An Address to disillusioned souls regarding Maria Divine Mercy – 29 March 2015

Dear friends of MDM and others,

I greet you in the Name of Jesus the Risen Lord. It has disturbed me to see how divisions have occurred since the MDM website was closed down. New Blogs were formed, claiming they had directions from Jesus to MDM to boycott myself and advising God’s children not to spread other Seers messages alongside MDM messages. I can assure you dear souls, those directives do not come from God, but rather from the enemy of God to bring divisions — which it has done.

The messages of Heaven from any other Seer belong to every soul on earth — what difference does it make who spreads the Word of God? Let me use a paraphrase of Jesus: he who is not against you is for you.

It is clear to see, a power beyond us has closed the website of MDM. Let us pray and trust in God’s guidance — Jesus did not raise MDM to promote His Final Words until HIs Second Coming — then close her down — and simply say He will speak through His Remnant! The reason is because you and I are part of this Remnant as are other Seers, their workers, followers and faithful servants, the Priests and Clergy of His Church. The website of MDM was the main server of His Word through His Prophet, MDM. The world has recognised this and on a daily basis — sought Our Lord’s consoling Words. Jesus would not then close His own Work in an abrupt fashion with no warning or explanation.

When Jesus went to Calvary, He prepared His followers. Jesus did not prepare His followers for MDM to shut down the website without a directive, and then have MDM go out of the picture. The only news people received was a Church attack and a Media attack which included an attack upon me and this Mission.

Then you have MDM groups stunned — no one knowing what happened. Blogs were formed by good souls of believers to bring the messages of MDM to God’s children. God would not close the MDM website when in fact Jesus said He would instruct MDM until He comes in His Second Coming. By closing the website — does not constitute this — plus, then to have MDM groups opening Blogs, but attacking other groups from other Seers simply because they promote MDM with other Seers — is illogical.

Jesus did say that false Seers would align their messages with MDM to gain credibility — but not true Seers or good souls. Do not place these Seers above the Messages — they are only tools of God as is His Remnant Church. The Word of God is the major task to be heard by every man, woman and child of every Race and Creed.

So let us pray, support and bring unity among Seers, their workers and the Remnant Church. I believe MDM is suffering much and has been placed on a cross-road of her Mission — as it always happens to souls who are called to great sanctity. Pray dear souls. The enemy is Satan — the Antichrist and his Prophet, not those who work to save souls.

I wish God’s Blessings for Easter to all souls of good-will, whether they believe in MDM messages, Fatima or myself.

Happy Easter,

The Little Pebble