Message 675 – 15 February 2013

Pope Benedict XVI forced to abdicate; false Pope to be placed upon Throne – Pope Benedict XVI remains true Pope and will flee to foreign land – Fire will descend upon Israel; arrival of two most iniquitous persons – Enoch and Elijah to guide and console God’s children – You will lead Remnant Church when Pope Benedict XVI leaves Rome – Pray Pope Benedict XVI proclaims dogma; his power remains under Heaven.

LITTLE PEBBLE: All morning my Angel has been telling me Jesus was coming; it is now 10.30am. I see the White Cross in the sky, and six golden trumpets – three on each side of the Cross, just above the crossbeam. Then, from within the White Cross, comes a tornado-type funnel which forms a long type of trumpet, like those used in the Swiss Alps. I see Jesus coming from within this trumpet, gliding swiftly to me. Saint Michael is to His right, and saint Gabriel to His left. I see Enoch and Elijah on either side of Jesus.

Jesus is holding a strange looking horn, like King David had as a Shepherd Boy. He has on a creamy kind of tunic, and around His Neck is a golden stole with the emblems of Alpha and Omega upon it. Jesus now blows the horn, and it is very deafening. I see the earth beneath Him shake. Jesus looks at me with His beautiful deep-blue Eyes, and smiles.

JESUS: “I Bless you, My precious son – Prophet of the end times: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus gives the horn to Saint Gabriel, the Archangel who comes and hands it to me. Jesus says:

JESUS: “Blow the horn, My son – and with its sound My Divine Words will be uttered through your mouth, just as My Holy Spirit has given My Words through countless Prophets of Old and New, especially in these end times.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I see a small asteroid floating at a great speed near the Earth. I am aware that an asteroid is close to the Earth now. Jesus says:

JESUS: “Men believe they control this world and the universe with their humanistic knowledge. However, this knowledge is but a millionth of a fraction of the Knowledge and Wisdom of God – Neutron of man’s existence – and can change the course of a small asteroid at Will. My children must know that, with prayer, much destruction is averted for the sake of the elect.”

“I greet you, My beloved son, Little Pebble of Divine Love, and all My beloved children on Earth. Do not be afraid as to what has happened in the Holy City of the Papacy. I have asked you for many years to pray that Pope Benedict and his predecessors not leave the Seat of Peter. Benedict was forced, My children, to abdicate the Seat of Peter by the false prophet – the man of many dark secrets – so that the false pope will be placed upon the Throne; who will divide My House upon Earth and bring to ruin Holy Mother Church – except for the True Church of My Remnant children who will hold on to the faith, under a heavy yoke.”

“Lent has begun, My children; trust My Sacred Heart, for My Most Holy Mother Mary – who is Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Graces – has placed Her Mantle over those who are destined to live the Full Passion of Christ’s Body, the Church, and bring it to its final triumph in its Resurrection to come. The Two Sacred Hearts will Triumph.”

“Trust in Me, My children, as I will guide you through these most turbulent times of the tribulation. Remember these Words: even though Pope Benedict has been forced to step down, while he lives, he remains the True Pope. The time will come when Benedict will flee to a foreign land – and this will be your sign that the Great Warning of My Mercy will be witnessed, but the road to Calvary has commenced. I will send many signs to mankind so that they will realise that God truly exists. Continue with your prayers, My children; wear your protective armour with the many Sacramentals Heaven has given you – and nurture your souls and bodies with My Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in My Holy Eucharistic Bread of Life.”

“My Father’s Arm of Justice will now be felt all over the Earth, but My cherished children need not fear, who have listened to Our Call. Many events will now occur in Rome, which will shock the world.”

Israel, be ready, for fire will descend upon you and the many children of the ancient world. War is now imminent – even in Asia – as the world prepares for the arrival of the two most iniquitous persons of human history in Satan’s Antichrist and his false prophet, the pope of evil. Man will be witness so much sorrow as the events proceed. But lift up your hearts, My children, because joy, too, will flood your souls as My Spirit covers the whole Earth through My Mercy and Love – and forgiveness will be experienced in the hearts of many of Our children who once were lost to us.”

