Message 676 – 8 March 2013

Satan will devour one-third of the stars – The entrance of the false Messiah, the Antichrist, is near – St Michael, with God’s Breath, will smite the Dragon – Pope to make a declaration against every Chosen Soul – Prince of the Apostles to lead God’s children – Evil plans to remove Benedict – French Monarch to begin his move – Weapons of Mass Destruction – The Seal of War is opening – You will blow the Horn of Truth and Prophecy and support Seventh Messenger.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I have been praying my Rosary and am waiting for Jesus and Mary. It is 9.15am. and I can see clearly the White Cross in the sky. Saint Michael and millions upon millions of Angels are with him; they all come through the White Cross. Saint Michael is dressed like a Roman soldier of two thousand years ago; also every Angel is dressed the same, holding their swords up high and with a very loud voice shout: “Who is like unto God, Alleluia! Who is like unto the Queen of Heaven and Earth, Mary Co-Redemptrix, Alleluia! Amen.”

Saint Michael greets me with a salute and with his sword makes the Sign of the Cross +.

SAINT MICHAEL: “Blessings to you, my Warrior Prophet of the Living God, my fellow servant! As you can see, my child, all of Heaven’s Army is ready in battle array to take on the ancient Serpent, Satan, Lucifer, who I cast into Hell with his cohorts so many millenniums ago. He now has sent his evil army on Earth, as he was released from Hell last century to bring forth the great battle for souls as the war progresses to its final stages between Heaven and evil. For Satan will devour one-third of the stars, which are the current Disciples of Christ, who will betray the Christ in His Mystical Body, the Church, and he will try to murder another third of Christ’s Disciples, who will become the Priestly Martyrs of Holy Mother the Church, starting with the Holy Vicar – still Pope Benedict.”

“But know this my child, and children of the world, victory is with the Risen Christ and His Blessed Mother Who was Assumed into Heaven Body and Soul – the first of the elect Who received the Preternatural State.”

“The triumph of God is at hand through the Most Sacred and Pure Hearts of Jesus and Mary, so go forth in faith, My children, knowing your rescue is near. The enemy of God’s physical entrance into world affairs, is near: the false Messiah, the Antichrist, but first, the false prophet must be installed on the Seat of Peter, and once this occurs, darkness seemingly would have triumphed over good, but it will be short-lived. However, the Holy Word of God must be fulfilled.”

“The time of evil will be in its full flight for the coming years, but I, Saint Michael, with the Holy Angels, by the Power of God’s Breath, will smite the mighty Dragon and his fallen angels, and cast them once again into Hell, with him the Antichrist, false pope and disciples – through the Triumph of the Cross of Christ – and Satan will be chained for the one thousand years Reign of Christ on Earth, where there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth. Then Satan will be released one more time to test those who were born in the Holy New Era. Then I, Saint Michael, will once again cast him into Hell for eternity, and the Final Judgement will come with the Third Coming of Christ, as Judge.”

“I now call all of Christ’s Remnant Army to stand firm in faith and trust, arming yourselves with the Weapons of Truth, holding your swords with mine, and the Holy Angels – your Holy Rosary; the Word of God.”

“Fear not! Trust in the Words of Christ and His Holy Mother now given throughout the world through their Prophets, Seers and Visionaries – the end day Apostles and Disciples – all those whom God has called His Chosen Souls. And as the days now progress swiftly, you will know who they are.”

Once the false prophet-pope sits on the Throne of Peter he will make a declaration against every Chosen Soul, so as to silence them through the powerful Media, which is controlled by the Secret Groups of power, and the persecution will begin in earnest against God’s children once the Warning has come.”

“Pray, dear children, for all the Chosen Souls that they remain united as one voice, as their cross will become very heavy in the coming months leading up to Easter and the coming Warning. God’s Chosen Children who deliver God’s Word, even though you have distinct individual Missions – you are all called to serve God the Most High – you have varied and different Missions, but remain as one in Jesus and Mary like a human marriage on Earth. Do not judge one another, but work for the common good.

I, Saint Michael, through Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother, our Queen, have been instructed to protect each one of you, but to remind you that the Little Pebble was called by God, many years ago, to bring unity amongst you, because you all have one calling and that is to obey God and call all sinners to repent of their sins and come to salvation in Christ Jesus.”

You, Our Rock of Truth, remain the Prince of the Apostles for the End Times, and are called to lead God’s children once Benedict, the Holy Vicar, has passed away. After the Warning this will become very clear, as God will guide His Chosen Ones to instruct the New Apostles and Disciples to seek you out, and you will lead God’s Remnant Church with the Apostles and Disciples who have been prepared for some time.”

“My child, William, plans of evil are in the making to have Pope Benedict removed completely, as he still wields a powerful influence. The time for his departure away from Rome, is near. Once the false pope is upon the Throne, a visible sign will be given to man that a Great Chastisement will emerge. This sign will be a huge Illumination to man.”

