Let Truth and Facts Speak for Themselves – 24 March 2015

LITTLE PEBBLE: To the followers of Maria Divine Mercy (MDM), do not be swayed by the report that we have received from the MDM Facebook Administrators Group — that says: that MDM has instructed them to advise people that “this man” has nothing whatsoever to do with this Mission — and that he is to be “blocked” and avoided at all costs.

Dear souls, I can assure you this does not come from Maria Divine Mercy. Using MDM’s own message is itself explanatory:

Friday 5 April 2013:

“My dearly beloved daughter under your vow of obedience to Me, you must never defend My messages, nor do you have the authority to denounce or criticise any other visionary, or self-proclaimed Prophet — true or false, in My Name.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I have never aligned myself as part of the Mission of MDM. I simply support her publicly. I am the only public Seer that promotes and supports her Mission.

Do not take the reports given in the Newspaper in Ireland as “Gospel”, because many of them report to discredit and damage the reputation of souls.

My Mission as a Seer is to bring unity among the Chosen Souls, to support the true Church. MDM was warned by Jesus to be careful of her own workers. MDM and I have communicated many times over the past three (3) years.

She, herself has asked me to pray for her and to ask Jesus through me for several answers. Jesus revealed to me about all that has now happened with the Media and the Church. I have now made available the messages of MDM for the public.

To Put the Facts as they stand:

18 April 2012 (Letter to MDM):

Question: “Do you know of the Prophet of God who was betrayed — please pray for him.”

Answer from MDM: “I know who you are talking about and I asked Jesus — Jesus told me: he is a chosen soul. That is all I can say.”

1 May 2012:

MDM: “Fr tell him [William] I will keep him in my heart and will ask Jesus to help him — in his suffering. Lots of love, Maria”

29 November 2013 (to MDM from William):

William: “Some weeks ago I told you Jesus revealed to me that the Media were going to attack you”

10 September 2013:

William: “I wrote a letter to MDM asking her to ask Jesus if we can produce a Scapular for the Divine Seal.”

Reply from MDM: “The Scapular has been designed and is under production. Pass on my love to William, I was given this instruction a month ago.”

20 July 2013:

MDM: “Hi there, I received two messages, I haven’t a clue what they mean but hope they might mean something to William. Tell him I send him my love, Maria.”

15-16 July 2013:

JESUS (to MDM): “Tell William that I love him but tell him I cannot grant him peace in this matter, he will understand the reasons and as such will suffer. He must call on Me. I bless him, Jesus.”

18 April 2013 (MDM to William):

MDM: “I have just asked for guidance in this matter, can you pass over to William. I also received this message.”

William: “I told MDM that she is going to be attacked by the Irish Church. Jesus gave MDM permission to unite to me and answer some questions.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: “I do not belong to the “ravenous wolves” wishing to associate with MDM in order to give credit to my Mission! My Mission has existed since 1983. Reflect on Jesus words about what He meant! Let not God’s children divide and work against each other — a house divided falls. I once again send my love and prayers for Maria Divine Mercy. God Bless. The Little Pebble.”