Rainbow Rose of the Ark of Mary – 26 February 2015

JESUS: “Come littlest children to the sound of My Voice, your Jesus speaks to you in the quietest beats of your hearts, My centrepieces. Your heart is your voice box, your radio, except this can only be heard in quiet. What is it your Jesus says to you? Do I not say how much I Love you – how much the Father loves you and even while you might be passing through a tremendous difficulty, I Am EVER NEAR; I am with you.

I do not say these things as mere words, a poem, I Am where you are – within you, beside, around and through; you have nothing to fear. In righteousness there is no circumstance that cannot be calmed and lived through, overcome; there is nothing Jesus cannot do and nothing Jesus has not prepared you for beside Me as your determined strength. Our efforts together lead only to joy and a full freedom so little understood by the world because it succeeds to greater heights than ever materially attained. There is nothing we cannot do together!”

“Confess, repent! Oh freedom! Jesus is excited; do not wait, for after you, because of you, more shall come to My Victorious Church!”

“My flowers, do you not wish to smell so sweet? Do you not wish to raise your blossom, smiling, up to the Face of your Jesus so He may breathe you in and be rejuvenated by your spiritual victory? Amen, so it is for souls come back, your Jesus is able to claim at little at a time what He suffered in Gethsemane, as I saw, felt and faced the time you have lost and struggled through as your poor brother – such is the cost of the redeemed.”

“I have no regrets, precious flowers, fragrant again, who wait with joy in the strength of My Sun, anticipating and feeling the rays of My Light and Truth and food for your root. Join Me now, let the joy you abound be a signal to all – who can ignore your transformation as the Light of Christ wields out of your eyes, your soul overflowing? How can you best serve Me now? Be patient, kind, forgiving, showing mercy as mercy is shown to you.”

“Let Me share My Victory and well being for eternity – does not a soldier train to reflect their training in practice and growing discipline? Does it not become easier to approach your Jesus, to keep your souls as a clear reflection of Me to others? Trusting Jesus as further intimacy opens so the tiniest ingredient of good as understanding light: its reflection and use and tiniest particle movement are an easy, attainable and ordered science.”

“You, My children, are more than infants who open their eyes and regard all around them by gift of eyes and brightness all around without question how all is given to see. You, My children, have vision, that means you know all is a gift – your eyes, the light shining through the retina interpreting the reflection may analyse where you are, what you see, how this affects your senses and is brought to the mind. It sinks in as water to the soul; are you then with Christ a parched earth or saturated to the root, that root so extended it feels all around it? Do not shrink! There are times when, yes, heat and hunger threaten us to withdraw and be shorter, but seek intimacy, seek quiet and hear My Voice: I Am here with you, now, be not afraid.”

“In quiet now, even reading this, stop, take a moment and listen. Close your eyes. There; now, act as directed or know as whispered. Now is the time. You are never defeated, so willing, trying, waiting heart, this poverty promised My Help. Seek forgiveness from God, by seeking forgiveness from your brothers and sisters. Examine. You are not without that which does not need correction or betterment. You see how perfect I want you only because you are capable of such goodness? You serve your brothers and sisters everywhere in your trying because they do not; how good little flowers, to open up your petals this way. I place in your hands with My Life all the courage you need to succeed and know God in greater and greater, deepening ways. You are called to be vigilant in everything that is occurring on God’s Earth, this means, far from despairing, we are preparing and defending!”

“In your preparation of Lenten observance, you prepare for not only the coming Easter, you prepare for the triumphant return of the Christ in His Second Coming, only a moment away! You gather under the Mantle of Mary and bring to Her those that make up the special number and compliment of holy Mother Church.”

“Does this message – such as it is and has been repeated, ever grow old? If I say it again it is because this needs to be said, read it carefully and personally. Find your joy in the minutes of work and rest. Remember to rest your bodies, but never rest in love, extended!”

“Find your amusements in the well being of self and all sent to you. Remember to laugh frequently, to smile often and exercise patience in self for others, for none of you is perfect – yet.

I love you so much,”