“Now, my son, my child of Mary: Jesus and Mary will come to speak to you. I Bless you and God’s children. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Behind Saint Michael a clear-way is made; I see Jesus and Mary come forward. Both Jesus and Mary are dressed the same as Saint Michael – the only difference is they both have long gowns, similar to the Knights of the Twelfth Century. They both hold the same sword together in the middle of where they stand. They smile at me and lower Their one joint sword, and I see Saint Joan of Arc come from behind, kneel in front of Them, take the sword and turn around. Both Jesus and Mary say together:

JESUS AND MARY: “Victory is the Eternal God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and Their Mother, Queen, Spouse and Virgin Mary.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: They both make the Sign of the Cross +, and I see Their Sign on Their Chests. Jesus now steps one foot towards me:

JESUS: “I greet you, My beloved son! Do not be alarmed in how I have come as has My Holy Mother. Before you now stands the Heavenly Army. We are ready to do combat with Satan. and all that is evil, and We stand behind all Our Chosen Ones and the Remnant Church, which will soon burst into overflowing, as My Father’s Warning is near. Watch the Heavens, My children! Watch the current events in Rome! We now call on the French Monarch to begin his move, as France will become very unstable, as Italy capitulates to Communistic rule.”

My Mother and I will now go throughout the world giving signs through Our Chosen Souls and once again give signs at all Apparition Sites in the world – those approved and unapproved. These are visible signs that the final years of this Era have arrived, and these Signs will once again be a proof of these Holy Sites, that God did intervene in man’s affairs, calling all men to repentance and a return to God and His Truths.”

“My children of My homeland must now turn to God in all truth, and know that their time has arrived to receive the true Messiah Whom they crucified, and to be wary of the false Messiah whom they will welcome after much of Israel has been levelled. What you and your Forefathers have done to the Christ will now come upon you, but this will prepare you for your belief in the True Messiah, I, Jesus Christ.”

“Weapons of mass destructions are poised towards you now, but turn to Me your God, as I am your Saviour and Rescue and Salvation. Read the Book of Isaiah and you will understand your plight. I Love you, My children of the Jewish Nation. This will be your final enslavement and destruction, but know your rescue will come, and you will worship the True Messiah and enter into the Promised Land you have been longing for, for thousands of years.”

“The Seal of War is opening, children, not only of the earthly sense, but of and for your souls – the war between Heaven and Hell, between God and evil, between Principalities. Continue to receive the Holy Sacraments daily and wash your souls clean, so that you are ready to meet Me. All that has been prophesied will now come to pass, quickly.”

“I Bless you, My son: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Take courage, and hope, for major wonderful changes are coming your way shortly.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now Our Blessed Mother has come forward:

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My little soldier for Christ. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady looks so dainty, and yet Majestic. What a lovely Queen! She smiles.

OUR LADY: “I have come, My precious Mystical spouse, Apostle of the End Times, to tell you, shortly a major event will encompass you and all will know you are My Chosen One – My Prophet of the End Times – who will blow the Horn of Truth of Prophesy against the false prophet-pope and the Antichrist, for the war between Heaven and Hell for souls, has begun in earnest. You have been given a role to support the Seventh Messenger, as you have done with many of the Chosen Souls in the past. This will be acknowledged through My Divine Son’s Last Prophet at the given time. Remain at peace, and continue on your journey of saving souls.”

“My beloved children, there is little I can add to My Divine Son’s Words, but simply say: Do as He says to do! I Love you, My sweet children, and with My Divine Son, Jesus, I Bless you and beg of you to remain vigilant, as the hour of darkness is near. Pray, pray, My children, as you now enter the full road to Calvary and the Body of Christ’s Crucifixion. But fear not, as Heaven is beside you always; you only need to call on Us.”

“After the Great Warning, God will send all the Saints to Earth to do battle with Satan, and you will recognise their help, as many will become visible to your eyes, and many will be your family and loved ones.”

“To My brothers and sisters of My homeland: remember I, too, am your blood, and am a Mother who suffered much at the loss and death of My Son. Many other mothers will now experience this also, but hope in the Lord your God Who has not forsaken you. I, as your Heavenly Mother, Whom you yet do not recognise as such, Love you and will watch over you. Pray, My children, My daughters, and lose not hope, for salvation is near.”


“My child, William, something special is coming your way – a consolation; you will recognise it from Me. I Bless you and I Bless Our children: In the Name or the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Forget not why Jesus, My Divine Son, lived through this Calvary, and still is – for your redemption. Pray for Pope Benedict as his trial is not over yet, but soon he will come to Us.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother steps back next to Jesus; Saint Joan of Arc stands in front of them. And all of the Heavenly Hosts shout:

HEAVENLY HOSTS: “Praised be to the Lamb of God Who will now open the next Seal once the Great War begins.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus and Mary make the Sign of the Cross.

JESUS AND MARY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.