LEBANON – Unity of the Seers


Habib Najim

Since 1987, the messages of the `Little Pebble’ spread deeply into Lebanon – even other Seers began to unite. In 1990-1991 the Houses of Prayer were spread strongly, especially the messages by good souls like Amal Vere Maalouf, and mostly by Habib Najim – through him in particular. The Houses of Prayer in 1993-1994 grew to six hundred. He, with fellow workers, were able to receive the Official Approval from the Archbishop Bacha of the Melkite Rite, and later from the Cardinal Sefeir of the Eastern Rite Church.

In 1995 a Fr. Elias, under the Archbishop Bacha, came to our Community in an unofficial capacity to investigate our structure and the Order, to report to his Archbishop – for not long after we received the Approval from the Church for the Houses of Prayer, the Cardinal made a public announcement to Lebanon that all Houses of Prayer were suspended as he had only just found out that My Bishop in Wollongong had condemned me; secondly, that the messages I received condemned the Charismatic Movement – yet, Rome had approved it.

Thus, a heavy wave of persecution began from Lebanon, and a strong division occurred. I wish to point out here that Fr. Elias came because of these reports, and wanted to see for himself, on behalf of the Archbishop, as the Archbishop still believed in my mission, but could not contradict the Cardinal. The Priest, Fr. Elias, believed in me too, and gave a favourable report. He, himself, was a Mystic and had known about me for years. He knew I was going to be the future Pope.

Jeanne d’Arc Faraj

In 1987, a young woman named Jeanne d’Arc Faraj, wrote to me from Lebanon. She was nineteen years of age and attending the University. She was receiving messages from Heaven and revelations about me, and wished to unite with me and enter the Order of Saint Charbel. Our Lady asked her to wait until the Order was approved. Over the years the Bishop of her Diocese approved her mission, and accepted her as a Seer.

The following letters are those I received from her in the early stages of our acquaintance. This young woman was also a stigmatist, carrying the Wounds of Our Lord.

4th May, 1988

“Dear ‘Little Pebble’,”

“The peace of Jesus be with you always.”

“Thank you most kindly for the help which you want to give me. I received your letter dated 16th March ’88 telling me about the future meeting in Rome and in Fatima and the advice which Holy Mary wants to give you, but your letter arrived on 28th April, two months late. So, most importantly, I want to tell you that I saw a vision from the Virgin Mary asking me to go to Fatima with you in Portugal.”

“Thanks for sending me a copy of the outline of the Order of Saint Charbel. Give my love to Our Lady. May Jesus Bless you.”

“Jeanne d’Arc-Faraj.”

14th June, 1988

“Dear ‘Little Pebble'”

“May the peace of God be with you always.”

“I received your letter dated 18th April 1988. Thanks a lot for this kind letter and the enclosed message from the Virgin Mary. I was so happy to receive them.”

“Concerning travel to Australia, I have been asking the Virgin Mary about it since the arrival of the letter. She advised me to wait until the Order of Saint Charbel is formed, then I will come join it and be there permanently. Meanwhile I would ask your kindness to prepare a visa for me to be able to come to Australia. As for the mission in Australia, don’t worry about it, for I am always praying that your efforts will come easily with the help of Christ.”

“In one of the visions of the Virgin Mary, I told her how much you love them. N.B. I’m waiting for your answer. Enclosed you will find some of the messages from Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary in English. Also you will find a book in French that contains the visions which I have seen from 1984 until now. I hope you translate it into the English language so that people in Australia can read and understand it, especially Chafic Nehme, and whoever is praying with him. From time to time, I will keep on sending letters to you with the messages that will come from the Virgin Mary.”

“Best regards to Chafic Nehme, and tell him that I will always pray for him and if he likes to correspond with me and send me some of his messages from the Virgin Mary and whatever happens to him, I would be delighted. I am waiting for more letters from you both with some more messages from Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Best regards from your sister.”

“Jeanne d’Arc-Faraj”