Message 693 – 1 November 2013

World approaches enslavement by Antichrist and his Prophet through Lucifer’s power – God will strike with such sudden force, leaving no doubt that justice has now come – False peace in the Middle East; suddenly Great War will begin and take men by surprise – Abomination upon My Sacrificial Altars – Conflict between China and Japan – Satan will soon declare he has come in the second coming.

LITTLE PEBBLE: It is early in the morning. The White Cross is blazing deeply in the sky. I have been praying the Rosary. Jesus comes through the White Cross with Our Holy Mother to His right and a little behind him, with millions of Saints and Angels in various rows. I see Pope Paul VI leading the line of Popes. Behind all this I see the New City of Jerusalem, like a crown jewel, and I see the Earth with millions of people looking at this in amazement. The seven Angels are blowing their horns and the Remnant Church is lifted up to greet Jesus, all singing Hosanna! Jesus smiles and says:

OUR LORD: “You are seeing My Glorious Second Coming.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus makes the Sign of the Cross.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My little precious son; Heaven’s Angel of Divine Love, as We call you! I am Jesus Christ Who came in the Flesh to the Earth through the Most Pure Vessel of God, My Most Holy Mother, the Immaculate Conception. I died on the Cross a cruel death, and was united in Heart with the Co-Redeemer of men, My Most Holy Mother. I rose again from the dead in the Glory of My Heavenly Father to conquer death, to crush the hold of Satan over men and open the Gates of Heaven for all men. I used the Words I gave to the Last Prophet for the world, before My Second Coming, to show My children the importance of discerning the spirits, so as to protect you from the cunning deceptions of the evil one who now has placed an army of demons around each Chosen Soul, to whisper misleading directions, to cause confusion and division amongst My Chosen Instruments and children of God, as the battle of saving souls rages throughout the world – as the world approaches the total enslavement of men by the Antichrist and his prophet, through the power of the Beast, Lucifer.

“Know this, My children: you must remain vigilant in prayer – and do not become complacent, because you may think events are not being shown as predicted by Heaven, in a quick manner. It is when the world believes that things truly have not changed, as Prophesied by the Prophets – in dramatic ways as they did in the time of Noah – that God will strike with such sudden force, leaving no doubt in men’s eyes that justice now has come.”

“My Father in Heaven has ordered the Angels of the Apocalypse to proceed to unleash His Wrath upon sinful man through the many natural catastrophes; and this will only continue, but on a greater scale, until men acknowledge their God and turn from their sinful lives.”

“The peace that you currently see simmering in the Middle East and elsewhere is a false peace. When men believe all is well is when suddenly the great war will begin, taking all men by surprise. It is for this reason, My children, you must not become complacent. Prepare your household as if a war was to come – the same as you would prepare yourselves if a great storm were to come. Store food: dry food and canned food, clothing, medicine, water and means to cook, by gas stoves and wood stoves, and protect yourselves with Sacramentals, Holy Water and My Divine Seal.” 

“Remember what I told you through My Prophet, Maria Divine Mercy, some years ago: Be prepared, for within three years you would understand My Words.” 

“Over many years now, My Holy Mother and I, Her Divine Son Jesus, with the Heavenly Hosts, have spoken through countless Chosen Souls, to prepare you for these days of  Tribulation. The Tribulation We speak of not only pertains to ecological upheaval manifestation, but the destruction of My Holy Church upon Earth, the removal of all that is Holy in My Church, replacing them with unholy and sacrilegious practices which would bring down abomination upon My Sacrificial Altars, desecrating those sacred manifestations of God’s Kingdom, replacing all that is good with Satan’s rule and his kingdom on Earth, casting out the Living Saints into the wilderness.”

“It is for this reason, My precious children, We of Heaven have come to guide the Remnant Church to save, if possible, the majority of the human race, tearing souls away from the grip of the evil one, and through the suffering and sacrifices of the faithful, who have responded to God’s Calling.”

“Take courage, My children, for Heaven loves you and is pouring out many Graces to all of God’s children, to help them in these difficult times, as God is an all-loving, Merciful God, and no sin  is so great that cannot be forgiven. Come to Me, My children, all you who are heavily burdened and place them upon Me, for I am meek and humble of heart, and I will rescue you. The world is in great darkness of spirit, My children, but trust in God as He will guide you through these difficult times.”

