About Maria Divine Mercy and her website

Today, 21 March 2015 we noticed that the MDM website was taken off the internet. The opening page has a single one line sentence referring to the site being no longer in operation. See the website: [NOTE: no longer in operation at all]

Also today, Jesus revealed to a Seer in Canada, Yellow Lily the following words:

JESUS: “She is pulling away … influences. Only temporary, be in peace and stay quiet. Crossroads being faced. Temporary, temporary, temporary. They cannot stop Our Lord. Temporary, temporary, just to confirm. Pressure from the Irish Church, modernist Bishop.”

Yellow Lily: Jesus is smiling.

Jesus: “Men’s games. Pray very hard for her. Be light of heart and smile.”

Let us remain united in prayer with light hearts and plenty of smiles. May Jesus Bless all who read His words.