Message 678 – 5 April 2013

My Peter Abraham II, on whom I will renew My Church; you will feed My children with My Divine Word – World governed under the Antichrist, the Messiah of all faiths – The one sitting on the Chair will continue to dismantle My Church – When Rome denounces My Most Holy Mother as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Grace, know the Evil One rules My Church – Total anarchy and disunity amongst clergy – Korea run by Atheists – Solar flares to get stronger; Planets become increasingly unstable – Strong leadership in Hidden Church, like the Early Church, but greater persecution – Benedict still reigns; his writings to be delivered to the Hidden Church – Pope John Paul II: Our Holy Mother told me you were coming.

LITTLE PEBBLE: During the week Jesus told me that He would come with Saint Peter.

Now the White Cross is in the sky and Jesus comes through the Cross with the Apostles. Saint Peter is to the left of Jesus and Pope John Paul II is to the right. All hold various flowers of large amounts and throw some into my cell. But Jesus holds two flowers in His Hands – one is a red rose and the other a large sunflower – as these are my favourite flowers.

I see my Guardian Angel kneeling at my door and Jesus hands him these flowers. Jesus looks like The Shepherd today, as you would see Him in the Mercy pictures. He makes the Sign of the Cross +, as do the others, and out of His Hands, which are cupped, comes the Holy Spirit as the Holy Dove Who flies towards me and rests upon my head. The sign is upon all those present.

OUR LORD: “Greetings, My beloved son and Prophet of the End Times, and Apostle Peter Abraham II! I, Jesus Christ, as Head of My Church upon Earth greet you in this way as you are the Little Pebble on whom I will renew My Church during the Great Tribulation, as you will feed My children with My Divine Word of Truth once My Benedict has come to Us.”

The Apostles of New, who are being raised at this time within My Remnant Church on Earth – hidden at this time from the eyes of the world – after the Great Warning, will come to the fore to make themselves known to you, My son, and to My children – for they, like the Chosen Souls, the Prophets, Seers and Visionaries alike, will do the same, so that My True Church – the Remnant Church – will know who to follow and be guided by – as the Pharisaical Church, the shell of My once true part of the Church – proceeds on the path of destruction. They, under the current leader on the Seat of Peter, gather all religions and creeds under one roof in the false ecumenism of a One World Church, misleading millions of souls in a false belief of the New World – a Utopia. This world will then be governed under one Ruler – the Antichrist – who will come as the Messiah of all faiths, claiming to be their Saviour and God.”

My son, William John Baptist Costellia, it will be during these abominable times, after a period where there will be no visible head of My Church on Earth, you will emerge with all of My New Apostles and Disciples of My Heart, to lead My children through the Great Persecution and Apostasy.”

My children throughout the world, be not troubled or afraid, as My Most Holy Mother, Mary. will send Her Angels to help you, as Mother of the Church. Trust, My children; hold firmly onto your faith that you were taught, because now you are entering the final stages before I take you with Me into My Kingdom where only love exists.”

Children of My Heart, be not confused and troubled in heart with the many Messages that have been manifesting throughout the world at this time. Pray to My Spirit and I will send Him to you, so that you will discern the Messages given.”

The Secrets of the Apocalypse contained in the Seven Seals, the Seven Trumpets and Scrolls, are being revealed to you now through My End Time Prophet, Maria Divine Mercy. Do not become confused when Heaven asks for prayers for the Imposter who now sits upon the Throne of Peter. He is not My Vicar; My Vicar still is Benedict, and will remain so until I come for him. Let history speak for itself – when there were two or more Popes reigning at the same time, due to the various factions and struggles within Holy Mother Church at the time, yet in truth, only one was the True Pope. I am with Pope Benedict, and once he passes over the veil the Chair of Peter will be empty, even though the one sitting on the physical Chair of Peter will continue to claim to be one; he will continue to dismantle My Church upon Earth, but the True Church will be with those that proclaim the Authentic Teachings of the Fathers of the Church.”

So be not alarmed that Heaven asks prayers for the one who sits now in the Vatican. As did I not ask My Disciples to pray for Judas? But know this, My children, when those in Rome in My House upon Earth begin to denounce My Most Holy Mother as Co-Redeemer and Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Grace – a Doctrine which has been believed and proclaimed, but not yet defined as Dogma, that it is not so – then you know the Evil One rules My Church.”

