COSTA RICA – Unity of the Seers

Costa Rica

Margarita Mora Varela

In 1986, several Sisters of the Convent of Lumen Christi, Costa Rica, united with me. The following is an excerpt of a Letter from Costa Rica regarding the Seer, Margarita Mora Varela.

“30th August, 1990, Dear ‘Little Pebble’,”

“With this letter I send you, in the Name of Jesus and Mary, my kindest regards. I received with joy your letter and the Sacramentals as well as the answer regarding the Apparition of Our Lady to Margarita Mora Varela in Costa Rica. Her instructions to our dear Seer have been of great importance and a special support for her, since she does not have “spiritual guide” and only a few persons believe her. Although the Apparition has been forgotten for many people I have given her assurance that Our Holy Mother will not abandon her. Margarita wishes to communicate with you; she will send you a letter and will confirm that she joins you and your efforts to unify Our Holy Church. I have also communicated with Father Herbert and Sister Trinidad…”

Sister Maria Trinidad Badilla

Letters from the Superior of the Convent of Cathequist Missionaries, Lumen Christi, Alajuelita, Costa Rica.

“7th October, 1986 Missioneras Colequistas, Lumen Christi

“To: the ‘Little Pebble’ Alajuelita Costa Rica”

“I beg you, ‘Little Pebble’ to ask the Blessed Virgin in my name to tell me how I am with God and with Her, and if I have complied with the transmitting of the Messages which She ordered me through the Seers, although She has not appeared to me. Awaiting the answer of My Mother of Heaven.”

On the 4th January, 1988, Sister Trinidad wrote the following:

“Our Lady is still appearing and showing Her Presence in many ways in the Chapel of the Convent of Cathequist Missionaries Lumen Christi. We have received many Messages from Heaven. The Seer of the Convent must remain unknown for there are some points in the Rule of our Congregation which I cannot violate. There are also some Seers joined to the convent who are willing to write to the ‘Little Pebble’ and join to him as Our Lord asks, against the forces of the Antichrist.”

“Having asked Our Blessed Mother about what we should tell the ‘Little Pebble’ referring to Her Presence in the Convent, She said: ‘Tell My son, the ‘Little Pebble’ I have been here since 1985 and I will remain here…..’

“Sister Maria Trinidad Badilla, Superior of the Convent”

I include part of a Message from Our Lady through Sister Trinidad to the ‘Little Pebble’ on the 13th August, 1989, as follows:

OUR LADY: “My son, ‘Little Rock’, My Seers from Australia, My Seers from Lumen Christi, and the Seers from the whole world, receive My Loving Blessing of Peace, Unity, Brotherhood, and Faithfulness in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Messages from Lumen Christi – Hidden Seer

In 1987, Our Lady asked us to pray for the ‘Little Pebble’ who was suffering a lot because of Her Priest-sons; some of them because of envy; others are led by Satan. With all this suffering the ‘Little Pebble’ will not leave his Heavenly Mother, but would grow to love Her more.

OUR LADY: “There are many of My sons, Seers, who have lost this Grace through negligence. All these sons will have a special Judgement for they were Her chosen ones.”

Our Lady said they will carry the guilt, and be responsible for all the souls who could have been saved by their prayers and promoting My Messages.

In March, Our Lady told the Seer she would bring Her son, the ‘Little Pebble’ to the Chapel, but She didn’t give any date. She said that all Her Seers who joined to the ‘Little Pebble’ are willing to fight against the forces of the Antichrist, She would give all of us the necessary strength.

On the 25th December, Our Lady said to the Seer:

OUR LADY: “Tell the ‘Little Pebble’ that the Eternal Father, My Divine Son Jesus, and I, his Mother, Love him with all Our Hearts. Tell My son he is Our ‘Consolation’ in his suffering, because of My Priest-sons who have not obeyed My Messages. The time is coming; tell him not to be concerned about what is going to happen to him. We have chosen him as a ‘Living Rock’ for My Church and the Holy Father is praying very much for him, and suffering for him. The Holy Father knows everything that will come to pass.”

José Manuel Calvo Rivera

Extracts of a letter from José Manuel Calvo Rivera, in 1985 – Seer of Costa Rica :

“San Francisco de dos Rios, 50m Norte de la Escuela, Republica Dominicana, Carretera a Zapote, San José, Costa Rica, A.C.”

“Father William,”

“I have decided to carry out a mission in my country and it is the following: I Consecrated to the Blessed Virgin all that I am, and I have decided to wear the habit of Saint Charbel…. I desire that you reply to me soon – in our prayers we pray very much for you and all of yours. Father Kamm: I accept you and receive you as Holy Father, as the Blessed Virgin has said. I believe and have confidence that this great moment is near…. My house is a House of Prayer of Saint Charbel, and always, always, we pray for you and for the great mission that you carry out….”

Anna Maria Tolassi

In 1989, Seer Anna Maria Tolassi, a close friend of Sister Trinidad, also receives visions and locutions. She has a Saint Charbel House of Prayer, and is also united with me.