Message 692 – 2 October 2013

Your Holy Angels are given to protect you from the infernal spirits which invade the Earth – Disturbance of the balance of the Planetary Solar System – Those who come with an olive branch of peace is a sham; the EU, the Bear and the Dragon plan for war. Say Rosary, wear Sacramentals and prepare for the emergence of the Antichrist.

LITTLE PEBBLE: My Guardian Angel has been kneeling in front of my window. He has a beautiful circle of light above his head, and holds a lovely large sunflower in one hand, offering it to me. He motions me to continue to pray the Rosary until Jesus the Divine Redeemer comes. I can see the very brilliant White Cross in the sky, and my Angel turns around slightly towards the Cross, bowing very humbly, as Jesus comes floating down towards me with thousands of Guardian Angels. Jesus is so Majestic, wearing Royal robes of pure white. On His Chest is the Head of the Eternal Father, Who looks like Jesus, but with white Beard and Hair. Upon His Head rests the Pure White Dove with His Wings inwards, as if holding Jesus’ Head. It looks like a Crown.

In Jesus’ right Hand I see Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and the Holy Rosary hanging from the Hand of Jesus. In His left Hand is a very bright sunflower. Jesus smiles and makes the Sign of the Cross with His right Hand still holding Our Lady’s Heart. I see Fire and Light come from Her Immaculate Heart, and I see the same come from the White Cross.

JESUS: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My Blessed son of the Immaculate Heart of My Mother Mary – Prophet of the Threefold Covenant. I come today on the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels to remind all of My children of the importance of praying to the Angels as you rise in the morning, and as you close your eyes – and during the course of your daily lives – as they are a Gift to mankind and they have great power to guide each soul to attain Heaven during this valley of many tears on Earth. Your Angels are Holy Spirits given to you to protect you from the infernal spirits which invade the Earth to contaminate all that is good. Your Guardian Angels come before God at a moment’s notice to intercede for you, and they record everything you say, think and do. They love you, My children, even deeper than your Earthly parents and loved ones, as the Image of the Eternal Triune God is within them. Remember to pray to them. Son, place the prayer to the Guardian Angel here:

Guardian Angel Prayer: O Angel of God my Guardian dear, to whom God’s Love commits me here. Ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

“My precious son, I know the road has been most difficult for you over many years as you await your rescue, and it has become more difficult as the time approaches. Fear not, My son, as all is very near. Continue to offer and pray. I Love you very much, My child, as I do all of My Prophets and Chosen Souls who are undergoing extreme trials as the world enters Calvary.”

“Trust – My son and My children – for God has not abandoned you! He watches and walks every step with you towards the summit.”

“The time for the purging of the world has arrived. The ecological changes that you now witness are not caused by global warming, as men decree; only a very small percentage is caused by this effect – but rather the drastic climate upheaval is caused by the shifting of the Earth’s axis, the planetary movement from its original positioning, and the expansion of the sun’s inner core giving off more and more sun gases, which disturbs the balance of the Planetary Solar System. Within a short time the Scientists will acknowledge to the world (which for now they have hidden) that the sun and its planets are moving on a different path than usual.”

“The climate changes and the Earth’s crust will move and bring an unbalance causing massive earthquakes, shifting of the plates with volcanic eruptions – and huge tidal waves which will cover many coastal cities with many great fires and heavy rain, flooding and storms.  These purifications will continue until men come to their senses and turn their lives around, recognising that they have created all of this due to their unbridled lives of sin, placing God aside, and having no love or care for their neighbour.”

“Children, do not be fooled by the gesture of good will in the Middle East by those who seek to destroy all that remains wholesome and good; those who wish to destroy the people of Israel and all Christian faiths. All those who come with the olive branch of peace and hope, is a sham. I tell you most solemnly, as peace is proposed, they, with the World Power Groups – the European Union and the power nations of the Bear and the Dragon – plan for war. The small skirmishes that you now witness will suddenly – without notice – descend into an all-out conflict, spreading in all of the Middle East to Europe and other parts of the world: the Third World War. This will flow to Asia and the United States of America. It will be so sudden that all men will be gripped with fear.”

So, as I have counselled you My children for so many years, prepare your households as if war is coming. Store food, warm clothing, water and Holy Sacramentals. Pray and trust, My children, in the Goodness of God Who Loves you and Seeks only your happiness.”

“Remember My Most Holy Mother’s Words: say your Holy Rosary each day, at least the three main groups of Mysteries, and wear your Sacramentals. Live simple lives now, preparing your households for the coming war and the emergence of the Antichrist. Remember that once this has come, Divine Intervention will then come – the Great Warning.”

“I Bless you, My precious children. Always remember God has the final say and He controls all. Once all these many sad events have passed My Second Coming will be swift. Then all My children who were saved will live in perfect peace, love and harmony. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost – in Mary, with Mary and through Mary, Our Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Grace. Amen.”

“And lastly to you, My Little White Rock: The Queen of Heaven is always with you, My son, and will continue to guide your steps; shortly you will see Her Maternal action in response to all that you have asked.”

LITTLE PEBBLE:  Jesus then told me some private matters  and finally said:

OUR LORD: “The Guardian Angels of the aborted babies have been sent back to Earth to help the mothers who aborted their children, and have been sent to other souls to help them.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: For those who do not know, the sunflower is my flower.

Some Messages ago Jesus explained how strong the Satanists and WICA had grown in Australia. In the newspaper last week, it was reported there has been a revival – 8413 witches are in Australia, and 2454 Satanists.