Message 680 – 30 April 2013

The directions to put this information out has come from Our Lord and therefore has been given a Message Number.

Twelve Tribes of Israel – New Royal House of David – 7 Tribes and 5 Clans when New Heaven and New Earth Created in Second Coming – Earth divided into 12 Sections and in the centre of the world the New Heavenly Jerusalem will descend – Our relatives and loved ones who died in Grace will return to Earth with Jesus

LITTLE PEBBLE: I have been reminded many times to clarify matters about the Tribes:

The 12 Tribes of Israel of Old; 

The 12 Tribes of New and the 12 Kingdoms; 

The 7 Tribes and 5 Clans – when the New Heaven and the New Earth is Created in the Second Coming of Jesus, which is only a few years away.

The 12 Tribes of Israel were the ones of the Old Testament, then they became scattered throughout the world. When Jesus returns He is going to divide the Earth into 12 Sections and in the centre of the world the New Heavenly Jerusalem will descend.

Within the New Jerusalem the Queen of Heaven will be seated as Queen of Queens, and this City will be divided into 12 other Kingdoms made up of the New Royalty, and governed by 12 Queens – divided into 7 Tribes and 5 Clans. Jesus will reign as King of Kings.

Each Kingdom in the New Jerusalem will have particular Missions e.g.: Music, the Arts, Creation Study Library, Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, to mention but a few. The Saints of Heaven will also live amongst the people. The animals left in Eden will also be there. Our relatives who have died in Grace – our wives, children, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and all those whom we loved, will return to Earth with Jesus, and the Holy Reign of Peace will be given to man. Eyes have not seen – ears have not heard what God has prepared for man.

So, those who have believed in the Revelations given to countless Seers and Visionaries since 1990, about the re-establishment of the Royal House of David – through Queens, Princesses, Baronesses, 12 New Kings and Apostles – continue to believe, because these Revelations remain true, but are slowly only being understood now, with the additional Revelations given to the Prophets, Seers and Visionaries of the last five years.

I am using Maria Divine Mercy’s Messages to confirm this:

9.11.10 – The End Times which are almost upon us.

11.12.10 – The Earth faces the final cleansing.

12.11.10 – When Heaven and Earth merge as one, is to be welcomed.

13.11.10 – That will be in My New Paradise when Heaven and Earth will become one. All mankind who turn to Me will be lifted body, soul and mind into the New Earth and Heaven, when they combine once again as Paradise for so long promised to My Father’s children; they will enter body and soul into Paradise when Heaven and Earth will become one, where all of you will live for eternity with your family, forever and ever.

20.5.11 – New Paradise on Earth: This New Paradise I have promised, will come about when Heaven and Earth merge to become one. This new life I bring to all My devoted followers is one of love and glory.

I will rule the Earth for 1,000 years: Make no mistake for I am now in charge of events as they now unfold in the world. I have now prepared the way for My New Kingdom on earth and that time is near – much closer than many realise.

25.5.11 – For those of you who are giving freely of your time to promote and spread My Messages  your loyalty and gift to Me of your time and loving devotion to the truth will yield great Graces in the New Paradise I promised My children.

15.6.11 – Not the end of the world: Talk to them of the promise I made for the New Paradise on earth. It will not mean the world will end, but rather that a new era of peace, joy and happiness will now evolve. Spread My Word using modern communications.

16.7.11 – Unite your families to enjoy the New Paradise on earth.

4.10.11 – The Era of Peace will be enjoyed by all of My followers. It will be a period of love, happiness and peace. There will be no disease, pain or financial worries, because everything you will need will be provided by Me. You, My children, will want for nothing, as I will nurture and embrace you in My New Paradise, just as a parent would nurture an infant. This is to be welcomed. It is a goal for which you must all strive.

19.10.11 – Prepare the world for the arrival of My Beloved Son Jesus Christ! His arrival will be heralded by the trumpets in Heaven and the Choirs of Angels who will sing in praise to announce this great event. My great gift to mankind is being presented to you in the form of My dearly beloved Son, Who is being sent to save you before the final Judgement.

