GERMANY – Unity of the Seers



In 1988-1989 I became united to a Mystic Seer named Hedgerose’. She carried the wounds of Our Lord and was known as the second Catherine Emmerich. Her Spiritual Director, Father Wunderlich, was also a very Holy Priest. ‘Hedgerose’ received many revelations from Heaven and often travelled with Our Lady to Heaven and Paradise, or the New Holy Era. Three times Our Lady gave Hedgerose’ the mission of making three Rosaries for me. These Rosaries are very precious – one is from Paradise, and one is from the New Holy Era and one is from Heaven and made by Our Lady Herself. It is a beautiful blue Rosary. ‘Hedgerose’ became a very close friend of mine for many years. The following is a Message given to ‘Hedgerose’, Seer of Germany, on the 3rd February, 1993:

OUR LORD: “… Take for example, until now the good Marian Priests. Most of them were unable to pass the big test of faith because they lacked humility; unable to see that God sometimes follows a path that men cannot grasp with their reasoning, (a path) that requires only a love and a child-like faith. Where there is pride, this cannot happen. This hidden pride comes to the surface at such times of testing and separates the sheep from the goats. This was one of the main reasons why I demanded the Marriage of the ‘Little Pebble’ take place, even before the time of purification and before everything is revealed.”

“He could have had the wedding later, but I wanted it now to see how minds become divided through this. The religious groups, who are victims of deceit and false pretences, were now unmasked as they had to show their true faces and capitulate, since only those who can believe and trust – like a child – can follow that far. As always, there is a reason for My action and so, in this case as well, every step has been well thought through and good.”

“When the ‘Little Pebble’ becomes Pope, he will call some men to work especially close with him, (men) who have faithfully stood by him, even now, because proving oneself true demonstrates the real value of a soul…”

Flower of Love

The following is an excerpt of a Message given to The ‘Flower of Love’, Seer of Germany, on the 26th of January, 1992:

OUR LADY: “… From today on a star radiates up on the vault of Heaven and I send you the first ray of this light. It will warm up your hearts and you will be strengthened in faith and you will also be provided with your external needs. I wish to attract you and let you enter into My Immaculate Heart and thus into the ark. For this I have appointed the ‘Little Pebble’ to call My children into the ark, that they may work for the salvation of souls, meaning the Kingdom of Jesus. The ‘Little Pebble’ is the one chosen to lead the New Church as Vicar of My Son on earth in the Latter Times, because the old one has already destroyed itself. The ‘Little Pebble’ has taken over a great task and much suffering and cross bearing. He has subjected himself to the Will of the Eternal Father and has entered into a second marriage. He has been promised, that the first wife would go. Connected with this is a mystery, because the New Church is to succeed (redeem) the old one. Many years ago already it has been recorded prophetically…”

“… And now, as I have already said, I wish, that you (the ‘Flower of Love’) perform the preparatory work for the ‘Little Pebble’ in a country, East Germany, where so much socialism is placed first. Therefore I address to the little ones, who did not let their souls be tainted by these ‘great leaders’, of whom most are in hell…”

Else Menke

Since 1987, the Seer of the Apparition of Heede, Germany – Else Menke – contacted me. She was a great Mystic and had the stigmata for many years. She sent me a candle made by the Angels, and a Rosary.

Franz Krinner

I wish here to thank the Apostle of Germany, Franz Krinner, for his tireless work in spreading Heaven’s Messages since 1985, with his good wife, Ursula, and their son.

Peter Stobbe

Peter is also our Promoter in Germany, who has worked tirelessly translating the Messages, and being very obliging with requests for assistance.

Bertha Hacker

The Seer and Mystic, Bertha Hacker of Munich, has been united to me since 1987 and, although she now is very ill and old, she remains a strong support for this mission.

Manika Hofer

In 1987 I came in contact with the German Visionary Manika Hofer who had a special Mission to build small Prayer Houses and a Chapel. She was, however, instructed to do much more, but up to now was not able to complete it.

Kamel Hermi Jacobs

In 1986 a person in Germany, Kamel Hermi Jacobs, Seer in Germany, who had a House of Prayer of St. Charbel, began to have visions and revelations and had many followers. In 1991 she separated.

Alice Falkenbach

The Seer of Fehrbach of Germany became united to me in 1990, even though her visions began occurring in 1951. Her Name is Alice Falkenbach, and she asked me for help as the Church and the Freemasons were opposing the construction of the Chapel. Our Lady gave this Seer, through me and Mrs. Jakobs’ messages to strengthen them.

Margaret Graber

In 1988-1989, a Seer named Margaret Graber from Germany, united with us and gave many private messages of support.