“You are now witnessing great hatred and coldness of heart, as the fallen angels who roam the Earth influence the hearts of men towards multiple crimes against God and man, even in the House of God. My children, you must also be wise in human affairs and in man’s ways, but be as pure and as gentle as the dove, so that you will not be caught in the snares of the evilness of wicked men.”

“Pray often to Saint Michael the Archangel – he is the Angel of Divine Light who casts out impure and evil spirits who attack mankind from all angles. Remember, I have told you many times, it is not flesh alone that you battle, but Principalities of the Underworld.”

“The war in the Middle East will come, and this will coincide with events in Europe and the Vatican. Watch and pray. Conflict will soon develop between China and Japan. Japan must prepare its people and turn to Me, as I seek their conversion to the Truth. Reach out to the Martyrs of Japan, who shed their blood for these people.”

“Great natural disasters will continue throughout the world until men turn to God and away from their sinful lives. You will notice, My son and children, how this Nation, Australia, is caught up with high profile celebrities – this is to distract the people away from their serious decisions in life, turning men to seek only frivolous entertainment, so that they forget their responsibilities to seek their salvation and protect their family from pursuits that will take them away from God. Australia will continue to be punished with natural disasters until men wake up from their slumber. War will come to Australia when they least expect it.”

“My son, I showed you today on this great Feast Day of the Saints – who won their crowns, living their lives in the fulfilment of living their will in union with God’s Will – My Second Coming in triumphant entrance with My Saints to the Earth, as a victory for Heaven over Satan, the Antichrist and his prophet and the Fallen Angels.”

“This great day is approaching fast. It is for this reason I have spoken to all My Chosen Souls to prepare God’s children for these times. Satan, through the Antichrist and his prophet – the one who sits upon the Throne of Peter – will soon declare that he has come now in the Second Coming back on Earth – the Messiah – long awaited by My Chosen Race, the Jews. Therefore, man will be convinced of this lie and will not be prepared for My arrival in the clouds.” 

Pope Francis will declare this to all the world, and a public holiday will be declared throughout the Church and the world. By this time, My children, the Church would have already divided into many fragments and all those who oppose this will be excommunicated. The True Church will be in hiding, protected by the Angels with My Divine Seal.”

“Continue to pray, My children, and know We of Heaven are watching over you. Remember the Holy Souls in Purgatory, especially this month, as they await their release from these chambers – as you are, My son – so that they can join with the Militant Church on Earth and the Heavenly Armies to fight against the powers of Hell. And as a Gift from My Eternal Father tomorrow, 10 billion souls will be released from Purgatory, to be sent to their families on Earth, to strengthen the souls remaining on Earth until My Second Coming.”

“To you, My Holy son, I am sending you the help you now need: The Message given to the Prophet, James the Silent – is from Me. This I have given to console you”

“I Bless you, My warrior son, and all of those whom you love: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue to pray for all those who need these prayers, to receive My Mercy. The Miracles are coming.”

“I am Jesus Christ Who came in the Flesh to Redeem mankind, and I will come again in My Glory in My Second Coming in the clouds.”

“Pray for Maria Divine Mercy, My last Prophet. An attack from Satan through the Media is coming her way. I am with her as I am with all the True Prophets and Chosen Souls: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I will now speak to you privately, son.


LITTLE JAMES: During my pilgrimage in honour of the intentions of God, suddenly I am engulfed by an overwhelming calm light. Shortly I see Saint Michael the Archangel descending and he appears standing behind me; he clasps me so tenderly. Saint Michael is greatly delighted, but says no word.

In a short while a radiant cloud covers us and suddenly I am raised up by Saint Michael. After about five minutes I see golden beams of Light seeming to be generated by the sun, but not. Shortly I see God the Holy Ghost in the form of a Dove and the golden beams of Light appear to be generated by Him.

Then I can clearly see a huge living agonizing Crucifix, also generating golden beams of Light with Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in great agony and bitter anguish. His appearance was covered in lacerations and bruises which enveloped all over His Body and there was excessive bleeding. Then I appeared kneeling before the living agonizing Cross with Saint Michael kneeling slightly behind me.

After a few minutes Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael and Saint Uriel also appear kneeling slightly behind me and Saint Michael. A short while later Saint Jehudiel, Saint Barachiel and Saint Sealtiel, the Archangels, also appear, kneeling.

