Message 696 – 23 December 2013

Over-zealous Governments have introduced laws to punish homosexual acts – If old Law enacted half the human race would be either murdered or imprisoned – Many in prison are innocent in God’s Eyes because of corrupt laws and a corrupt Justice System – Laws of men must be universal – Many innocent will be imprisoned by the Antichrist and his Prophet – Watch the stars, sun and the Heavens for many signs will be given.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus came this afternoon in my cell and began to speak to me.

OUR LORD: “My beloved son, Christmas is here once again and the hearts of My Created have become cold, as they did two thousand years ago, when mankind rejected Me and My Holy Mother, and My Foster Father, Saint Joseph, as we sought shelter in the Inn, but found none. Today’s world has become even colder, as the hearts of God’s children have stopped loving. Men’s laws have become corrupt and self-serving where grave injustices have occurred.”

“In recent times over-zealous Governments have introduced laws to punish homosexual acts, by placing heavy demands upon souls, due to the sins of co-habitation between man and man, and women and women. Even though these sins are against My Father’s Commandments, souls must determine their own lives and own decisions – not human laws of Divine retributions. All these laws, and others like them, will bring only hatred towards one another and towards My True Teaching, which is one of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness.”

“What would man do if I enacted the Old Law of: ‘Thou Shalt not Commit Adultery’, and the law was passed – death to those who committed this grave sin, or even a life sentence in prison: half of the human race would be either murdered or placed in prison. No, My children, the sins of the flesh have their own consequences. First, from a human perspective, but secondly from a Divine Action. No, My children, these grave sins, like so many others, must not be punishable by the weak laws of man, which in itself brings great destruction upon humanity of themselves.”

“But man must seek to teach and understand the Teachings I gave: Forgiveness, Understanding, Mercy – and above all, Love. Men must reconsider laws and the Justice System, which has gone far from God’s Path. The laws on the human emotions must change, placing man in prison for the sins of the flesh – the emotional things of man – does not come from God. But when a soul violates another human being for gain, abuse, enslavement, this violates the Principle of the Divine Law of free will and the dignity of God’s Sacred Creation of His Image.”

“Prostitution, though an age old sin, is not a punishable act for man to lay down laws to imprison such a person. However, those who abuse such matters, placing these unfortunate souls into slavery for gain and abuse of one’s liberty – like one who abducts and removes one’s freedom – these are to be punished in the dungeons of man. But this will be more punishable by God in the next world, rather than the unfortunate who are succumbed into the act of prostitution for various reasons.”

“All men are sinners, even the Holiest man sins seven times a day, as man is imperfect – yet is called to the highest perfection as My Heavenly Father demands.”

“Many in power and authority demand from those subordinates that which they themselves do not adhere to. Many laws in the world written by man are criminal in themselves, as they lead men to sin.”

“The most gravest crimes, My children, are those sins that abuse the Teachings of Moses through the Ten Commandments. Many of God’s Creation who are labouring in many prisons around the world, though they have committed sins, are innocent in God’s Eyes because of corrupt laws and a corrupt Justice System, which bases most things on human behaviour for the love of money and power.”

“How is it, my children, the laws of each country differ? The crimes related to murder in general are universal throughout the world; punishable the same, and laws in general the same. Yet the crime against the unborn, which is also murder is different in every land. The punishment differs, and in some cases it is legal. But did not God say: “’Thou Shalt not Kill?”

“The crime of violence and abuse must be seen for what it is – for I do not condone such action. Abuse, whether it be violence, sexual, mental, or emotional – using one’s power, strength or authority, of any age, is abhorrent to Me. However, My children, your punitive retribution is not the answer to these sins, only those [who have committed sins] of a very serious nature need to be retained and removed from Society and helped. The laws of men must be universal, not based upon human emotion and popular people power.”

“You currently have major cases where souls are innocent of their crimes namely, Schapelle Corby and Keli Lane. These are but a few. There are millions in prisons around the world; even in this country Australia, there are thousands of souls who are innocent, that need good men in the legal world who are just, to rescue them.”

“You now have a Saint in Heaven, Nelson Mandela, who fought for true justice in a regime which was corrupt, as many regimes are now.”

 “My children, soon the Antichrist and His Prophet and many evil men will place many of Our innocent children in prison, or be killed, because they will defend the truth of My Divine Teachings. Rejoice then, My children, for the hour now is upon you. Watch the stars and the sun; watch the Heavens, for many signs will be given to you, so that you will know the signs of the times – for My coming through My Spirit will illuminate your conscience to prepare you for My Second Coming. To all My children who suffer in your confinements of prison, turn to My Most Holy Mother, Hope of Prisoners, as She will console you, as your rescue is near.”

“I send My Fatherly Blessings to all My children for this season of Christmas. Always remember I was born into this world of sin to bring the Good News of Salvation, as the Gates of Heaven were opened to all at My Crucifixion and Resurrection.”

“I come now to gather all of My children. No sin is so great that it cannot be forgiven. No soul needs to be lost – you only need to call on My Mercy. 2014 is the Year of Great Mercy, then will come the Persecution. Then I will come for you, just as I left the Earth, so I will Return the same way.

Your Jesus.

LITTLE PEBBLE:  Jesus told me that the billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was jailed in Russia ten years ago and released on the 23rd December 2013 and went to Germany, was also an innocent man. It was President Vladimir Putin who put him in prison to stop his political pressures.

Jesus also said that Julian Assange, at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London – who leaked secret documents re the United States – is innocent of the allegations of sexual assault. This was used by the U.S.A. to silence him.