Who is MDM (the speculation) – 5 April 2015

LITTLE PEBBLE: Dear followers of Maria Divine Mercy and other promoters of Our Holy Mother, greetings for Easter.

In the past weeks there has been much speculation surrounding “Who is MDM”? The Media and Church authorities believe: Mary McGovern Carberry is the same person. There have been links to Breffni Cully, Heinrich Martin Roth — even Joseph Gabriel.

Well, I now wish to share with you an email I sent to MDM on 28 November 2013 which will show you that MDM is not who they claim:

“Dear MDM, Blessings to you my little sister in Christ Jesus. Some weeks ago I told you Jesus revealed to me that the Media were going to attack you. In the past week or so, I read a Newspaper called: ‘Midway Street’ with an article titled: ‘The Woman behind the curtain’. Father, told me that you know about it and it was untrue. So, what I have decided to do was to write to this woman, Mary McGovern — who claims to be you — to expose her. I hope you do not mind. Once I get a reply from her I will send it to you and expose the Newspaper. I hope Jesus is not offended, but I do not like lies, because I have been betrayed many times. Of course we pray for all these souls, and I do not judge this soul, but evil must be exposed. Please tell Jesus that I love Him. Jesus told me there will be War soon in Asia. I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas. Please pray for us, as a very great earthquake is coming to Sydney, because Jesus is very angry with Australia due to evil laws and the Justice System. God Bless, The Little Pebble.”

[If anyone has any information that can shed more light on this subject, please feel free to contact Bishop Malcolm Broussard: mbroussard44 [at] gmail [dot] com]