Message 706 – 31 October 2014

Much of Australia will be hit by God’s Wrath; greater storms than ever because of materialism, immorality, gluttony and Godlessness – Men continue to murder innocent souls – Enemy continues to destroy Church from within – Mankind is a deluge of sin, far worse than the time of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah – Soon Pope Benedict will be removed to silence him. – Wear Medal of Salvation as it blinds the enemy of God. 

LITTLE PEBBLE: This morning I am praying my Rosary awaiting the arrival of Jesus, as I was told He would come during the week. I noticed two Suns in the sky and then a White  Cross in between them. Coming through the White Cross I saw the Guardian Angel of Australia, Saint Jerusalemaus. He is very tall and holds a golden Chalice and calls out to me and says:

SAINT JERUSALEMAUS: “Watch, my brother!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: He tips the Chalice upside down and I see blood flowing upon the Continent of Australia. I see several points where the blood flows more: Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney, Wollongong, Port Augustus, South Australia, Melbourne and the inner West of New South Wales – also the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. The Angel speaks:

SAINT JERUSALEMAUS: “See these places, my brother? These places will be hit by God’s Wrath very soon, with greater storms than ever before; heavy lightning and rain, some cyclones and earthquakes, bloodshed, riots and mass-murders. In the Northern State an incident will trigger an international incident causing Australia to go on high alert. Australia, be warned, you are not far from being involved with military clashes around your international waters – those whom you believe are your friends will become your threat.”

 “God the Eternal is very angry with this Nation because it continues to feed its people with materialism, immorality and gross injustices. The sins of the flesh, gluttony and Godlessness are spread wide where mankind has lost its Christian heritage, but entertainment, self-serving amusement, excessive display of self, and too much involvement in sports has become the “Golden Calf” of modern time. Therefore floods, fires, hunger, disease and international conflicts will become your lot. Therefore children of Australia, turn your lives around and pray to God for Mercy and forgiveness.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Then the Angel points to the two Suns that now come close to the Earth; they are two fiery Comets which collide, causing a huge explosion in the sky – very red dusty-looking – and suddenly all goes dark. But now I see the White Cross taking up a big part of the sky and fire comes from the Cross towards the Earth. I see these tongues of fire travel through the world, and the world is plunged into darkness after the clash of the Comets. I see flickers of lights in some homes where the Blessed Candles are lit.

Now I see Jesus – all majestic – stand over the world. Jesus radiates and His Most Sacred Heart is seen on His Chest, but very wounded. Jesus glides closer to me and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

 “Be at peace, My precious Little White Rock – William, My son; be at Peace! I know, dear son. You have been tormented and attacked by the enemy of God and his little demons clad in human form, but let that not trouble your gentle heart for I am God. I will allow only so much before I strike and intervene. Men are under the delusion that God is not in control of the world and its events and men’s lives. Yet, be assured, My son and children, God knows all, sees all and only permits things to come your way if He deems it necessary, so that you obtain the necessary Graces to advance your path towards the Kingdom of God.”

“As I have stated many times, God is in control of all things past, present and in the future. No man can pull the wool over God’s all seeing Eye. Everything that comes your way, whether it directly comes from God or indirectly allowed by God, is the measure God uses to perfect you and bring you to salvation. But do not believe God condones sin, for no man can enter Eternal Bliss in God’s Kingdom with the stain of sin upon his soul. Mankind has strayed so far away from God that sin is no longer sin in their eyes, and sin has become the way of life.”

“The Teachings of My Eternal Father handed down by the Prophets of Old, especially through Moses – the Ten Commandments – have been replaced with – ‘live for yourself, not caring about God or your neighbour’. Humanitarianism, Socialism and Communism have become the way of life. Men continue to murder innocent souls, destroying the human dignity by poisoning themselves through sexuality, abusing their bodies with over-eating, taking harmful substances, by murdering the reputation of others through Social Media, and the debauchery of human injustices through the Justice System and authorities who do not speak the truth, but camouflage it with false accusations and false evidence, breaking every Commandment given by God: Thou shalt not bear false witness; Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s goods; Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife. These and many crimes committed by an unjust society brings down the Wrath of God.” 

“Know this, My children, the signs of the Warning are near. My enemy continues to destroy My Church from within with more renovations to make it easier for mankind to come into the Church under the guise of unity, yet remain far from the Truth. God does not change, nor do His Laws or Commandments. Soon a call will go out to all faiths, religions and creeds to unify as the One World Church, as a sign of one brotherhood. It is true that in all faiths and religions a part of their teaching has part of the truth, that there is a God, a Creator; that there is a spiritual world; that there is life after death. But, My children, there is only one Truth – not several. The Apostles Creed is that Truth, and by My Crucifixion, Death and Resurrection; by My Precious Blood and Water, man has been given the passport to Eternal Life, and every person that believes in a deity receives the Grace to inherit the Kingdom of God. My Blood flowed even for those who profess no belief in God – even those who hate God. Every person born and unborn who received the spark of life comes from God and receives the redeeming Grace to be cleansed and saved by My Precious Blood to enter Eternal Life with Me. But it is free will that will determine that destination, because for Grace to work within a soul, the soul must acknowledge its sins, have remorse, and trust in My Love and Mercy, as no man need be lost.”