Those in power will also declare all current and many previous Prophets and Seers to be false. This will show you their contempt and hatred for The Christ and His Holy Mother – the Woman clothed with the sun, standing on the Moon with Her Heel – the Remnant Church – crushing the head of the snake. These are all signs, My children, for you to witness and comprehend. What you have witnessed so far is very little, but will escalate very swiftly.”

My children, be not afraid when you hear rumours of war – all of these things must come to pass as given to you in the Gospels and words through the Evangelists and the Apostles. The time is near for My Return to Earth to Reign as your King. The threats hanging over the world are real: Korea of the Communistic world, is run by those who are atheists. The people are hungry and scared; their leaders are full of pride and arrogance, and due to this, war will come bringing much fear to humanity. But this is a deflection away from the troubled Middle East, because it wishes to draw the U.S.A. and its allies into a conflict, so that they will be pre-occupied, so when the Middle East erupts suddenly into an all-out conflict, the Americas will not be able to assist Israel. My children, there will be many troubled spots to look for in the world, as Satan will attack weak minds, as his plan is to kill as many people as he can, so they do not hear My Divine Words before they can make decisions for their Eternal Salvation.”

Watch China as it flexes its muscles with Japan. Watch the Philippines as those nations who have claims upon her will make their moves.”

These are troubling times, My sweet children, but this must now unfold. The trouble for Cyprus is not over, as this will soon affect Greece once again and flow to Spain and Italy. Watch the sun, My children, for solar flares will get stronger in the coming months, as slowly the Planets become increasingly unstable. Continue to pray, My children, and withdraw from the world that has corrupted itself, and make your home a refuge where love and peace reigns. Let My Divine Words soak your hearts. Take time to read My Divine Words in Scripture and the many Messages Heaven has sent to you.”

The day of the Lord is near. While My Church remains open, seek out My Servants and receive the Sacrament of Penance often, so that the power of the Evil One who tempts you so very often, is weakened. I now Bless you, My son, Little White Rock: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen; as I Bless all My Prophets and Chosen Souls: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen; and all My precious children around the world: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus nods to Saint Peter to step forward. He is a very stocky-built man – a rough but a rather loving type of father. He smiles; he is a little shorter than Jesus. He Blesses me:

SAINT PETER: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, my beloved brother and fellow Apostle. The Church I governed at the time when Christ the Saviour appointed me as head, is now undergoing great changes where soon men who still know the truth, will be shocked and scandalized, as the one who now sits on My Throne will give directions which will bring total anarchy and disunity amongst the clergy of the world. He will try to form a new Ecumenical Council to change every law and practice handed down by the Fathers of the Church.”

My brother, once the Great Illumination of Conscience has come, and the true Pope has come to Heaven, you will be called to give strong leadership in the Hidden Church, with all the Apostles and Disciples who are now being taught by Heaven. This will be like the Early Church, but the persecution will be far greater. For now, my brother, pray and wait, for your time draws near. Christ has plans unbeknown to you for your rescue, so be at peace and be not troubled in heart.”

My children of Holy Mother Church, I, Saint Peter, say to you: Benedict reigns still. His Mission on Earth is not completed, and his writings will be delivered to the Church which is hidden from those who have tried to remove him. These will come out when the Warning has passed. Your mandate will then be acknowledged so that the elect will know what to do.”

Know this my brother Apostles and Disciples, Heaven is with you and guiding Holy Pope Benedict. Benedict will soon move from where he is, so that God’s children will still be nourished.”

I, Saint Peter, Bless you, William, Apostle of the End Times. Pray for Benedict to give him strength. I Bless all of God’s children as the first Peter: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Peter steps back and Pope John Paul II steps forward. He is as tall as Jesus; he smiles and says:

POPE JOHN PAUL II: “I Bless you, God’s little White Rock of Truth, Our Lady’s Prophet: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Son and brother, I remember well our meeting back in 1985 – it was most memorable. I knew you were coming, as the Most Holy Mother Mary told me you were coming. Son, what was given to you through the Golden Rose will now come to completion – it is now time. Have courage, my brother, for all that has been revealed will swiftly come to pass. Benedict and I will help you.”

I send my Blessings to all my fellow brothers, Apostles and Disciples and Servants of Christ who are now preparing the Remnant Church. Know soon we will all meet again, as Christ gathers us together: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Pray, my children for Pope Benedict and those close to him so they are protected.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: He steps back next to Jesus. Jesus smiles and says not to be confused with Enoch’s recent words, as Jesus is with him and much will be clarified. Jesus Blesses us all, as does His Apostles.

OUR LORD & HIS APOSTLES: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Be at peace, My children.”