“The road to Heaven has always been difficult, My children. Read the Lives of the Saints, who will give you the example you need. God has given mankind so many Saints who lived in different times in history; they were of all ages and had various backgrounds in life – from those of the Royal Houses to slaves; those who were highly educated and [others]simple in their knowledge and state. Many were great martyrs, not only of the blood, but of many various stations in life: martyrs of love; of emotion; martyrs of attachments, family and children; war and peace – and many were martyrs of the prison; but all had one thing in common: martyrdom of faith – always one of man’s will to do God’s Holy Will. All submitted unconditionally to the Love of God’s Holy Will; and faith with good works confirmed their total submission to God. These are the children of God – the Saints.”

“Now mankind is living at the end of another, where the Word of God will be heard by all men – even the stiff-necked children who at this time do not believe in the existence of a Loving God. At the time when I first came to Earth as a Man, God gave mankind – and especially the generation at that time – the Grace to see, hear and to know the Son of God: the salvation of God’s Plan for men; the defeat of Satan, death and sin, by My Sacrifice on the Cross. Now the Eternal God of Love gives this generation of great sin the gateway to salvation and the entrance into a new world, a new redeemed life, where there will be no sin, no death, no hunger, no sickness – only Love, Peace, Unity of hearts and wills – and a perfect life; a Heaven on Earth. But to reach such happiness, all God asks of His children is to ask for forgiveness for their sins; to recognise His Divine Love for them – and the acceptance of His Divine Will and Perfect Plan for each of His Creation; to hold God’s Hand as He guides them through these next few years of pain and sorrow until I, Jesus Christ, come again in the Flesh, in the Heavens.”

My Father will now send to the world the Two Prophets of Old – Enoch and Elijah – to guide and console God’s children; especially to My people of Israel and the Twelve Original Tribes, which have been scattered throughout the world.”

“The Seal of War has been opened – and death will come upon many people, as Satan wishes to kill as many souls and people as he can before my Mercy is seen throughout the world, as he knows many millions – even billions – will convert to the Truth. Know the time is near as you approach the celebrations of Holy Week in your Earth time; know the world will groan.”

“All My Prophets of the Truth will now prepare men for the Coming of the Holy Spirit in His second Pentecost of Mercy. I ask all men to spend only a moment each day at 3pm and say: Jesus, Mary I love You, save souls – and include the Holy Souls detained in Purgatory so that they will also be released during the time of the Great Warning, as they [will] also be sent to you to help you in these days of the Great Tribulation.”

“My Prophets, Seers, Visionaries and all My chosen souls: unite as one voice. Unite My Remnant Church under the guidance of My Holy Priests and Bishops who are in the Light. Many of My chosen souls may not accept other chosen souls because they have been misled by some of the Hierarchy, but know how to know [discern] who are My True Prophets, as I give to each of My chosen only a part of the Mysteries of God’s Plan. So therefore, do not judge another chosen soul, simply because you may not understand his or her calling, but pray and ask My Spirit, or My Most Holy Mother, to help you to understand.”

“Be assured, My children, I will not allow you to be misled, and when I send Enoch and Elijah to become public, they will point out to you who are My true Prophets from those who are not, so that mankind will not be deceived. In the meantime, pray and pray.”

My precious son of My Heart: as I have told you from the beginning of your Mission, you are My leader who will lead My Remnant Church, especially as the time approaches when Pope Benedict will leave Rome and the false pope is installed. Take note of what name the anti-pope will use as this has great significance. But remember, dear Priest-son, once the false prophet sits upon the Throne of Peter he has no power to change any law, already bound by My previous Popes. Pray, My children, that Pope Benedict will still proclaim the Dogma of My Most Holy Mother, even as a Bishop in retirement of Holy Mother Church, as his power as Pope remains under Heaven.”

