to attack Divine messages such as these you can be sure then they come from God.”

17 April 2011 (Message to MDM): “The Blessed Trinity is now active in communicating to chosen souls all over the world.”

26 February 2012 (Message to MDM): “Never judge another in My Name for you do not have the authority. Never slander another in My Name. When you do this you break My Commandments.”

My dear souls read these words carefully. Pray and pray especially for the Prophets and Seers and visionaries because their missions are most difficult at this time — more so because the Antichrist lives and soon he and his false prophet Pope will emerge publicly and all chosen souls will be denounced publicly as false Prophets who create fear in the hearts of the people.

Remember we are moving towards the Great Victory of Our Holy Mother, Mary and the victorious Return of Jesus Christ the Messiah to claim His rightful Throne on earth to usher in the New Holy Era of Peace and Love.

I wish God’s Blessings on all and especially the chosen souls of God. Take courage and become united for one cause — saving the Human Race.

William Kamm

The Little Pebble.