BELGIUM – Unity of the Seers



In 1986 I met the well known Seer of Belgium, André of Brussels. He advised me that Jesus revealed to him that I was the `stone’ of the Apocalypse. He remained united to me until 1989, then separated, as he wanted to form a community with all Religions. I said no, as the Catholic Church is the only true one. Then in 1990 he re-united with me in Munich, but when the Mystical Marriage occurred in 1991 he again disunited. I warned him, but he did not take any notice. In recent years he has lost his followers and his Community collapsed. He was placed in prison on fraud charges of stealing one-million dollars. Prior to this he separated from his wife and children.

The following is a Message given to Andre, Seer of Brussels, while in Rome with me on the 29th January, 1987.

OUR LORD: “The day of victory is near; I am coming to prepare you; I shall be with you in a short while. My Kingdom of Peace is very near – so near that you can touch it! When the doors close after you, a catastrophe will occur in the Church. My `faithful knights’ will be involved to establish peace with My Divine Heart and with the Most Holy Virgin Mary, My Mother. Pray, My children, I am very close to you; I Love you; I Love you; I Love you. Under My Banner may the Most Holy Virgin Mary console you in your hearts. I am Jesus of Nazareth – the Son of the Virgin Mary – and I come among you.”

Marguerite – ‘Legions de Petites Ames’

In 1984, a very famous Seer of Belgium named Marguerite of the `Legions de Petites Ames’ – or known as Little Souls – revealed to me from Jesus that she knew of my Mission and united, privately, as she was under much restraint from her Spiritual Director, and the Archbishop of Brussels. The following is a letter dated 4th April, 1985:

“Dear the ‘Little Pebble’ I have received your letter of the 8th March with great pleasure, as well as the leaflets which accompanied it. I have asked for a translation as I do not understand your language. The heart of the children of God understands all but to express in words what one feels is not always easy. The Good God has not given me the gift of tongues, also I have to have recourse to a translator, so I can understand. You have received the book, “Message of Merciful Love to ‘Little Souls'”. May God be thanked.”

“You ask me about my news. I reply to you in the way that Our Lord wants it: ‘Peace and Suffering’. You ask me if Jesus has told me anything on the subject of your mission in Australia? To this question I am not able to reply without failing in obedience. I am happy that your mission is spreading with the help of these thirteen privileged souls who have united themselves to you. I truly wish that you may receive, as you write to me, the approval of our beloved Pope. Tell me of the Miracles and Signal healings on the Sacred Ground so that I may be able with you to give thanks to God. I am not able to reveal at present, the Messages which I receive. When the Religious Authority will give the permission, this will be different.”

“Dear ‘Little Pebble’, I hope to receive your news again and above all, news of Our Mother of Heaven, whom you love so much. I place you in the Heart of Jesus and in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Pray to the Holy Virgin for me. [signed] Marguerite

Marguerite’s Spiritual Counsellor, F.P. Ancart, wrote the following letter on the 2nd of November, 1987:

“To the ‘Little Pebble’

“Re: Your news letter dated 26th June, 1987

“The Spiritual Counsellor of Marguerite protests because you have quoted her name to support your news letter. If it is true that Marguerite has answered some of your letters, she was astonished to see that you used her name. As soon as she was known that you were acting outside all obedience to your Bishop, she has asked the person who sent your news letters to do it no longer. On the other side, the list that is to back up your Messages, takes away all credibility to your assertions. What you imagine, he has, you believe it. In fact, the obedience to our Hierarchic Superiors brought us the recognition as a movement in and of the Church. This should enlighten you!”

“In the future, do no longer refer to Marguerite to cover you. From everywhere little souls warn us and disapprove your behaviour. We go on to pray for you, that you may not be the victim of the Devil, who apes God.”

“Yours faithfully in the Holy hearts”

“The Spiritual Counsellor”

“F.P. Ancart”

The following is my reply to the Spiritual Counsellor’s letter:

“11th November, 1987”

“Dear F.P. Ancart,”

“Concerning your letter of the 2nd November. It seems Spiritual Directors take it upon themselves to judge the cases of Seers. The Apparition of Our Lady in Nowra, Australia certainly does not require the support of other Apparitions of Seers to claim its credibility especially when several Bishops and more so the Pope, himself gives consent to the Apparition.”

“However, let it be pointed out clearly by what you have said in the letter of the 2nd November. You judge the ‘Little Pebble’ to be a liar and also one who claims unity with the Seer, Marguerite to support his own credibility.”

“First, Marguerite has written to the ‘Little Pebble’ on three occasions which she herself has asserted her unity with him, which was directed by Our Lady. I would suggest that you ask Marguerite to ask Jesus about it.”

“As far as obedience is concerned, it would be wise for you to study Canon Law more closely. I follow John Paul II, who has given me his own personal Blessings and support, and early this year advised me to continue on the Mission Heaven has given me. I ask you this question: do you follow Medjugorje, if so why are you being disobedient? May Jesus reward you.”

“The ‘Little Pebble'”

Roger Cahay

The following is a letter from Roger Cahay, Seer of Belgium, on 19th December, 1987:

“In union with all the seers of the world, love, faithfulness, union in Jesus and Mary, with My Church, One, Holy, Roman Catholic and Apostolic. Here is, in a few words, who I am : Roger Cahay, 93 route de Blanche-Fontaine, Petit-Their, Vielsalm. My name is the ‘Little Sandgrain’. In my soul is burning a great fire, i.e. love for Jesus and Mary. In my soul, a voice so beautiful and full of love lets itself hear. In my soul is faith, prayer, charity. When Baptised, I received marvellous gifts. I laid on hands by love in the Name of Jesus’ and Mary’s names and there have been a lot of cures. I am but a little instrument of Jesus and Mary, I talk about God’s Glory, teach love, confidence. All the richness from my heart is at the free disposal of everyone, like Jesus. I am son of God and I heard Messages in my heart. I am a child of the Rosary. My strength lies in Jesus – Host. I have seen several times a Holy picture of Mary smiling at me and blushing at the reciting of the Holy Rosary. The Rosary is the soul’s food. I modestly sacrifice myself for the service of Our Lord’s children. I love my Church, I love my neighbours, mirror of Jesus in all its forms. Meeting Him in the poor, the abandoned, the little ones, is for me a cause of pride. I believe in all the Blessed Virgin’s Messages, in all the seers of the world. I am happy to get in touch with all of you, and particularly with you, ‘Little Pebble’, dear to my heart as you are Mary’s servant. I greet you and Bless you in Her Name…”


In 1986 I received a letter from a very famous Seer in Belgium named Ancilla. She united with us, but was not allowed to, publicly, as she was a hidden Seer for the Church. She was under the direction of the Church Authorities to remain silent, other than her mission – though only a few of her close friends knew her as a Seer.

Anne Francoise Marion

In 1989 I received more letters from Privileged Souls whom God was asking to unite with me – Anne Francoise Marion and Roger Cahay from Belgium. It is to be noted that they went against the `Little Pebble’ when he declared he will be the Pope.

Gaby Spanoghue

In 1989 a Privileged Soul named Gaby Spanoghue, of Belgium, united with me.

Johannes A. A. van der Wulp

Since 1990 a good friend from Belgium united with me by the name of Johannes A. A. van der Wulp – also a Privileged Soul. He has done much to promote Our Lady’s work. He passed away a few years ago.