“This is all for now, My son. The horn has been placed in your mouth, My child, as you will prophesy much still in My Name and this you will understand more once the Warning has passed.”

“Watch for the signs, My children. How much I Love you, My children. Though these few years left will be like one in labour, but once the birth is given joy will envelop the Earth. I Bless you, My Little White Rock: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. ‘Shortly, My son!’ I Bless all My children of the Earth, and My Chosen Souls: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Later in the day Our Blessed Mother came as Our Lady of Akita, Japan. Our Holy Mother came to give a Promise to the people of Japan. As Jesus Promised a protestant nation to return to the Catholic fold, namely England, Our Lady has Promised the conversion of a pagan nation to Christ, namely Japan. Our Lady said that Japan was punished by God the Father because of the murder of the unborn – that is why earthquakes and tsunamis came.

Then Our Lady of Akita gave this prayer for the conversion of the people of Japan:

“Oh Blessed Mother of Akita of the Rising Sun: let The Tears of Your Maternal Heart wash away the sins of the nation of Japan, and bring the Mercy of Your Divine Son, Jesus, over the hearts of Your children who walk on this path of paganism. Convert Your children who have longed for so many centuries to seek the truth. Amen.” (Prayer card with Picture of Our Lady to be made)

Excerpts of Message 658 to the Little Pebble – 31 December 2009:

SAINT MICHAEL: “Pope Benedict XVI will make an announcement, which will end his reign as Pontiff for this Era – before the one of dark secrets enters Rome.”



20 February  2013 – 7:55 A.M.


This says the Lord: With the resignation of My Vicar will begin the purification days of My Church. The Peter’s Chair becomes vacant thus beginning all that is written about My Church in these end times. The time of My adversary and his wicked emissaries is about to start; where the carcass is, there the vultures will gather. My Church will begin her sorrowful Calvary; Calvary needed for a new church to be reborn and strengthened in faith, full of Spirit’s Charisma – totally given to the service of My people. Humility, charity, poverty and first of all love will be the slogan of My New Church.

Be prepared, My flock, My people, because the spiritual hecatomb is coming, that will shake the foundations of My Church, but it could not overthrow My Church for I will be there to hold it. Many of My Ministers, faithful to My Gospel and My Doctrine, will shed their blood defending My Church; others will run away, and the rest will be seduced by rebels. People of Mine, pray and watch, for the Gethsemane of My Church is about to begin. The False Pope is now ready to ally with the False Messiah, and lead off the profanation of My Holy Sanctuary; all betrayers are already expecting the False God; the show is about to begin; the hour of darkness is at hand.  The Son of Man will be sentenced to death again by His own families.

The cross that will carry my people is already prepared: Fear not My people; follow Me as I am ahead of you carrying My own. There is no going back; everything is about to be fulfilled; Heaven and Earth will pass, but My Words will not pass.  In the midst of tribulation I will send ‘My Warning’, and my people will be purified and strengthened in spirit, so they can overcome days of great trial.

When My daily Sacrifice will be suspended, then will start the time of the great abomination and persecution; then you will know that I will not be in the silence of My Tabernacles and all of you must run away to the refuges that My Mother will show you; there you will be safe. My Mother will be the Tabernacle where I will remain in those days. Search for Her, and My Mother will teach you, the Remnant Churches, where you will find Priests faithful to My Gospel and Doctrine, who will give you My Body to eat and My Blood to drink. Remain united to Me, to My Mother, and to My Celestial Army, for nothing and nobody can hurt you.  Pray for the renovation of My Church, and do not forsake My Benedict.  My Benedict will continue to be the Vicar of My Church, until the appointment of Peter Roman!

My Peace I leave you, My Peace I give you.  Fear not, I will be with you until the consummation of times.

Your Beloved, Sacramental Jesus.