Mankind is in a deluge of sin far worse than in the time of Noah or Sodom and Gomorrah, or in the time when I came into the world, or at the time of the dark ages in history. The Book of Revelation is now unfolding quickly. Men must now not pursue the idealist avenues of professions other than for living and surviving, but rather prepare for My Second Coming, as I will come to claim My Kingdom to bring mankind into My New Paradise, promised by My Father. The world in the coming short years will be turned upside down; watch for the signs. Live simple and prayerful lives. Watch over your children as they roam the streets without your leadership and are drawn into every type of sin because you have become irresponsible.”

“Soon Pope Benedict will be removed as the enemy wishes to silence him. The war in Europe will come swiftly as the war in the Middle East will now accelerate. Pray for all leaders as many are being misled. Read the Book of Daniel and the Apocalypse and you will understand what is to come. The Russian Leadership desires to bring back Imperialism of Old Mother Russia, to dominate Europe. The Club of Rome and its octopus’s tentacles, reach out into many nations linking together the Secret Societies which have infiltrated the Catholic Church and other religions and faiths. Pray, My children, pray! This is the tool, the weapon that will destroy the enemy.”

“And for you, My beloved son, who has been carrying My Cross for so long: do not be discouraged, for your life will now take on a major change. All that has been told to you directly and by My other Chosen Souls, will now come into play. Trust and have hope. I have given instructions to My daughter, Maria Divine Mercy – these will be given to you shortly. The Seer from Japan, of which you do not know yet, and the one from China will instruct you shortly. I will send you help from Slovakia – the one whom My Holy Mother speaks to. I have My reasons as to why these are selected. You will always receive help and visitations from Heaven until the Second Coming, as there is much to be done in these coming years, as the Second Part of the Seven Years of Tribulation given to Daniel is about to unfold.”

“The Words I gave you this morning will shortly unfold. Peace, My son! I Love you very much. I Love and Bless all My children, especially those who have remained faithful to My Word and who continue to uphold the Prophets, Seers and Visionaries around the world. Shortly, major signs will be seen at the Shrines of My Most Holy Mother.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now I see Our Holy Mother come to the right side of Jesus. Our Lady comes under Her Title of Mother of Salvation with Her Twelve Star Crown and the Crown of Thorns intertwined. Our Holy Mother is wearing a large brown scapular. She makes the Sign of the Cross with Jesus:

OUR LORD & OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LADY: “Greetings, My holy son, My Little Pebble of Divine Love – Mystical spouse of My Immaculate Heart! Jesus, My Divine Son, has given you some important instructions early this morning, and now also for the world. You are to understand, sweet son, I stand by your side always, for My Heart, which is entwined with yours, is a sign to you that My Divine Son, Jesus, gave Me your heart when you were created. You have the Seal of the Living God stamped on it. One day you will understand this meaning. I Love you, My child. The Plans of God will now unfold for you as it was intended. Trust in Me; Trust in God, My Jesus; place your hand in Mine and never be afraid. I send this Kiss to you and Bless you: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

 “I come today under the last Title given to Me by God – Mother of Salvation. The reason for this Title, My children, is to show the Church and mankind that I am now more than ever working in this final hour with My Jesus to save humanity as Co-Redemptrix – Mediatrix of All Graces, therefore call to Me under this Title, Mother of Salvation, and I will come to you swiftly. Please wear My Medal as it has great power in these last moments of this Era, as it will blind the power of the enemy of God. Remember also, the Sacramentals Heaven has given you over the centuries – these are your armour against every evil spirit and evil in general. Today I wear the brown Scapular as a reminder of its power and promises. Forget not the souls in Purgatory as they are powerful advocates.”

“Pray, My darling children! Pray especially My Holy Rosary. Continue to support the good Priests and go to Church often until the time comes when you are thrown out of the Church, or you see the abomination, then go to the prayer houses and places of refuge set up for you for these times.”

“Remember My Words to Maria Divine Mercy concerning the outbreak of diseases. Watch and listen. Ebola is only one of them. Many of the vaccinations which will be prescribed will do you harm rather than heal. Watch, listen and pray for discernment.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother then spoke privately to me. Both Jesus and Mary Bless me – Jesus and Mary speak together:

OUR LORD & OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“We Bless all Our children: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady sent a private Blessing to Little James, Seer of Africa and Yellow Lily of Canada:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: All then disappears.