ENGLAND – Unity of the Seers


The Twins

In 1986 I met two Privileged Souls named `The Twins’ of England. Jesus asked them to form the Cenacle of Jesus, of which Jesus asked that I become a member. Jesus gave many private directions. The head of this organisation was a very good man by the name of Gerard. They remained united with me until 1996 when Fr. Blais, of Canada, broke away from me. They also broke away and have not re-united.

Malfalda Basini

In 1985, a very good soul named Malfalda Basini, worked together with me as a Promoter of the Mission in England. She worked very hard with organising pilgrims to go to San Damiano, Fontanella, Rosa Mystica. During her many travels she met up with many Seers in Italy, who also confirmed the Mission of the `Little Pebble’. I wish to thank her for her good work.

Kathleen Bren

I wish to mention here a lovely soul named Kathleen Bren of Merseyside, England who, since 1984, began to write to me. She worked very hard for an organisation called the San Damiano Association’. She also met the Pope, not long before she died, with a pilgrim group for the cause of San Damiano, and she asked the Pope if he believed in the Little Pebble’? The answer was “Yes!” I wish to thank Kathleen for her beautiful work – now she has her reward in Heaven.

Pamela Jones

Then in 1990, a Privileged Soul, Mrs. Pamela Jones, also from England, united with me. She has a special role to suffer for the Church.

Mrs. D.H. Meronti

Mrs. D.H. Meronti, Essex, England, a woman who asked Pope on the 4th September, 1985, if he believed in the Little Pebble’; the answer was ‘yes’! She wrote on the 12th September, 1985 and said:

“… I hope you will be pleased with the enclosed photocopy of my wonderful meeting with Pope John Paul. The photographer follows him as he speaks to each individual, so he stands a little aside, and he then put his hand on my head and Blessed me, as all the others there. I can now tell those who doubt that the Head of the Church does not doubt as he told me so himself!……”

MRS. MERONTI: “Your Holiness: do you believe the `Little Pebble’ of Australia is genuine?”

JOHN PAUL II: “Yes!..yes! And I hope!”

Nora Arthurs

In early 1984, a beautiful soul, Nora Arthurs, of Canvey Island, England, who has been a Seer for many years, contacted me to ask for the first Saint Charbel House of prayer for England. It was Number 4. Her house was to be known as the Little House of Nazareth’. She united with me, and many times I visited her during my travels over the years. In 1996 however, a separation occurred.

I wish here to point out that Nora has always been a kind and generous woman, loved by many souls, and I thank her for all that she has done to bring unity in England and Europe between Seers. It saddened me that the ways had to be parted. The following is a Message from Our Lady to Nora Arthurs on the 8th September, 1985:

OUR LADY: “… But I tell you, My children, it is only prayer – great loving prayer – that can bring a new hope to all the children in the world. And I promise you, My children, as the Lord God, your Heavenly Father promises, that He will never forsake you; that He will, out of all this sadness and horror, lead you to the `New Jerusalem’, where there will be such peace, My children. My children, heed all I say. Do not let anyone say: “How can you know these things? How can you believe this thing, for I tell you, My children, for what you will hear, watch and see, you will have no doubts …”