HOLLAND – Unity of Seers


Inge and Opmeer Holdorp

In 1986-1987 I met two Mystic souls from Holland – Inge Opmeer and Foetie Opmeer Holdorp. They have received many visions about the `Little Pebble’ as Pope, and suffer much for the Pope. They are very strongly united.

Stigmatist – Berlicum

Also in 1986 I met the Seer from Berlicum of Holland. She is a stigmatist, and the Church is investigating this. She had received a message contrary to myself, so a few days after I met her I asked the Spiritual Director to say exorcism prayer during her ecstasies. This was done, and the messages became in favour of the `Little Pebble’. to the surprise of the Spiritual Director. However, since 1986 they still remain separated from me.

Franz Muller

In 1986 I also met a very kind and good man named Franz Muller of Holland. Through him and his wife of fond memory, Yoke, the messages were spread throughout Holland and Europe – even though Franz lost faith in the mission in 1991. I wish to thank him and his wife, Yoke, for all they have done for me.