My dearly beloved children, I have prepared this Paradise with great love for each of you. This is the inheritance you have been waiting for. This is the way in which the gift of the earth was originally presented to Adam and Eve.

11.11.11 – Signs will appear in the sky first – the sun will spin: Once again the signs will appear first. Many people will sit up and take heed. They will witness the sun spin like never before. Then they will see the Cross. This will happen immediately before the stars clash in the skies and when My Rays of Divine Mercy will cover the earth.

14.2.12 – Time is drawing closer for My Son to take up His rightful Throne. My Heart bursts with joy when I tell you children, of the New Earth which I have prepared to you. My children will live for 1,000 years in the Paradise I Created for Adam and Eve.

19.2.12 – My Second Coming will take place in your lifetime children. You, of this chosen generation, will reap the wonders of My Glorious Reign on earth. I include among you, my chosen children, those who have turned their backs on Me and deny the existence of My Beloved Father, God of the Most High. My love will envelop those who despise Me. In time they will convert.

18.3.12 – I am the God for whom all of My children are crying out for in these terrible times. It is I to whom they, My distressed children, must call out for now. I gather My family together at this time, so that we can unite in the final battle to slay the dragon who has tormented the earth for so long. Children do not be afraid. No harm will come to those who wear My Seal, the Seal of the Living God.

26.04.12 – My Era of Peace will be a New Earth where Twelve Nations will rule under My Guidance. You will live in peace, love and harmony. For those worried or frightened for family or loved ones – bring them with you to My wonderful New Paradise. Pray for them and I will give them special Graces so that they will be given the gift of recognising My Love. You will be reunited with your loved ones who died in the state of Grace and who will be resurrected from the dead.

The truth of My Kingdom will be seen even by atheists who will be shocked, yet, their disbelief will, in most cases, turn into humble love and acceptance. While many difficult times lie ahead, none will be so hard that you cannot overcome them, through your love and devotion to Me, your Jesus. Please do not allow fear to get in the way of accepting with joy, the gift of My New Paradise. Those who are loyal to Me will be taken, in the blink of an eye, without suffering into the New Heaven and Earth.

28.04.12 – As the Father of all humanity I am ready to send My Son back to reclaim His rightful Throne. Only I know of this time – not even My Son is aware of the date. I can tell you it will be soon and that most of this generation alive in the world today, will live for the day of My Son’s return in Great Glory.

The time for the end of the reign of all of the demons who flood the Earth, is almost at an end. I call out to all My children to listen – your time on Earth, as you know it, is drawing to an end. Yet there is a New Earth, a New Paradise waiting for you.

13.5.12 – I love you all. I want all of God’s children to unite as one Holy Family, together in love. This is why I am communicating now, in plenty of time, to draw you all closer to Me. I must warn humanity of the dangers they face. If I did not love you as I do, I would not warn you.

I will take all of you, who will see the Truth after The Warning, and show you the Love I have. You and all of those who belong to Me in mind, body and soul will be given the most exquisite gift, beyond your comprehension. The New Paradise awaits you and the Earth, that you may think you will pine for, will mean nothing when you see the Kingdom that has been prepared. You will be lavished with great abundance and will want for nothing. The colours, the scents, the love you will feel for all those around you, the peace within your families, lack of fear, your souls full of the love of God and your perfect bodies – how could you not desire My Kingdom?

My Kingdom will become your new home when Heaven and Earth will merge as one, and the dead who accepted Me as their Saviour, will be resurrected to join with their families, their brothers and sisters in love and happiness.

26.6.12 – My dearly beloved daughter the New Paradise has now been completed in its full glory, ready for all of God’s children on Earth. How the Angels sing and rejoice for the time to unveil this great splendour to a disbelieving world is very close. It will be presented by Me when the New Jerusalem descends upon the earth at the ringing of My Second Coming. You, My daughter, will be told to announce this just before I make myself known.

