Message 698 – 22 February 2014

Tell My son, the French Royalty, to act now so Benedict XVI and Peter Abraham can complete their tasks – world soon hear about Pope Benedict as the Imposter moves to dethrone Me – Soon there will seem to be three men who claim the Throne of Peter – Many statues will weep blood, oil and tears, and some will come alive. Satan active with false apparitions, false prophets and magicians.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Today Jesus said He will come in a way not common! The White Cross would be felt and seen within me instead of the usual Vision outside of me. Jesus told me to say the Confiteor and the Saint Michael Prayer.

I see Jesus to my right – just as Yellow Lily sees Him. Jesus smiles and I see Jesus come to me. He kisses me on the head and infuses Himself in me. I see the White Cross within me and feel an unusual sensation, momentarily. I see Jesus on this Cross, then as Resurrected.

Now, Jesus takes my whole spirit, body, intellect and soul; it is very difficult to explain as He is visible in me and I can see Him, feel Him and I am thrown in this heavy Vision. Jesus looks at me and says:

JESUS: “Be at Peace, My loving son. Peace! Peace be with you during this turbulent time, as I know well your anxieties at this time, but you, who are My precious Apostle and faithful Chosen Soul, must place your trust in Me. The world cannot turn unless I say so; the power of the evil one cannot move unless I say so; no power on Earth, in Heaven or the Underworld can do anything unless I say so. Therefore remain at peace, for every child of Mine, when they give over their free will, which is a gift from God, is Blessed beyond measure and God will never forsake such a ‘gem’ destined for Heaven and the New Paradise, which My Heavenly Father has Created for Our faithful children, who will soon see the Victory of Heaven.”

“Son, you had several dreams these past weeks, which of themselves are of Divine Origin. The dream of you entering the Church and the Fish, is a new beginning, son. I told you yesterday and today the word “suddenly”. Do not concern yourself with the threat of the evil one – leave that to Me. All that was revealed in recent days from Slovenia and Our Yellow Lily, and others over the past years, is now coming into play. Tell My son, the coming French Royalty, he must now act, as it is My Will, so that Benedict and Peter Abraham can complete their tasks.”

“Always trust, My child – and remember well My selected Words given to you through My Prophet, Maria Divine Mercy. Her Mission, like yours, will accelerate, as time is pressing and the Church and the world go slowly into the crucible moments of time. The Church and the world will soon hear news about My Holy Pontiff, Benedict, as Pope Francis, the Imposter, begins his move to dethrone Me.”

“Son, I alluded to the dream of the Fish: this is very significant in the play of events. The Fish is you – Peter, the fisher of men. Soon there will seem to be three men who claim the Throne of Peter; as one asserts, the other diminishes and goes over the veil, and the true one takes his true place, but in a veiled manner, in a region not known to most men.”

“It won’t be long now, My son, when all men will know the truth of their destiny in the Light of the Illumination given to men by the Holy Spirit. Let man remember My Words: He who places his hand on the plough and looks back is not worthy, yet all is still possible for God.”

“The changes in Holy Mother Church are yet not visible, but as the time of Easter comes it will become noticeable. However, what will be more noticeable will be the extreme tension of an up-coming war, not visible yet. The extreme climate will continue even in places not yet experienced.”

“My Holy Mother will begin soon, to re-appear at all Holy Places where she had Appeared previously, even those of hundreds of years ago. Many statues will weep Blood, Oil and Tears, and in some cases statues will become alive; tens of thousands of Our children will ask for cures and many miracles will be witnessed once again – even the spinning of the sun, and even visible signs will be seen on the moon and planets. Many will be cured from the possession of demons. Men will stand in wonder; My Most Holy Mother with the Angels and Saints will not only Appear at the approved places, but also those not approved, and even those condemned.”

“Note well, My children, Satan too will be very active at this time with false apparitions, and will bring forth many false prophets and magicians to discredit those which are true.”

“So, My precious children, be alert always – take up the Holy Rosary of My Holy Mother and seek refuge within Our Sacred Hearts. Do not be afraid, but trust in God’s Love and Mercy. Remember My Words, dear son – Suddenly – Miracle – and Major Disaster. What I have Promised I will keep.”

“Pray, My children – you will know those sent by Me and those sent by My enemy: the Sign of the Holy Rosary. Pray for Australia, My children, as many more severe chastisements will come shortly.”

“I Bless you, My son, and I Bless all of Our children of the world: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I Bless all Our Chosen Souls who currently are suffering much: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Pray, My children for the Chosen Souls of God: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Son, I will now speak to you privately.