Message 711 – 3 April 2015 (Good Friday)

Men must be ready for the Great Wedding Banquet – Stars will change position and reveal a Great Mystery hidden from man since time began – Great upheavals; Earth will revolt as sin has soaked into its crevices – It is Mercy I wish to give mankind; pray at this hour for nine days the Chaplet of Divine Mercy till My Feast of Divine Mercy; ask anything and it will be given you, provided it is in accordance to My Father in Heaven.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Early this morning Jesus came to me and told me He would come during this Good Friday, several times, and speak to me – and this must be given to the world.

JESUS: “A time will come when men will beat their chests and say: ‘Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa’! I am coming swiftly, and men must be ready as the Great Wedding Banquet is arriving – so men must take an account of themselves, so that they may sup with My Father and I in Our Divine Spirit, with all the Heavenly Hosts.”

“As I have said before, watch the Heavens as the stars will soon change their positions and reveal a Great Mystery hidden from man’s eyes since time began – for I AM THE ALPHA AND OMEGA. Trust in Me, My children, for at this time of great events, there will be great upheavals on the Earth, in the sea and land, where the Earth will revolt, as sin has soaked into its crevices.”

“Men must now open their hearts to truth and repent of their sins, for God will soon come in Great Vengeance. God’s Mercy is in great abundance, but He will not be mocked. Pray, My children – pray in this hour of seemingly silence of Heaven, but this is the hour.”

“I Love you children, as I Am the Son of God – Redeemer of men. For this reason I died on that loathsome Cross so you would enter Paradise with Me.”

“Son of My Heart, I will continue to speak to you during this Good Friday so that men may know My Heart that Loves them so.

Your Jesus”

LITTLE PEBBLE: It was 3pm: Jesus came on the Cross as we were praying the Mercy Chaplet, and He said to me:

JESUS: “Son, it is Mercy I wish to give mankind. I come into the world to bring salvation – ask and it will be given to you.”

“Pray My children with My Holy Mother at this hour for nine days; pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy until My Feast of Divine Mercy – ask anything and it will be given to you, provided it is in accordance to My Father in Heaven. And pray to My Divine Spirit so that by His Coming He will bring with Him Divine Consolation to My beloved children, as the hour of Great Suffering will now come to the world.”

“Pray, My children – pray! How much I Love you, sweet children. Pray for My daughter, Maria Divine Mercy, so that shortly she will once again reveal My Divine Words to mankind. Take note, My children, when the one in white enters the City of Jerusalem Great Calamities will enter the land of Israel.”

“This is all, My beloved son. I will come again in the coming week. Deliver these Words to My children, so that these prayers can be offered.”

“Your Suffering Jesus”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus then showed me His Cross as it stood on Mount Calvary and the direction Jesus was facing. Jesus then explained, when you see the Cross and to where Jesus was facing as the Sign of the Cross stands – the world will suffer. From the top of the Cross see the shadow where it falls – the longitude and the latitude and where they point around the world from this spot men will know where God’s Punishment will fall. Look at the Cross and shadow from above, then you will see the direction of the suffering that will now fall upon the Earth.

The Little Pebble