PHILIPPINES – Unity of the Seers


Conchita Nobleza

The following is a letter from Conchita M. Nobleza, Seer of the Philippines:

“Dear ‘Little Pebble’, 26th October, 1987”

“I have a sister working in West Germany and she has told me so much about you and your Mission – now and in the future. I understand the wish of Our Lord Jesus and that of Our Blessed Mother, namely, that I, as a seer of our Community Prayer group, unite with you. Yes, I agree to their wish – I intend to unite myself and my Prayer group with you. I am happy to be of service in any way to the Church of which you will be the future Shepherd. I am happy to know that Our Lord and his Most Blessed Mother speak to you. Many times they have also appeared to me whenever the need arises, that is, when someone is prayed over and needs help, or, visions come when I am in deep prayer or participating at Holy Mass. I am so grateful to Our Lord and to the Blessed Mother for the gift I have received. Through it many have been helped in their difficulties.”

“Others have come closer to God through prayer and the Sacraments. The gift of the Holy Spirit is truly a great means in building up the Body of Christ. All glory and honour to the Father in Jesus and Mary Immaculate. Looking forward to hearing from you, I remain united in prayer and sacrifice…”

There are many Seers in the Philippines who are also united to the `Little Pebble’: Maria of Jesus – Ederlinda Austrial. My journey to the Philippines in 1987 was very important as during that year the revelation …… occurred where Marcos was overthrown. During my stay there I became involved with secret meetings, even with an American General who asked me for advice from Our Holy Mother, which I gave him. Also, there was a planned meeting for me with the new President, Mrs. Aquino which, due to circumstances, we could not meet, but through her mother whom I did meet, I gave Our Lady’s instructions for the new House of Representatives.

Vincent Monejar

I wish to thank a Mr. Vincent Monejar of Iloilo City for promoting this mission. During my visit to this lovely city I met the Governor General, at his invitation, and he asked me for advice from Our Lady as to whether he should run as a Member of Parliament as he had received an invitation. Our Lady said “no”, as he would lose once he was nominated. Our Lady wanted him to remain in the city for he could do a lot of good. Well, just as Our Lady said it would happen, it happened. I was invited to meet many prominent members in the city of Illoilo and Manila.

Elvira C. Yap

In 1990, a Seer of a Community in the Philippines called `True-Vine Convent’ Community, named Elvira C. Yap, with two other Seers, were asked by God to unite with us and bring their Community under the Order of Saint Charbel.