Message 697 – 1 January 2014

Antichrist created by evil union of two consecrated souls – Antichrist released from Hell to enter a body which resembles man. Great Chastisement coming; Battle of Armageddon is upon you – Enormous ecological changes – Benedict will sacrifice his life for Remnant Church – Miniature Judgement is your last Great Warning – Revolution in Rome, great earthquakes, tsunamis – The one on the Throne of Peter continues to mislead Our children.

OUR LADY: Laudetur Jesus Christus!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I see the Holy Shroud of Turin held by Angels deep in the sky; I see the great White Cross stand before it and Rays of Light are emanating from the Cross. The Ark of Noah comes through the White Cross, with Our Holy Mother standing on it. I see the world under this vision, and Our Holy Mother is lowering Her 20 Decade Rosary down upon the world, and the Angels wrap the Rosary around the world while Our Holy Mother holds onto the Crucifix. Behind, higher in the sky, I see the sun. There is an explosion in the sun and an object – like a comet – seems to come out of it making the sun seem double.

OUR LADY: “ISON, My son, and another like it! They will be seen soon with the naked eye by a frightened world.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother now glides on this Light towards me. Our lady says She comes as “Mother of the Redeemer”. She is dressed in white and has a beautiful red cloak and a pinkish mantilla. Our beautiful Mother smiles and greets me.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My precious son, Our Little White Rock of the Apocalypse: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My child and My children of the final generation of this Era: the year of much decision has now passed, but the year that is coming is the year of Divine Mercy where men’s hearts will be illuminated to the truth of God’s existence. Many great trials will come to mankind, as the one of Dark Secrets; the Antichrist – the Deceiver – will manifest himself through the incarnation of the diabolic. The Antichrist, who was not created by God, but was created by the evil union of two consecrated souls in the manipulation of a created flesh in the laboratories, to bring forth the Man of Sin – the Man of Iniquity. He has no soul, dear children, but is fully possessed by Satan, the Father of Lies. He has great mystical powers of hypnosis to deceive many of God’s children as stated by My Divine Son, Jesus. Do not look into his eyes, as the fires of Hell abide in them.”

“The Antichrist’s spirit has hovered in the world for some years, as he was released from Hell, until the right moment when he would enter a body which resembles man. The time is now ripe for him to enter the stage of the world. He will bring with him false peace, false promises, curing the sick, performing false miracles, as to astound the world – just as the Evil Serpent deceived the first humans – so will he deceive many of Our weak children in the coming time that he has left, before Saint Michael will come again and crush him, as the Second Coming of My Divine Son Jesus approaches. It will be My Most Holy Rosary, which is the sword of Saint Michael, that will defeat the enemy of God.

God’s Mercy will now shine greater than at any time since the offering of His Divine Son Jesus. Satan will once again receive a major blow to his pride, and the Divine Light of God will push away the darkness where men have fallen, for a very short time, because Satan will come back with vengeance upon the children of My Heart. It is for this reason, My children, you must protect yourselves with God’s Seal and wear your Sacramentals, always trusting in God’s Love and Mercy. Make yourselves ready, children, for much sorrow and carnage will be witnessed prior to the day of God’s Mercy.

“Very Great Chastisements are coming – but God will show you Great Miracles through the Holy Shroud, and at the Apparition Places throughout the world, to console His people.”

“The Battle of Armageddon is upon you – the battle of the spirits – but felt through the human flesh. The Church will divide, as the one on the Throne of Peter changes the very Laws and Traditions that have Governed the Church for centuries.”  

“My sweet children, I, as Mother of the Redeemer, come to you now in these final moments for humanity, to tell you: do not be afraid, for I will protect you and place you under My mantle and bring you to My Son, Jesus.”

“God Loves you all, My children – each and every one of you is very unique and special to Him, but You must now truly listen to Him in His Counsels He is giving to His Last Prophet, Maria Divine Mercy, and is still giving to some Visionaries and Prophets around the world. Watch and pray! Re-read the many Messages given by Heaven to the world in years gone by, and even now. Watch the Heavens as meteorites will come and strong phenomena and enormous ecological changes are seen on Earth.”

Soon Pope Benedict will leave and then sacrifice his life for the Remnant Church – and once the Warning has passed, all men will know the fullness of truth. All God’s children must unite, for then will come the Final Persecution, before My Divine Son, Jesus, returns.”

“It will be after the Warning the armies of God will unite under the Great Monarch and the last Leader of the Church, who will gather the flock to fight against the armies of the Antichrist.” 

“My beautiful son, William, your hour has come. You will understand fully what this means shortly. Be consoled! All true Chosen Souls will be told the truth at the Great Warning and all Chosen Souls will know each other, and God will reveal to humanity the truth of each Chosen Soul, so that no one can be deceived, and God’s children will know who to trust.”

“I Love you, My sweet children. Continue to pray for your Vicar, Pope Benedict, so that he can complete His Mission. Pray for all Chosen Souls, as their crosses are very heavy at this time.”

