MEXICO – Unity of the Seers


Lupita Maria Guadalupe

In 1987 Father Luis Parral Verdiguel, Spiritual Director of the Seer, Lupita Maria Guadalupe Barbosa united the Seer and Director – Mexico. Check all writings on Vidal Armando of Mexico, as many Seers are mentioned. The following is an excerpt of a Message given to Maria Guadalupe, Narvarte, Mexico, on the 8th May, 1987:

LUPITA: “How much does the ‘Little Pebble’ love you?”

JESUS: “He loves me with an unlimited love which leads [to] human sanctity – that is joy and happiness – found them just in Heaven.”

“My child, the ‘Little Pebble’, pleases me in everything I ask him for; and My Most Holy Mother is very content with him. The Heavenly Father is very happy because he is a faithful servant and a good son. However, God the Father sometimes has to be hard on him as in this way he learns to be more responsible and his human holiness increases more and more.”

“He is one of My greatest sons, and in a short time he will assemble all My Seers, as it is already written. All of them united with him will be under My protection and nothing wrong will happen to them but all those who wants (sic.) to remain separated from him will be against Myself and ruled by Satan. Nevertheless, if they repent I will forgive them. … My favourite son (‘Little Pebble’) will some day be a martyr; despite his very strong martyrdom he will not die.”

“My children, I would like all of you to love Me as My little son, the ‘Little Pebble’ does.”

LUPITA: – Wednesday 15th April, 1987 – “Who is the ‘Little Pebble’;?”

OUR LORD: “My child, the ‘Little Pebble’ is a ‘Human Institution’, but a divine one at the same time, and created by love for God. He fulfils everything We ask him for, and his basis which is taking him to holiness, is PRAYER!”

Elizabeth Dubon de Castillo

The following is an excerpt letter from Elizabeth Dubon de Castillo, Seer of Mexico to Veronica, on the 22nd October, 1987:

“I am a housewife. It is a short time since I united Jesus. My conversion was beautiful. Jesus revealed to me. I have never understood His Immense Love which made me fall in love with Him and of his doctrine. He talks to me in my heart when He is exposed or when He remains in hiding as well as when I am at home or in the street. Before my conversion I was given some messages from all over the world. These messages have relation with what the Most Holy Mother of God has said and with the news of the Kingdom of God especially through the ‘Little Pebble’. I did really believe in the ones gave in Australia because first I looked about me, I looked about the world, I looked about the present Church and …look, but look well How it is corrupt! and How much filth there is! Do not you realise that God wishes to do a new Church? Pure, Chaste, Humble, Poor, – thus it was at His home in Nazareth. Do not you recognise that He wants to establish harmony in his Church?”

“God put his first little stone and the foundations to build his church. The corner-stone is Jesus. Trust in the Seer of Australia. He will guide in the confusion days and in the darkness when the Antichrist reigns. Do not you understand that we must be united under the same love and faith that is under the same flag in the fight with the Devil? Do not you, Veronica, wish that the Love of Jesus and Mary triumph over the world? Do not you love my sweet, lovely, tender Mother of God and ours? Do not you see the compassion of Heavenly Father to the whole world? He has made plans and strategies to finish the Devil and save His children. No, in vain He sent his Divine son to rescue the world. Jesus is uniting all his selected children to be prepared, strengthened. He teaches and educates us to carry out his Redemption.”

“Veronica, my companion, I appreciate you with all my heart but you grieve me that you do not accept the designs of God! He wants to do big works and wonders through you. He wants to unite all the Seers throughout the world in order to unite His new Church. We are the stones of it because we are temples of the Holy Ghost – Whom we have the gift to be selected and you, Veronica, are the only stone missing to complete that new Church: Spiritual, Unblemished, Chaste, Clean, Immaculate.”

“Veronica you have a valuable gift as fine as dawn. What wonderful works have Jesus and Mary made through you! I praise God for them. But I do not understand your unbelief, your incomprehension. Will it be your rebelliousness? Just look! It is nobler to be small, insignificant because it exalts humility virtue raising us to the holiness so we praise God greatly because from the small ones God trusts and from the penitents He serves himself as well as I was so sinner.”

“Veronica, I wish you to unite us; unite the first ‘Stone’ who is the Seer of Australia! Unite Jesus and Mary’s Triumph! – to be over abundant the Redemptive works of Jesus and Mary’s Heart. Would not you like to take part in this beautiful plan? Jesus and Mary trust in you so that through you and the other brothers and sisters – of us be achieved this wonderful works. For this we have been prepared to carry out God’s wishes.”

“Veronica, how loves you the Holy Mother of God! She weeps much for you. Do not you grieve to see her suffering for you? I would rather not to make her suffer and not would suffer for you. I fervently wish you to unite your brother the ‘Little Pebble’ and go back to Our Holy Mother’s Maternal Heart and trust in the kindness of her merciful Heart. we would be delighted if you would do it then there would be in you what you never have had before the whole happiness that is Love.”

Maria del Carmen Mora

In 1991 this Seer, of Mexico City, united with me. The following is a Message given by God the Father to Carmen regarding myself:

GOD THE FATHER: “I, God, call him, the ‘Little Pebble’ as he is a ‘stone’ with which I will restore My New Church, and in this new one there will be just faithful, humble and obedient souls to their God Who is Love.”

“My child Carmen must do her Mission, which is to suffer martyrdom for the conversion of the Priests. She must pray, fast and participate in ‘this group’ to help them too, and for them to be able to continue. I don’t want her to go on working alone, but My Will wants her to unite with a group to work together in My Love.”

“My child, Enrique, you must tell Carmen where she can find this ‘Priest’ (the ‘Little Pebble’) for her to be able to work with these Seers and prophets, and so all of them work together, and their work and consecration of body and soul work to save souls. I want her to work for me; I will go on guiding her as now. I would like her to work in this group, elected by Myself, and My dear Son, Jesus. It is a group which ‘united’ does a lot of good to the community.”

MARIA DEL CARMEN: ‘Little Pebble’, I, Carmen Mora, as a Voice-box, do want to be united with you…”

Maria Sierera Franco

In 1991 I met two Seers from Mexico, Eugenia Padron and Maria Sierera Franco, who came to see me in Canada (St. Johns). These Seers were sent by the Eternal Father to ask me to help them form a new Congregation in Mexico. This I did. I gave them instructions what to do. Their names are Maria Sierera Franco, Maria Eugenia Padron. I had met them earlier in 1989.

Enrique Calderon Trejo

In 1986, Enrique Calderon Trejo united with me, but separated in 1991.

Veronica Dubon de Castillo

Veronica and Elizabeth Dubon de Castille from Mexico, united, but they also separated in 1991.

Diana Maria Castro

Seer, Diana Maria Castro, Mexico La-Ribera became united in 1989.

Sister Maria de la Cruz

Sister Maria De la Cruz, Seer of Mexico, united with me in 1987.

Shepherds of Guadalupe

Then in 1990, three Seers called the `Shepherds of Guadalupe’ of Mexico: Betty and Mabelis Anna Maria Enrique, united with me.