Message 689 – 6 September 2013

Biblical References: The Messages of the two End Time Prophets: the Seventh and last Messenger, Maria Divine Mercy from Ireland, and the Seventh Trumpet, the Little Pebble, from Australia.

Daniel 7: 7-8,11,17-18,23-25:  The 4th Beast had ten horns, then a smaller horn appeared and three of the horns were pulled up. This horn had the eyes of a human and a mouth that spoke with great pride. I saw what would happen to this small horn, because of the arrogant things it was saying. Then the 4th Beast was killed and destroyed by fire. The four Beasts were four Kingdoms; the little horn attached to God’s Chosen Ones and He was winning the battle. The 4th Kingdom will appear on Earth – it will be different from the other three. All horns are Kings coming from this Kingdom – one more will be different. This horn will conquer three other Kings. The little horn will be cruel to God’s Chosen Ones; he will try to change God’s Law and the Sacred Seasons. He will be able to do this for a time – two times a half a time.

Daniel 8:9-14: A little horn came from one of these – its power reached to the South, the East and the Holy Land. It became strong – it attached to the stars of Heaven’s Army; it humiliated them and its leader, stopping the daily Sacrifices. It disgraced the Temple and wiped out true worship. This will last two thousand three hundred evenings.

Revelation 13: 1-7,11-17: I saw a Beast coming up from the sea. This one had ten horns and seven heads. The Beast that I saw had the body of a leopard, the feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion. The dragon handed over its power to this Beast. The Beast was allowed to brag and claim to be God for 42 months. Then I saw another Beast, it came out of the ground, it had two horns but spoke like a Dragon. It worked for the Beast whose fatal wound had been healed. It worked miracles and used its authority to force people to worship the Beast. All people were forced to wear the Mark of the Beast – all those who refused to worship the idol of the Beast were put to death.

Revelation 19: 19-20; 20: 3,7,9-10: The Beast was captured and so was the false prophet – the same prophet who had worked miracles for the Beast. They were thrown into the lake of Hades. At the end of the thousand year Reign of Christ, Satan will be set free. He will fool the countries of Gog and Magog. After this Satan will be thrown into Hell where the Beast and the false prophet are.

Rev. 16: 13-14: Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs. They came out of the mouth of the Dragon, out of the Beast and out of the mouth of the False Prophet – they performed miraculous signs.

31.12.00 – LP: I know you cannot understand how God deals with you. The Prophets of Old did not understand the Plan of God. So much change in your lives; you will not recognise the world.

31.12.01 – LP: The conscience of the world will be woken up rudely, so that God’s Mercy will flow.

15.08.04 – LP: The Apostasy of Faith is here; when Pope John Paul II leaves, darkness will enter My Church.

15.08.05 – LP: The Great Beast is encamped in the world. The Antichrist walks the Earth.

31.05.06 – LP: Pray for Pope Benedict – he has little time left before the Antichrist and his prophet take reign of God’s Church.

03.07.07 – LP When the curtain falls upon Pope Benedict, the world will go into total darkness and the Book of Revelation explodes into reality.

01.01.09 – LP: Pope Benedict will be removed and an evil one shall place himself there, to bring ruin to Holy Mother Church.

19.09.09 – LP: A piercing Light will penetrate the conscience and heart of men.

09.11.10 MDM: The Deceiver will, through the Antichrist, strive to make you believe he is the Chosen One.

04.02.12 MDM: These wars are not accidental.

18.02.12 MDM: European countries succumb to dictatorship. The World Power Group – Babylon – will topple the European Union.

19.02.12 MDM: The Beast with ten horns is the European Union – Babylon.

21.02.12 MDM: So many of My True Prophets sent to you over the last twenty years were mocked, abused, tormented and cast into the wilderness.

22.04.12 MDM: World Power Group: United Kingdom, United States, European Union, China and Russia.

28.04.12 MDM: The time for the end of the reign of all demons being cast out to flood the Earth is almost at an end. Your time on Earth as you know it is drawing to an end. Then there is a New Earth – a New Paradise – waiting for you. 

14.02.13 MDM: My Vicar has fallen; My Church will fall.

16.02.13 MDM: The schism will now be witnessed. The departure of Pope Benedict marks the beginning of the end. The false prophet will now take over.

20.02.13 – LP: The Great Illumination of conscience will take place after My Pope leaves Rome.

12.03.13 MDM: The crowning of the false prophet will be celebrated by Masonic groups.

16.03.13 MDM: The Apocalypse is near. The timing of the false prophet will coincide with the declaration of wars all over the world. So many countries will be involved, that it will take everyone by surprise. Soon the Antichrist will make himself known in the midst of the carnage.

16.03.13 – LP: When “peace” is restored then will come the next stage – Unity of Nations, all Religions all countries into one, then the union between the false prophet and the Antichrist.

17.03.13 MDM: All Christians will suffer under the Regime of the false prophet and the Antichrist.

18.03.13 MDM: Let no one be in any doubt as to the Prophecies revealed by Me, your Mother, to Visionaries and Seers for centuries. Gog and Magog will split families, devised by the false prophet and the Antichrist.

01.04.13 MDM: Pope Francis will change laws; seat of Peter desecrated. Hundreds of thousands will be excommunicated.

Early Aug 13 – LP: Pope Francis, the false prophet, will perform many false miracles, healing the sick.

Early Sept 13 – LP: The Antichrist and his False Prophet will raise people from the dead to mislead the people of the world.

18.08.13 MDM: Under the guise of a renewal they (Priests) will be asked to pledge their allegiance, through a new oath, to remain faithful to the New Church.

02.09.13 – LP: The World Power Group has orchestrated the carnage in Syria. They move to shift the power from President Assad, to control the country. They do not speak the truth, but powerful forces are in line to bring forth the war against Israel and Iran, bringing the great war in the Middle East to destabilize the whole world with the death of millions, so that it will bring forth the false man of peace, the Antichrist.