“And you, My little son, take courage and remain at peace, for wonderful gifts are coming your way. I Love you, son, and send My Maternal Blessings to all of My children for 2014: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Prepare, son – Jesus comes tomorrow.”

New Year’s Day

LITTLE PEBBLE: I have been praying my Divine Mercy Chaplet as requested by Jesus. During the prayers Jesus appeared with the White Cross. Jesus looks like one of the Divine Mercy pictures which shows the Rays coming out of His Chest. Jesus is wearing a “very red” cloak, and the Rays are coming out of His Sacred Wounds. He Blesses me and smiles.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. “

“Son of My Sacred Heart, I come today on this first day of the New Year – a year where My Divine Mercy will shine. Peace be with all My children; My Peace I give to you. Be not troubled in heart, My children, for My Heavenly Father has control of all that happens in men’s lives. God knows how fragile men are, for this reason He permits Heaven to intervene through the countless Apparitions and Visionaries there are in the world. I want you to watch now, My son!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus turns to His side and points to the sky. I see the world and I see the leaves on the trees turn brown. It seems to me the Earth was in convulsions prior to me seeing this vision of the trees. I see two Suns in the sky, and people are gazing in astonishment – suddenly these two Suns criss-cross the sky but come closer to the Earth. Then I see the White Cross appear over the Earth and the Comets smash into each other, causing a shock-wave. Jesus is standing over the Earth and the Rays from His Sacred Heart flood the world. People are screaming and shocked – it is like the Miracle of Fatima. People believe it is the end of the world.

I see demons screaming and running to hide from this burst of light – much larger than any fireworks. Time has stopped – even planes, and all engines. People are running everywhere looking for shelter. Then I see a huge Dove – God’s Spirit – with His Wings covering the whole world, forcing His Divine Light into souls. The Seal of the Living God is seen visibly upon people, but many do not have the Seal. Jesus now speaks to every soul.

OUR LORD: “I am Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God Who was Crucified and Died for each one of you. I Rose from the dead and Ascended into Heaven and Sit at the right hand of God, My Father and yours. You now see what you have cost Me, so that you can live eternally in happiness with Us in Heaven. My Spirit has now shown you your lives – your past up to this moment. You have the choice to freely follow My Father’s Will and Commandments and be saved, or separate from Us eternally, and live as damned souls in the kingdom of Hell. This miniature Judgement is your last Great Warning, before I return to the world to claim My Kingdom.”

“You are warned: do not follow the Beast – the Antichrist – and his False Prophet, but listen to My Truth. I Bless you: in the Name of the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, and Our Divine Spirit.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Then there is darkness all over the Earth and complete silence as no light, or power of any motor or engine can be heard. I see little candle-lights flickering in homes scattered around the world where people are praying. Three days have passed and the sun is now shining and a sign is seen on the moon. The sky is blue around the world – there are no clouds. People venture out of their homes, and those with faith are rejoicing; those in shock are wandering aimlessly seeking help.

Millions of corpses are seen everywhere but peace seems to be everywhere. Many people of various faiths throw away their costumes and idols.

OUR LORD: “Son of My Heart and My sweet children: I have shown you only a small part of the Great Warning that is coming, but before this comes, the Revolution in Rome and other nations must be witnessed with greater earthquakes; plate movements of such magnitude causing tsunamis far greater that the ones witnessed in Japan and Indonesia; massive volcanic eruptions and storms. Know that when the Earth shakes and nothing is broken, then the Warning comes.”

“I and My Most Holy Mother have now prepared you for a long time. You truly have nothing to fear – those who remain in the state of Grace, in God’s Favour. Live your lives now, My children, only for the day – let tomorrow take care of itself, for you truly do not know when I will come for you. Pray often, dear children; make many good Acts of Contrition during the day and trust in God’s Mercy. Know this, My sweet children, Satan’s reign on Earth is near to the end. I once again call all of My Creation to come to Me who are hungry and thirsty, for I am the Bread of Life, and My Yoke is not heavy.”

 “I Love you, My William, My ‘Little Rock’, who will soon guide and lead My Remnant Church, together with those whom I have chosen for these End Times, for the Evil One has ravished My Church upon Earth and scattered many of My flock, and will continue to do so with this Great Apostasy, as the one on the Throne of Peter continues to mislead Our children until the full schism has come, destroying the Church and its walls, but can never destroy its Foundation Stone – which is Myself.”

“Those in high places whom I have chosen will be to you, My son, as those who helped My Holy Servant, Saint Francis of Assisi. Children, My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, My Most Holy Mother are your Refuge. I Love you, My children, and Bless you: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Your Redeemer King

LITTLE PEBBLE:  Jesus then sent His Blessing to Maria Divine Mercy.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus spoke privately to me also. I noticed the time of this Message and that of Our Lady yesterday, was exactly the same.