For those of you frightened about the end times, when the Earth as you know it will change, then you must allow Me to ease your worries. You will take your family with you and all with rejoice, in pure utter love and harmony. You will be made of a pure body, incorruptible, free from disease, physical death and ageing. You all will have your own dwelling with grass, trees, mountains, rivers, streams and flowers surrounding you in all their glorious beauty. Animals will be tame and live in peace and in harmony with all of God’s children. You will see your children marry, have children and the miracle of families, risen from the dead, will be witnessed by all. This resurrection will be like no other joy imaginable. You will be reunited with your loved ones who passed away in this life and went to Heaven.

You will have nations; twelve in total, all signified by the twelve stars in the Crown on My My Mother’s Immaculate head, all of which will be governed by Me with My Apostles and Prophets.

27.6.12 – I reveal to all My Children My future plans for the New Heaven and the New Earth. When they merge into one glorious Paradise there will be Twelve Nations. You will all have the gift of free will but it will be entwined with Mine.

My Twelve Nations are signified in the Twelve Stars on the Woman in the Book of Revelation. The Woman is the Mother of God and She wears the Twelve Stars to signify two things: the Twelve Apostles helped My Son to set up His Church on Earth – the Twelve specially Chosen Nations will form the One True Apostolic Church on the New Earth when Heaven and Earth merge as one in My New Glorious Paradise. 

His Blessed Mother, the Mother of Salvation, was crowned Queen of Heaven and will also reign as Queen of the New Paradise. Her Coronation in Heaven was a very special Divine Manifestation of Her role in the future of the salvation of the world. I will bring you a new world that will astound you in all its magnificent glory.

10.12.12 – I will come again, as foretold, and this time is almost upon you. I will judge the Living and the Dead and only those who are worthy can enter My Kingdom.

It has also been foretold that the evil one will prepare a war on earth to fight My Father for souls. This is a war he cannot win, and yet, many of those who live their lives based on false promises believe that their earthly lives are all that matters. The deceit, which has taken hold over many people, will be their downfall.

My Return will be the moment of My Glorification, which will renew all those who love Me and they will begin a new life, a time of great splendour, where they will rejoice in Light and Love. Love will be everywhere. Peace, joy, laughter, companionship, wonders and the Adoration of God, will be part of every moment. Death will not exist. Hatred will be dead. Evil will be banished.

11.12.12 – My Birth demonstrated the unfathomable Love, which My Father has for His children. He willingly sacrificed Me, the Lamb of God, so each one of you can have eternal life. This Gift, which caused tremendous pain and suffering for all those close to Me, was given to humanity with Joy.

How many of you are afraid to say you believe in Me? If you were asked to declare your belief openly would you stand by Me and show your loyalty to Me?

Human reasoning is meaningless when you try to define Eternal Life, for you have not been given the knowledge necessary to know the Mysteries of My Father’s Creation. Yet you have been given My Word through My Teachings, which is all you need in order to be accepted by Me into a life of eternal peace, love and happiness.

16.12.12 – My Kingdom is your home. You must not feel any pressure to reject your family, so that you can unite your heart with Mine. Instead bring to Me your family through your prayers. Many will hurt you when you proclaim the Truth of My Word. Do not challenge them and try to force them against their will. I will take them into My Light of Protection when you recite My Grace of Immunity Crusade Prayer – 13. December 2011 also Litany Prayer 2 – August 24th 2012.

Those who believe in Me will be greatly comforted by My Second Coming. Those other souls can be saved by your prayers. This is why I prepare you now. It is to save all of you so that you can enjoy the New Heaven and the New Earth. I bring hope. I bring Mercy. I bring salvation.

17.12.12 The day I come to reclaim My Inheritance, promised to Me by My Father, will be sudden. While I prepare all of humanity for this great event, the day will come unexpectedly. The time for the Beast to be cast into the abyss is near and then the twelve nations will enjoy peace and unity. 

During this time the Saints in Heaven, and all those who died in My Favour, will be raised with the righteous who will survive the Tribulation. All will be resurrected and be given the Gift of perfect bodies which will overcome the death known to humanity since the sin of Adam.

This will be the first resurrection and will be followed by a one thousand year reign of perfect harmony according to the Divine Will of My Father. During this time, sinners who denied Me, will suffer. The Second Resurrection is not known to mankind, nor have the details been revealed to anyone other than the Prophets Daniel and John the Evangelist.