Suddenly, I see two doves drawing near me with their eyes focused upon Our Lord hanging alive on the cross. God the Eternal Father enthroned, appears in an elegant golden cloak with a golden crown adorning His Head while He supports the living, agonizing Cross.

At the appearance of the Eternal father, the dove on my right gradually turns into great Saint Melchisedech, while the one on my left turns into Saint Padr Pió – both fully clothed in golden cloaks and mantles. Then shortly, the Eternal Father generates splendour, which  caused the appearance of a flaming triangular Seal enveloping His Head. This led to a sudden transformation of the three of us into doves, and then into an identical image of great Saint Mechisedech with our wounds open. Then I see Our Lady, Co-Redemptrix, kneeling behind us with outstretched Arms over us. I then see Saint Joseph clothed as the most glorious Patriarch with his crown and sceptre.

The three of us prostrate before the Most Blessed Trinity and eventually transform into doves. At this the Most Immaculate Heart of Our Lady produces a powerful Light which envelops the doves and Her Wounds produce some Blood Tissue. Then I can also see the celestial choirs of the Seraphim and Cherubim surrounding the whole place.

Shortly the living agonizing Cross vanishes and I can see a huge golden Chalice and a magnificent Consecrated Host suspended before the Eternal Father by the Power of God the Holy Ghost. This continues for a few minutes before transforming into a Sacrificial Lamb. Then the Lamb vanishes and I can again see the living agonizing Cross. After a few minutes, in a powerful Voice, the Immortal God says:

GOD THE FATHER: “My Daughter, My Daughter, My Beloved Daughter: My time has now come. The time I decreed from all eternity; the time I ordained has come for My dwelling among mortals. No one can stand in My way and My Plan. Nothing can prevail to hinder My revelation among My creatures Created in My Own likeness. I am coming to dwell among My creatures on Earth as the incomprehensible Creator – Redeemer and Sanctifier of mortals.”

“This is the time to share My Glory with My creatures as their very beginning and end.

“They are going to share My inheritance as My heritage – the predestined, the remnant. I am going to manifest Myself among them. My Divine Grace is going to burn in them as the sun to dispel all their mortal littleness. My beloved Daughter, to You I give the Keys for the destiny of each of the predestined.”

“My beloved Daughter, My Most Holy Mother, My Most Exalted Divine Spouse, You are the safe refuge of My little creatures in all their destitutions. I place deep in Your Most Immaculate Heart the Key of Peace for My little flock – the remnant.”

“Whosoever recourses to You in search of My Love and Truth will find it. He who honours, reverences and entreats You, Glorifies Me. This is what I decreed, so that all mortals may Glorify Me, their God – in You, with You, by You and through You.”

“You will be the Gateway and Safe Vessel for them to reach Me. Whoever holds You in great veneration and observes Your exercises, will have secured his inheritance; whoever rejects You will have lost it. Whoever abandons You has abandoned Me; whoever has recourse to You has come back to Me, so that the predestined as children of the greatest predilection, may come to receive the reward of their trials, sufferings and perseverance. You will be the fortitude of My remnant in the dark times now falling upon Earth.”

“This is what I decreed to be – so that the Key to the golden age of peace is your Most Immaculate Purity and Heart. All My creatures shall call you Mother, Queen and Mediatrix. Whoever comes to You for help will receive My Grace to know and understand the Mysteries of My Love and Will.”

“My Daughter, this is the time I ordained for You to be glorified and reverenced among mortals, so that they may rejoice and Glorify Me in You. This is the reward of Your great sorrows of the end times.”

“And you, My glorious Patriarch (Little Pebble) – to you I have given a great honour. All who seek to understand the Mysteries of My dearly fairest Daughter, My Most Holy Mother, My Most Exalted Divine Spouse, and turn to you, they will be given the Light of My Divine Grace to understand Her.”

“He who seeks to know the Mysteries of the Most United Hearts of My Eternal Incarnate Word and My Beloved Daughter will find it with greater ease through you. I give you the power, as guide of my little ones, towards the Heart of My Daughter – and all who venerate you will find the Grace to come to Me.”

“And behold, I give you Messengers scattered all over the world; their work will be guided by the two of you as guides of My little flock, the predestined.”

“He who profanes himself with the desires of self, will not receive this heritage. Amen. Amen. Amen.

LITTLE JAMES:  Then the vision runs for a few minutes until it suddenly vanishes.

I humbly beseech your Fatherly Blessing – with all humility and fidelity.

Little James