Message 694 – 25 November 2013

Peace talks false – Nuclear Agreement false – Movements in Planetary System – Revolution in Rome, sign of the Warning – False prophets in the guise of magicians; magic coming from Fallen Angels – Vicar General of the Remnant Church – Final Dogma – Pope Francis as he is not the legitimate Pope Chosen by God – Consecration of Russia after the Warning.

LITTLE PEBBLE:  26 November 2013 – Last night Jesus told me to write down every time He comes to me, (it can be anytime during the day or night) with little gems of knowledge He will give me, and He wishes mankind to know this.

  1. The peace talks surrounding Syria are false as war is being prepared.
  2. The Nuclear Agreement with the United States of America and Iran is false as the U.S.A. desires to control Iran, and Iran does not speak the truth. They are preparing to attack Israel. Israel is now prepared to attack Syria, Iran and Palestine, using Lebanon as the pathway.
  3. The climate changes will continue to bring on major chastisements like the one recently in the Philippines – but many more, even worse, will come upon other nations. This has nothing to do with global warming but rather of movements in the Planetary System, which will be seen soon.
  4. Great earthquakes will soon be witnessed, even in Australia and New Zealand, with large volcanic eruptions around the world.
  5. Jesus reminded me that one of the signs to look for when the Warning will come is the Revolution in Rome and the Pope fleeing.
  6. Jesus revealed: Consider the time when Jesus began His mission on Earth two thousand years ago in His public life, and how long it was, and where it ended. Consider now the time when His mission began with the Last Prophet and consider the Day of Mercy, then you will understand how near the Great Warning is.
  7. Jesus said to be careful of false prophets in the guise of magicians who are becoming famous in Australia and the world as what they perform is not magic, as people believe, but is coming from the Fallen Angels from Hell to deceive mankind. They will be used in the future to support the Antichrist.
  8. Jesus says that war will break out in Asia soon – to watch Japan and China, closely.
  9. Jesus says that the Kingdom of Ukraine must support the Prime minister who was removed from power, and falsely accused and placed in prison. The Ukraine should not unite with Russia – the Bear. 
  10. A great earthquake will hit Africa soon, as well as in Central America.
  11. Jesus reminds me to tell God’s children not to become complacent as the Great War will soon begin.
  12. Jesus told me I will soon be appointed the Vicar General of the Remnant Church, as Pope Benedict will be removed soon.
  13. Jesus said the Dogma of Our Holy Mother is prepared and will be announced after Holy Benedict has fled and died. The world will know this after the Warning as the Remnant Church will declare it through its Leaders, which will be the True Church – not under Pope Francis as he is not the legitimate Pope Chosen by God. 
  14. The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will be done by the Remnant Church after the Warning – but it is then too late to have the effect that Our Lady of Fatima requested.
  15. The movement of China upon the moon is not what it seems and will be realised later.
  16. The G21 Movement – the Powerful Organisation – is to control the world’s resources.